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  1. Chargers acquire QB Cardale Jones from the Bills

    I remember when people were actually saying he was better than Rivers... but that might have been on the official forums, and we all know that place is a nut house.
  2. Team Needs?

    Well one important need was filled today... reports are that Gus Bradley signed a 3 year deal to remain the DC! I don't blame him for wanting to with the core group of youngsters on that side of the ball.
  3. Team Needs?

    You're probably right. Another name I am curious about is Barksdale. Cap is $5.7m, dead is $2m, savings $3.7m... I think they keep him for 2018 but unless he starts playing better I think he is cut after the 18 season when his cap rises to $6.3m with only $1m dead. I really think they need to bring in someone to push that RT position though, a spot we've struggled with for YEARS. Another question is who does TT target in FA? His MO has been focus on one need in FA then move to draft... and this year, assuming we make some of the cuts listed in this thread, they should have some decent cap to play with as well. Boston would be the main resign unless I'm forgetting someone. I think Gates comes back but on a fairly inexpensive 1 year deal. Then they need to see about extending Hayward. I think there should be room for a decent FA guy, but I'm not sure right now who all would be available.
  4. Team Needs?

    Maybe a move to nickle for Verrett would be beneficial? After looking at his cap hit for 2018... he may actually be a cap casualty after all. I didn't realize he is set to be $8.5m on the cap, but its all free space if he is cut. I doubt they want their nickle corner making that kind of cap hit especially with some guys they need to get extended soon. Benjamin's cap hit is $7m, if cut though its a $2.5m dead and $4.5m savings. While I've cussed him on quite a few occasions this season I'm not sure that you can replace him with equal or better for what we gain from cutting him. Kind of on the fence about this one. Liuget has a $9.5m cap hit, $3m dead and $6.5m savings if cut. I think they try to restructure to save money here. Its not that Liuget is bad, but he is definitely not worth what he is getting paid. This is a situation that they might send him packing though because with savings could bring in a guy with more upside.
  5. Team Needs?

    I definitely don't think they need to take a QB in the first unless they are completely sold on someone and they make it to 17th, which probably wont happen. I can't see using the pick on what could be the 5th or 6th QB off the board either, in that case you go with other positions because they should be graded overall much higher than the 5th/6th QB. I'd prefer waiting a little later to get someone like Ryan Finley (if he comes out) to groom at least as a backup, Clemons needs to go for real. I think DT/OT need to be our 1st/2nd rnd picks in either order depending on their board. I agree with game3525 that if they resign Boston then safety isn't a spot they even think of. I'm not even sold that they will resign him since I think Desmond King could slide in to take his spot especially with Verrett coming back (for at least a couple games /sigh). The CB position will be kind of full to start the year with Hayward the all pro, Williams who has improved way beyond what I thought he could be, King who's proved to be a draft steal, and getting Verrett back... so maybe pushing King to safety is the idea to go with to keep our best players on the field. There is no doubt he could do it in my eyes, dude might be the best tackler on the team too.
  6. best play in history

  7. Chargers 2017 Schedule.

    Well, unfortunately I was right in my prediction... 9-7 and just outside of the WC spot. I'm excited for next season though and think we have a decent head coach for once.
  8. Week 17 Discussion Thread

    As much as I wanted the Chargers to sneak into the playoffs this year I can't be mad about 9-7, especially after a 0-4 start. New city, new coach, new defensive scheme, playing in a soccer stadium, etc...
  9. Week 17 Discussion Thread

    Really sucks seeing the Chargers play so well yet everything else they need to happen isnt. Can't really blame the Jags though, I wouldn't wanna play the Chargers next week either.
  10. Week 17 Discussion Thread

    We made a FG! We made a FG! We made a FG! We made a FG! We made a FG! We made a FG!
  11. GDT 2017: Week 17 - Bengals @ Ravens

    You guys have a lot of Chargers fans rooting for you today, we could use a little help!
  12. Your Team's 2017 Regular Season Report Card

