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  1. Tyrod Time in LA?

    I'm less concerned about Rivers' INTs than I am about why the team can move the ball between the 20s then not be able to get into the endzone. Monday was a prime example, 6 trips into the redzone and only 1 TD. That can't happen. Convert 1 more of those trips and its a totally different game.
  2. Tyrod Time in LA?

    The funniest part about all of this is if the last pass to Ekeler was a TD not INT, this thread nor any of the hate would exist. Yes Rivers made some bad throw. Yes he cost us the game. But he is still the QB and no one on the team currently gives the Chargers a better chance week in and week out.
  3. Future Outlook

    I just think that its a case of "The grass is always greener" when it comes to talking about getting a new QB. A lot of the people who say that, not directed at you BoltsFan937, were never around before we had a HoF caliber QB or followed a team that has never found that true franchise QB. Everyone screams "you need a mobile QB in today's NFL" yet show me how many have Super Bowl rings. I'm not saying that they can't be exciting to watch sometimes but the problem with a truly mobile QB is they end up taking too many hits then eventually get hurt. That is another thing people will end up missing about Rivers, the fact that for the last 14 years there was never a doubt as to who was going to walk out on the field at QB. I'll admit that I am biased. Rivers is the only reason I am a Chargers fan. I am a big NC State fan and got big into football when he was a freshmen. I also know that its nearing the end but I still think he is better than most QBs in the league today. Even looking at the Raiders game, people forget that he drove down to take the lead with 4 minutes to go. All the defense had to do was get 1 stop, yet the Raiders drove 75 yards in 3 minutes and only had 1 3rd down which is when they scored. I know Rivers gets a lot of blame for 4th qtr losses but I'd be curious to see how many games the Chargers have had the lead with 4 minutes left only to let the other team score and lose. I've watched a lot of games and unfortunately I think that number is pretty high.
  4. Jim Harbaugh

    Yes and no. Its a team that will need a QB soon so he could draft who he wants plus there are a lot of good young talent on the D to build on. I get the lack of true fans and being held down by crappy owners but I still think people would want the job. The biggest thing is I don't see them getting rid of Lynn so soon, they always hold on to coaches too long.
  5. After a great season last year as well as a strong finish the previous year, the team has come back to the winning side of things more often than not. There once again is hype about the team. The question though is will the recent success bring Charger "fans" to the stadium? If so, will it be enough to actually have some sort of home field advantage?
  6. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I agree. I think this pretty much means Jones is done. Fully expect to see them carry Rivers, Taylor, and Stick this year.
  7. Official NHL Thread

  8. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Oh I agree there. At least he appears to be a step above some of the other "development" guys we've brought in over the course of Rivers' career.... also it should mean the end of Cardale Jones in a Chargers uni.
  9. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Okay... I'm watching Matt Waldman's 30min video on Easton Stick and its actually making me feel quite a bit better about using a 5th on him. The kid definitely shows some potential and certain things seem to come natural to him like working the pocket or making multiple reads. Well worth a watch on youtube if someone has 30mins to burn.
  10. Into the Offseason - 2019

    Other thought is they want Lamp at RG and don't want the entire right side to be starting their first NFL seasons. While we definitely needed IDL help which Tillery should bring, just imagine Rivers and Gordon having a solid O-line.
  11. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    Love the Powder Blues and love the hype video they released for it. This was a change that needed to happen. These uniforms match the flashiness of LA.
  12. Into the Offseason - 2019

    I could see that being exactly what TT would want to do and wouldn't be mad at all about it. Locking up a top tackle for 5 years would save some serious money for other guys. Like you said, start them at RT next year to move Tevi to backup where he belongs then swap to LT.
  13. Is Philip Rivers a HoF QB?

    To put some context to the stats... 2006 - Lost to Pats who ranked 2nd in points against and 6th in yards against that year. 2007 - Beat Titans who ranked 8th in points against and 5th in yards against that year. Beat Colts who ranked 1st in points against and 3rd in yards against that year. Lost to Pats who ranked 4th in points against and 4th in yards against that year. 2008 - Beat Colts who ranked 7th in points against and 11th in yards against that year. Lost to Steelers who ranked 1st in points against and 1st in yards against that year. 2009 - Lost to Jets who ranked 1st in points against and 1st in yards against that year. 2013 - Beat Bengals who ranked 6th in points against and 3rd in yards against that year. Lost to Broncos who ranked 22nd in points against and 19th in yards against that year. 2018 - Beat Ravens who ranked 2nd in points against and 1st in yards against that year. Lost to Pats who ranked 7th in points against and 21st in yards against that year. So in 11 playoff games he only faces a D who was worse than 8th in points against 1 time. Two of his losses come against teams who had the top ranked D points against and yards against. Also look at who he has lost to in the playoffs. Brady/Belichick account for 1/2 of his post season losses. The others were against Peyton Manning led Broncos or the teams who had the best defenses those years. While I'm not saying he played amazing, he definitely did not, he has usually had a very tough road in the AFC playoffs no matter what year it was. He also has rarely had other individuals step up in the playoffs to help compared to some other players who have had post season success.