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  1. I don't see how this is even in question. Herbert found out minutes before kickoff that he was going to be the starter, without any preseason or much practice with the 1s, facing the defending champs in the first ever home game in the new $5b stadium... proceeded to march the ball down the field on his first drive then call his own number to rush for his first TD and first for the franchise in the stadium. To me that was a passing of the torch moment, here we are in this new place which will be where we'll play for many years and the rookie who was chosen to take over from Rivers ends up starting unexpectedly then ends up getting the first TD. The offense just moved better with him in. Sure he did make some bad plays, some mistakes including a critical INT when he could have taken a few more steps for a first down, but that's to be expected from a rookie with no experience and he'll learn from those mistakes. For each mistake he made it seemed like he would come back and make it up. When he took that bad sack instead of getting rid of the ball on the broken screen play then the next play throws a DIME to Allen for the first down... that shows mentally he can put stuff behind him. That play was damn impressive for a rookie the way he felt the immediate pressure then took a quick hop step to give himself just enough time to get the throw off. The throw itself was risky but absolutely perfect over one defender right into Keenan's hands. When I saw the play live I thought it was an incompletion because there was no room from the TV view. I think he proved he is ready, that while there may be some bad spots and lessons learned he has the talent push this team well beyond where Tyrod Taylor can take it. The moment was not too big for Justin Herbert.
  2. Giannis in Dallas with Luka and KP would be unfair. Just don't think Dallas has the ammo to pull off a trade to get him now but should have room to sign him if he makes it to FA next year.
  3. The big question is when will Herbert take over? Will Lynn stick with Taylor even if they offense isn't moving the ball well as long as he isn't turning the ball over?
  4. Something that stood out to me was how long it takes Taylor to get the ball out of his hands. His wind up seems extremely slow to me. There were some positives like others have mentioned. Tillery had a solid game, hopefully he can continue this growth because our D-line will be nuts if he does. Kelley showed why the team was giving him so much praise in camp. With Jackson once again hurt I think we'll see a lot more of Kelley. That spin he did to turn a 1 yard loss into a 8 yard gain was awesome, I just wish they would have shown the replay a couple times. Should be a good 1-2 punch with Ekeler. Overall the line didn't seem to do a bad job especially with some backups in. Tevi surprised me at LT, he seemed a lot better than last year. The D overall was as you'd expect. I don't like seeing Casey with the most tackles but nice to see Murray with the 2nd most. REALLY going to miss Tranquil as I expected a breakout year for him. They did give up some plays though and Joe missed a couple layups that should have been easy TDs. I'd like to see more consistency throughout the game with the D. The biggest thing to me is the qb position. Maybe its just the fact that we are going from an exciting gunslinger to a much more conservative guy but the offensive flow was pretty bad. Taylor had a couple good throws but overall I came away underwhelmed. The fact that we didn't turn the ball over is great but we're going to need some plays made to win games this year and I'm not confident he can get it done. He seems to only throw if he sees something open rather than throwing with anticipation. This is definitely one of those games that we shouldn't have won but somehow did. Its nice to be on the winning side of the situation for once but it still feels like a loss to me. The real test is next week though and I have a feeling its gonna get ugly.
  5. I come away from the first round just feeling "blah". Not excited or intrigued. Maybe I got myself too much hyped into Tua. Herbert just felt like a guy who isn't going to propel the team forward and really needs everything around him to be perfect. That classic big arm bust. He is the anti-Rivers in many ways which is probably why Lynn will love him. I can understand filling the ILB position early especially with this being a weaker class overall, but losing a 3rd round pick in such a deep class hurts. At this point we still need some speed at WR, a CB, and depth at many places. Like I've said earlier, I think OT is already locked down and wont be addressed now but I could be wrong. Guess we have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens.
  6. I've been thinking the same thing. Keep seeing the comparisons of him and Derwin James... who also fell thankfully for my Chargers.
  7. Yeah I was sad when KP jumped ship. His reaction to Derwin falling to us in 18 was awesome haha. Speaking of, I'm eager to watch the Lightning Round Podcast live draft stream again. Was always fun getting their opinions and reactions during the draft.
  8. So while I still think the Dolphins get Tua so this is more of a hypothetical question... What number would Tua wear? Does Keenan give up 13?
  9. Yeah I'm on the Tua or bust wagon. At first I thought maybe Love because he was getting hyped up but the more I looked at him the less I liked. I didn't think about Henderson but that is definitely an option and I could easily see TT going that route as it does fill an immediate and future need.
  10. I'm thinking Tua... and Tua... and yeah Tua. Lets say the board falls Burrow, Young, Okudah, Simmons, Tagovailoa.... Probably the most likely but also worst fall for the Chargers. 1- Could go Herbert, or Love if they so desire, to lock up a QB. This is what is most expected, but do the Chargers covet either of those players enough to jump that early? 2- Could go OT with which ever they have rated highest. Like you said, I'm not sold on them giving up on Pipkins after 1 year but maybe they grab someone who can start day 1 then groom Pipkins for RT to take over after Bulaga is done. 3- Maybe we go Brown to solidify the Dline. I doubt they do after spending money for a DT in free agency and picking Tillery in the first last year. 4- Pass rusher? Would make sense with Bosa due a big deal and Ingram getting older but is there really any edge guy worth #6? 5- Wideout? I could see them taking the top rated wideout the more I think about it. With Allen due a big deal soon and Williams not far behind... then the cupboard being empty behind them then maybe wideout is a true option. The more I think about it the more I think this is a valid option especially if they think Tyrod is the guy next season... or maybe they already have a deal in place for Newton (please no).
  11. Breeland is long gone Michael Divinity is still available... probably good value at this point
  12. @Duffman57 I know you liked McFarland but after looking at some late round guys I kind of like his partner in the Maryland backfield Javon Leake. Looks like McFarland had the large majority of carries in 18' but Leake got more opportunity in 19' nearly splitting carries fairly evenly 102-114 with Leake having more yards and better average while both ended up with 8 TDs. Leake also handled kickoff duty bringing 3 back for TDs in the last 2 seasons. He looks like a 1 cut back with pretty good vision and sneaky speed, he doesn't look like he is moving fast but he pulls away from guys. Looks like someone I'd like the Chargers to pick up late if possible. (actual draft not the mock)
  13. I dont know enough about any of them to have much say. So with whomever you think fits.
  14. @Duffman57 @BoltsFan937 Only a handful of picks till we are up, who are we looking at?
  15. Looks like the majority, 2 of the 3 lol, want Reptar8 so I guess its him?
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