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  1. I'd hate doing anything besides selling. This team needs all the draft picks because, A- We suck, and B- We won't be able to afford any vets next year.
  2. Couldn't have won that game without JJAW
  3. Also, Peppers is hot garbage in coverage. Most safeties turn their herad and easily bat that pass down or even intercept it.
  4. Evan Engram just cost us at least 7 draft spots
  5. These 2 offenses will be the scariest things we see this month. Slayton will lock down Slayton, so Daniel Jones will have nobody to throw to. Wentz will be running for his life and throwing jump balls to Fulghasm all game. I think both Qb's rush for over 50 yards.
  6. Eagles SB LB's: Kendricks----Hicks----Bradham Current LB's: Crap----Poop----Dookie
  7. It's tough to win a SB if you keep putting the same things on tape for several years. Most of these coaches don't adapt after having success their first 2 years, or they completely get away from what brought them success in the first place. We won the SB by power running all over everybody, controlling TOP, then occasionally doing play action over the top, and throwing quick screens. The next 2 years we're averaging 50 drop back pass attempts a game, our WR's are running every route besides the ones designed to get open quickly, and the staple of our run game is the HB draw. In McCarthy's case, he just never changed up the offense after the SB win, and he seemingly devalued RB and WR2 the same way the Eagles have devalued MLB, WLB, and SLB.
  8. I edited my original comment to include Doug. Some guys get to be a genius for 1-2 years. McCarthy, Martz, Doug, McVay. Flashes in the pan. The SB win was awesome though,
  9. Mike McCarthy is just another version of Martz. Had a 2-3 year peak, then became an average to below average HC. McCarthy will never win another SB, unless it's as an assisstant. Doug Pederson is one of those guys as well.
  10. Mike Martz was a good coach for about 3 years. Then he became a coach you never had to worry about winning a SB. McCarthy same thing.
  11. ok, so he's Mike Martz. Regardless, he's the coach you want coaching a division rival.
  12. This is why I was stoked when they announced McCarthy as HC. He's basically another Gase.
  13. He should be our #3 QB too. Sudfeld becomes head scout of WR's.
  14. The Daniel Jones era Giants lose to everyone. We're going to win this game. And then we're going to beat Dallas. And then we're going to reel off 4 or 5 straight L's.
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