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  1. Dorsey shakes up the front office

    Do you read Pro Football Focus at all? I do not always love them, but, they have had a few great reads on the Chargers' defense. I think our defense this year should (not just "can") be as good. Two great pass rushers, a bunch of good pass rushers, and a secondary that gives those pass rushers time to get to the quarterback. I really do not know about the offense. The line scares me a bit, I am not sure how good Tyrod can continue to be (he is on a very slow downward trend the past few years), and the receivers are variable. My most realistic hope is we could have an offense ranked somewhere between 16th-18th. Still, I think we can have a top-12 defense, and maybe even better depending on how quickly they gel, how good Ward can be right away, and how long our offense can stay on the field. So I am very excited to watch the team this season.
  2. Dorsey shakes up the front office

    So the hard part - in any sport - of projecting a team like this is that there has been so much change. The group of receivers is entirely different than last year, the whole secondary is different, the QB room is different, no more Crowell, etc. The Browns - rightfully, in my opinion - want their secondary to hold the opposing receivers long enough for the defense to pressure the QB. This is why they got guys like Gaines and Carrie, and why they drafted Ward. These guys will never be the same style corner as a Lattimore, but they can be effective in their own way. Gaines and Ward, to me, could be the two best corners in the NFL at this if they play enough together. Additionally - and this is the argument for Chubb over Ward - there is truth to the claim that you can never have enough pass rushers. The Eagles and Patriots were both able to have a legitimate pass rush every down. I preferred Ward, but I saw the opposing argument. Frankly, it is why I think they drafted Chad Thomas and Avery. They're different types of pass rushers than Chubb, but they fit the general mold, they go for the QB.
  3. Dorsey shakes up the front office

    Do you mean based on style of play and other guys on the team at various positions? Not in my post, and I have no idea if the Browns did or not, but I have to imagine there is. Again, just looking at those three picks, Mayfield is just crazy elite, Ward fits Williams' defense, and Avery fills a need. So it makes sense. Not sure if I understood your question, though.
  4. Dorsey shakes up the front office

    I would not say they followed analytics with every pick. The three where they did were Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, and Genard Avery. Those three score at an elite level with skills that both: 1) project NFL success; and 2) help teams win games. Corbett was not a real analytics pick, but that's mainly because he does not have a clear position in the NFL. Chad Thomas does not project to be an every-down player, so he gets dinged a bit too. Chubb and Ratley both are fine. They project to be good starters, but they were not the best guys available per "analytics" at their respective spots. Calloway is a great pick in terms of value. I do not know if I would describe him as an "analytics pick" though, he is just a good football player. So, tl;dr, Dorsey and company made three major picks where they 100% followed what most analytics suggested were the best players available, four picks that were "good" but not "great" regarding analytics, and two that were kind of head-scratchers. As a guy who follows the NFL and analytics, I think it was a great combination, and am excited to see how we look this year.
  5. Yeah, one thing that bothered me was how little the scheme was designed to match the opposition. There were teams we played that had mediocre-armed QBs with only one receiver who was a legitimate deep threat, but then we still ran Halo. I have less of a problem running that defense against Brissett (who has a strong arm and mobile feet in the pocket) than I do Brett Hundley (who has a mediocre arm and is bad when his initial reads are taken away). I get fearing what could happen, but damn, how can you let a guy like Hundley have open passes all day? I have similar thoughts regarding our games against Bengals (286 yards and 4 TDs; and 214 yards and 2 TDs), Titans (203 yards passing), and the Vikings (288 yards and a TD). That is five games where the holistic defensive strategy was just wrong. There are also situations in-game where we should have really switched away from the Halo and opted not to, but that is for another conversation. While, statistically, Williams is right about our pass rush. It honestly looked fine, but they just did not have enough time to get to the QB. I totally support entirely revamping the secondary. EJ Gaines, BBC, and Carrie are all highly-rated corners from an analytics perspective, and the eye-test supports that conclusion. Those guys make winning plays. Denzel Ward is outstanding at preventing his receiver from getting open. Demarious Randall is a solid corner with potential to be an outstanding safety, and moreover, he should let Peppers move back to his natural position. I.E., frankly, there is no reason that this summer's improvements should not immediately strengthen the secondary and pass rush. My concern is, if we start the season and this continues to be a problem, then are any of the coaches actually going to take blame? Because, at that point, something clearly is not working correctly.
  6. 2018 Season BOLD PREDICTIONS thread

    I think we have six or seven wins. The defense should be outstanding, and the offense has some players. We will still probably struggle to win close games because of youth and poor coaching. The defense will start slowly in the first two games. As the secondary starts gelling, and the new starters figure out their roles, I expect it to take-off. My other prediction is that Tyrod starts the first 12 games, we fall out of contention, and Baker starts the last four.
  7. Pick #33: Austin Corbett - OL, Nevada

    So how are we working the line? I feel like there are two position for three linemen (Bitonio, Coleman, and Corbett). Is the strategy going to be to play Coleman at RT? Or is he going to be a rotational linemen? I really like all three guys. We have done a good job stacking up on linemen. I just wonder what the strategy is going to look like heading into the season.
  8. Denzel Ward

    I got in more arguments with InTresselWeTrust than any other poster. Loved that guy.
  9. Denzel Ward

    Yessir! We went to high school together!
  10. Denzel Ward

    I actually posted on here for about 3-4 years between 2007-2011. Came back sporadically. Really lost touch with the NFL over the past few years but then I got a gig dealing with some football analytics. No better time to start following the Browns religiously again.
  11. Denzel Ward

    I have already ordered one from the Browns store They don't ship until the number is revealed. It's kind of fun getting into the Browns again. I always pulled for them but life really got in the way for awhile. Now that I am back and following the NFL closely, and going to watch football every Sunday, I feel like I needed a Browns jersey. I wasn't sure who to get after Joe Thomas retired. Browns drafting Ward answered my dilemma!
  12. Denzel Ward

    This guy was my favorite player in the draft. The most important stats to predicting future success are allowed catch rate and "playmaking" (combined interceptions and pass deflections), and Ward excels at both. -Allowed catch rate: 35% (best in any of the past three drafts) -Playmaking: 14 combined interceptions and pass deflections on 57 targets (fifth best in the draft) Ward also can play against taller receivers. This has been the big concern but I think it is flawed. Against receivers taller than 6’1 (38 attempts this year) he allowed 32.4% completion percentage, 131 yards, and 1 TD; while also having FOUR interceptions.
  13. The Dawg Pound Introduction Thread

    Used to post here religiously about seven years ago. I recently got an analytics project regarding the NFL and have jumped back into following it closely. Name: JordanAge: 25Current Location: Fairfax, VirginiaHometown: Beachwood, OHOccupation or school/area of study: Political science Ph.D. student at George Mason University.Nicknames: NoneInterests besides football: International affairs, basketball, history, and statistics. Your Dream Dinner(5 people, dead or alive, you want to meet): Probably a bunch of random historical figures and academics.Favorite Food: Something high in proteinFavorite Movies: Moneyball and Good FellasFavorite TV Shows: Marvel's Netflix Universe5 favorite bands/artists of all-time: Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Metallica, and Guns N Roses5 favorite albums of all-time: Ride the Lightning, By The Way, Ten, Appetite for Destruction, and Collision CourseFavorite current Cleveland Brown: Denzel WardFavorite past Cleveland Brown: Joe ThomasFavorite non-brown player of all-time: Larry FitzgeraldFavorite current non-brown in the NFL: ^^, if it is someone else, though, probably Cam Newton.