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  1. I’m just picturing Trish Walker in the raft, she can’t even talk to anyone in there since she’s not canon
  2. It would make too much for sense, Kingpin Maybe Norman Osborn I bet the power broker is Sharon, or maybe it’s Ralph’s cousin Jack Mehoff
  3. Understood, I wouldn’t want the mouse on my tail either
  4. You wouldn’t happen to know, I won’t spoil it. If so PMs
  5. Are we going to start hearing reports of leaks like with the 2 marvel shows because we might have to lock this up till the 29th
  6. Check the page before for the hints, I thinks it’s Vincent D’Onofrio
  7. My dream is Vincent D’onofrio reprising his role as kingpin, and the Netflix series isn’t canon so it checks all the boxes
  8. so I’m hearing there is going to be a big name attached to the next episode and we were given some hints as to who it could be -is an Comics character -will not appear in any future marvel productions -has not appeared in the mcu yet im going to assume this character is going to be the power broker, right?
  9. Lance doesnt scream superstar to me, I mean it’s only 5 letters. Plus when I think lance I think of Armstrong, let’s get someone else ~some nfl executive, somewhere
  10. “I used to look up to captain America” you sure did, even got a great look at his shield
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/grammy-nominated-rapper-dmx-dead-at-age-50-161809834.html his music always pumped up the crowd, plus his rendition of Rudolph the red nose reindeer
  12. I wonder how much Jimmy hates Sherman and Ward for messing up his guaranteed SB and causing all this ruckus
  13. All I know is America’s *** isn’t in the front #notmycap
  14. He’s just helping out the us, I hope he buys all the stolen guns in the country
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