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  1. The NFC East Thread

    I'll take a 3rd
  2. Around the NFL - Week 3

    Colts should offer two 2nd round picks for Bell
  3. The NFC East Thread

    Dak reminds me of a young Quincy Carter.
  4. Is he suddenly going to get handsomer by mid season? Trade him to the giants for Shepherd and a 1st.
  5. His arm is Pennington'd. And it's no secret he's just too ugly to ever be great. That face will never win a SB.
  6. I wanted us to draft him at #32 before we traded down. I was pissed you guys took him so early in the 2nd, even though we probably targeted Goedert all along. Said before the draft he was basically Roquan, but better at getting off blocks. I'd rock his jersey if Colts jerseys didn't look like HS jerseys.
  7. Darius Leonard is a future all-pro. Possibly even this year. He's better than Roquan. Your rookie OG's held it down after that first series by the Eagles too. You guys just need to sign Leveon in FA and draft a QB, because Luck is done.
  8. The NFC East Thread

    The Cowboys will be picking right next to them. 2019 NFCE Starting QB's Eagles - Wentz Redskins - Smith Giants - Herbert Cowboys - Lock
  9. The NFC East Thread

    He's the Dak of HC's
  10. The NFC East Thread

    Through 10 quarters of football, Dak has 370 passing yards, 1 td, 1 int, and 1 lost fumble. At this point, the Cowboys should trade for Sam Bradford.
  11. The NFC East Thread

    40 passing yards and a pick through 1/2 of football. My lord Dak sucks. I'd call him RG3 2.0, but RG3 is better.
  12. The NFC East Thread

    I thought Connor WIlliams was good? He looks weak as f out there
  13. Healthy Alsh and Ajayi should. I don't expect squat from sproles outside of the return game.
  14. The NFC East Thread

    Dak on pace for 16 passing yards and 4 ints through the 1st quarter. Can any defense contain this man?
  15. He's basically Vinny Curry now. Great Run D and the occasional pressure.