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  1. I am ok with either starting now or waiting. I agree if we start now, having a longer day 1 over the holiday would be best.
  2. @Forge Dome, James, Malf, Flacco, Danger and Naz (who was replaced by Mats on like D6)
  3. Might be a good idea to push the start until after the holiday weekend that we have coming up....just a thought
  4. Sure. Maybe I can find a way to play better this year.
  5. Yes...Dome used his 2 shot + the malf motivator and the factional kill to get 4 kills N1
  6. I played poorly. Bad reads at the deadline. Not having a night move or ability dampened my motivation early. Thought I would be lynched early. Did not read a lot of day 1 during the draft.
  7. What is making you certain on swag not being jester?
  8. Counselor mention the parallel teaming.... Malf calls off orca, asks him to scum hunt Dingo mentions a double team, Malf accuses dingo of deflecting @Malfatron why the not call off forge? Malf the common one in the pair
  9. @ET80 Did you take the triple vote splitter in hopes of being able to play longer?
  10. He ate that neopolitian crap, of course his gut feeling and nothing
  11. Are you thinking dome selected roles based on plays styles and not randomly?