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  1. NFL Week 14 GDT

  2. NFL Week 14 GDT

    49ers are idiots
  3. NFL Week 14 GDT

    Woah, buy a man dinner first
  4. NFL Week 14 GDT

    1000 yards for Kittle
  5. Is this a scam?

    You sure know a lot about this..was it you? I remember I heard your voice when we were gaming back in the day. @ET80 you sly dog EDIT: got you confused with @texans_uk
  6. Super Smash Bro Ultimate

    Amazing game, didn’t play WiiU. Feels like melee/brawl. Destroyed a link online, Rosalina 2-0’d me. Not sure the matchup yet
  7. Is this a scam?

    I have a warrant for my arrest, I really need this trip.
  8. Is this a scam?

    Is it worth it?
  9. Favorite NES/SNES Games

    Diddys Kong Quest is the best SNES game, fight me
  10. Is this a scam?

    You think I’m stupid? Just my checking acct and routing number
  11. Is this a scam?

    Jokes on you, that’s the first thing I gave them
  12. Is this a scam?

    Other way around babe
  13. Packers fire Associate Head Coach for tweet (allegedly)

    @ET80 May I introduce you to the Yanket?
  14. Is this a scam?

    The mall scamming or.3rd party
  15. Is this a scam?

    A couple of weeks ago I was at the mall and saw a iPad near a car and it asked me for some info. I said wth and if for fun. Today I get a call and they said I was selected to win a car or cash, I already got a trip to Disneyland. He asks me the same questions the iPad did, no info but my name given. He sets an appt for me to show up, he says to bring my wife. He also asks me to bring a CC, Just to show 2ndary ID. What do you guys think?