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  1. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    Love the Powder Blues and love the hype video they released for it. This was a change that needed to happen. These uniforms match the flashiness of LA.
  2. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I could see that being exactly what TT would want to do and wouldn't be mad at all about it. Locking up a top tackle for 5 years would save some serious money for other guys. Like you said, start them at RT next year to move Tevi to backup where he belongs then swap to LT.
  3. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    To put some context to the stats... 2006 - Lost to Pats who ranked 2nd in points against and 6th in yards against that year. 2007 - Beat Titans who ranked 8th in points against and 5th in yards against that year. Beat Colts who ranked 1st in points against and 3rd in yards against that year. Lost to Pats who ranked 4th in points against and 4th in yards against that year. 2008 - Beat Colts who ranked 7th in points against and 11th in yards against that year. Lost to Steelers who ranked 1st in points against and 1st in yards against that year. 2009 - Lost to Jets who ranked 1st in points against and 1st in yards against that year. 2013 - Beat Bengals who ranked 6th in points against and 3rd in yards against that year. Lost to Broncos who ranked 22nd in points against and 19th in yards against that year. 2018 - Beat Ravens who ranked 2nd in points against and 1st in yards against that year. Lost to Pats who ranked 7th in points against and 21st in yards against that year. So in 11 playoff games he only faces a D who was worse than 8th in points against 1 time. Two of his losses come against teams who had the top ranked D points against and yards against. Also look at who he has lost to in the playoffs. Brady/Belichick account for 1/2 of his post season losses. The others were against Peyton Manning led Broncos or the teams who had the best defenses those years. While I'm not saying he played amazing, he definitely did not, he has usually had a very tough road in the AFC playoffs no matter what year it was. He also has rarely had other individuals step up in the playoffs to help compared to some other players who have had post season success.
  4. LeBron James rookie season at 19 ... 20.9 points (.417 FG%) 5.9 assists 5.5 rebounds 39.5 minutes per game Luka Doncic rookie season so far at 19 ... 20.7 points (.435 FG%) 7.0 rebounds 5.4 assists 32.1 minutes per game
  5. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    Its actually pretty easy to do that. As for that trade, it would obviously include future picks going towards NO. Let them tank and build towards the future with a handful of picks over the next couple years.
  6. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

  7. I see Rivers going 2 more years, MAYBE 3. He said he wants to play in the new stadium. I am with you though. I caught a lot of hell today at work about how they played but the fact that we went 12-4 with some huge road wins I am happy overall with the year. Seems they have moved on from a lot of the "typical Chargers" stuff and Lynn has changed the mentality. I'm looking forward to the future and the team has a lot of young studs to build upon. Get this line shored up and some healthy linebackers then maybe we can have a miracle.
  8. I don't think its as much Whiz as Gus went from an amazing gameplan vs Ravens to... forgetting to show up. The problem on offense is what it has been for years, the offensive line being dominated. Chargers have very good skill players but they can't work if the line doesn't block especially with the interior pressures. They tried to stock up 2 years ago with the "top 2" guards in the draft, one just isn't very good and the other appears to have lost all ability after the ACL tear before they played a snap in the NFL.
  9. Looks like Hunter Henry is active... can't wait to see how they decided to use him. Even if its just in the red zone, he will help. Also... are we ready to give up on Lamp? I mean the dude has been a healthy scratch most of the year.
  10. Luka... I mean what else can you say about the kid? He plays so smooth and effortlessly. So fun to watch, quite the character.
  11. Chargers and cold weather

    Only time they can struggle to move the ball would be if the wind is high since Rivers doesn't have the strongest arm (never has). Cold shouldn't bother a majority of the guys, especially someone like Gordon who played at Wisconsin.
  12. Curious how many snaps Hunter Henry will get? Rivers said he was very close to playing at the Ravens. My guess is they held him out because of the play style they wanted for the Ravens rather than health. Getting someone like that should have a huge impact on the offense, similar to Bosa coming back to this defense late in the year. I'm ready to see this Chargers team run the table and get all of those years of "what ifs" behind them. Let Rivers and Gates hold that trophy up together...
  13. Give me the team that was 11-2 over the final 13 games of the season. (cherry picking stats is fun!)