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  1. What does conditioning have to do with getting rolled up on? By all accounts he met the weight the team set for him. Just bad luck on this one. Can happen at any time to the OL.
  2. Yeah I get they are trying to establish a culture here but every time he steps on the fields he's making plays. It's hard to ignore his talent and if this season is about giving the young guys a chance to grow this move makes 0 sense. I find it hard to believe we can't find a spot he know. Hell he's a fantastic run blocker too. You can't put him out there to block? This is a bad job by Saleh. If the guy was lazy and not working hard then make an example but everything they have said is he's a hard worker. You don't punish that by burying him behind Berries and J. Smith. You want to out
  3. Yeah I must say I'm torn on this Mims thing. I get keeping him out because he doesn't know the playbook but put him in the position he does know then. The guy has fantastic size and excellent hands you really telling me that Berries and Smith should be seeing snaps over him in 4 WR sets? I'm not buying that. His talent alone is too good to keep of the field.
  4. Our DL played really solid actually. I saw a stat that Darnold was one of like 5-6 QBs to average less then 2.5 seconds per pass so they were getting the ball out quick. Darnold still had a 33% pressure rate. The next highest was 23%. The DL did it's thing but Car game planned to protect Sam and have him get rid of the ball. Not much they can do about that. I think people just assume they played bad but context matters when you look closer.
  5. It's week 1 so it get the overreacting but to not come away super impressed by Zack means you weren't paying attention. Drops, unblocked rushers, we did him no favors to start the game. Sucks but we are young and decimated by injuries. Lawson, Davis, Crowder, Cole, now Joyner and Becton. Tough when your young team gets hit hard like that with injuries. Especially at key spots like LT, DE and the defensive play caller. Moore needed to catch that early ball from Zach. Was a huge momentum swing that could have kick started the game instead it goes through his arms and the slow st
  6. Becton will be fine. He's still super young and will only get better. Even if he has a few down moments nothing to stress about. Q will probably need a few games to get back to full but our interior should dominate with or without Q playing at his peak. Their interior OL is one of the worst in football. Actually if we don't dominate them their we are in serious trouble. No worries for 4 or 5. Maybe 1 series or rookie jitters at most then it's strictly football. Mosley will do his thing.
  7. Exactly and it's about time we get with the times. Keep building the OL, bring in a weapon at TE and keep building this offense to be scary
  8. They are shaky but they are also very unorthodox. They will be running a ton of stuff Wilson has never seen before. They do a ton of 3-3-5 stuff and exotic blitzing. That's why we need to pound the rock because they love to play with speed and extra DBs/LBs
  9. Robby has been the same guy he's always been. His analytics didn't change from his time in NY to his time in Car. Only thing is he got more targets which is why he eclipsed the 1k mark. He didn't get better he just was used more. Robby is a solid WR but Echols can match him step for step since I believe he is also a 4.3 guy as well. We just can't allow Sam to get comfortable and there is no reason we can't do that rushing only 4. Play cover 3 zone and get pressure with 4 and we can keep them in check.
  10. Preseason seems to be far more over rated given the excellent play we saw last night from Dak and Brady. Albeit they are both top tier QBs though. I'm not expecting much rust from CMC he'll be his normal self. Sam is prone to making mistakes when pressured so it pretty clear if we don't pressure him our D is in for a long day. Those weapons are very good if we give them time. I love our chance to play bully ball though. We should be exploiting their weaknesses which is run defense and their LBs in coverage. They have two excellent CBs so this is going to be a day for running
  11. Win the trenches win the game. Doesn't matter how much of an advantage their WRs are against or secondary. If Sam is rattled we know what happens to him. Carl would feast this week against Erving but I still think we will make Sam's day a tough one. No time to throw equals no long developing routes that can burn us. DL needs to eat. Mosley is good enough to keep CMC limited in the pass game I think we just need to not allow him to get to the edge for chunk runs. On the other side we need to bully their speed. Our strength is run blocking so let's bully them and keep the ball for
  12. Yeah I wasn't going to do it. I'm just putting the wheels in motion.
  13. No game day thread yet? It's back boys football week is here. Looking forward to what should be a pretty evenly matched game. Need our run game and DL to dominate to have a chance because if Sam gets time those WRs could eat up our young secondary. If we use our superior OL vs their run defense correctly things should be easier on Wilson. Can't let Reddick and Burns pin their ears back need to let our tackles do what they do best and maul these undersized ends. I think we find a way to escape with a win if do those things. Can't wait.
  14. A great slot like Moore can do the same. Kroft is serviceable enough.
  15. I think you are making that out to be a bigger deal then it is. These guys got most of the reps in the preseason games and plenty of reps on practice whether it was a 1st team rep or a 2nd team rep. They got plenty of work. These kids are learning on the job this year. A few extra 1st team reps isn't changing anything. As he said I think they wanted Bless to win the job but he couldn't.
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