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  1. Devin Lloyd is going to be a 24 or 25 year old rookie. Nakobe Dean won't be 22 until next December. I bet Lloyd falls to round 2. I'll still take Devin Lloyd on the Eagles, but I would prefer Dean.
  2. Depends who else is there. I also don't believe Linderbaum is guaranteed to be good. Nobody is. I would prefer Ojabo/Gardner/Elam/Daxton/Nakobe/Treylon/G Wilson/Dotson/London/Ekwonu. Maybe Karlaftis. I need to re-watch Karlaftis. Devin Lloyd over Linderbaum too, unless he's going to be a 23+ year old rookie.
  3. Why would that be a concern for anyone besides opposing offenses? "We can't take this Aaron Donald clone because we already have Aaron Donald. If he looked like Warren Sapp we would take him, but he just looks too much like the future hall of famer we already have"
  4. Let's just see all of your top 5 QB rankings. Don't be a coward. List them in the order you would draft them. 1 Sam Howell (Strong/Pickett are better right now, but I think Howell has the higher ceiling in the NFL) 2 Carson Strong 3 Kenny Pickett (He'll jump to #1 if his hands are 9" or bigger. Age bugs me) 4 Ridder/Corral/Willis (They all scare me with their inconsistency, but I'll take them over another year of watching Hurts passes leave snail trails in the air)
  5. Throwing power? yup. Accuracy/consistency? Not much difference.
  6. Zappe sort of reminds me of Jimmy G. Hard to gauge his arm strength.
  7. Name all the SB winning QB's over the last 20 years that weren't statues. I don't care if he's paralyzed from the waist down as long as he can make throws all over the field (and read a defense). I get wanting a guy who can run if he has to, but just give me a guy who can throw the damn ball with accuracy, velocity, and consistency. I'm totally fine with a "statue" like Tom Brady or Peyton or current Rodgers or 2014-2018 Big Ben or Az Kurt Warner.
  8. he's played 2 games in the last 2 years. Not that crazy.
  9. Jimmy G, because he's the only one who doesn't have a list of teams he's ok with that excludes the Eagles. Pretty sure Russ, Rodgers, and Watson all have teams in mind, and the Eagles aren't one of them. SF wouldn't want Hurts tho, so I don't really see Jimmy coming here. Most likely we stick with Hurts and maybe take a QB in round 2 or 3 or 4. Carson Strong in round 2 would be Ideal if his medicals check out.
  10. SMU WR Danny Gray should look good in Senior Bowl practices. Speed guys usually kill it in 1 on 1's. I don't even see Gray really ranked right now, but could see him moving up to the late 3rd once he's done showing off his wheels. People might think he's another Mooney.
  11. yup, saw he was counting against the cap, but that's because of a restructure. Way to go Howie.
  12. Hurts + Dillard + Pick 19 is all I'd give. And obviously throw in Reagor + Barnett.
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