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  1. The time has come to flip the page and start a new era. Will there be rough times....probably. Will it be exciting.....most definitely!!!!!!! Key pieces of the process Shed cap to get in a position to franchise tag Adams. where Adams would want to go is open for debate. LV is a possibility, but this goes in a different direction Rodgers is traded to Denver for 2022 1st, 2022 2nd (DEN), 2023 1st, Tim Patrick and Albert Okwuegbunam Adams is traded to Jacksonville..... New HC Leftwich wants a stud WR that he can use to help develop Trevor Lawre
  2. lets work of the "assumption" that Rodgers is indeed going to Denver. What players (not exclusive to the list below) would you be most interested. Jeudy, Fant, Albert O, Dre'Mont Jones are all on rookie contracts, so the cap hit for GB to acquire them is much lower. They are also arguably better assets for Denver to keep if they are dealing multiple high picks for Rodgers and then having to sign Rodgers to a big extension. I think there is a sneaky option that Tim Patrick and less so Courtland Sutton would be as likely to be included vs the other players. Each has a sizeable ro
  3. Pull the rosters whenever you need to. We can add the futures contract players if needed later.
  4. Lot of words that isn't revealing anything new
  5. You have never seen/ heard a TV or radio tease before? "We have this compelling new story.....right after this commercial break". Rodgers could very well decide to announce that he if "open to a trade to a select group of teams". More compelling drama to remain in the headlines.
  6. I agree. 2nd in 2022 is way better than a 3rd in 2023
  7. How much of the population has president's day as a holiday? I don't, so it would change anything from a" productivity " angle.
  8. Interesting. Did any of them have a MVP type QB they were behind besides Rodgers?
  9. I would be very surprised if GB got 3 firsts, and more for Rodgerd. One can hope, but that seems far fetched
  10. so you have never heard of anyone saying things so it sounds a particular way for others to hear.... that might not actually be what they really want or are feeling??
  11. Those players get a talent boost naturally when Adams is out.
  12. Campbell played really well for GB in 2021, but is that the outlier relative to his prior seasons? I am not sure that Campbell suddenly got more talented and better as a player similar to Campbell. Douglas had a great season with GB, but did he become that much better or is his play in 2021 the outlier given the ability of teams to be able to find WR in the draft, 8M per year seems really high
  13. By room did you mean Cwoods mom's basement?
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