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  1. MNF- Patriots @ Jets

    I’d blame the mono
  2. Browns RB Kareem Hunt cleared to rejoin team

    He needs to to GRAB HOLD of this team, and BEAT these demons, and STOMP out the competition
  3. Notable Stats and Observations

    3 years ago. The NE Patriots had Brady, Pornstar Jimmy, and Brissett those 3 QBs have a 16-2 record this year
  4. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Does anyone else get goosebumps when they talk about your team during other teams football games
  5. NFL Week 7 GDT

    The man has 9 kids, I’m sure he doesn’t want anything sneaking in
  6. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Have you guys considered voodoo?
  7. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Leggoo Ravens
  8. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Well that never was going to happen in Ray Lewises last game.
  9. NFL Week 7 GDT

    You’d think Seahawks would know how to play against this sort of QB
  10. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Lamar Jackson is what Kaepernick should have been
  11. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Don’t you have an internet history to delete?
  12. NFL Week 7 GDT

    We’re waiting, I’m sure RamseyS going to block our fearsome 4some.
  13. NFL Week 7 GDT

    Frank Gore?
  14. NFL Week 7 GDT

    We didn’t score a TD
  15. NFL Week 7 GDT

    This game is boring.