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  1. $50 salary cap + contract league, injuries thus far Mack torn Achilles Barwin torn ACL Uzomah torn Achilles Sutton torn ACL AJ Brown knee injury bone bruise Mostert MCL CMC high ankle Perriman ankle
  2. hell of a goalline stop on Cam
  3. there is some significant CNS processing and spatial awareness, movement pattern kinesiology that was lost in the 6 weeks of training camp. 0 preseason games. Limited scrimmage and full contract drills for many teams. Maybe it is just heightened that the rash of injuries today feels magnified as there were fewer injuries in preseason. It will be interesting to see how these first few weeks compared to prior seasons. Most teams and the NFL have injury data and will be able to compare 2020 to the historical baseline in the first few weeks.
  4. This season is going to be a survival of the fittest. Not that most years are not, but the amount of injuries thus far has seemed higher than years past. Will be interesting to see if the lack of preseason games might have an influence on that.
  5. having enough leagues certainly adds to the players that are affected, I really only count the leagues that have entry fees associated. The free leagues are less important, until you factor in how close to being a contender I was at the start of the season I have Godwin in a league, but its a free league, so not that big a deal. Also have Conner in a league as well. Him missing week 1 did not hurt as I won without him being a contributor
  6. Week 1 was: Sanders, Golladay and a dash of Evans in 1 league. Evans and Sanders in another. Sutton.... I at least knew about and could start someone else. League on MFL, salary cap and contracts. Mack-- torn achilles Barwin -- torn ACL Sutton -- AC separation week 2 Uzomah -- torn achilles Sutton -- shoulder (AC separation I think) Perriman -- ankle CMC -- Ankle Mostert -- MCL
  7. RB is so frustrating to navigate. Outside of a few, it is feels like a crap shoot weekly. Week 2 for BALT: Ingram 9 carries Edwards 10 carries Dobbins 2 carries Lamar with 16 carries (not sure how many of those were read option or scrambles) MIN might not be good this season. There D is missing a lot and Diggs is a lot to replace.
  8. there are a lot of RB that are in similar situations. Game script and the RBBC going with the hot hand
  9. Feel free to vent at your injury situation Mostert, Sutton, Adams, got something, but each were doing well prior to exiting. Game is going to be close.
  10. lets see here. Scum role cop, insane cop, frame would all be options. But lets just roll with someone coming in and saying we should vote squire and a bunch of players just sheep along
  11. Except there is always some truth to things
  12. Correct incorrect. If I have a stronger read on someone, then I will go with that. With the very small amount of interactions that occurred for D1, I left it on you
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