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  1. Todd Bowles

    Can we discuss how we fired the best offensive coordinator that we have had in my lifetime, who made career journeyman Josh McCown operate like a level-below-elite level, and then were fed to believe that the "brains" behind it all was Jeremy Bates? This team is beyond a joke at this point
  2. Todd Bowles

    There is literally no point in keeping Macc He has done nothing since he got here
  3. Todd Bowles

    I too have hated the Bowles hiring since it happened
  4. Week 9: Jets @ Fins

    Bring down someone from accounting
  5. Week 9: Jets @ Fins

    Stop. Bringing. Up. The. $100M. No one wants to sign here - the players here don't even want to be here I hope we lose to the Bills next week just bc we need to ENSURE Bowles' face is never seen again here
  6. GDT: Week 7 Jets vs Bears

    Bowles sucks
  7. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Such a random thing to pull out of one's ***
  8. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

    Robby Anderson is alive
  9. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

  10. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

  11. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

  12. Venom

    I saw this Thursday night and really enjoyed it Venom the character and his relationship with Brock was perfectly done The movie itself is a bad shell, but I really think they can improve on this and make a good franchise I'm not mad at all - the Carnage end credit is so bad though - if you said "make the most cheesy and terrible Carnage tease," this would be it 6/10
  13. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

    I've seen it all Our own players and opponents know our coaching is a joke

    The cherry on top of the Jets being a terrible franchise is letting Todd Bowles coach the game this Sunday