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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The Chargers are the only NFL team that has scored at least 3 offensive touchdowns in every game this season. Also the only team to play 6 road games so far this season...
  2. Chargers best case long term solution

    Best case... some of the guys on the Chargers get in good with Lebron and he helps promote the Chargers. Then we'll get the fanboys to come which maybe then some will turn to real fans.
  3. Trade advice

    Tried, he wouldn't budge. Even tried to include a decent WR since I feel his are blah.
  4. Trade advice

    He has Cook, Hyde (who I tried to get instead), Powell, Javorius Allen, and L Murray. I've been trying to flip some players to improve my RB position, mainly trying to trade WRs ( I have Hopkins, Hilton, Tate, Goodwin, Shepard, and Mike Williams) but no one wants to bite. Figured even though Ajayi isn't amazing he is still probably better than Burkhead, Johnson, and maybe even Drake (2 pts last week)
  5. Trade advice

    Yes. You are giving up your worst 2 players for someone who is a monster in ppr. Definitely a buy low trade because the Chargers schedule gets a LOT easier starting this week. Also, with that group of players... you in a 6 team league?!
  6. Trade advice

    Guy in my league wanted a QB to backup Rodgers because he thinks he's gonna get hurt and wanted someone solid in case it does happen. So I offered the following: He gets: Rivers I get: Jay Ajayi I already have Brees so Rivers just sits on the bench even though I think he is about to go off on this easy schedule. I'm also hurting a bit at RB with only Gordon, Drake, Burkhead (may drop soon), and Kerryon Johnson. Thoughts?
  7. Chargers best case long term solution

    Only way things would go well for the Chargers is if they moved out of state to a place that is begging for football. Sad seeing how the team has to deal with the situation. Winning will help but only temporarily.
  8. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    I'm trying to be positive lol.. last few years have made it tough though. I just have a feeling that this team is talented at all levels and we have a coach that will push us over to the next level. I'm rooting for that fairy tale ending for Gates and to see Rivers show that he does belong mentioned with the greatest QBs to play. This is the more hope I've had for this team since the mid 2000s. How much would the NFL love a LA vs LA Superbowl?
  9. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    I was thinking... or maybe hoping... Maybe Hunter Henry's injury was a blessing rather than the normal disaster the Chargers have in the injury department. This should put more emphasis on Mike Williams in the redzone and let us use more of our WRs which I believe we are very deep at. Also its the only way they were going to bring Gates back so he can get that ring together with Rivers!!!
  10. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    I don't expect the Chargers to sign him though.
  11. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    Rumor is Johnathan Hankins met with the Chargers as well as some other teams and is expected to sign with someone soon.... PLEASE TT... SIGN THAT MAN!!
  12. Rate my DRAFT Thread

    Solid draft. I like the top 3 RBs, would be nice to see maybe 1 more RB with some upside late. WRs are good and you have good depth with a couple guys who could breakout. Burton is the popular choice for those waiting to draft a TE. I think you should do well with that team.
  13. Rate my DRAFT Thread

    I'm fairly happy with how it turned out. I really wanted to go heavier on RB this year but the board just didn't work well for me on that. I didn't think Hopkins would be there at 11, I assumed I would go with 2 of Gordon/Hunt/Cook/McCaffrey, so when he was there it threw me out of my plan immediately. By the time my 3rd pick was there basically all of the good rb1s were long gone. Shocked Brees was there at the end of round 9 and pleased I was able to nab the 2 TEs late that I was targeting. At this point I'm hoping a couple of my WRs go off the first couple weeks and I can work a deal to upgrade my rb2. Thanks for the input.
  14. Rate my DRAFT Thread

    12 man PPR + 1 defensive player... yes I went a little "homer-ish" late. Overall though what do you guys think? 1.11 DeAndre Hopkins, HOU 2.2 Melvin Gordon, LAC 3.11 T.Y. Hilton, IND 4.2 Kenyan Drake, MIA 5.11 Golden Tate, DET 6.2 Marquise Goodwin, SF 7.11 Sterling Shepard, NYG 8.2 Rex Burkhead, NE 9.11 Drew Brees, NO 10.2 Kerryon Johnson, DET 11.11 Los Angeles Chargers, LAC 12.2 Trey Burton, CHI 13.11 Philip Rivers, LAC 14.2 Mike Williams, LAC 15.11 George Kittle, SF 16.2 Lavonte David, TB 17.11 Ka'imi Fairbairn, HOU
  15. Chargers Regular/Pre Season thread

    I do think they need help in the middle still but I've heard zero about them even bringing him in to talk.