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  1. Tragedy... Hairbert no longer...
  2. Herbert has started 6 games. Herbert has won Pepsi Rookie of the Week 5 times.
  3. He's been solid this year, probably 3rd best in the division.
  4. This is just crazy. I've made it to the point that I'm completely numb to games like this. I think we all knew what was going to happen when they decided to kick the FG. Its the Jekyll and Hyde halfs which kill me. We can look like world beaters one moment then straight trash the next. Lots of blame went to Rivers but new season with a new QB and its the same dang thing. I think its time to blow it up and try again before we waste Herbert like we did Rivers.
  5. Safe to say the Chargers are pretty happy atm.
  6. Alright boys and girls. We've seen 5 games... 5 impressive games. I'm thinking its time for a Herbert dedicated thread so post away!
  7. We've had some great teams but always seemed to fall on the wrong side of luck most of the time. Think we could have done better if they would have done a better job with building a strong oline the last 10ish years. That's another thing that makes Herbert even more impressive is we have been down our starting C, RG, and RT most of the year. The only lineman who is playing the position they were pegged for is the LT Tevi, who was at RT last year and arguably our worst lineman lol.
  8. Justin Herbert's first five starts: 311 passing yards, 2 total TD 330 passing yards, 70.4% completion %, 1 TD 290 passing yards, 80% completion %, 3 TD 264 passing yards, 4 TD 347 passing yards, 68 rushing yards, 4 total TD This boy is a problem... I kinda feel guilty going from Brees to Rivers.. and now Herbert.
  9. Just hope we don't waste him like the last 2.
  10. And what exactly do we do with him?
  11. Just a casual 60yd dime through the air...
  12. They're just doing it because they know people wanna see the best looking uniforms on the planet live and in person...
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