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  1. The Jets will have two 1sts plus and 90M in cap. Add in a new coach and we can turn it around quick was the point of my post. We have a franchise LT, possibly Lawrence or Fields, and 90M to work with. We should turn things around quick if we get the HC right.
  2. Arizona and Mia retooled in one offseason. Cincy is already looking better with Burrows. Mia hasn't even used all of their ammo to do so either. It just goes to show you that it can be done and be done quickly with out needing 4 firsts to do it. If you have a QB and a HC it can happen quickly. There is zero reason to even consider trading out of 1. We need a QB badly and people want to trade out from arguably the best prospect since Manning? Get the QB and the HC and worry about everything else later. If we actually put some resources into helping the kid he can have enough to be successful from day 1. This idea that we are going to ruin him is so dumb. We could sure if Mac was GM and still picking all DTs in round 1 but JD will support the kid. He already has a LT and Mims we just need to continue to add to the OL first and foremost and if he really is legit things will come together quickly. You don't trade these types of QB prospects you just don't do it.
  3. You think Gase has good play design? Seriously? Some of his stuff is pop warner honestly.
  4. Better to be a year or 2 early on a guy then a year or two too late. Brady should be in the running for sure.
  5. Pretty easy answer for me and I love Fields game. It's Lawrence all day every day. We have to land the number 1 pick and a good coach. We are in position to have a stable GM, a great QB prospect and hopefully a HC that can develop an identity. Been a long time since we had all 3 key spots with such upside. The future is bright if we can just land Lawrence.
  6. Cle is always good for a stinker of a game, Min is winnable, and CHI can maybe have their offense not show up. Those are the only games I could see them having a shot but doubtful they win. I think if we both end up with 1 they will get the number one pick as it stands now.
  7. Except literally every successful franchise does it. We are one of the few with this terrible FO structure. Countless ex players in the media now rip the Jets for this structure. Obviously your HC and GM need to work as a team but there also needs to be one final voice and Harbaugh is not one to concede it. Why risk that type of power struggle when there are plenty of other good candidates. It has a high reward but also comes with a high risk.
  8. My question is though how long until Harbaugh wants to control the roster? If he doesn't get his way there could be issues. I can easily see him going behind JDs back to ownership. It's time we smarten up and have a real power structure where the coach knows the GM gets final say on the roster and reports to him.
  9. Harbaugh had a great defense with Fangio and made his run similar to Rex in NY. He was able to get enough out of Smith/Keep to get the team to the Superbowl. In 4 seasons he was in a power struggle with the GM. If he comes in you don't think he's going to want control? Are we giving it to him making JD obsolete? The guy can coach we get that. How great he really is is debatable though. Everything else that comes with him though is a possible issue. Especially given our FO structure. Adding that massive personality is a huge risk even if it could have huge reward.
  10. Not getting the idea of why people think we will beat NE. They took SEA and BUF to the wire. They are despite their lack of talent still more talented than us and far better coached. We may keep it close but we should not win this game.
  11. So was Mike McCarthy. JH is also an ego maniac and an abrasive personality. Some times a coach with a personality and fire is a good thing but I'm not on the Harbaugh train. I think that is a bad idea for a young team and a young GM building the team in his image. There are plenty of good candidates out there who can come in a be part of JDs vision and not want total control which I suppose JH would want. Especially with our terrible front office structure that is a bad idea. JH will be the first one to throw JD under the bus of he doesn't get a player he wants I can see it now.
  12. I think you are overreacting to the comment. Only person on planet earth that thinks the Jets are committed to Sam in 2021 is Key. There is no drama. We all know what is about to happen. JD did the right thing actually because if we win a game or 2 down the stretch and fall to 3 JD can say he told you he was committed to Sam and then draft Sewell. Have to stay committed to Sam until he's sure he's got one of the 2 QBs.
  13. JDs draft got off to a slow start with injuries but it's already better then anything Mac did during his tenure. I'm not sure why people are so down on JD if anything we should be optimistic about the guy. I mean he got us a potential all pro LT and a WR with massive upside. He found JFM and Huff who look like young pieces. If any of his mid rounders Zuniga, Davis, Hall, Clark hit he's off to a fantastic start.
  14. I assume you would be largely in the minority then.
  15. I don't think anyone would say no honestly even with Q looking like he is breaking out.
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