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  1. Sam stacking up bad game after bad game now lol. Franchise money? 41 passes for 200 yards. Open your eyes that is who he is. So glad you know what Wilson is going to be after 5 games. You were so right about Sam after 3 years, oh wait.
  2. Lol my bad. That was meant for @jetfuel34. He was the Darnold lover.
  3. There are plenty of short quick passes that are being called and available to Zack. He's either not taking them or missing them. Add to it he's also not taking easy yards with his feet when he breaks the pocket. It's great that he keeps his eyes down field but when you have an easy 6-7 yards of open space and you force a ball into coverage it's not helping anyone. Much of this falls on Zack. You can say adjust but this is the offense. Time for Zack to start hitting these simple plays. Throwing the ball off the back of your line men's head on an RB screen or the feet of open WRs on b
  4. @jetsfan4life51 How'd your boy Sam do today? Still ready to pay that franchise QB money? That's who he is. Will throw for 300 yards one game and 3 picks the next. That's why you make the move we did all day every day. Can't tie yourself long term to a QB like Sam.
  5. People freaking out on LaFleur need to realize this is a team effort on offense. Does he have some issues to work out you bet but putting this on him only is so lazy. Zack need to be better, the OL needs to be better, and the WRs need to be better too. This is a team effort of ineptitude on offense. I mean Moore is schemed open by LaFleur in the second half but the OL allows a DT to penetrate which forced Zack to spin out and roll to his left not allowing him to hit a wide open Moore on a cross. LaFleur then schemes Crowder wide open in the flat who would have gotten 8 yards before a
  6. AVT has been great after a rough 1st game. Moore has been running solid routes and getting open by all accounts but Wilson is just struggling getting him the ball. No issue with either of those picks. I was pounding the table for trey when he was dropping though too. He would have been a nice addition being able to get GVR out of the starting lineup.
  7. Sam was a walking TO for 3 seasons so why was he better? Sam could have won us a few extra games because he's in year 4 not game 4. The upside is far better with Wilson and there is no way to know what he will be in year 4 like Sam is. Zack is not a top 10 QB but Sam is? We are done rebuilding we are now building. I want wins too but I don't want to pay a mediocre QB like Darnold 25M which is probably what it's going to take to keep him if he has a solid year. Sam will never be the guy to carry you like the great QBs.
  8. Sam could have gotten us to 8 wins maybe, yay!!! You going to give him 20M+ a season next year then?
  9. Yeah I was referring to his post.
  10. Oh I agree he has many things to clean up but calling him a bust because you want a high completion percentage is crazy talk.
  11. This post is wack. He's played 4 games and is already one of the best deep ball passers on the NFL. Sounds like you wish we drafted Mac Jones. Kid is doing this without a really good deep threat too. Crowder, Cole, Moore have all been out and we don't have a reliable TE. Can we let him develop for the love of God.
  12. I saw this too and it just screams a need for an elite deep threat to pair with him. Not sure Moore can be that given his height but having a guy like Mims standing 6'4" with 4.3 speed is just a crazy that we can't have him run a few go routes a game and let him and Zack see what they can do. I mean of he's doing this with Corey Davis who is not a speedy guy then having a deep threat can really unlock Zack's best ability.
  13. No to both. Why do we want a lb who just got cut because of his poor lateral speed playing basically the same defense? Plus our CBs have been playing great and we want to add a 31 year old to the group? I think we have different definitions of smart.
  14. I mean let's break this down logically for a sec. OL looks solid. AVT was road grading cats yesterday and CMG and Moses where excellent. Once Big Ticket gets back this line has serious upside. I think they are closer to yesterday then week 1 when they looked lost. They are just getting to play together so it's only up from here. Plus Wilson has one of the longest snap to throw times so that puts pressure on the OL. Defense has been outstanding. They haven't faced any world beaters but they have been far better then expected. The young CBs look legit especially MCII and Huff.
  15. Short quick passes made Brady what he is today. Mac Jones is the captain of the checkdown ship and he's doing just fine. Wilson is one of the longest snap to throw times in the NFL has the highest ypa of any of the rookie QBs and has thrown for the most yards. He's pushing the ball down field unlike any of the other QBs so context is everything. My guess is they'll scale it back for him to get the ball out quicker and see how he does. That doesn't mean it'll be conservative. Wilson is a gun slinger it's in his nature to sling it down field so when things break down and he improvi
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