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  1. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    At what point do teams just draft a QB every few years so they don't have to resign average guys for insane amounts of money?
  2. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Call me crazy but if Brady leaves NE I could totally see Rivers ending up there. I don't see Belichick coaching much longer as he is nearing 70 years old, I could see him thinking Rivers could plug into that system and give him a couple years to prove he can win without Brady.
  3. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    He had 1 passing TD and 1 rushing TD... Oh and we can also thank Cromartie for this amazing tackle attempt on Greene.... at least Weddle tried.
  4. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    You mean 06 when the Chargers had the lead 21 to 13 with just over 6 minutes left in the game, when Marlon McCree picked Brady then fumbled the ball giving it back to the Patriots who went down and scored a TD, then couldn't stop them again on the next drive allowing a FG to win it? Or the 09 Jets when Rivers put up nearly 300yds against the #1 defense in the league while Tomlinson only had 24yds on 12 carries and Nate Kaeding, who missed just 3 FGs all season, missed 3 FGs in a game that ended 14 - 17?
  5. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    Seeing the reactions from a lot of his former teammates on twitter shows how guys really feel about him within the locker room. Quentin Jammer even called out them not getting a real offensive line for years and how he wished he could have done more himself. I really hope he can get another chance, with a non-dysfunctional team, and gets his ring.
  6. I wouldn't be opposed to going crazy in on the #1 pick for Burrow... assuming he is as good as advertised then losing some draft capital over the next few years could be offset by having a good QB on a cheap contract for 5 years allowing for us to resign our young studs and work FA some. That would spark some interest in LA which is something Deano would love and still put us in a decent spot down the road.
  7. I say let other teams fight for Tua... draft Love and use Taylor next years as a development year for Love. Spend some cash on OL. Draft some OL, WR, CB, and a bruiser RB.
  8. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    I feel like everyone screaming "his arm is dead" has never watched him play. He was never a guy with a rocket arm that would zip it into tight spaces like a Favre or Rodgers. That was a knock on him coming out that he only had so-so arm talent. Its his touch and anticipation that was a step above others. Give him even a little time in the pocket with a receiver group who can get open and he will still light people up.
  9. Philip Rivers, Chargers Agree to Part Ways

    I'd say his best chance was when he tore his ACL against the Colts then played the next week against the undefeated Patriots... on the torn ACL... while Tomlinson rode his bike on the sideline with a MCL sprain, Gates needed reconstructive surgery on his toe, Lo Neal had a fractured fibula, Hardwick just came back from Lisfranc, and Merriman's knee was toast. And they still only lost 21-12.. Unfortunately for Rivers he was put into a bad situation and was too loyal for too long. I still believe he is one of the most talented QBs in the history of the game but never had the team around him when it was time to make plays. I hope he can have one last run with another team and get a ring though I know that's highly unlikely.
  10. I agree, they had some bad breakups with loved players in the past but they didn't do anything wrong here. I think both sides knew it was time to move on and knew for a while. The announcement was classy and I still think Rivers was looking for one last run. It was fairly obvious from the start that Lynn wasn't a big fan of 17, they always seemed to butt heads. I agree he wants a much more mobile QB, another reason I've said before that I kind of expect them to draft Hurts. Its going to be odd going into this year not knowing who the QB will be for the first time in 15+ years. I'm sad this day had to come but intrigued by what the future may hold. I'm a Chargers fan for life, but I'll always be a Rivers fan no matter what he does or where he goes.
  11. Hard pass from me. I live in North Carolina and have seen way too much of Cam. I can't stand his diva personality and think he is a vastly overrated player. Guy has a careers sub 60% completion ratio, averages 3500yds passing a year, higher career INT% than Rivers (who people are blaming the season on because of INTs) which includes him having more INTs than Rivers over their last 3 years played, lower career TD%, and has only played 16 games in 2 of the last 6 years. I just don't see the benefit of using the draft capital that is rumored to be needed for a soon to be 31yo QB coming off of major injury who has a large contract and definitely isn't an upgrade over what we had nor would it be building for the future. I think you roll the dice on a rookie or even just roll with Taylor for this year then draft someone next year. I honestly wouldn't be completely against them calling the Bengals and selling the farm for the #1 pick either assuming that's even possible.
  12. Coach Lynn extended

    Seems like they are giving him a chance to get "his guy" at QB to see how he does.
  13. In what order (Colts QB options)

    I think Rivers for a couple years and pickup a QB in the 21 draft to sit behind him would be best. Cap isn't a problem and I doubt he get a huge deal after a subpar year. I think with the Indy offensive line, playing in a dome with an actual home crowd, and playing under Reich again would reignite Rivers showing that he has plenty left. They'd have a good chance for a playoff push while also building for the future.
  14. Chargers Officially Move on from Rivers

    Playing behind 3rd and 4th string guys who will be selling insurance in a couple years while not being able to step into throws will do that. Not to mention the sheer lack of WR talent behind Allen/Williams. The next highest WR in yardage was Dontrelle Inman with 132yds on 8 catches and only played 4 games. After that... Andre Patton who was 6 for 56yds (17 targets) over 13 games played and 5 games started. Rivers got a bad wrap this year, some of it totally his fault, but the team is incredibly top heavy talent wise on offense with little depth. Allen was great with 104 for 1199yds (149 targets), Williams good as well at times with 49 for 1001yds (90 targets), and Ekeler was awesome as a RB with 92 for 993yds (on 108 targets!). Henry did alright but also missed 4 games. Teams figured that out quickly so they could lock down Allen/Williams... add in an anemic rushing "attack" and the porous offensive line... well you have a QB who doesn't look so hot at times. Hell, the team hasn't had an offensive line that ranked better than 26th in pass protection on PFF since like 2014! I still think Rivers has some good years ahead of him assuming he gets into the right situation. Its sad that Rivers didn't have a chance to really show how good he was/is. I still think if he would have gone to NYG or the Steelers, or any other decently ran team, that he would have had multiple rings by now. Archie unfortunately knew this all along...
  15. Pre Super Bowl 5 Rounds With Comp Picks

    For the Chargers I'd love the first 2 round to go like that, though I think if they are in that position they try to trade up a couple spots back into the 1st to snag Love then for that 5th year option to keep the cap lower longer assuming he pans out as the franchise guy. From there you hit the other areas of need. Well done.