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  1. And you will have created a nice hole to fill as your 3rd EDGE player. Tough choices for sure, not something I would do.
  2. Pittsburgh is $ 7M over the cap with a pretty long list of UFA...2 CB, LT, RT, EDGE, WR. Center that is retiring and a 38 year old QB that didn't look good late in 2020. Cleveland needs to sustain success, something that is not their specialty.
  3. So the offensive line seems to be LT RT IOL ( and within IOL it probably favors OG over OC)
  4. Great. And the average of the top 5 centers are paid about 22% less than the average of the top 5 RT.
  5. What did the top paid player do to you that you omitted them in the process here?
  6. and center are not as highly paid as RT
  7. So what has happened since Watson signed his extension on Sept 5th 2020 to now to make this situation so toxic? Houston loses to KC in the Divisional round in 2019 playoffs. March 2020, HOU trades Hopkins to ARI April 2020, HOU trades for Cooks Sept 5th, Watson signs 4 year $156M extension HOU 2020 season does not go as likely was anticipated, Bill O'Brien is fired mid season. HOU signs Caserio as GM in early Jan
  8. I am not sure how many GM actually enter any values into the Roster or work out bonus. Feels like something that could be eliminated, safe some space and cause a little less confusion on the UFA offer sheet.
  9. Sure you can. But singing bonus will be low to keep that 2021 cap hit low. Will teams be willing to guarantee 2022 or 2023 base salaries? Probably not. Correct. The big name top tier FA will likely get there's. But that will take up a bigger % of the overall cap space so the middle tier and depth players might get squeezed on deals. And that $260M is the counter to the $10M x 32 teams ....$320M the league wide cap is being reduced by ( based on a projected $188M cap). So there is less money available. Agreed. Big name/ top tier FA get theirs Dep
  10. Because it binds GB to an $8M cap hit ( or whatever the RB tag value is) in a year where they need to get under a reduced salary cap. Who does GB move to free up that $8M?
  11. Tag is a set value, full guarantee. Let's say is it $8M for Jones. GB takes an $8M cap hit in a cap tight year, so that is not a great deal for GB. A longer term deal might have been $40M over 4 years with like $10 -12M guaranteed....and a 2021 cap hit more like $4M. Better for the team but Jones wanted more in guaranteed money.
  12. Sure. And eventually agents will want to get a slice of the cap space that in 2021 is smaller than other years for their clients. Typically the cap goes about ~$10M. Prior to pandemic, it was projected to be around $210M. The cap dropping to $185M or even $190M...that is $20-25M per team. So league wide, $650M to $750M less cap space for teams to use and players to be in competition for.
  13. Here is a look at the 2022 depth charts. The numbers after the player indicate the last year of the current contract. Shaded in light yellow would be Free agents. Tonyan could be extended yet this year, probably would be the thing to do to lock him up longer and lessen the need for a TE in the MLF system. WR is a pretty glaring need for the 2022 season with only Adams being assured of being under contract. CB: Alexander, Johnson, Dennard, Hollman DL: Clark, Rankins, Keke, Blackson, Jenkins 2022 depth chart
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