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  1. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    Moss is a stud, but needs to stay healthy. I feel he will go late 3rd-4th. He would be a good compliment to Jacobs, both guys rarely get tackled behind the line. I would be happy with him, Eno Benjamin, or Najee Harris as our #2. Use our last 3rd round pick on whatever one of them is still available.
  2. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

  3. He had a great game last night, but he is a big drop off overall from our season starters.
  4. If they wouldn’t line up offsides they would have looked even better.
  5. Jesus edit: just in general
  6. As is the rest the offense, they’ve only played a few downs each.
  7. They will have a very hard time building a fanbase in LA. It’s already a Raiders/Rams city and that isn’t going to change, especially when the Raider fans are only a 3-4 hour drive to Vegas. The Chargers just needed to work with San Diego longer to get something worked out, it could have worked. Now they are lost and many of their fans have already switched allegiances.
  8. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    It’ll come down to Jacobs and Murray. McLaurin would be in the discussion if the Redskins had any sort of QB to throw to him.
  9. This would be my favorite option, that or going back to San Diego.
  10. Stint #2 was much shorter than his first very short stint. Hopefully Johnson is ready to play, our secondary needs help.
  11. Midseason NFL Awards

    Wilson is my MVP, Rodgers 2nd. Nick Bosa DROY, Devin Bush 2nd Josh Jacobs OROY, Murray/Minshew 2nd(I think Minshew sits for Foles next game) Christian McCaffrey OPOY, Dalvin Cook 2nd Stephon Gilmore DPOY, Nick Bosa 2nd Kyle Shanahan COTY, BB 2nd
  12. Pick is in, #24 Josh Jacobs RB Alabama

    It’s ok to to appreciate talented players on teams you don’t like. I love Von Miller and he is on the team I hate the most.
  13. Raiders Defense

    Your last paragraph is what my plan would be. Evan Weaver from Cal would be a great “leader” type LB for our D, imo. Draft him with our 2nd 1st rounder and a DE with the Bears pick. Getting Abram back will be a big boost over what we have. Joyner also needs to move back to safety or get released because he isn’t a good nickel.
  14. The Official Derek Carr Thread

    He has definitely earned our support. He is going to struggle against some teams, but he looks to be getting much more comfortable in Grudens system. If we had any resemblance of a defense we could compete with most teams. Jacobs also has taken a ton of pressure off of him. Our offense is fun again, now we need to spend some $$ and draft picks fixing our D.