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  1. Listen I get it the LB aren't great but that is down my list of priorities. I think CB and pass rusher should be higher. We have a ton a cap so I'm not opposed to grabbing a guy on a prove it deal I just don't think spending a valuable pick on an ILB is ideal. We just went down that road with Mac. I think look to add some speed just in rounds 4 and beyond. We likely will as you said grab a guy in FA too on a valuable contract. Can't fix every hole on one year.
  2. Really excited to see Herndon in this offense. His career has been a huge rollercoaster with some high highs and last year's low lows. He fits the mold so perfectly of the do it all TE and if any offense can feature a TE it's this one. I'm still super high on him despite a bad year and can't wait to see him in 2021. I touched on the defense and what I would do in your other thread. Offensively I think we bring in a FA WR. There are tons of good ones and it makes sense to do that given you don't want to count on a guy at 23 or 34 immediately. If we can trot out Mims, FA?, Crowder and
  3. Great find on the video. Defensively I think we have a few key holes to fill. CB is one. Poole should be brought back and Guidry certainly flashed enough to be solid depth. Hall was great down the stretch outside of a few instances but overall he is pretty clearly a starting CB. Great find by JD. We are desperate for another CB though and I think that is made a big priority either at 23 or 34 in the draft. The DL is mostly set but given our cap space we should look for an immediate impact pass rusher like Trey Hendrickson which is the other key holes we need to fill. He'll fit
  4. There are only two options for me. Take Wilson at 2 who is a future stud I believe or trade for Watson. Keeping Darnold isn't even on the radar. I mean seriously look at it from the broad spectrum. Let's say we trade 3 FRP and a 3rd for Watson. Jets trade #2 and #23 this year plus the Sea FRP next year and the Sea 3rd. That's 3 firsts and a 3rd with one of those firsts landing you Fields or Wilson of your choice. That's huge for a rebuilding team. That works out to be Jets getting Watson and the Sea 3rd in 2021 for #2 and Jamal. I think we'd all do that in a heartbea
  5. We still have plenty of assets to improve the roster with picks and cap space to improve the roster. This notion that we'd have Watson and a bare cupboard is just flat out false.
  6. Exactly. We need the pick for Sam way way more then keeping him as a stopgap. That is a terrible idea. The options are pretty clear to me. Trade for Watson or draft a QB at 2. It would be a huge disappointment to go into next season with Sam as the QB and no other options. I'd even prefer the distant 3rd option over keeping Sam which is trading down from 2 for a haul and signing Jameis. I'd much rather go that route. I don't even have keeping Sam as an option. He has done nothing to prove he is a starting QB. At least Jameis has shown he's capable. He put up huge numbers
  7. Way more talent is a huge stretch. DJ was a shell of himself, Cooks is good but Fuller never stays on the field, and their OL is awful. Watson was throwing to Chad Hansen one game. Their D is awful too even worse the ours. We would still have picks and cap to improve even more. I think "way" more talented is an over exaggeration.
  8. Given what we got for for Jamal if it takes 3 first to land Watson it's almost like dealing #2 and Jamal for Watson. Pretty sure we'd all do that without hesitation. Let's say we give up 2, 23 and the Sea pick next year, and our 3 next year. Let's say we also deal Sam for a late 2 to PIT or someone like that. We'd have a top 5 QB, 4 picks in the top 90 this year and a ton of cap space to still go after some talent in FA like ARob. We could still add a starting OG and RB plus some defensive help at CB and pass rusher with those top 4 picks and be set. We have ARob, Mims, Crowd
  9. Mike Lafleur was the name that popped up for OC. I'd be happy if he brought that Shanny system with him. I mean he did go against it in practice so he should know it well.
  10. Yep just found it. It was Bradley. At least that shows he's interested in the HC role and not just the DC.
  11. Someone like a De Rio type for DC. I forget who they mentioned. Let me see if I can find it
  12. Someone mentioned that he was interested in bringing a well respected former HC in with him for DC which means all signs were him pointing to him embracing the CEO type HC role. I think it was Del Rio type older HC or someone like that. Obviously not Del Rio bit you know what I mean. You don't bring in a guy like that if you are retaining control of the DC role.
  13. Next year's 1 probably to start without checking the chart
  14. 1. It doesn't have to be done in one offseason. 2. We have nearly 80M to spend in free agency plus 3 additional picks in the top 90. 3. There are some decent players to build around in Crowder, Mims, Becton, McGovern, etc. There is no reason the pick at 2 should be devoid of talent and put in a worse situation then any other young QB going to a team drafting this high. None of those situations are ideal but somehow other teams make it work and so can we. If anything we can put him in a great spot if we focus our assets on the offensive side of the ball.
  15. That's not getting you into Smith range. He's going top 5 likely.
  16. Let them try and fix him then. Give us your 2 and have fun. I'm all in on Wilson. He's the guy for me. Accuracy is top notch on all levels, big arm, mobile, goes through progressions, intangibles. Checks all the boxes for me. Saying to build up the team and we can trade up next year or get a vet but what if the team ahead of us needs a QB themselves? They aren't just going to gift him to us. You need a high level QB to go places in this league. Look at who is left. Maholmes, Allen, Brady, Rodgers, Brees. Only outlier is Goff but he's not winning the superbowl. Very few teams ca
  17. As much as I'd love to trade back, we don't have a QB, and we have two high level QBs sitting there for the taking. Fields and Wilson are worthy of the number 2 pick. I see no reason to pass on a QB. They are prospects on the same level as Burrow and Mayfield and easily better than guys like Murray, Darnold, and Allen when they all came out. They have everything you want in a QB to translate to the NFL. I'm a Wilson guy personally I just like his accuracy slightly better than Fields and I think he reads the field slightly better. If we think his body can hold up of the vigors o
  18. Maybe they have it down to 2 or 3 guys and want to interview them each again who knows. If they do offer it to Saleh it doesn't feel rushed. Nothing about this feels rushed, they cast a wide net.
  19. They literally did what you said but having several interviews. You don't need to interview the same candidate 3 times to get a feel for him. I'm sure these interviews are in depth.
  20. How is it rushed? We interviewed like 12 candidates. Who else are we waiting on? Other teams are going to start offering positions to guys so if you love a guy why not go get him. What more can you learn about the guys you interviewed by waiting. JD obviously has a good feel for all of the candidates and may have it down to a few favorites.
  21. Where is his draft range?
  22. Saleh has shown the ability to adapt to in game situations. He'll adjust to his talent. We have a great DL and if we can find a CB opposite Hall could have a solid secondary too. If Mosley comes back at full strength that only strengthens our run D. Our D played pretty well with 0 offensive support. There should be enough here with some tweaks to be a middle of the pack D. Really need to get the offense to catch up to the defense now.
  23. Another reason to love Saleh is he likely would bring some offensive coaches from SF. You got to love that given how successful Shanny's offense has been.
  24. CB is my top top defensive need. Even higher than pass rusher. If we can get a stud opposite Hall that would be huge boost to our defense. Resign Poole and we have a solid trio moving forward.
  25. I hope you are right. Can't pass him up if it's for peanuts.
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