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  1. Really going out on limb with that bet huh? If we sign a big name FA WR I think it's pretty clear we aren't drafting one in round 1. As KONY said I wouldn't be shocked if we didn't take a WR round 1 no matter what happened. I see a tier 2 FA and a round 2 WR.
  2. Exactly why I said David would have a big role. In Saleh's D he plays 3 deep typically which drops one CB in deep zone and asks a LB to to play underneath zone. I expect Davis/Maye to be the two deep safeties. I could see a SS like Neal playing that shallow zone. I expect Poole to be back as the slot CB and to bring in a SS to help play the WILL/SS role. Jayon Brown would be another target for that position. He's more a traditional LB for that position. CB, Pass Rusher, and that WILL/SS are the biggest areas of need for the defense that is assuming we bring back Maye and Poole.
  3. Did I say Maye should be replaced? Maye is a really good FS. We should keep him.
  4. Maye has proven he is a not a SS. We thought he could fill in for Adams but it wasn't until he moved back to FS that he flourished. Davis looked pretty solid but also is probably better suited for the FS spot. We need a guy who can come in and set the tone defensively. Neal from ATL makes a lot of sense. He won't break the bank and he is familiar with our new DC. I think Davis still has a big role even if we sign a SS. Not staying we need to use any significant resource or spend a lot on a SS especially if we sign Maye but I think Saleh is going to want a guy who can set the ton
  5. Here is my list of targets in no order. Assuming we resign Maye and Poole who I think we will. 2 WRs, 2 IOL, RB, CB, QB, SS, WILL, 43 DE, and TE. Whether we sign or draft them I think this is my top priority list. If we can address these positions we'd be in good shape. It's too early to do a mock offseason because so much talent is yet to hit the market.
  6. I think I heard the cap next year will be like 220M so even if we do max it out this year we'd still have plenty of room next year. There is no reason not to be aggressive for the guys we want. I mentioned this in another thread or early in this one but this FA class is going to be loaded. Once these cap cuts start it's going be be stacked. Just wait to see some of the names that shake free it's going to be great. We have a real shot to make a quick transition this season if we get good QB play from Wilson 😉
  7. Yeah starters are great but this isn't a 1 year rebuild especially if we don't land Watson. If we do land Sherman say then grabbing Horn if he's there is not a bad thing. I wouldn't limit myself to need. I think we need long term answers at key positions like pass rusher, CB, WR, OL, QB etc. I'd focus on those positions to secure long term building blocks not just worry about plug and play vets expecting us to make a playoff run. We aren't there. Good news is with this offseason this is the year to have cap space. The list of FAs that are going to hit the market after these team
  8. I want one big FA and one premium pick on D theoretically top 2 rounds. The rest would be value signings. Whatever those are it should mostly likely be a pass rusher and a CB. After that ILB, S, WILL whatever other positions they want to address should be cheap vets or prove it value contracts. I'm offense first The rest should be all offense either draft or FA. 2 WRs, 2 IOL, RB, TE depth, QB, and maybe more.
  9. Agree 100%. There are far more reasons then just his play that we should be moving on from Sam. His play is more then enough though. I don't care what your situation is he was the worst starting QB in the NFL. His contract, the fact we have two better prospects sitting there for the taking, the fact that we can get a valuable pick for Sam to help another area. All reasons to move on from Sam. It's a no brainer.
  10. People are seriously underrating Fields and Wilson. These two are some of the best prospects to come out recently. They are both better then any of the QBs in the Mayfield Darnold draft that was so talked about. Only guy that was on their level was Burrow from last year and even then it wouldn't shock me if Wilson or Fields went over him. If not for Lawrence being a Luck type prospect these guys wouldn't be so overshadowed. These guys check every box you want in a prospect. We should be thrilled that we have the choice between these two. As for fit they both got like a glo
  11. I really want Horn at 23 actually and pass rusher I'd like Hendrickson or Okwara. Both would be good fits. I'd like to bring in a vet CB option for depth. Not sure if Sherman would come to be a rotational piece or if he wants a starting job but he would be ideal or see if any other vet gets released. We'll be in nickel more often than not so not breaking the bank on an OLB at least not this year. We'll make more moves on defense. I expect Neal at SS and probably a WILL 43 LB but none of those guys are going to break the bank. I think or defense if we add say Horn, Neal, and
  12. Add a pass rusher and a CB and resign Poole and Maye and we'd be fine.
  13. I'm with @Bobby816 on this one. Give me an offense that scares people. With minor tweaks here or there on defense and a better offense the D will be competent enough. You want to plug more hols on the D in 2022 after we have a real NFL offense I'm down but until we can out an offense on the field we shouldn't be worry about trying to field a top 10 defense.
  14. If it ends with us getting Watson for a reasonable price it will all be worth it.
  15. The guy plugged in with the Texans just said HOU would only trade Watson to the Jets and made it sound like they wanted Sam back as part of the deal. I can't post the tweet but maybe someone can grab it and post it. He did say they didn't want to trade Watson though and continue to have that stance still but if they did it would be to the Jets.
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