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  1. I can openly admit Dak doesn't suck. Unless he's playing a good team.
  2. Our helmets are basically British Racing Green, an our jerseys are turquoise. They are not the same color and it's...just not what we deserve. I love the color of our helmets though, but it's a difficult color to duplicate on fabric.
  3. Someone who wears #19 should legally change their last name to Covid.
  4. Saquon slightly better than Zeke, Cowboys depth is better. That makes it a wash really. In a vacuum where injuries don't exist though, give me the better starter.
  5. Both will make the roster (Quez and Hightower). Deep down, they know they screwed up royally taking JJ and he will be off the roster after this season.
  6. Slot WR's should be on a different scale, but that rating would be appropriate for him as a slot WR.
  7. Gotta take Brooks out of the equation for us at OG. It's probably Giants there. Will Hernandez is good and probably getting better, and Zeitler should be better/healthier this year. Agree the Cowboys edge us out at OT until Dillard proves something, but I think La'el is just average.
  8. What is Mike Evans on pace for? OBJ had a shot before his injury and mentally going full Kanye.
  9. You're a charger fan. You don't even exist. Kinda like Oregon's championship chances. Also, Hurts > Herbert.
  10. I think it's a blessing disguise. Goodwin was going to have people tearing hammies with his 40 yard dash challenges, and I'd much rather have Hightower and Quez get extra reps. I'm sure Goodwin would have been nice the 7 games he was healthy for as a pure deep threat that was never going to beat press coverage, but let Pez (One little bite and he's gone) Watkins and John Qwick (too easy) get those reps.
  11. Completely understand why Goodwin and Cannon opted out. TBH, I was expecting maybe 350 yards from Goodwin, so not really a loss, and it gives more reps to Hightower and Quez Watkins.
  12. The reason the Chargers will suck for the next 4 years is because of an Oregon Duck. 😀 Irony is funny sometimes. BTW, I'd avoid drafting Keenan Allen in fantasy before the 6th round this year. Then again, Herbert can only make 1 read, so he might go off.
  13. Reagor will be way better at doing his job than Justin Herbert will be at doing his.
  14. For Safeties, I'd just put ????. I don't think any of the 4 teams have a top 20 duo. And I give a slight edge to Saquon over Zeke.
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