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  1. Did a really good job on the 2014 Pats team. Should work well with Flores (assuming he gets the gig)
  2. Belichick lost his last 3 playoff games to Manning, all in the AFCCG.
  3. Chiefs are the better team and have a great HFA. If the Pats don’t take control early, they’re done
  4. Saints got hosed but screwed themselves with the clock at the end
  5. Screwed on the no penalty but that was dreadful management from Payton
  6. Playoffs don’t need to be expanded, they just need to be sensible and ranked 1-6 without preference to division winning
  7. The Chargers just got mauled by Baltimore and historically aren’t a strong playoff team. Rivers in cold, noisy Arrowhead? Don’t see it. That said, I’ll take LA by mile over the Pats, Houston or Indianapolis/Pittsburgh
  8. Ravens look like the hottest team in the AFC and probably the only team that can upset KC in KC
  9. And the Patriots fired him after 3 very ineffective seasons Some coaches need to grow and learn before they’re good. Carroll was a great DC who didn’t become a good coach until he went to USC.
  10. Without a good QB, 9-7 is a solid ceiling doesnt seem like anything special as a coach but he has the Buca competing most weeks with a bust and old journeyman at QB. That should be worth something
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