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  1. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    Plus the other teams in the AFCE have to play the Pats twice each year which always hurts their overall records. You basically have to go 10-4 in all your other games to make the playoffs.
  2. Where to pick this year's rookie running backs?

    Agreed regarding Miller. Only a matter of time there. May have to wait until 2nd half of the year but as a draft and stash that could pay off big time if Foreman does play well and is healthy. Mixon should be better this year based on slightly better OL play, a nice workload, and talent. They will make an effort to get him the ball like they did towards the end of last year. His efficiency will still be poor like Melvin Gordon but workload should keep value high as it has for Gordon.
  3. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    The Jets were a lock for #1 last year. Nobody else was even close, they were that bad but yet again they weren't even close to the race for #1 all season. Sure they can pick if things derail as could a bunch of teams. If I'm being honest though no I don't think they will be picking #1. I think it's a 2 team race between BUF and CLE. One team looks awful on paper the other just picked #1 two years in a row. I'd say there are a few others MIA, BUF, INDY without Luck that have a better chance to pick #1 then the Jets but it's just my opinion. Despite being picked to finished dead last in the league on multiple occasions these past 2 decades, the Jets, while having some awful seasons along the way haven't picked #1 since 1998.
  4. Revis retires!!!

    Best player on field only in Jets history: Revis Best overall player on and off: Curtis Most impactful off field: Namath
  5. Predict the 53 man roster

    That would be best case scenario. Anything with Darnold starting (and playing well) and trading Teddy for anything better than a 2nd rounder would be a dream come true.
  6. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Not worried unless he misses camp time. We have a hole week and these things get resolved quickly. I feel like it was Lee who signed like 2 days before camp started. Nothing to worry about unless it's next Friday and he's not on the field.
  7. Ardarius Stewart Suspended

    Don't know if it's final yet but yeah it seems like that going to happen. Not a huge loss given he was likely the 5th WR.
  8. Where to pick this year's rookie running backs?

    If he gets the touches most expect then he has RB2 written all over him and round 3-4 is probably right. Most expect him to be top 20 for RB touches being a first rounder. I like Ronald Jones as well at his ADP and situation. Not much comp there in Barber so he should get his fair share as well. Barkley, Penny, Jones are the only three I'm really pumped about owning. Freeman at 4 and Guice at 5 round out my top 5 rookie RB's but neither really excite me as much as the top 3.
  9. Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.

    What Jagcrazy said. Easy choice, Collins all day.
  10. Cowboys DE Randy Gregory Reinstated

    Didn't Aldon Smith say the same thing? I hope he straightens his life out. Man it must be tough for him because if I had the choice to smoke weed or make millions it's a pretty easy decision.
  11. Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.

    Easy choice don't over think it. Both those guys are week in week out solid RBs guaranteed to get touches.
  12. Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.

    I think you get slightly better value with Henry in terms of ADP and where you are keeping him but Hopkins is obviously one of the elite players so when you can land a stud at any position I tend to lean that way. If you can find 2-3 studs you can count on night in night out that is huge.
  13. Who Should I Keep?: Post Your Keeper Questions here.

    I'd pass on Wentz as well like a few others have said. Kamara is a lock, Kelce is too, and I 'd pick one of JuJu or Sanu.
  14. Where to pick this year's rookie running backs?

    Michel in that NE offense should be good just hate NE RB's and because of his fumble history he could find his way to the bench really quickly. Sounds like the guy I would take the chance on is Penny based on workload and Russell Wilson being his QB. That OL is bad though.
  15. Does the road to Super Bowl LIII in the AFC go through......

    You say it year after year but this NE team is lacking. Brady can only do so much even though they should put up points with that offense as long as the OL can block for the 2 secs Brady holds onto the ball. To answer your question yes unless JAC gets a upgrade at QB (A-Rob could have helped them) it runs through NE still. Not sold on Watson yet, need to see him in year two but they have a chance if he picks up where he left off because they have the balance to be really good.