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  1. Sucks to hear about Q but glad he'll be ready for TC. I'm ready for an all pro season from him.
  2. Guidry played well last year when given a chance. I wouldn't count him out. I like our nickel situation but I do think we need a guy like Nelson opposite Hall just so we can ease the young guys in. Austin I don't love and Pinnock is a rookie so having a guy there to take the pressure off of him makes a ton of sense.
  3. GVR was solid last year. I don't know why everyone wants him gone. He was horrible to start but the OL was thrown together with no TC. After week 4 he was really solid. Never was or will be a good run blocker but he won't get Wilson killed and is fine stop gap until next year when we draft his replacement or Clark steps up. Lewis should be cut immediately and we should use that money to sign Nelson. That would solidify the offseason for me.
  4. They traded to get AVT not Moore
  5. Our LB depth was pretty bad, not sure how drafting two athletic weakside LBs is too many. Don't know a ton about the CBs taken but but we got younger faster and more athletic which is never a bad thing. I like our slot with Carter II and Guidry and if one of Pinnock or Austin can play opposite Hall we'll be in good shape there. Between the two LBs hopefully one can be a long term answer at WILL. At the very least our special teams should have a nice boost with more speed and athleticism. This draft is an A for me. JD crushed it.
  6. This is my favorite of the day 3 picks. I was looking at him in round 4 so to grab him here is great value. Love the versatility he brings to the defense. I think he's going to end up winning the starting LB spot in TC and be our coverage LB for TEs and RBs. There still are some questions opposite Hall on the outside but this defense looks pretty solid all things considered.
  7. Yeah I like the flashes from Guidry last year but not ready to count on him. Poole coming back makes a ton of sense.
  8. Wouldn't complain about him coming from DB U but I prefer Gowan. I'd take Wade too. Coming out of round 4 with Cox and Gowan would be ideal. Then we grab A RB at the top of round 5 whoever falls Stevenson, Gainwell.
  9. Yeah I'd love to go Gainwell here but I think if Cox gets past Jac he's a plug and play WILL and a long term ILB which at this point in a draft would be a crazy add. That likely means no Gainwell without a trade up because I doubt he gets to our next pick. Would love to see Trey slip though. Could use some more road graders on that OL. I wouldn't mind Stevenson in the 5th as that one cut power back. Hell having him and that left side of the OL he should be able to push the pile for 4-5 yards a carry. He's a reliable pass blocker too from what I heard which is a nice trait many co
  10. That's my dude too 👍
  11. Nelson is still out there and so is Sherman. I prefer Nelson because of age but I'll take either at this point.
  12. At this point let's grab another road grader like Cleveland or Trey Smith and then grab Gainwell and I might actually cry tears of joy.
  13. That's a trio that you can build around. Just need to hope Herndon is what we all know he can be and we might actually have a scary offense. Never thought I'd see the day.
  14. To add to those already impressive stats he was number 1 in the power 5 in separation. Dude is uncoverable.
  15. I think it's safe to say we drafted a WR at 34 better than the one the Giants did at 20. Well done Jets. Those 4 WR sets 🤤
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