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  1. Ryan Leaf Jermaine Fazande Jeff Graham The best combo ever.... because we went 1-15 then drafted LaDainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees.
  2. Get used to "bend don't break" defense. Rarely blitzes and relies heavily on the front 4 to get pressure. Teams destroyed us with underneath crossing routes over and over. Takeaways have been lacking though that could be more the players themselves rather than scheme... though I swear I rarely see guys aggressively trying to swipe the ball out so that's in the coaching.
  3. Still better than Lynn... lol I agree there are a bunch of good names out there and I think Daboll is who I'd lean towards.
  4. Think if Guyton holds on to that bomb earlier he would have had the passing record now... gonna come up just short though. Don't get me wrong, its not the end of the world but it just sucks he's gonna come up JUST short.
  5. Lynn not gonna let Herbert get the record... even up 17 in a game that means nothing...
  6. Time for Lynn to get that run game going and work the clock...
  7. The single win the Jags have was... against the Colts week 1 😛
  8. First 3 years then went to Wisconsin after the coach told him he needed to pick between football and baseball...
  9. Just realized its a battle of NCSU QBs with Glennon and Rivers. NC State has had a decent run for QBs for a program most people don't look at much.
  10. Really? You think Houston is more desirable than LA? Houston has basically no draft capital in this coming draft and is missing their 4th the following year as well. That along with Watson signing a huge deal with a huge cap hit means they have less money to go after FAs. The Texans team is pretty set... and they aren't very good. Give me some names of highly talented young guys beyond Watson and Tunsil? LA has a very promising rookie QB who will be dirt cheap relative to cap hit for the next 4 years so more $ to throw around at FAs. Missing zero draft picks going forward. Br
  11. With Bosa out our already "meh" pass rush goes away. I think they use that as a reason to resign Ingram even though he was a shell of his normal self this year. Not sure what the best course would be but improving the rush should be fairly high on the priority list going forward.
  12. I feel like the talent is very top heavy. Guys like Bosa, Allen, James, Hayward, Ekeler, Henry, and most likely Herbert are high end guys. The issue is the quality below the top which end up costing us so many games. Special teams is filled with those guys and look how they've been. I've never been a huge Mike Williams fan. He's never going to be a #1 in an offense which is what you expect when you're spending the #7 pick on a guy. He's an okay second guy but I just don't think he gets the separation needed to be consistent in the NFL. Most of his yards are chunk yards that he goe
  13. Then in the presser he said Herbert asked to stay in... then right after Herbert said he didn't recall being asked if he wanted to stay in or not. Lynn has been over his head the entire time he's been here. He's got this run first mentality no matter who's on the field. Chargers haven't been a run first team in 15 years... its not how the team is built. We don't have the road grader Oline or RBs needed for that style yet he still wants to do it. Also how does the guy go into the season thinking Tyrod Taylor is better for the team than Herbert and that Herbert wasn't r
  14. At this point I almost want to keep him around till the end of the season just to have a better shot at losing out. Maybe the Bengals will somehow win another game so we can jump them in the draft to get the LT we've been needing for... well... ever.
  15. I think we kind of expected that. NE has a way of making the Chargers look like a JV team...
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