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  1. Trade up to 7: Chase Trade up to 9: DeVonta/Pitts Take at 12: Horn/Surtain/Waddle/Lance Smaller Trade down (2-5 picks): Parsons/Farley Medium Trade down (6-10 picks): Zaven/JOK Bigger Trade down (11+ picks): Marshall Jr/Bateman/Newsome II/Phillips 2nd round pick: E Moore/Melifonwu/Oweh/Etienne/D Mills/Toney/P Turner/Ossai/Tryon
  2. Kinda hoping for James Wiggins or Tyree Gillespie in the 4th. Like both guys at SS.
  3. I can't see Atlanta taking Pitts or Chase. If they stay, it's gotta be a QB or Sewell. I think they trade out of the pick as soon as it's known the 49ers prefer Fields over Mac, or they stay and take Sewell.
  4. Fricken Hurts is gonna screw us out of DeVonta because he said he prefers Waddle in an interview. Don't want us trading up to 7. 9 is as high as we should go.
  5. MIA taking a WR at 6 is pretty much a lock. The Lions need a WR as much as we do, so I could see them taking DeVonta, but hopefully they take Waddle or trade down. Jared Goff is going to have a terrible season.
  6. I still think Cinci takes Chase and MIA takes Pitts at 6, but that should guarantee us having the option to take DeVonta. It's a CB until Howie proves us wrong.
  7. along with 7 other good players on D. Put Joey and Nick Bosa on the Falcons, they'd still need some work.
  8. Having a young QB on a rookie deal is a positive thing
  9. Adding 4-5 premium picks isn't the same as 4-5 premium players. They might blow every one of them.
  10. So one 1st round rookie is what's going to make or break the D?
  11. Or it just gets them 7-10 or 8-9.
  12. Name the last average defense to win a SB
  13. Are QB's getting sacked less compared to 10 years ago? Can I see your doctorate? And the notes for the science experiment you conducted on QB longevity? Have you ever considered you're just a homer, living on a prayer?
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