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  1. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I enjoy LA as well, but it is just so spread out. In Vegas, there are 50k hotel rooms within 3-4 miles of the stadium. Plus countless restaurants, bars, clubs, pools etc. Vegas for sure will be a new entertainment hub for the NFL. Im glad our team finally will be worth something to the league, maybe we wont be treated like the redheaded stepchild anymore.
  2. How draft classes is Mahomes worth?

    Reword the title, as is it doesn’t make sense. And if I were the Chiefs I wouldn’t listen to or entertain any offers. You can search for years and years for a competent QB and not find one. Mahomes is their franchise.
  3. FA 2020

    I think thats what would make him successful in our system. Booker needs a decent block and then he can create and make people miss, but he needs a decent first block. Broncos had an awful OL when he first came into the league and then they lucked into Lindsay, who happens to make their OL look much better than they are. Booker will be a good screen, 3rd down, and special teams player.
  4. I would say similar. Booker isnt a power back either, but usually at least falls forward. He was a great receiving back at Utah and if we use him correctly he should be able to contribute. He will be a good 3rd down RB option. He is a pretty decent pass blocker and his hands are above average for RBs. I see him as a small upgrade over Washington.
  5. Im biased, but I’m happy. He is a good player in the passing game and will be a decent backup option for us.
  6. Las Vegas Stadium News

    That’s where I grew up, only 100 miles outside of Vegas, so it makes sense.
  7. How many games will we win this season?

    I see us winning 8 or 9 games. We should be a more complete team than last year, but in our division I don’t feel like this draft moved the needle enough for us. FA was solid, but we played some good teams this year. I can see an outside chance at 10 wins and a wild card spot, but we will need some of these rookie WRs to step up big time to get there.
  8. The Nation vs Mayock (Gruden) 2020

    I like it with all those Utes, I also love Dye. Jeudy was my #1 WR and this is close to something I would have done.
  9. 2020 Saints draft class

    I’ve got the Ravens right up there with Dallas, very good draft by both teams.
  10. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Zack is a great kid. He is a fun to watch powerful runner, Buffalo will love having him.
  11. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Dont worry though, we are in this together.
  12. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Lol, I like to see some of them, but so many sad stories and so many Covid references that it takes away from the guys getting drafted.
  13. Day 2 Draft Discussion

    Seriously, every pick has had a sad story to go along with it. How about some happy stories for these guys.
  14. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Why? Get Rodgers some weapons and go win. They need more talent.
  15. Day 1 Draft Discussion

    Nope, I cant prove it to you, nor do I care to. It felt like the DHB or Mike Mitchell pick all over again.