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  1. More likely to happen mock

    He's becoming my favorite non QB at 6, trade down even better. Really love this mock. Gaines is my number 1 CB in FA. Love the two OL signings would be great for our new QB. Only thing it needs is a WR. I'd love to see maybe a 1 year deal for a guy like Bryant (high upside), go all in on A-Rob (see Jeffrey deal) or nab WR depth/insurance like Jordan Matthews. Overall I'd be thrilled with anything close to this.
  2. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    I watched MIN plenty this year as my favorite non Jets team. McKinnon is so mediocre it's not even funny. Again Hill is equally mediocre I'm not saying he is coming in as a bell cow but he would fit a role as a short yardage back. McKinnon wouldn't add anything we don't already have in Powell/McGuire and will just take snaps away from a player who flashed as a competent 3rd down back as a rookie in McGuire. IF he was notably better then McGuire I would consider it but he's just not. He's painfully average. It's not about the overall player it's about the role and fit. We could use a short yardage back more.
  3. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    And McKinnon had 135 as a rookie with a 5.0 average so what's your point? McGuire averaged over 10 per catch as a rookie how are we just going to ignore his potential as a 3rd down back. You did this exact same thing with Anderson last year. He sucks and we need to draft a WR because he only had 400 yards or something when he was barely targeted. If you just watched his tape you could see he was a very capable WR that just needed a chance. McGuire just needs 70 targets like McKinnon and he'll be able to replicate what McKinnon brings.
  4. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    That's just not true at all. McKinnon has just been in the league longer and has been given more chances, that's the only thing he has over McGuire. He offers nothing McGuire can't.
  5. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    LOL untapped. He's been in the league for 4 years and has a 4.0 career average on runs which is worse then Hill to put that in context coming off a 3.1 YPC season too. Hill has 29 career TD's so I think he is proven as a solid short yardage back. McKinnon's best attribute is his pass catching but he's never been anything close to an elite pass catching RB. He's a dime a dozen RB who we basically just drafted in round 5 last year. Why are we going to bury a promising rookie in McGuire who appears to be very capable of handling 3rd down RB duties for a mediocre RB in McKinnon, makes no sense.
  6. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Not sure if you are referring to my post but McKinnon is not very good but neither is Hill. Hill would be nothing more than the 3rd RB/short yardage back in rotation with whoever we draft and McGuire as the 3rd down back. McKinnon brings nothing to the table that we don't already have. Might as well keep Powell and McGuire then. I just laugh when people think McKinnon is some major upgrade to our RB core, he's not.
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    That's my plan C. I'm 100% on board with that. Plan A - Cousins Plan B - Trade up for Mayfield at 3 unless we know he'll be there at 6 (if DEN lands Cousins). Yes I'd trade up for him because I think he'll be that good. (I'm assuming Darnold and Rosen go 1/2). Plan C - Sign Tyrod and draft Jackson (trade down would be great but I like him enough to draft at 6). Major fail IMO on Mac if we don't land Cousins, Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield or Jackson (with Tyrod).
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    Just look at Anderson and Q. Both were buried in their first seasons and really broke out when given the chance. Hansen made some nice plays down the stretch actually which is encouraging and Stewart wasn't really given much of a chance except for gadget plays. Not saying either will be better then or equal to Anderson/Q but the jump in production could happen given both are talented.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    Na it was good but those mid round guys could have made a great. I think Leggett will make his way into the starting TE spot and McGuire will lock down the 3rd down RB role. As long as Maye/Adams continue to excel there is no way it's an awful draft. If one of the WR's and one of the CB's contribute this year that will make it a really solid draft. If Donahue becomes a core special teams guy then he's a good pick as well. Those special teams glue guys are huge for teams but hard to evaluate.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    Robby was part of the draft class basically so you have to give him credit for that. I think McGuire looks like a good 3rd down back moving forward. He really didn't take many offensive players in the premium rounds outside of Smith, Hack and Stewart (who wasn't really given a chance yet). One guy was just unlucky the other was huge mistake and terrible pick.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    He's been all over. I think last year was good, the Leo draft was poor and the 2016 draft was average. I see no reason to suggest he's bad either. His problem is that he's safe. Went Williams over Beasley and went Adams over Watson. He plays it safe and sometimes you have to swing for the fences to find the next great player. That and his position selection are my biggest criticisms of Mac. He's taking so far a DT, S, and ILB with first round picks instead of OLB, QB, CB, LT.
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    Draft is a crap shoot. Ozzie Newsome is widely regarded as a great GM and go look at his 2016 draft. It's Idzik like bad. In 2015 I think it was he took he took Perriman at what like pick 15 who hasn't done squat in 3 years. That is a major bust pick so even the great ones mess up. We haven't had that 1 great draft since what 2006 was it with Mangold, Brick, Harris and then Revis the following year. We've had solid ones but haven't had those great ones. Last year looks to be solid and if we do stumble into that great draft this is the year to do it. A good draft this year following what appears to be a solid one last year could boost this team along with a Cousins signing up to the playoffs really quickly. Just got to hope that with 4 top 70 picks we hit all pro caliber with one and high end starters with 2 of the other 3. We do that and I could see playoffs. This is a make or break year for Mac in my book. He set himself up for big things now he has to come through.
  13. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    McGuire does everything McKinnon does, they are redundant. McKinnon doesn't move the needle either. McGuire's best attribute is his ability to catch as a 3rd down back. He can fill that role just fine without McKinnon. We need a 3 down back in the draft and a short yardage back. Crowell, Burkhead, Hill etc all fill that role.
  14. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Exactly Mac will budget other deals making sure to save 40M to sign Cousins. As Cousins takes his tour to DEN, MIN, JAC, NYJ, CLE, etc. we should be locking up guys like Norwell, Jensen, Trumaine Johnson and A Rob to entice Cousins to come.
  15. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    Jerrick McKinnon is not really not that good I don't why so many people mock him to the Jets. All he does is take away snap from McGuire who should be getting the 3rd down touches. Jeremy Hill would be the smarter addition as the short yardage back behind McGuire and whoever we draft. As for the rest of the offense. It's a short list Cousins ARob OG C Hill draft RB That is my somewhat realistic path to a top 10 offense.