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  1. I wish he stayed so the east had more competition, but this was the 2nd best case scenario. There will be so much parity in the west this season. The NBA has to love these moves.
  2. NBA Summer League 2019

    It really makes no sense and it’s even worse that they haven’t fixed it yet. It’s so dumb to see a kid get drafted and have to put on a hat of a team he knows he will never play for. The NFL is better in that aspect, the NBA has a great offseason , but there are a few things that should be fixed.
  3. Mike Conley Jr. traded to Utah Jazz

    Lol, not many of us around. I’ve been around for 12 years or so(on this site)but over the last few years I read a lot more than I post. We have a solid team, but I’m guessing we add one more piece before the season.
  4. Mike Conley Jr. traded to Utah Jazz

    Pretty happy with landing Conley. Would like to have kept Crowder on his contract, but adding Conley to help alleviate some pressure off of Mitchell will be worth it. Our offense needed a boost and Conley will add that spark. I’m excited to watch this team next season.
  5. Raiders officially on Hard Knocks

    100% agree. Everyone is expecting a crazy show and it will end up being pretty tame.
  6. Raiders officially on Hard Knocks

    You guys wont qualify before he retires. If you guys start missing the playoffs I doubt he keeps playing.
  7. Trent Williams Wants to be Traded or Released

    Wouldnt be a bad trade for either team. Clowney is younger and has shown he can be great, while Trent has been and will probably continue to be a top OT in the league. Texans would win the trade, but Washington has to get something of value back and Clowney can be that asset.
  8. Your favorite football stadium of all time?

    The history is cool, but the actual stadium isnt great. The seats arent comfortable, plus you are way too far away from the field. It has one of the worst concession setups out of any stadium ive been to. It is also an absolute nightmare to get to. Having to drive through a bunch of neighborhoods along with 70,000+ other people(depending on the game) isnt fun. The field and the nostalgia make up for some of that though. Jerry World is a beautiful stadium and I also like CenturyLink field in Seattle. 100% biased opinion, but Rice Eccles is my favorite stadium to watch a game in(its also where I watch the most games).
  9. Todd Gurley's future

    I hope he is able to get back to full strength, if not I’m just glad he was able to get a big contract before his injuries.
  10. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    I think its a good idea by the NFL. I cant see myself visiting Cleveland for the draft, but their fans deserve this. Like someone else said, its great for the cities that wont ever get picked for a Super Bowl. Pretty sure Ill go to the Vegas draft and then wait for one in Seattle, San Fran, LA, Phoenix, or Denver to go to another one. I think DC would be a fun spot for one also, they could announce the picks at the Lincoln Memorial with fans around the reflecting pool.
  11. Come see the LASED

    Same land Al Davis tried to build on in the early 90s.
  12. This Ain't Raider Talk Baby!

    Agreed. Dumb episode after dumb episode this season. They are long, but predictable and not very imaginative. Unless Cersei somehow survives the building crashing on her, that was the least exciting death of all time on that show.
  13. Raiders RB Isaiah Crowell tears achilles; Out for the year

    I was mostly being sarcastic. We drafted Jacobs and have Martin, Richard, Washington, and Warren with an option to bring back Marshawn. I can’t imagine us trading for an RB. If anything we will go with the guys we have or wait until guys start getting cut.
  14. Around The League V.2

    Is he wrong though? Outside of 2014 it’s true.