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  1. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    I didn't call him a building block. Maybe the way it was typed was confusing but only Williams was a building block from that draft. He is a contributor even though he is down on the PS. He'll be back soon enough and after playing pretty well last year he should be considered a contributor. As for Jenkins, while not a great player by any means he's been an average starter in his young career I think.
  2. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    Well for those of you wanting new ownership it appears Chris Johnson now has total control of the Jets and the fate of Bowles/Mac. He just said that in his press conference. Hopefully he is willing to open his check book to lure an elite GM like Pioli/Decosta and give him control if he does move on from Mac/Bowles. He said they are graded on progress this year not wins/losses so we'll see how this season goes in that area.
  3. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    No that is a problem but go look at drafts from Newsome and McKenzie. They all have major misses in rounds 1 and 2. It's so easy to say you need to hit on picks 1-3 every year but the fact is it's just not realistic. You hope to land 1 stud, 1 starter and 1-2 more contributors each year. If you do land two building blocks each year and some depth you are doing a very good job. Right now 2015: 1 stud (Williams), 1 contributor Simon (1 building block) 2016: 1 possible stud but at worst a starter (Shell), 1 starter (Jenkins), 1 fringe starter (Lee), 2 contributors (Burris, Edwards, Anderson) - (2 building blocks, maybe 3 if Lee improves) 2017: Too early but at worst it looks like 2 starters (Maye/Adams) - looks like 2 building blocks. The problem will always be with his ability to find a QB sooner rather than later. If he can't do that it won't matter about his LB or CB selections he'll be out of a job. Right now I'd classify him as a middle of the pack GM.
  4. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    Yeah when people want to bash Mac they just for some reason ignore the good picks. Hack, Lee and Smith are all top picks not contributing so they focus on them. Lee could go a long way to help Mac's draft status but so far he's been weak at the point of attack. Anderson is contributing as well even though early on he hasn't played great. Not every GM comes in a is great. He could help himself a ton by not signing guys like Kerley last minute and then playing him over Stewart who looked like he belonged Week 1. It's just those types of things that make me want to get rid of him.
  5. How to stock the draft cupboard?

    Not every Mac pick has been bad and we are not lousy because of Mac's drafts only. The years of Idzik didn't help anything either. I'm not going to keep a guy who is nearly 30 if we can get a premium pick top 3 rounds just because there is a chance we might not draft a good player. Lets not compound mistakes with more mistakes. We are rebuilding so embrace it and hope for the best. Who knows, Mac might not even be the one making the pick.
  6. How to stock the draft cupboard?

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  8. How to stock the draft cupboard?

    I agree with the trade up. If we can load up on picks it'll be easier to move two 5's for a 4th and really add some talent. Really no point keeping Powell since like you said we never use him. Beachum and Carp have the best value and two teams with playoff chances need linemen. Hopefully we can turn one or both of them into more picks.
  9. So with the excellent trade of Richardson to SEA for their 2nd and Kearse that helps add a premium pick to the 2018 draft class. I started thinking about other guys who could do the same that are not long term pieces. I was thinking with teams like CIN/NYG and their high aspirations would a 3rd or 4th entice Mac to deal Beachum? It appears he is over his ACL injury from 2 years ago and has played really well early this year. Would anyone offer up a 3rd or 4th for him? I mean if I'm CIN, NYG, SEA and have superbowl on my mind I'd look for an upgrade sooner rather than later and Beachum at 28 makes a ton of sense for those teams. Other names who could be moved? Kearse (6th), Powell (5th/6th), Forte (anything), Carpenter? (2nd/3rd), McClendon (6th), Skrine (6th), Claiborne (4th/5th). Any chance we add more draft capital before the deadline? Beachum and Carpenter are the best moveable pieces as both are 28 in their primes and playing at a high level. Both are also important to our line who have been playing together and if we bring in a young QB in 2018 having a stable line is important. With multiple high picks though and a ton of cap (Nate Solder) we can upgrade the line as needed again. Both guys will be 29 at the start of next season and when we are ready to compete again 2-3 more years both will be 31-32 and will be on the slow decline. I've wanted to get Dennard from Cincy ever since we started talking about trading Sheldon. With Jones, Dre, WJIII, Shaw, Benwikere all over there in Cincy and Dennard going into next year with a 8.5M dollar cap hit would they swap him for one of Beachum/Carpenter? Would be a win win in my eyes for both teams as we need a future boundary CB who could be here for the next 4-5 years. Hell I'd give them both Beachum and Carpenter for Dennard and a 3rd. They go from a weak line to very good overnight. They move their young LT over to the right and immediately boost that offense in a big way and get back to running the ball. Any other ideas throw them out there. I think we should be looking to add more youth and/or picks. This is the place to spit ball trade ideas.

