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  1. Midwest Regional Thread

    Dam.....Wofford just blitzed Seton Hall in the last 4 minutes.
  2. Picks 114 and 118 in the 4th round. My previous picks: #12 Brian Burns #30 Chauncey Gardner-Johnson #44 Deebo Samuel #75 Connor McGovern 2 picks from the group of players below. My picks are Kahale Warring and Renell Wren. Developmental TE and DL. Rodney Anderson Miles Sanders Justice Hill Stanley Morgan Jr. Kahale Warring Foster Moreau Josh Oliver Max Scharping Renell Wren Kingsley Keke Trysten Hill Shareef Miller Christian Miller Justin Hollins Bobby Okereke David Long Justin Layne
  3. NCAA Tournament Thread

    As did I. Hard to make a deep run when you shoot 20% from 3, miss ample FT when you are trying to dig out of an 18 point hole, and take awful shots. Quite disappointing.
  4. rcon14 Mock 3.0

    This right here. Being able to do both rushing and pass receiving from various positions (slot, split wide, out of the backfield, etc) is what separates the top Tier RB from others.
  5. Packers Signing Preston Smith

    You saying that UFA players will come to GB if there is more $$ in the offer? Shocking development
  6. rcon14 Mock 3.0

    It is the ability of a RB to offer high quality reps and performance/production as both a runner and pass catcher. There are lots of RB that can serve as pass catchers like Barkley, but few that can do both.
  7. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    With the 152 overall pick in the NFL draft, GB Packers select 7351 Bobby Okereke LB Stanford @mountainpd OTC
  8. NCAA Tournament Thread

    You see the other top 5 seeds with plus coaching in the tournament ? Bennett, Painter, Weber, Gard...not much for tourney success there either.
  9. South Regional Thread

    2 games previous been in Milwaukee and Omaha. This is in San Jose. Those wisconsin teams were night and day better than this one. Not saying it will happen, but different teams and circumstances.
  10. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Some other interesting information to consider. Based on the info in the quote above, the 6 teams that meet the criteria to win the title are: Duke, UNC, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mi State and Texas Tech Teams that have the adjusted Ken Pom criteria Gonzaga 1 Virginia 1 Tennessee 2 Michigan St. 2 Marquette 5 Duke 1 North Carolina 1 Houston 3 Kentucky 2 Michigan 2 Virginia Tech 4 Teams that have the Ken Pom rankings Gonzaga 1 Virginia 1 Tennessee 2 Michigan St. 2 Purdue 3 Duke 1 North Carolina 1 Virginia Tech 4 Kentucky 2 Michigan 2 Buffalo 6
  11. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Came across this, it is some next level data and analysis for anyone who needs to re-think their picks www.dropbox.com/s/zulieu733iegswb/2019%20Binder%20-%20Twitter.pdf?dl=0
  12. East Regional Thread

    Duke, Va Tech, LSU and MSU Va Tech has some metrics that could give Duke an issue in the sweet 16. Would not be surprised in the lower 1/2 of the region went haywire with LSU and MSU losing in round of 32. Wish some of the better 6-11 seeds were in this region.
  13. South Regional Thread

    UVA, Oregon, Nova, Tenn UVA vs Tenn. Tennessee to the final four. Both the 12 and 13 seeds pull the upsets. St Marys traveling full cross country to play Nova is a tough ask. Though I think either team can beat Purdue and the continuously snake bitten coach that is Matt Painter.
  14. Midwest Regional Thread

    I feel like this is the region that goes almost straight chalk in the first round. maybe a 9 over an 8 type upset. UNC, Auburn, Iowa State, KY UNC and KY. UNC to the final four.
  15. NCAA Tournament Thread

    Duke, Tenn, UNC, FSU. Duke over Tenn for the title