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  1. Secure thread

    Is there a way to create a thread that would be private and only accessible to specific members? I am thinking that with running FFMD or other forum wide MOCK drafts, it would allow GM's to have a secure way to communicate with their staff and other posters without allowing other teams to view the content. I realize that restricting things does limit possible discussion, but keeping things private for planning and discussion purposes would be nice.
  2. TCMD Discussion!!

    It was there last year IIRC. Teams that overlooked it when the rules and guidelines stated as such can't complain. It was a primary reason I was on the side (apparently by myself) that the awarding process formula was fine as it was.
  3. TCMD Discussion!!

    GB can offer you the option to name your own star https://www.star-registration.com/ Lasts a lifetime
  4. Did not know the full extent of his injury. Thanks for posting that. I did like him coming out last year. Knew he had some questions, but there was some very solid potential. It is hard with these MOCKS as fans are often willing to trade players they did not like when the player was drafted. There are way more trades (by exponential amounts) vs real life NFL.
  5. Upgrading secondary over Pass Rush?

    That really depends on the age of the "Veteran". A player just coming off their rookie deal that has 4-5 years of experience can be a 3-4+ year player on the 2nd contract....vs.... a player on the other side of 30 that is getting their 3rd contract.
  6. I would like to add someone to the DL Clark, Daniels / Adams / Lowry That is all GB has right now. McDowell is intriguing and on a rookie deal. Concussion last year wiped out his whole season.
  7. Thoughts on any of these players from SEA??? If anyone is interested.. DTs Malik McDowell and Jarran Reed are available. RB CJ Prosise and Chris Carson are available. S Kam Chancellor is available. Pick #22 is available. Looking for Draft Picks, players at Interior OL, DE, LB, CB.
  8. It is possible, sure. I just see Achilles tendon rupture and recovery as about a 50% shot at returning to the athlete to prior level of athleticism. Given GB history with injuries and recovery, I feel they won't rush him back.
  9. I think Rollins starts the year on PUP and might be done in GB
  10. @EirePacker Burnett was signed by TEN 4 year $38.7M with $8.25M SB....that was certainly more than I was willing to pay. As @Packerraymond noted, it is Clinton-Dix and Josh Jones as the starters now with Evans/Brice as backups. Certainly could add a vet in the later rounds of UFA as the APY comes down. With the additions thus far at WR and EDGE, those become less pressing "needs" and allows some flexibility in the draft to go BPA or move around and target players that are of value vs need.
  11. @jfinley88 Here is the list. Unrestricted Free Agency
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Something like this....
  13. yeah my bad found it like 10 seconds ago No worries. I will copy it to one of the later pages soon enough.
  14. hell yeah, good move man Thanks!! Makes the cap space a little tight right now with other UFA rounds to go. Have some options to restructure Daniels to open up $2.9M. Still looking to move Cobb and/or Bulaga.
  15. @jfinley88 Roster/depth chart is on the opening page of this thread second post.