    I would totally be on board with a Pioli, Haley, Darold/Rosen trio Interesting though about Bowles influence on the draft but I'm sorry Mac still pulled the trigger. If I'm GM I'm not putting my rep on the line for a HC I didn't hire. EDIT: And let me be clear Mac hasn't been awful and he hasn't been great but it's the little moves like Kerley that irk me. Why is this guy even on the roster when your rep is on the line with guys like Stewart. Don't you want them to go out and make plays, not sit on the bench all year. Makes no sense what so ever that he is out there. The whole reason he should be here is to catch punts safely which we don't even allow him to do. Just so happens that was the turning point of the OAK game too.

    I think he made a real step in that direction with Mac. He hired the football scout guy as the GM instead of the splashy hire. it didn't work but I think he said a lot of the right things recently about letting the football guys do their thing and allowing the complete rebuild we so desperately needed. Only problem is Mac hasn't delivered as expected but I think for the most part Woody has been hands off outside of maybe the Revis signing (but I'm not sure). You have to hope he can put his ego aside and give up full control but who knows.

    That's fine. . . Once Pioli is in charge I wouldn't question his decision on who to higher. I think we just need to open the check book for him and show him with all the resources we could have he could mold this team how he sees fit around hopefully his franchise QB. I mean as bad as things look right now a GM like Pioli should see the Jets as a blank slate and an attractive position as long as given total control.

    I have been defending both Mac and Bowles but I must say I would not be against cleaning house. It all depends on who is out there though as I'm not all for cleaning house for another retread. We need a bright young mind like LA did with McVay. Where is the next bright young football mind? Would a blank roster, extra early draft picks and a possible franchise QB entice this coach to come? It has nothing to do with who the QB is or Mac cleaning house preparing for the 2018 draft. I think both moves were correct but signing Kerley just before the season to take all the snaps from Stewart (who has looked pretty good so far) and continuing to feed Forte the most touches over McGuire (who has also looked pretty good is just mind numbing. Mac's drafts have been pretty bad especially if guys like Mauldin, Burris, Lee, Simon don't pan out. Right now this draft looks solid with the safeties playing well and Stewart/McGuire flashing some but outside of Williams in year 1 and Shell year 2 I don't see any other building blocks that Mac has drafted. Listen I understand that draft is not easy and landing 2-3 good players is all you can ask for during a typical draft but he hasn't been delivering on that thus far. I'd open the check book and show DeCosta in BAL, or Pioli in ATL that it's blank and tell them to write their number down. Give them 100% total control and let them rebuild this thing from the ground up.
  14. Week 2: Par for the Course

    My God this could be a blood bath. I agree Ricky I think we got ourselves two really good players in Shell and Adams moving forward. I want to see Stewart get some more touches. Guy looks very good with the ball in his hands.
  15. Andrew Luck

    Lots of things still have to happen like us landing the #1 and the young guys like Darold/Rosen coming out but I'll bite even though it seems like a false rumor to begin with. Would I do the trade of two 1st's for Luck? I guess it all depends on how I view Darold or Rosen come next year. I'd prefer to have one of them separate from the pack and look like the next great QB and select them. If one of them is the next Luck you would rather have him at 22 or 23 instead of a guy with shoulder issues at 29 despite being more proven. I'd hesitate to do it and might take the risk on the young guy and hope for the best. I mean as starved as we are for a QB Luck could give us a solid 7-8 great years at least. Problem is it might take 2-3 to build this roster up to championship contenders. We might open a 5-6 year window to win but if we don't we just sacrificed what could become a decade + window leading to sustained success. It's really a tough question to answer but my gut says take the risk on the kid.