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  1. Yup, all we proved is once again we can't beat good teams. We're pretty much the Cowboys, but without any good WR's.
  2. There's always like 3 plays a game where Wentz calls for the snap at 0, but delay of game doesn't get called
  3. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I like Gandy-Golden
  4. He'll probably be defended by Mccourty, and J Matt by Gilmore. They'll likely blanket Ertz as well. Carson is screwed and likely going to be checkdown Charlie all day to Sanders and Agholor. J-A&W is going to have a crap day no matter how much attention to detail he had in practice against our soft secondary this week. He's a #4 wr. Hope he at least learns to be a good ST'er like Hollins, but i doubt it.
  5. Always a possibility with Nelson Agholor as your #1 WR.
  6. Shut it, i need him in fantasy this week. Big day for miles and goedert.
  7. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Pretty weak qb class outside of Burrow Andy Dalton is going to have a market
  8. Miles Sanders about to get 150 receiving yards
  9. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Majority of us wanted Wagner iirc. A lot of people still liked the pick, but I was not happy we drafted Kendricks in round 2, no matter how fast he ran. He was terrible at shedding blocks at Cal
  10. Is Bobby Wagner on a HOF pace?

    No. Doesn't have the splash plays.
  11. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Hunt behind that interior OL would be beautiful
  12. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Wouldn't mind trading J Howard for Kareem Hunt in the offseason. Howard is certainly solid, but gimme Hunt.
  13. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Cleveland will pay him. Would love to see him in Indy though.