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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Yeah, I was trying to pretend that it didnt happen.

    That's me, I was excited I didn't miss the first week and barely survived week 2 and I'm still not sure if I'm following directions correctly or not. I haven't edited anything so I know I have that going for me.
  3. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    Shaw has done a very good job at Stanford and they are doing really well at recruiting. I think he can have a done year without losing his job. Mora may be the first to go. They consistently underperform and they should be doing well with all the talent he has been able to bring in.
  4. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    I don't think anyone else would help much right now. They are pretty depleted talent wise and will need a few years to build it back up. His recruiting isn't bad, but they are not playing well at all so it will be interesting to see how long they give him.
  5. The good, the bad, the ugly vs. Jets

    I agree with this, especially that we need to keep throwing to him. He is a good WR, but we all know he can be great so it's hard to see him struggle at times. Luckily we have so many weapons that it doesn't hurt too much when Cooper isn't a threat every week
  6. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    Run game has been disappointing so far. Moss played well as a true freshman last year, but seems to be dancing around too much this year. Shyne is looking like he will be out for the season and he was our #1 on the dept chart. We had 4 Olinemen get drafted so we need need some gelling to happen there. Huntley has been like having a poor man's Lamar Jackson. Very exciting player and can make plays out of nothing. Needs to learn how to use his pocket better and when to give the ball up. He has taken too many hits and won't last the season at the rate he is going. Very live arm and Carrington has been a great weapon for him to throw to. I'm hoping by the USC game we will be firing on all cylinders. Lots of freshman and sophomores playing on both sides of the ball.
  7. The good, the bad, the ugly vs. Jets

    I agree with BP to an extent. Just like last year he is disappearing throughout portions of the game. Carr may not be throwing to him as much because of his drops. Its only two games in so I'm hoping he gets some things figured out, but you have to admit his drops have been disappointing so far.
  8. Week 2 Heroes

    Crabtree with 3 TDs
  9. The good, the bad, the ugly vs. Jets

    That was bad, had they called helmet to helmet it would have made more sense, but still a bad call. And Irvin's, I guess he tackled too hard? And then Lee's "taunting" was awful. He just looked at the guy and didn't even say much.
  10. The good, the bad, the ugly vs. Jets

    The Great: Osemele-He was driving guys back 4-5 yds on every run play and was a huge part of our explosive plays Crabtree, Carr, Downing, Richard, Patterson, Cook(only including because of his hands, but he goes down so easily) Offensive Line in Pass Pro- Almost no pressure on Carr all day Conleys first game- Looked to be in good position all day and I didnt see him give up any big plays Morrow- He wasnt amazing, but for an UDFA I have been more than impressed with his play We are 2-0 for the first time in 15 years Marshawn Lynch dancing- Kept the crowd in the game until the end(even if the Jets were offended by it) The Meh: Amerson- He was in good position on both those TDs, but wasnt able to make a play on either one. We need him to step up as we will play much better QBs Cooper- He needs to get his confidence back, Onside kick he dropped the ball and that pass on 3rd was perfectly placed. He needs to catch the damn ball Pass Rush- I know its weird to complain when we finished with 4 sacks, but we need to be able to collapse the pocket more consistently Playing on dirt- Its so annoying watching us play on that garbage field. The Refs- Holy hell the refs were bad, I usually try to keep them out of it, but some of those calls were terrible. The division looks just as good as we do. The Chiefs and Broncos arent going to be pushed around and it will take a great season for us to finish in front of both No Uglies as I dont have too much to complain about after winning by 25

    Favorite Team: Raiders Week 1: Dallas Week 2: Arizona Week 3: Denver
  12. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    I get your points with Utah and they are valid, but let me add some context to them. We decided to go with a true sophomore over our returning Sr QB, so game 1 against ND was his first collegiate start. And it's not like we struggled with them, it just wasn't a 40+ point win so it didn't look very good. BYU is our rival and we have beat them 7 straight times (6 were a 1 score game). If you watched the game you would have seen that even though it was a 6 point game, Utah dominated the game(in every aspect other than points). And it was Huntleys first road start in a hostile environment against our biggest rival. We need to clean up penalties and some badly timed TOs, but I have been pretty happy with our games so far. If we struggle with or lose to Az this weekend my excitement will go away, but we are building off of each game. I'm hoping for 2 unbeaten teams to be playing when I fly to LA to watch the Utah-USC game next month. That game will have a lot to do with winning the South, imo. USC is a better team, but we have done well against them as of late.
  13. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    I don't know, looks straight down the line to me.
  14. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Raiders need to put in some subs so we don't get any injuries to our starters.
  15. GDT: Week Two: Electric Boogaloo

    Raiders just showed how not to execute a sack.