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  1. You can be the 5th. Jump on in. Give us some of your thoughts on players.
  2. OK. At least that gets us to half the eligible voters. Unofficial VC @SwAg Orca - 3 - tk3, NS922, Dome tk3 - 1 - Orca Pickle - 1 - Squire MD4L - 1 - Gopher
  3. @bcb1213 Hope the nurses are hot and sassy.....
  4. Is this seriously what we have for votes thus far
  5. It may be obvious to you, but it can be harder for others to pick up on what clues you are leaving ...especially if they are subtle. If you are civ, mafia already knows you are a civ. If you are trying to hide your role/ability, that I can see
  6. I think I get what you are saying about the Tk3 push on you. It just feels like this is a personal thing that affects your judgement at times.
  7. At this point, waiting until after the game does not really help us
  8. @Dome We got about 13 hours until EoD and most of that will be while most are sleeping. if you have a theory that can lead us to mafia, putting it out there soon would be good.
  9. @Pickle Rick What is going on with you this game? You didn't vote that I can see N1 and I do not believe that you voted N2. Pickle
  10. Hope you have a speedy recovery from both the hangover and the game.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Agreed. But, hindsight being 50/50 and all
  12. 1st of his double posts 2nd of his double posts 3rd of his double posts how are others feeling about @NS922 He has made a few Jesus/religious posts, then his double posts, then a vote on Orca and something about keeping him around is like a ticking time bomb? Could be another player in the low profile mafia collection