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  1. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    I don't mind either
  2. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Imagine getting a 1/15 on a very important exam, lul
  3. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Let's be real Like every other mid-round pick that Macc has drafted, none will be on the team in 2-3 years
  4. Official 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Did you guys expect anything to change? How many times do we have to harp on this guy being the biggest bum in the NFL? We had $100M in cap room + #3 and still don't have a sure fire pass rusher or fricken starting C
  5. Jets select EDGE Jachai Polite in round 3, 68th overall

    Isn't he the dood who recommended we hire Macc? Lmao
  6. #JetsNewUnis

    This is so true hahaha Man, I'm not even mad its just funny at this point
  7. #JetsNewUnis

    It’s crazy how we can’t do anything right
  8. #JetsNewUnis

    It’s prob a clip on very Jets
  9. #JetsNewUnis

    He’ll probably switch to the new color during the reveal
  10. #JetsNewUnis

    That’s crazy, man Its the exact same thing. The gd Jets, man
  11. #JetsNewUnis

    Good catch. Thank God.
  12. #JetsNewUnis

    Ugh These look like created jerseys in Madden The whites look by far the best - the blacks are horrendous I can't get over how generic that stripe is
  13. #JetsNewUnis

    Different styles but that's a HR for me
  14. #JetsNewUnis

    Minimal with modern touches >
  15. #JetsNewUnis

    I disagree