    Individuals Your MVP Keenan Allen - Having him healthy for the whole year has been awesome. He has finally showed people just how good he can be being the first player with 3 straight games off <10 rec, 100+ yds, and 1+ TDs. Rivers trusts him and Allen makes the plays most of the time. Your best 3 players this season Keenan Allen, Joey Bosa, Casey Hayward Newcomer of the season Russell Okung - Really helped solidify the offensive line this year, one that is starting a bunch of young guys. He has had some injury of late but overall he has had a very good year for us. Have to say Desmond King was a close second, the rookie 5th rounder has been outplaying his draft slot by far and looks to be another solid youngster for our defense. OPOY Keenan Allen - He has been having a very solid year DPOY Casey Hayward - Was hard not putting Bosa here but he hasn't been quite as amazing of late. Casey has played awesome all season and turned into a shutdown corner for the team taking away some of the burden left with Verrett whom is often injured. Coach of the year Gus Bradley - He has helped turn this defense into a good unit overall. I had some concerns to begin the year but Gus has helped bring the best defense this team has had in well over 10 years. Team Grade Weeks 1-4 F - Went 0-4, let Denver sneak bye with a missed FG that could have sent the game to OT, let Miami win with a missed FG (see a trend?), laid a dud against KC, then lost by 2 against Philly Grade Weeks 5-9 C - 3-1 finally learning how to play, first win @NYG then again @Oakland though both closer than they should have been... then shutout Denver for our first win in LA since 1960. Tough game @NE to before the bye week. Grade Weeks 10-13 A - 3-1 which should have been 4-0. Gave away a crazy game @Jags with one of the most bizarre final 2 minutes I can remember. Then demolished Buffalo, dominated the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day, and then made up for last year beating the Browns. Grade Weeks 14-17 C - 2-1 with a big game left. Solid win against the Redskins then another terrible lost versus KC with the division title on the line. Beat the Jets but let them hang around too long with their backup QB. Overall Season Grade All things considered I would say a B for the season. Coming off of 2 horrible years, the team moving from SD to LA, a new head coach, playing in a soccer stadium.. etc, etc, etc... I didn't expect much out of this year even though I knew we had some good pieces to work with. I really can't complain too much because if we had a decent kicker then division title is probably ours. We've only really had 2 games (both KC games) which I felt we were outclassed. I fully expected this year to be another down year as things started to gel especially with the rough start going 0-4... to be sitting here going into week 17 with a chance at the playoffs still, I can't be mad. Best Unit Defense by far, they have kept the team in basically every game this year. Best 3 Performances vs Buffalo, @ Dallas on Thanksgiving, and shutting out Denver Worst 3 Performances Both KC games which we never had control and the Jets game when they let a bottom third team stick around even with their backup QB Most Enjoyable Win This is tough, probably @Dallas on Thanksgiving because of the domination on a big stage. I really liked seeing Denver shut out for the first time since the 90s and putting up 54 on Buffalo but still think the Dallas game was a tick more enjoyable. Worst Loss Dec 16th @KC... game that could have put the team in good position to win the division, most important game they've played in many years... they laid a dud with the lights the brightest. What Three Things Have Defined Your Season Kicking... currently on kicker #5 who also missed his first FG with the team. The Bosa/Ingram combo which has helped spur the resurgence of a strong defense. Overcoming early mistakes, growing as a team and learning to be a better team which makes next season promising. How Confident Are You Heading Into The Post Season/Next Season? (1-5) 4.5 - I am very confident going into next season because we have the players and we have what seems to be a coach that pushes the players finally, something I've missed since Marty Schottenheimer. I'm looking forward to see how this team can progress and see if Rivers can finally get a shot at a ring. What Would You Like Your Team to Address in The Off-Season? KICKER!!! That would have helped us with a couple more wins this year. Also they need to shore up the run defense with a solid DT/NT to clog lanes and MLB to pair with Perryman. A new starting RT would be nice as well as someone to groom at QB depending on who is available. Rest of The League Who is your NFL MVP for 2017 Todd Gurley Which team (other than your own) impressed you the most? Rams, they usually have a pretty good D but this year they have had the offense to go with it... Goff's improvement from year one to year two has been amazing. The player you would take for your own team (just one) Luke Kuechly - Keep building on a strong defense
  13. Week 17: Play or rest?

    Definitely play, show this past game was a fluke! Then my Chargers can get some payback from earlier this year!!! GO CHARGERS!!!
  14. 2017 Season Thread

    Ugh... so many hurt during the KC game. On the bright side we signed another kicker, Nick Rose.. he is 10-11 with a 55yd long so that's a plus.