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  1. Around The League

    1 WR should be good and don't forget the pass rusher. Goal: Bell LT LG C WR Pass Rusher
  2. Around The League

    Dave Toub is a guy that is quickly moving to the top of my list along with Carmichael at 1A. I still need to do more research on the top college guys but NFL coaching guys specifically these two seem the best for me.
  3. Le'Veon Bell

    This offseason defense only has one hole to fill and that is pass rusher we can live with everything else for now. Offensively we should 100% be all in on Bell and Funchess. After that if we took all 6 or 7 picks whatever we have this year and took OL only we'd be better off for it. We are likely to land a FA pass rusher (even if not a Clowney of Lawrence type name) and Bell (I hope). Funchess will be a possibility and if not a lesser player like Ty Williams will be fine. The FA OL crop will likely be largely overrated (due to the good ones getting resigned) which is why using the draft is the best way to improve the OL. By the look of things we will be in the top 5 which makes Jonah a real possibility and clear cut #1 on all our draft boards. He looks like the stable franchise LT we need and covet.
  4. Around The League

    I don't think our skill position players are that bad. I do think a ton of failure as to do with scheme, OL issues and just rookie QB growing pains. Problem is it's just not deep enough. Once Anderson and Q went down we were dead in the water. Herndon looks great but rookie TE's just don't factor in right away, they have a steep learning curve. I do think one solid WR addition and Bell is plenty good enough if Darnold steps up his play and the OL is majorly upgraded.
  5. Around The League

    I'm going to defend @Bobby816 on this one. We 100% need Bell. We still have stupid cap space after signing him and that wouldn't in the slightest hinder us from signing a pass rusher to $20M+ and more. If we had to choose RB over other positions then the decision becomes tougher but the fact is signing him has no consequences to signing other players it's a no brainer.
  6. WAY TOO EARLY 2019 Mock Off Season

    Yeah I'm out on Defilippo. Would be really disappointed if we hired him. For the most part I love the mock. Love the positions you addressed only change I would make is going after Funchess over Moncrief.
  7. WAY TOO EARLY 2019 Mock Off Season

    That's what Robby is for. Q is plenty good of going deep as is Herndon down the seem. Stretching the field with what we already have on this team is good enough. Problem is our OL can't block long enough and our OC only calls screen plays.
  8. Le'Veon Bell

    I'm always the first person driving the train behind not overspending on RB's in the draft and especially in FA. That being said I am 100% on board for Bell and would give him the 16M per and 45M guaranteed. I'd much rather spend big on a true game changer then over spend on mediocre tier 2 talent. I'm all in on Bell.
  9. Around The League

    I'd pass. Seems like when you have the best QB maybe of all time you should be better then what they have over the years. I don't think he's the man for this job.
  10. Around The League

    I'd be ok with 15M annually which is probably going to be pretty close to what it is. We should def front load the deal with much of the guarantees paid early on just in case we need to get out of it after year 3. Something like first three basically fully guaranteed with year 4 minimal. He' probably going to be in the 45-50M guaranteed which is what Gurley got. By locking up the first 3 years that cover the 45M guaranteed. I mean he'll be what 26, 27 and 28 in those years which is still prime years, after that we can cut him loose with minimal cap issues.
  11. Around The League

    So word is flying around that Bell to the Jets is basically a "foregone conclusion". Not jumping for joy yet because anything can happen but I really love the idea of adding a talent like that to the offense.
  12. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Problem with OL in FA is rarely do good ones make it to FA. Spain is highly unlikely to get there same with the LT from TB (Donovan I think his name is). If they do great and we should be all in on them but I doubt they make it. Best way to revamp the OL is likely through the draft which is why I'm really looking at the prospect this year because that's where we need to focus our selections. Need to have another Brick/Mangold draft.
  13. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Really interested if my approach to the offseason morphs as we dive deeper into the FA class and draft but I really think it won't change all that much. I think I'm pretty sold on who and what I hope we target though and don't see it changing too much. I'm all in on Bell, Funchess and one of Barr/Ford/Fowler. I would go Clowney or Lawrence over them but I just don't see either hitting the market. After FA I'd take the first 3 picks and revamp the OL (OT, G, and C).
  14. 2019 prospects and outlook

    Bell isn't taking every carry and playing 100% of the snaps. There is a role for a versatile backup like McGuire that can run and catch. He's a perfect backup RB behind Bell because he can do a bit of everything similar to Powell.
  15. Around The League

    Looking at the Panther cap space I think there is a really good chance they let Funchess hit the market. Probably going to have to pay him in the 14-15M range. I kind would do it to be honest. He grades out pretty well per pff and seems to be finally coming into his own as a WR. He'd be a great fit with his size along with Anderson and Q. I think I move him and Bell to the top of my list in FA. Bell - $16M Funchess - $15M Barr - $20M That will leave us 50+ left to resign our own. Then I'd use every draft pick on OL and see what sticks. I recently changed plans because I doubt Spain hits FA so I'm trying to be realistic.