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  1. I mean you defender elbowed the hell outta the runner
  2. Our offense is centered around deebo, and kittle is on the field.
  3. Aiyuk with his first catch of the season
  4. Tell goddell to flip the injuries off switch like in madden
  5. I mean, the rushes on first and second are not helping, but yeah he has been bad up until that drive.
  6. 97 yards in 1 minute, and Jimmy’s the problem
  7. Would make the most sense, but d’onofrio is liking every tweet regarding this show, could be misdirection though
  8. If echos in it, fisk should be since he’s her stepdad. Right?
  9. I mean Lamar’s your QB what’s the point of when he holds the ball like a loaf a bread
  10. Raiders checked out, they have their heads in the locker room
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