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  1. Since I was responding to the specific quote above about the concept of SF being "ecstatic with any of them", that is certainly not the same as "going to get their guy"
  2. so if SF is going to get their guy and is willing to overpay, then they probably don't have 2 players they would be equally willing to select. That is the strong opposite to "going to get their guy".
  3. If that's the case, then why trade to 3? Might have been cheaper to trade into pick 4 and get whichever QB is left of the 2 ( assuming it's Lawrence then Wilson going 1 and 2)
  4. affect on mental health due to alterations in exercise habits and preferences is something more likely
  5. Your 3rd "fact" is probably more myth than fact. Calories in is a far bigger piece of the equation than calorie out (in the form of exercise)
  6. I would really like to see how NFL teams use the combine data. Is it pushed through a bunch of weight/height formulas and the raw data is just the beginning number and the other pieces are also used to flesh out the value of the tests that fans don't fully grasp.
  7. Came across the following while looking for some other more work related info.....thought it might be interesting to discuss Performance of Future Elite Players at the National Football League Scouting Combine (2018) Abstract below. Some good more in depth reading for those that want to do some fun digging on things. Table 3 breaks down positions and all-pro, pro bowl, no post season accolades ******************** Predictive Value of National Football League Scouting Combine on Future Performance of Running Backs and Wide Receivers (2016)
  8. Looking at the draft order. Order determined by: non playoff teams regular season record with tie breaker based on points scored. Playoff teams based on order of finish. Please let me know if there are any issues with this. 1. Lionized 2. squire 3. Jcrell 4. Winitall 5. nagahide 6. Jaguarcrazy 7. Hagar 8. Oregon Ducks 9. Bigbear 10. Hvacraider
  9. the above are the only trades that I saw that had future picks involved.
  10. League has been activated on ESPN Please post whether you are returning for the 2021 season or not. @winitall, @Bigbear72, @nagahide13, @JaguarCrazy2832, @Oregon Ducks, @jcrell623, @HvacRaider, @Lionized, @Hagar
  11. I agree that it is probably Pitts if ATL stays at 4. A trade back all depends on how the teams that would be looking at QB like which 2 are still on the board. Assuming it goes 1. Lawrence 2. Wilson Depending on who SF takes, a team looking to move up would have to like 1 of the remaining QB enough to make that move.
  12. These are the 2 trades that I am seeing that involved future picks. If anyone has others that I am not seeing, please let me know.
  13. Draft order for 2021 (without any trades being accounted for) 1. @Packerraymond 2. OPEN TEAM 3. @Pool 4. @The Gnat 5. @VikeManDan 6. @squire12 7. @DannyB 8. @Bigbear72 9. @persiandud 10. @Vikes_Bolts1228
  14. Reactivated the league on ESPN. I know we need 1 new owner. Please post whether you are returning for 2021 season. If you know of anyone that would be interested in filling the open slot, please let them know of the opening. Ideally it is a fan of an NFC North team @Pool, @DannyB, @Bigbear72, @Packerraymond, @persiandud, @The Gnat, @Vikes_Bolts1228, @VikeManDan
  15. Looking back over the last 30ish years of NFL drafts with QB's drafted in the first round. The table below has the QB's drafted in the first round. year, QB selected, round, pick. I rated the players on a "very subjective" 1, 2, 3 scale, though left some blank as only 1 year sample is not enough. Feel free to disagree and create your own rating of the QB's...copy the table and go to town!!!! 1= franchise QB, led to playoffs, showing flashes of high potential 2= OK QB for their team, not a bust, but not a upper tier type QB 3 = bust Track record seems to point that 1-2 of
  16. I would venture to say that there are many examples of players that are able to continue to play a game after getting injured during that game, yet the injury is actually more impactful/limiting for the following weeks game. Something about human physiology and the response to injury that occurs over the course of the subsequent 24-72 hours with swelling/inflammation, ecchymosis (bruising), muscle/joint stiffness and tightness as a protective mechanism, that can persist for multiple days and even weeks.
  17. This episode was really intriguing. The backstory was telling to see the shift in how Negan "leader of the Saviors" came to be. Unfortunately, you could see how it was going to end after about 1/2 to 2/3 of the show.
  18. Based on the below, looks like Rodgers played in week 10 and 13, Nall played in week 17 https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/N/NallCr00/gamelog/2007/ Craig Nall Passing Rushing Rk Date G# Week Age Tm Opp Result GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate
  19. Been since 99 when they gave UConn a scare in the elite 8. Gonzaga been really good.
  20. Baylor cooled off in the second half from 3. Gonzaga missed opportunities from the FT line and never got on track from 3. The latter was Baylor's defense which never really lagged all game. Toss in rebounding massacre, and the result is fitting
  21. tough OT semifinal probably more impacting than undefeated. Baylor might get a bit of a boost to "slay the undefeated ". As you noted, Baylor was a buzz saw tonight
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