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  1. Packers Board Preseason Practice Meetup!?!?

    There is so much irony to this post
  2. no and No. I am on vacation and should be able to get some things organized mid next week.
  3. The self voting makes the end game hard because as we saw, each pair just voted themselves in the last few days. It needed OT to break the ties. No self voting would force players to consider the reads and alignments of others.
  4. Red teams had full access laser tag with the Swedish Bikini Team
  5. Let the record, civs have voted themselves on a long string of "lynches"
  6. We were close on a few nights. The player switch from @Slappy Mc to @Tk3 likely cost us. Oh well.
  7. Good game all Thanks to @Dome for hosting and setting up a different and unique game. Looking forward to another version with the potential tweaks that have been brought up.
  8. If we could have gotten 1 out, I think it would have been an interesting next day
  9. James was red and voted green on the final day....yikes
  10. Because you are red and if a green tea am is voted red loses
  11. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    My guess will be failed physical and starts on the PUP
  12. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    SO was that a TT think or a Capers thing?
  13. I gave you 2 likes on this topic. I am bypassing the licking....you are married now, those days are in the past.