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  1. it is an interesting way of looking at things, not sure how valuable it is for GB if a player accumulated more CaV after signing with another team. Comes down to how you are grading the draft....player picked overall or relative to GB
  2. C I look for 2-3 players that you would want to sign for 2nd contracts. Jones and King are that. Williams signed a 2nd contract with another team and that is fine since it is at a position that GB had other players at with Dillon and Jones. The issue is that the contracts signed by King--- 1 year deal does not fill a need at CB long term Jones -- is a 2 year deal that likely leads to dead cap in 2023 On the rookie contract, you really only have production/playing time from those same 3 players with next to nothing from the Josh Jones, Mo Adams, Biegel group.
  3. I am sure Rodgers wouldn't take any issue with his opinion not being the route the team would go in a player transaction decision
  4. Not sure a 1 year sample is a strong point of evidence 2020 -- Mahomes, Rodgers, Garappolo, Tannehill 2019 -- Brady, Goff, Mahomes, Brees 2018 -- Brady, Foles, Keenan, Bortles
  5. @Ragnarok I think allowing someone else a chance is a good idea
  6. That would not be a problem. The tournament is run in the following manner 10+ games that are "qualifying" games. from those qualifying games, then there are several (3) semifinal games. That leads to the final game. The qualifying games are run over the course of 2-3 months, with a small overlap from the completion of 1 qualifying game to the start of the next qualifying game.
  7. need to get to 250 before Tuesday of next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I think both Rodgers players subpar and potentially on a downward trend in the few years prior to Love being drafted is legit. I think Rodgers having the ability to put up MVP play is also legit going forward for a couple years. What version any team that would potentially trade for Rodgers would be getting is unknown. Could be top 5 MVP level QB play, could be injury ( fragile collarbones) or stagnation due to a few factors. I personally think he would play really well 1 year, possibly 2 and then a decline becomes evident. Good to great regular season but not quite there in
  9. You explain it to him. He's reasonable based in history......
  10. Fine to do. No guarantee he is happy with the decision or the explanation. Smartest guy in the room have that tendency
  11. I don't think Adams is extended. Preston is very likely gone after 2021. But in the end, GB cap situation is not great, so Rodgers potentially not being in GB would be a tough pill to swallow given some of the offseason moves.
  12. Is it a foregone conclusion on anything? You don't think teams are always taking calculated risks in these decisions? If you are expecting a 100% money back guarantee, you might end up disappointed
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