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  1. I think there's a good chance we just hired a pretty good coach, it's just a matter of how hamstrung he his to Howies personell decisions. Hopefully in a year Howie is gone and New Saint Nick gets control over who gets drafted to this team. And obviously he needs to bring in a decent staff.
  2. I had Jacoby as my backup QB that year. He was like #8 in fantasy points at QB before he got hurt, then came back and looked like a turd.
  3. Still hoping we go WR whisperer OC vs QB whisperer OC. Who is alabama's wr coach? Poach him.
  4. Also interested to see how much power he has over the roster vs Howie.
  5. Overall, this incoming rookie DL class makes me think the incoming Free Agent DL's, like Bud Dupree or Yannick, are going to get some huge contracts.
  6. All of it is interesting. Will Nick be as fiery a HC as he is a OC? Who the hell does he bring in at OC/DC/ST? Do we keep Stoutland? Duce? Will Nick be against an Ertz trade? Is a Wentz trade off the table now that we brought in Reich Jr? Or does this make trading Wentz to the Colts even easier now that we have a direct line of communication with our BFF HC's? Is Nick even allowed to start Hurts if he prefers him over Wentz? Does he get any say in draft picks?
  7. I don't remember. Lane interview starts at 1:00:35ish. I think Lane just wanted a spark, and Hurts brought that at the time.
  8. Feels good we didn't go the Andy Reid or BB tree. Other than our fluke SB win with Doug, no Andy Reid or BB protege has looked good. Surprised the Bears didn't fire Nagy, but he did get stuck with Bisky and Saint Nick, so maybe he deserves 1 more year. He probably also sucks as a HC tho. I have faith in the Frank Reich tree. For now.
  9. Almost definitely was Lane. He said the sacks were on the OL and the QB on Bussin with the Boys podcast, but didn't name Carson.
  10. Sounds like Nick can be emotional, so he probably needs an even keeled OC, like Kellen Moore, to level him out. We're not getting Kellen Moore, but probably somebody with his easy going temperment, rather than a Rah Rah guy like Sirianni.
  11. Frank Reich didn't call plays for the Eagles either, before the Colts hired him. Not sure if he called plays for SD.
  12. DC - Dave Borgonzi or Brian Baker OC - Jason Michael WR coach - Reggie Wayne DB coach - David Overstreet II My guesses, although Wayne is a swing in the dark. Kinda hope we poach Wes Welker from the 49ers after hearing Brandon Aiyuk talk about him.
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