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  1. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    What Rivers has going for him is stats... he doesn't have that ring which I think would make him a lock. Its going to come down to the last couple years and who knows, maybe he can "Elway" himself into a ring or two with this current team. If they don't end up with the success in the post season then its going to come down to if the voters care about bulk stats. Currently he is 9th in career yards, at worst he should be 8th by the end of this season or possibly 6th if he has a much better year than Roethlisberger (+717) or Eli (+1334). He is also just over 10k yards behind Marino who is currently 5th. If we assume Rivers has 3 more years left then he has a good shot to eclipse Marino for passing yards. I see 5th being the best he can do behind Brady, Brees, Favre, and Manning. He is currently 8th in career passer rating. 47th in INTs with 166 which is less than all of the other big QBs of the era except Brady. For comparison, Favre has the most with 336, Brees and Eli have 228, Marino 252, Peyton 251, Ben 174. Currently 6th in TDs with 342, 78 behind Marino for 5th which is obtainable assuming 3 more years like above. Stuff that hurts his case is items like 4th qtr comebacks where is is tied for 19th with 23 while most of his adversaries have a few more. This further proves the "clutch" factor people say he lacks when it comes to important games like... playoffs. Another thing to think about is when comparing him to the other 04' draft class guys is he started 2 years after Eli/Ben because of Brees turning into the HoF QB once they drafted Rivers. I think he would have been well above those guys stats wise if he played from the start like they did. I think he is one who could sit around in that "almost" category unless he can make it to a couple Super Bowls over the next couple years and brings 1 ring home.
  2. Great way to spend $8.5m this year! He is definitely done. When healthy he was a solid corner but he is never healthy. I wasn't thrilled when they picked up his 5th year option for $8.5m because I feared this very situation.
  3. Chargers Offseason thread

    Same song and dance really. We have a handful of good posters but generally we all agree with each other so threads remain pretty short. Probably lost a couple of people when the Rams and Chargers moved to LA as well... *looking at you LBC!*
  4. Chargers Offseason thread

    Heh, he is just referencing him... unless he is super stealthy with 2 twitter accounts too. I was gonna say the same thing. Rivers was considered a late 1st rounder at best coming out but really impressed at the Senior Bowl.
  5. Chargers Offseason thread

    Word is they have no real interest there. 99% sure the next pick will be DT.
  6. Chargers Offseason thread

    Not totally unexpected though honestly.
  7. LA Chargers: Vita Vea, DT, Washington - Yes please Justin Reid, S, Stanford - Fills a need Mike White, QB, Western Kentucky - No thanks, prefer Hynes, St Brown, or Nnadi... basically anyone but White Joseph Noteboom, OT, Texas Christian - Okay pick Chris Worley, LB, Ohio State - Good pick Ito Smith, RB, Southern Mississippi State - I like this one Byron Pringle, WR, Kansas State - I'd prefer the kicker from Florida here Justin Lawler, Edge, Southern Methodist - Okay Taron Johnson, CB, Weber State - Okay
  8. Color Rush uniforms for TNF likely done.

    I'm gonna miss the Chargers jersey though. Like the coloring better than our normal away jersey colors.
  9. How many years do top QBs have left?

    2-3 for Rivers, some depends on if the team invests a 1st rnd pick on a QB. His play style lends itself to having a longer career because he is already most likely the least athletic QB in the league. I'm hoping he can Elway himself into a ring or 2 before calling it quits. The team is being built to give him the best possible chance.
  10. It didn't happen since 1983 ! 3 Rounds Mock

    I like the Chargers picks though I'd say go with Griffin over Reid in the 2nd. I think they are happy with what they have at Safety, a position they don't put much value in it seems, but definitely need more talent at the linebacker position.
  11. Consensus Mock II - 17. LA Chargers

    I gotta go Evans, anything to get Pullard off the field. From there, I'm torn between a DT (Hurst or Payne) or OT (Wynn or McGlinchey).
  12. Chargers Offseason thread

    Per ESPN article "In Smith, the Chargers bring in a player who Lynn is familiar with and who fits his desire to have a mobile quarterback who can threaten the defense with his legs." Idk, I've never been a fan of Smith. I'm not expecting Rodgers caliber as a backup, unless it means someone who is drafted and sits behind Rivers for 2 years then takes over to dominate... like A.Rodgers. I get the fact that Lynn is familiar with both Jones and Smith (from coaching with the Bills and Jets) but I just don't see either being worth being on the roster. Neither has much of an upside, nor would I be overly comfortable with them having to actually play meaningful snaps in the regular season. Jones was pretty rough in preseason last year even though people were hoping he would come in and easily take over the #2 spot. Lets be honest here, the fact that he couldn't beat out Kellen Clemens as the main clipboard holder has to say something.
  13. Chargers Offseason thread

    I'm not really thrilled about the style of QB they seem to be going towards. Cardale Jones... Geno Smith... I hate the "mobile QB" trend. That does make me believe that if Lamar Jackson is available at 17, that is the pick like it or not.
  14. Mike Pouncey signs with the Chargers 2 year deal

    2yr deal, I'm sure its structured so TT has an out after year 1 in case the injury bug hits. Not mad about the signing as it should be an upgrade over what we had as long as he stays on the field. Next up is shedding some bad contracts and going after a FS and/or DT.