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  1. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Each draft has a probably 5 or 6 that do though and my point is that very few of them get extended in year 3. All you have to do is look at Adams draft class. There are a handful of guys worthy of getting an extension yet not a peep from them and their team isn't rushing to extend them either.
  2. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    I stand corrected but my point was the players not the teams. That's why I listed the total players drafted over that span. It's not hard over the years to find a GM who will pay guys early. Mike T did it with the Jets but that's doesn't mean JD will now. That doesn't mean the Jets will always pay guys ealry. It makes no sense to discuss it by teams since the people running the teams all have different approaches. The point was the players don't get paid early. Most players don't get signed in year 3, it's typically after year 4.
  3. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    I see you went back to find me comparing Adams to Reed and Troy and couldn't find it. Good try though. Top 5 may be a stretch but I don't see anything crazy about thinking he could be in the top 10. Nothing crazy about that statement at all. Don't need Kool aid for that.
  4. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    You are changing what I said now to fit your narrative. I never said most teams I said most players. Sure you can probably find that most teams over the history of the league have signed a guy after 3 seasons. Reaching back 4 GMs ago about the Jets signing Revis does not mean they do that for most of their players. Not does any other team like I said. Again most players don't get extensions after 3 seasons. Not sure why you keep arguing that when it's pretty obviously an accurate statement.
  5. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    My post had nothing to do comparing him to Troy or Reed. I actually don't recall comparing him to either. I only mentioned him being on a HOF type tragetory that could put him in the same conversation as the greats if he could keep up this level of play. Well done deflecting the conversation away from your awful points.
  6. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Dude again it's still very few given you are pulling names out from the 2007 draft who are retired to try and make your point. Just look at the players in Adams draft not extended yet. 1 did get extended and how many countless others worthy to be extended didn't. Every draft yields a handful of great players in round 1 and most don't get extended in year 3. I don't need to go draft by draft to prove that true. Feel free to do that on your own time.
  7. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    You don't have to look any further than Adams own draft to see the Superbowl MVP is still on his rookie deal. If he can play into year 4 than so can Adams. There are other great players from that draft too but I take it you know how to Google and that "most" haven't been extended. Please stop saying most GMs when in fact that's not true. That's great for Roseman but since there a you know this massive economic question mark hanging over the league and the world now might not be the best time to extend a guy when you don't have to. Adams will get his money and most certainly deserves it but not this year. That doesn't mean JD should have to his demands or make an awful trade for a worse play also looking to be paid. I mean how dumb is that. Didn't you just say Adams wasn't even a top 5 safety or something like that? Why are you pushing for him to get extended then if you think so little of him? Now he's an elite player?
  8. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    "Very few" certainly holds true when you found 6 players over the the past 9 seasons that includes over 250 first round picks.
  9. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Pressure is such a arbitrary stat. If you make the the QB slide to his left but still completes a pass is that still a pressure? What really constitutes a pressure? You get a sack that is an impact play it counts as a down and negative yards. How many pressures result in positive yards for the offense? Not totally discounting pressures because getting the QB off his spot can result in incompletions or something better but it's such an arbitrary stat. Like @NJerseypaint said leo was the king of the almost sack. Not looking to pay 18M to like Yannick for almost sacks.
  10. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    They are both great players for sure. I just think Adams has zero weakness to his game. The ultimately swiss army knife that can do anything. Those players are special and I don't think you can say that about Jackson or Byard. Hate to use PFF bit Adams is the only safety that ranks in the top 10 in every category from coverage, tackling, blitzing, run stopping.
  11. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    It's amazing you garnered a like for this comment. I mean I didn't know with 3 years of control left for the Jets that their only options were swap him for Yannick now or lose him for nothing. I'd take the picks over Yannick all day every day. I'm not for paying premium money for a non premium player in Yannick. Again the Jets will likely end up paying Adams next year. Their cap is in a great position long term and they just want to see how this whole crisis plays out before shelling out money when they don't have too. Very few teams pay their players in year 3 of a 5 year deal even the great players.
  12. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    It is. Who in the world would the trade the better player with more control contract wise for the lesser player who needs to be paid immediately. The Jets don't want to pay Adams early, doesn't mean they don't want to pay him at all. Yet some are suggest trading him for a lesser player just to shell money earlier. What planet are we on. I mean it's pretty clearly a dumb trade for the Jets.
  13. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    So much wrong with this post. Obviously Adams has his whole career to go but open your eyes. The guy is special. You'd be hard pressed to find 10 defensive players in the entire league more impactful than Adams. He'd have a good shot at being in the top 5 and you think he's a fringe top 5 safety. Lol ok.
  14. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    Comparing them is obviously hard to do because 1 guys only has 3 seasons under his belt but if he puts together a 10 year career playing like this he'll be in the conversation. That's why you got laughed at for proposing Adams for Yannick. It's awful to suggest it.
  15. The Jets and Jamal Adams

    As you should be. Why give away a home grown Jet who is a game changer on defense for a lesser player? Yannick is a solid pass rusher but not nearly the player Adams is. Stop overreacting to the same song a dance that happens when many all pro players want to get paid early. This probably ends like many other simliar situations around the league with Jamal signing a long term deal next season with the Jets. Jets have 3 years of control left.