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  1. What to make of the Matt and Touch hitting sanchez to get the votes closer and possibly save Matts? Need to look at the timing of those.
  2. I was thinking something along those lines earlier. Mafia knew that tk3 was civ, so they had no reason to stop that lynch and no reason to pile onto it either. They could easily have voted some other way and slide by
  3. I will try to layout my crackpot theory on the redirects. It is likely far fetched, but who knows. Date sept 20 sept 19 sept 18 sept 17 day of game day 4 day 3 day 2 day 1 pages for day pages 66 - 44-66 22-44 1 to 22 redirects redirects page 63 19-22nd stones redirect page 40, 18-20th stones VC page 20 tallies 18 stones thrown prior, 7th person 17 stones thrown prior, 8th person 17, 18, 19th stones were singular time 955pm 945pm 4th triple redirected 5th triple redirected 3 triples no redirects Day 1 Sept 17th, no redirects, the 17-19 stones were all singles Day 2 Sept 18th, redirects the 18, 19 and 20 stones thrown (triple throw) day 3 Sept 19th, redirects the 19, 20, 21, 22 stones thrown (quad throw) Is there some connection to the date (Sept 20th being today) and if the 20th stone thrown is in a triple, all those stones would get redirected? OK....feel free to laugh at that.
  4. Weren’t yours the only triple throw? Woz made a triple throw later at sanchez
  5. Can anyone put a guess as to what time the TNF game will go to halftime? Trying to budget time for things I need to get done. I am thinking somewhere around 9pm Central time
  6. yours were the first triple throw at him, the previous stones were 2x from Ted
  7. It could be many things. May be related to the x number of stones that have been thrown that day. May have to be related to singular throws vs ones made in clusters. Day 1 there were a lot more singular throws Day 2 there were more triple throws Day 3 again more triple throws
  8. HEADS UP! You nail Flacco twice! Pickle Rick once! and woz once! @pwny See the stone thrown by James on Day 3. They were redirected from his primary target to others. We are trying to figure out if there is some reasoning on this so multiple throws at someone are not redirected to random players.
  9. All true. Just looking at the odds of the first 9 to throw were unaffected.
  10. So the only 2 players yet to throw a stone today are @DingoLadd and @pwny/sanchez. I find it odd that none of the stones thus far have been redirected. 9/11 were accurate/unaffected throws. I am thinking there is some other mechanism on the redirects.
  11. I also have a 4th stone to use. 11 player x 3 each + 3 additional (James, Dingo, squire) + Orca with 2 additional= 38 total possible stone available That is assuming that the extra that James and Orca used on previous days are at their disposal again, and any players that have additional stones that have not been announced.