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  1. He didn't really play consistently enough to have a real opinion of him at Juventus, but the fact that he got burn so young and the hype in regards to his talent was definitely prevalent. Chiesa is insane - getting him for $40M was such a steal - surely he is worth $125M now I never understood why Juventus sold Spin either - honestly, the reason why we are in the situation that we are in now is because of bone-head, short-sighted moves like this The future is so bright and we are still so young and already won a major tournament - it's insane really. I would assume Chiellini ret
  2. Definitely I am DONE with both Belotti and Immobile, but especially Belotti because he's an actual liability on the field - I would rather play with 10 men...and the way he is constantly jogging and never running drives me mad Immobile is bad, but unfortunately the best option as of right now. With that said, Kean needs to become THAT GUY for us over the course of this year. Quite frankly, I can't believe that he didn't make the team Strikers/Wings that should be brought to 2022 for me: 1. Insigne 2. Chiesa 3. Kean 4. Zaniolo 5. Berardi 6. Bernardes
  3. Interesting by Joe I’m for the most part cool with it - black and white, I wouldn't extend Maye either My only qualm if you will is that it sends a bad message, it causes potential drama to a young locker room, and we really don’t need to pay anyone over the course of the next 3 years (excl. FA), so why not make a statement that if you play very well and show professionalism, you’ll get paid and be appreciated
  4. Bro, when Belotti missed...I was ready to do everything in my power to make sure he never wears this shirt again 😂 (and he shouldn't) I was in Brooklyn and going crazy - how was it being the only Azzurrino in England?
  5. Dood - What a tournament, what a special team We came a long way since 2018 - WHAT A TIMEEEEEEEEEE 🇮🇹
  6. Great win, fra The first half was choppy but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as it was opening minutes in their first tournament.
  7. Best signing in a decade incoming
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