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  1. Ironically, I accept responsibility for this. A scum team won, nice work @Glen!!!!
  2. If the NFL owners actually cared about player safety, they would dissolve the league. Money >>>>>> player safety
  3. Flashback to Adams second season. Drops, lost yardage and TD's. GB screwed up and should have cut him then. Would have saved some nice cap space
  4. @Packerraymond please make sure you are setting a full lineup that does not have players that are on IR.
  5. Most places have plexiglass barriers between cashier and customer
  6. If you go by duration of close contact. Grocery store employees would be much shorter time than a teacher would be. Not sure that is how the order if who gets vaccine when would/should be determined. Lots of variables to consider
  7. @The Orca sorry. It was hard to skirt the line of trying to find a way to save Glen who never posted and interact with you.
  8. Are you advocating for a mandate that health care workers get the vaccine?
  9. what about Jenkins is an average OL?
  10. There is more research pointing to a timeline of around 9 months being a much safer return with respect to re-injury reduction. This is based on ACL reconstruction and likely is a bit different for multiligament injuries and surgery/rehab timelines. https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/50/13/804
  11. Hospital system I work for, flu vaccine "mandatory ". Need specific paperwork/ reasons to be able to opt out of getting it.
  12. I think Schefter just said on the MNF halftime it is ACL, MCL, PCL and meniscus. How extensive the PCL and MCL are torn is a big determining factor on timeline. More severe means a little longer pre surgery time to allow swelling to subside and restore knee range of motion. If multiple ligaments need to be reconstructed, it slows the early rehab a lot. Straight ACL is brace for 2-4 weeks with day 1 weight bearing as pain tolerance allows. Multiple ligants is braced for 6-8 weeks ( depending on which ligaments it is) and non or partial weight bearing for most of that. Links below ACL adult athlete pdf Knee multiligament repair/reconstruction https://www.uwhealth.org/sports-medicine/physical-therapy-athletic-training/sports-medicine-rehabilitation-guidelines/20398
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