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  1. FA QB's for 2018

    If McCown working with what he has this year can play mediocre then either QB on this roster should be able to do the same. If we ignore the QB position this offseason Mac should be 100% fired on the spot. Go all in on the guy you love be it Rosen, Darold, Jackson whoever just go out and make sure you secure him by any means necessary. Follow that up by using the cap space/draft to protect him and help him succeed. Anything less is a major fail.
  2. 2018 Jets' Thanksgiving Mock.

    Dislike. Not looking to trade our best WR and then draft one in the 1st. Edit: Oh and really hate that we didn't address the most important position QB. Any mock without a major upgrade to the QB position is a big fail.
  3. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    This RB class is loaded. Haven't researched the OT class much yet. I mean there is going to be guys in the mid rounds who are flat out studs. 3rd round is ideal for a future 3 down back. Maybe Ronald Jones II or Rashaad Penny would be a great fit here as a 3 down back.
  4. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I wouldn't take anything that clown says seriously. We'd be fools not to consider him.
  5. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    Jalen Collins just got cut. Wonder if we take a shot on him. He was suspended for PED's like Pennel so we have taken a risk on a guy like that before. He is very talented and still young. Worth a shot for a team desperate for CB talent.
  6. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    Completely agree. If we aren't all sitting here 1 year form today all talking about how it looks like we finally have a franchise QB and how we just need to win the next game to put us in position for the playoffs then it's time to clean house. It's all about the QB this offseason. Mac and Bowles can buy themselves a few years just by finding a franchise QB, it's as simple as that (lol who am I kidding it's not simple at all apparently).
  7. FA QB's for 2018

    I think we end up in the 6-8 range when it's all said and done. Seeing this rough stretch of games I can't see us winning many more. That should put us in range for Mayfield and Jackson both of which seem worthy of being taken in the 1st round according to most pro scouts (Rosen/Darold being the other two). I have said many times that if Jackson is there we need to run to the podium and grab him. The upside is just too good to pass on and if he does develop then we could have something special at the QB position. At this point if we had to give up the SEA 2nd to make sure we land him I would do that. Adding a vet like Bridgewater (Louisville connection) or Tyrod, both of which are perfect bridge QB's, should we want to groom him for some, most, or all of the first year. Having a Bridgewater or Tyrod will make the transition seamless since both guys have similar styles as Jackson just not nearly the talent. I am all in on Jackson and Sammy Watkins I think as well in FA. The big play ability of Jackson with his legs and arm talent and two flat out elite deep threat WR's in Anderson and Watkins would be insanely scary. Adding another weapon to the backfield with big play ability and a healthy Q and we have the beginning of something special.
  8. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I loved Snacks but he can go scratch. The second he got to the Giants he started running his mouth about the feeling in the Giants locker room being different than with the Jets. One that is more professional and one that's only focus is the Superbowl. The Jets and Rex made you who you are and got you paid, he should shut his mouth. Glad they fell apart this year, how's that locker room now Snacks? All those anonymous quotes we were getting were so professional.
  9. Jarvis Landry Domestic Violence Video Released

    Was there a complaint filed by the woman? Didn't look like much at all in the video.
  10. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Yeah LT has been solid I suppose. I'm not giving Claiborne a long term deal or big money. Maybe we bring him back on team friendly deal but I prefer a guy I can count on and he just can't stay healthy. He's never played a full 16 games. I prefer to let Jones and Robinson play more. CB is more of a slot replacement for Skrine who is likely gone. Roberts is a nice 4th CB to keep around. QB and pass rusher are obvious needs, I think we can all agree on that. The Allen love came from a quote by a ND assistant coach or something saying the Jets are spending the most time looking at him. We should be looking at him hard and all the other QB's as well so it's really a stretch saying we love him. More so that we are going to be looking hard at him and all the other QB's. Jackson is still my guy.
  11. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I wanted Cooper as well but I think we dodged a built by him not falling to us. He is insanely streaky and is consistently among the league leaders in dropped passes. No thanks for a top 5 pick. He's been a solid WR, but no where near his draft position. He's been a 2nd round player at best. We need to start finding talent at the core positions. QB, CB, pass rusher, LT. IF our 1st 3 picks this year aren't from those positions I'll be disappointed in Mac. Until we shore up those areas we aren't going anywhere.
  12. FA QB's for 2018

    I can't see how you can say Bowles has been awful when the team is playing hard and staying competitive with little talent. The guy isn't a miracle worker, he has no talent at the most important positions. McCown has been pretty bad which is why it speaks volumes about Hack and Petty not being able to beat him out. Why is he the last guy you want in front of a mic? He's like half the coaches in the NFL now, he gives generic answers and is boring.
  13. 2018 Mock Thread

    Not 5-8 wins but 5-8 in the draft order if I wasn't clear with my post. We may not win another game the rest of the season.
  14. FA QB's for 2018

    That quote said all you need to know about Petty and Hack. They are both awful right now at QB, even the coaches are telling the media at this point. They sweet talked them all last year about patience and development etc. Now they are flat out saying they aren't better than McCown who has been mostly awful so that's all we need to know. I bet we see one of them come week 16 after we lose the next 4. I mean there is no way we can beat CAR or KC coming up. DEN we have a shot if they pack it in but if not that D is going to eat McCown up in Mile High. We then go to NO who is playing great on both side of the ball, that is a blow out in the making. We then find ourselves a 4-10 easily out of the playoffs and we then turn to Hack or Petty whoever they feel is more ready.
  15. 2018 Mock Thread

    Lots to still happen. CIN/DEN play each other so one is going to get a win this week and the jets have the toughest schedule left. I see us in the 5-8 range when it's all said and done.