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  1. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    who says every other team needs to over pay? It only takes 1 team. Pretty sure the $40M over 2 years with the potential to make another $16M in 2022, $19M in 2023 and $20M in 2024 is something that Chris Jones would do pretty quickly. If you think he gets cut, then he gets a shot at another contract as a late 20's aged player....and the hope that the salary cap has gone up even more. You mean the contract that Cox signed in 2016? The 6 year, $102M contract that was $17M per year. The cap space in 2016 was $155M. 2016: 155M 2020: 198M That is an increase in cap space per team of 22%. 17M x1.22 = 20.74M Funny how that inflation works to be right around 20M per year
  2. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    what you or I think he is worth is mostly irrelevant. It only takes 1 team to feel Jones is worth $20M if he were to be on the open market. If his agent and he feel that is a possibility to get that type of contract, then why would he settle for less? Certainly it would be a risk, but we have seen more than a few players take that risk to try to get that best contract on the open market. It can backfire for sure. The added unknown of how the COVID pandemic might affect the 2021 cap space is also floating out there.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    Doug Baldwin, Marques Colston have super bowl rings
  4. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    I think you are right in that the uncertainty of the 2021 cap might be a bit of a hold up for some of the teams holding off on signing some of the top tier players to extensions. Even if the 2021 cap does not go down, but stays flat, that still puts a lot of teams in a really tough cap situation for 2021. Most teams have structured the bigger deals with more money in future years with the expectation the cap will have gone up.....if that does not happen, it would cause some noted cap issues for a few teams.
  5. Chiefs Chris Jones - Wants 20m or wont play

    Lot of interesting questions come up during this process, added in the uncertainty of the COVID influenced 2020 season and how that affects the 2021 salary cap Is Chris Jones worth those demands? How does that affect the KC cap situation now and in future years with other players that will be coming up for new deals? What does Jones "responsibility" to the team in taking a lesser deal so they have more in cap space for other quality players? I think it is a fair debate on whether Jones is worth that type of contract. The potential around a smaller 2021 salary cap makes that process that much more difficult. In a raw numbers game, it would be hard to give Jones $20M if the cap drops by 10-20%. Looking at things from a % of the cap angle, $20M per year could be a good bit more than the other top DL contracts. I don't think it is Jones "responsibility to take less. This is his prime chance to cash in on a big time contract and getting as much as he can is the right decision. If you want Jones to take less, then you also need to push that same narrative for all other players....Kelce, Hill, Mahomes, etc. Since that is likely not going to happen, then Jones should not be expected to either. This is the fate of all teams that have top/upper tier talent, at some point, it becomes really hard to pay everyone what they can get on an open market.
  6. 2020 Packers Defensive Backs

    fully agree. Drafting Dillon in the 2nd and then re-signing Jones would be a poor use of resources IMO. Resigning Williams would be the better move as he is likely much cheaper to re-sign
  7. 2020 Packers Defensive Backs

    GB has about $178M in salary committed for the 2021 season. It is a big unknown how much the 2021 cap will go up....if at all. That leaves about between 30-40M. Even of Bahktiari has been paid in his previous contract, you are likely not re-signing him for less than a $12-15M per year average. I am beginning to wonder if GB is holding off on a Clark extension to see how the 2020 season goes from a revenue perspective.
  8. Dynasty League Conundrum

    I have never said it was a more fair way to decide a draft order. you asked for thougths, I provide some and it was met with a continued issue of that not being fair when the general game is not something is fair and always follows a pre-determined process. We are potentially going to go through an uncharted process if the NFL season is canceled or altered in a big way. Some form of league rank vote and a random weighted lottery for draft order based on that makes some strong sense to balance as many moving parts as possible. I am not seeing how an auction process would be fair if every one has the same amount of money. you then have to decide on what to do with those picks that should have changed hands during the 2021 season. pushing those picks back another year now lessens the value of the pick that was traded. a future pick 1 year out is more valuable than a future pick 5 years out.
  9. Dynasty League Conundrum

    Example from a league I am in. May 2018, Team LUCKY trades with team Snakebitten. 12 team, 0.5 ppr and 1 QB Team Lucky sends 2019 1st for Dez Bryant and 2019 1st (pick swap of 2019 firsts) Team Lucky later trades OBJ for Patrick Mahomes as a "throw in filler" in a deal for JuJu . Trades Jimmy Graham for an unproven George Kittle and a future 3rd Picks up Phillip Lindsay off waivers in late August. Drafts Nick Chubb at 1.3 after trading down from pick 1.2 and picking up an extra 2nd Rides the starting core of Mahomes, Lindsay, Chubb, JuJu, Thielen, Woods, Kittle to a semifinals appearance while the other owner misses the playoffs. Strongly advise avoiding that. you have to have a process to determine a winner and the first person to bid would get the player, skewing the process to the nomination order, which effectively goes back to a random draft order. If a 2022 pick is traded already, how do you push the concept of pushing the 2021 picks that have been traded ahead a another year?
  10. Dynasty League Conundrum

    When a future pick is traded, there is no set draft order. It is a calculated process that can backfire They still get a chance for the pick to become a better pick than their pick. The chance exists in a different process. Instead of the season playing out, it would be a randomized draft order. Auction with all teams having the same starting money? So first person to get a player nomination max bids for the best rookie, Trevor Lawrence in a super flex format. How is that nomination order determined? What happens when those future picks have been traded?
  11. Dynasty League Conundrum

    So are you suggesting to reverse all trades that involved a 2021 pick? What if those picks were moved in 2019?
  12. Dynasty League Conundrum

    If team A moves a decent player to team B for a swap of first round picks.(teams A receives Team B first and Team B receives Team A First). Season is canceled. Fantasy league does random draw and team A gets 3rd pick while team B gets 10 pick. Transfer picks based on the terms of the trade. Team B comes out ahead. Season plays out as usual. Team deals with injuries and subpar performances, flukes losses etc and ends up with 3rd pick while Team B catches breaks, gets favorable waiver pickups, squeaks into playoffs and loses in the semis to the eventual champ and ends with the 10th pick. Transfer the picks based on the terms of the trade. Team B comes out ahead.