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  1. Yeah, the Cleveland.com article was outstanding. Burns does a really nice job interweaving video and text.
  2. Around the NFL and General discussion

    To be fair, the pressure thing is probably impacted by Jeff Fisher. He was much better in college and it’s generally an inconsistent stat. Fisher is just an armpit of a coach.
  3. Hey all, I blogged about the quantitative logic behind hiring Freddie Kitchens and why we all should be excited for next season. https://sportsbystats.com/2019/01/21/freddie-kitchens-is-the-quantitatively-right-choice-for-the-2019-browns/
  4. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    Absolutely, 3-4 works amazingly well if you can fill every position in the front seven perfectly, along with having a Viper and ball-hawk as safeties. The problem is, it so fit-dependent that it does not work for most players. Also, while a few 3-4 teams use it, the 3-technique is one of the most important positions in the modern NFL, and it fits much better in a 4-3. ETA: I do think a 3-3 is probably the best way to defend teams like the Rams, Saints, and Chiefs. Really, though, the 3-3 functions more similarly to a 4-3 then a 3-4. The only problem with the 3-3 is that man-to-man coverage being run 70%+ of games is exhausting, especially against NFL teams. I cannot envision our team being able to run the 3-3 effectively for a few years. You need a ton of depth.
  5. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    The Browns' new HC needs to be innovative, or at least open to innovative ideas. The Chiefs, Rams, Saints, Bears, Eagles, and Colts all are demonstrating how offense needs to be played in this era. Heavy passing games, lots of pre-snap movement, plenty of two tight-end sets, RBs in the passing game and WRs in the running game, etc. Moreover, that type of offense fits Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, and Duke Johnson to a tee. So if whoever we hire as coach is open to that style of offense, a defense that prioritizes pass rush and forcing turnovers, and playcalling that accepts going for it on 4th and short is the smart move, etc. Whether that be Gregg, one of the college guys, or whoever, I am good with it. Additionally, given our talent, I hope we'd keep the 4-3 scheme. Mike McCarthy is certainly not that coach. He is a dinosaur stuck in traditional NFL playcalling. He would not take this team to the next level whatsoever.
  6. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    The big thing about Chubb is that he is the perfect mix of strength, agility, and vision. He is not a guy that just barrels straight and prays for a hole. Chubb reacts incredibly quickly if the hole moves, which means he can pickup more yards per play compared to a guy like Fournette - who is obviously really good, but mainly because he just barrels forward and is strong as an ox. By stats that control for the strength of the offensive line - yards after first contact, broken tackles, elusive rating, and 10+ yard play percentage - Chubb has been the best runningback in the NFL. I do not think he is... but, he absolutely has the potential to become the best RB in the NFL.
  7. THE QUEST FOR THE DC/OC Beginneth!

    I get not wanting Gregg to be the head coach after this season. I also think Dorsey saying they will interview Gregg makes sense. At the very least, Gregg has done a nice job developing Peppers, Garrett, Ward, Ogbah, and Ogunjobi. Those guys have all improved since their first week, and in a few cases, quite significantly. Additionally, Gregg's defense works really well with good players. Analytically, it makes sense, because it prevents long gains while trying to push the offense backwards. The problem is that Gregg is inflexible and the defense does not work with mediocre-or-worse players. Moreover, those player will all individually fall behind, mainly because the defensive strategy requires thinking and constant adjustments. With that said, we are compiling the talent to run this defensive scheme, and I think it's fair to see how they look. Consequently, I at least would like for Gregg to remain on the staff. Nonetheless, it is very possible that the new HC wants to use his own people, and I am fine with that as long as it does not mean a switch back to the 3-4.
  8. Denzel Ward

    No, at the end of the day it is totally fine. The bigger issue is if he gets beat by a receiver that can get past him. But, honestly, he is so far along as a rookie that I am really not concerned at all. The kid is going to be a beast.
  9. Denzel Ward

    I was high on Ward after we drafted him, and he has looked like an impressive rookie this preseason, so here is my analysis. Ward has played 34 snaps this preseason, with 21 in coverage. Out of those 21, he allowed five catches on six targets, but limited those catches to 36 total yards and only one first down.What is more impressive is that, on all 34 snaps, Ward has covered the other team's primary corner. So out of 21 passing plays, the #1 opposing wide receiver has only caught five passes, and averaged a little over seven yards per catch.Ward definitely looks like a rookie. He has struggled when he gets beat on short-yard pass attempts. Nonetheless, even on those attempts, he recovers well, and he has been elite at defending intermediate- and long-range passes.
  10. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    Thread needs title change: "Drew Stanton No. 43 in the draft, No. 2 on the depth chart"
  11. Baker Mayfield No. 1

    Maybe I am crazy... But I think the likelihood of both Darnold and Mayfield being top-15 starting QBs is noticeably higher than both busting, or one busting and the other becoming the next Tom Brady. They both project to be very good. We just will need to wait and see for both of them to start.
  12. This is amazing! Thank you!
  13. If Davis Webb is cut

    I really think Saquon will be the perfect NFL RB. He’s a great talent. but I would have been *livid* if we took a RB at #1 or #4. In the top-five, QBs, OL, and elite defensive talents at CB or pass rush are they only positions a team should draft. RB, WR, run D, etc. are too replaceable to draft that high.
  14. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    This is what happens when the Browns draft someone. There is no world in which Ward could not "hit stick" guys in college. He is an incredibly physical corner. But the talking heads love to invent issues.