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  1. Didn't you say both Daniel and bcb flipped town? From the player list, Daniel alignment is not given.
  2. So you are saying there was no n1 mafia night kill?
  3. Yes lover? @Matts4313why not post/ quote something from carl?
  4. Except Daniel hasn't technically flipped town
  5. How is the supposed lies you think swag has made any different than the lies you admitted to make thus far this game?
  6. so D1 ended early (abruptly as you state in the 2nd post). So what is the issue with me in your words "barely even posting before the lynch" seems like you want to push a narrative on my limited posting on D1 that was ended early yet want to use that as a reason for you not taking your shot (vote) on me yet this game. keep spinning this tale, I am becoming entertained by it
  7. you had 3 votes (shots) at the start of the day. You have been poorly constructing a case pushing me as scum for the majority of the game, yet have not even voted me yet.
  8. so what is your reason for not taking your shot?
  9. inactives are a good push early in the game
  10. you probably shouldn't look at the thread then if this is what you think and are actually pushing
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