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  1. The Official Brooklyn Nets Thread

  2. The Official Brooklyn Nets Thread

  3. Free Agency Thread

    I've BEEN excited, man! I'm happy that some guys on this forum finally are starting to see that. Jeremy Lin, Isaiah Whitehead for Kenneth Faried, Darrell Arthur, a 1st, and two 2nds Hmmmm
  4. Free Agency Thread

  5. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Explanation on how Juve is paying Ronaldo's wages is that his “basic” salary will be in line with Juve standards, towards the higher end, obviously. Maybe 10M. The difference will be covered by Adidas and companies in the EXOR galaxy like FCA and FERRARI who will hire him as a testimonial.
  6. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    All Juventus stewards, hostesses and security were called to work at the stadium this weekend Ronaldo will arrive by Sunday
  7. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Higuain will go to Chelsea
  8. Transfers & Rumors: Deadline Drama!

    Tanc is the worst "source" of all time. He is always wrong Dybala will not be sold
  9. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I'm not justifying my very fair and sensible trade proposal with the Dwight trade. Those are two separate statements. The Dwight trade is comparable to the Crabbe trade from last summer. Those fulfill completely different objectives - I am merely saying that a lot of things that some people like to emphatically argue about here get proven wrong every summer. Also, I am not mad (???) - Actually done now, lol
  10. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    No, it's very clear that teams overspent in 2015(6?) and smaller budgeted owners actively try to avoid paying luxury tax. Fans can speculate things like that very clearly and do all the time, except for a select few on this particular board Ending this convo though here (on my side at least)
  11. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I'm not arguing with you, especially regarding a D-level trade proposal - it's senseless every time I wish I thought to post the Dwight-Mozgov proposal to hear how impossible that would have been too
  12. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    You know exactly why - Phoenix does not have a true PG (or veteran PG) on their roster and a surplus of young bigs
  13. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Because Kenny Atkinson is regarded as the best developmental coach in the NBA Take as many fallen angels as possible -- A wash + a bust is "not even close" though
  14. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Bender IS a bust and Chandler and Lin are both on their last years and fill a huge need for both teams Yeah...