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  1. Dallas is definitely going to lose to one of the Cardinals, Rams, Packers, or Bucs in the playoffs. Divisional round is as far as they go. Certainly the best team in the NFCE tho. If there were regular season trophies, Dallas would deserve one.
  2. we could also use a Bears W (NYG have their 1st), but unlikely with them playing GB
  3. Hopefully Miami sells before the trade deadline and gets even worse, but they are already bad enough to get us a top 5 pick/better pick than NYG/WAS.
  4. Eagles need to trade for Manhertz to replace Ertz in the Hurts to Ertz connection.
  5. forward progress definitely short of the sticks
  6. what would you give up to trade for JAX Josh Allen?
  7. Etienne is my #2 RB prospect behind Saquon since AP came out, but I don't know how you spend an early pick on him when you have James Robinson.
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