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  1. My guess is teams are keying on Perriman because we have nobody else to scare them and Gase has the 2 TEs blocking instead of running routes like the "brilliant" mind that he is.
  2. There's no going back after that so you better be 100% sure that's what you want. The last thing I want is a lame duck coach benching the young QB. Unfortunately this has to come from JD and ownership, not Gase. Better make sure a top 2 pick is secured so Lawrence or Fields is a Jet because benching Sam means it's over in NY and Flacco or Morgan are not the answer.
  3. I agree but it would have to be a no brainier decision to go defense over offense. We need to develop a franchise QB first a foremost. Until we do it won't matter if we draft the next Kahlil Mack we will still have Mitch Trubisky at QB and not win crap.
  4. Again that wasn't the defense from a year ago and I didn't say go long all game long. How about taking a shot every once in awhile especially given we were falling behind quickly. I mean what was the plan to wait until we were down 21 in the 4th before we went deep. Given the PI rules not going deep every once in awhile is a joke. I mean his calls were awful with the 3rd and 3 calling a 1 yard out and another 1 yard out route to Hogan on 2nd and goal. Just flat out atrocious play calling. Trying to sum up the game in 4 plays makes it seem like it was close. That it was not given we could only muster 6 points when it mattered.
  5. It's impossible to defend that take. Their defense was crippled with injuries. On the DL and secondary. I don't care what Gase said. They put up 6 points through the majority of the game without taking one shot over 10 yards it seemed. Nick Mullens ice cold came in and was pushing the ball further down field to some guy name Bourne and I'm supposed to be ok with our offense. What is the point of getting into 3rd and short when you run a 1 yards out route and get tackled behind the line to gain. You can tell me the game plan was this or that but the results against a team missing most of its defense traveling across the county could only get 6 points until the end of the game. It's so easy to get a PI and flip the field. Your telling me we didn't have a 2nd and short early in the game where a play action and deep shot wasn't available? Gase went to 2 TE sets amazingly because he had no choice only to keep them in for blocking. So now we're gonna run 2 TE sets and have them block. His answers only make it that much worse. At least pretend to care.
  6. If we are in the top 3 we maybe looking at a QB. If we are in the top 10 we should probably look at an OL or a WR unless the value is too good to pass up we should not be looking at anything on the defensive side until we can trot out a NFL caliber offense.
  7. Haha. They are a packaged deal. They both need to be shown the door immediately.
  8. Gase on why we didn't take shots downfield. I'm paraphrasing here but basically "we had some stuff later on in the game we going to do but once Perriman got hurt they couldn't go to it." Fire this ******* right now. What a joke. I've had enough of the conservative approach to the games. The garage play calls running 1 yard outs on 3rd and 3. It's amazing how often we run that crap and kick FGs down 21 in the red zone. Terrible. I said I would wait until like week 8 before I went into full meltdown mode but that quote made me want to punch something.
  9. Agree. Trade up is not a good idea because you know its gonna be a massive haul. I thought you wanted to pass on him in order to have a better situation first. My mistake. I actually like Fields too. Reminds me of Dak with a little more accuracy at this point. I hate to give up on Sam and he may end up being a good QB but it might not be here. It'll probably be elsewhere.
  10. Teams with good situations don't land the number 1 overall pick though. If we have a shot at Lawrence or Fields you take them and use the rest of the assets to put them in a good position. Nobody will care if we are losing games 34-30. Bell isn't forcing his way out he's getting cut or traded. Hypothetical situation. We draft a QB and trade Sam for a late 2. We have enough money to splurge on a WR in FA like Robinson and with the SEA pick and our high 2 we should be able to land a day 1 OG and WR and bring back Perriman cheap. Now you got ARob, Mims, Crowder with great depth in Perriman and whoever we draft. Add a RB in early round 3 to Perine and now you got nice TE and WR units, RBs look solid, OL is improved and your QB is able to be successful day 1. That still leaves the 2nd we got for Sam and the Sea 3 to add to the defense. We are in a great position to improve. We really have to make sure who the QB is though and if there is any doubt come the end of the year and there are talents like Lawrence and Fields you can't hesitate. Ari didn't and paired their QB with an innovative HC. They will be contenders before you know because they weren't scared to pull the trigger and JD shouldn't either. There is no excuse to go into next year without real offensive weapons and an even better OL no matter who is under center. If JD doesn't put all his energy into the offense next year it will be a major disappointment.
  11. I'm sure JD is making calls the reality is don't expect anything to happen though. Eventually Crowder will come back and so will Mims so there will be enough to evaluate Sam over the full season. At least enough for him to not be a total incompetent QB like the first two weeks. If we are in position to land Lawrence or Fields in the top 3 I think that's all you need to see from Sam and it may be time to cut bait trade him off to a team with an aging QB like NO, TB, PIT, INDY, etc for like a late 2 or 3 and move on. I mean if we are losing high scoring games that is one thing but 6 points is unacceptable no matter who you have at WR.
  12. If Driskel outs up more points then our offense yes he should be fired. At this point GW can go too if that happens. Their defense is banged up too but that doesn't seems to make a difference given what we just saw yesterday.
  13. I know you didn't say it I was just pointing out the reality of the situation. We aren't getting a deal at this point of the season. We have to ride this out because if we try to make a deal it's going to be expensive and that's not the smart thing to do.
  14. If we go out a lose to Den in a few weeks who is banged up and missing their QB Gase should be fired immediately along with his puppet of an OC. Let anyone else be interim for the season and can everyone at the end of the year except Boyer, even GW.
  15. Fire Gase sure by all means but overreacting and forcing a trade isn't a good idea. I would hate to overpay for a player when this team could possibly be heading towards a rebuild yet again. Picks are valuable for those teams and we have bunch for a quick turn if we draft well. Teams mid season aren't just looking to dump good young talent on the cheap. A trade is highly unlikely to work in our favor.
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