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  1. Top 10 NFL rookies that will exceed expectations?

    Ridley is a 1st round pick on a team with a qb who routinely throws for over a 1000 yards more than Tyrod Taylor, and he only needs to beat out Sanu (who should be a slot wr anyway) for the #2 spot on the depth chart. What's hard to understand here?
  2. I'll let you know in 2 or 3 years. Hopefully the Bills load up on ol and offensive skill players next offseason and the year after, because right now Buffalo would metaphorically be handing him the keys to a corolla instead of a corvette like Wentz and Goff got to drive in their 2nd season, and like winston and mariota will have this year (assuming Corey Davis looks good). The kid is set up for failure if he starts this season. Bills should sit him the whole year and trade shady to the eagles for a 6th round pick and og/c isaac seumalo.
  3. Carson-Watch: Resurrection Countdown

    Ok, but how many tuds via the pass this season? 36? 41? 39?
  4. Carson-Watch: Resurrection Countdown

    Again, Andrew luck and RG3 are as ugly as a Texas 6. They were never gonna be good for long. Carson Wentz is a prince and quite possibly the best looking Male ginger in history. Wentz will be just fine in week 1 and he'll probably throw 36 td's in the regular season. 37 if Alshon doesn't miss any games.
  5. The NFC East Thread

    Terrence Williams...
  6. Top 10 NFL rookies that will exceed expectations?

    No, that comment was based in reality, unlike your Callaway predictions of "700-900 receiving yards and 6-8 td's". Tyrod will be lucky to throw for 3500 yards and 25 tds. That's his ceiling as a QB. 1/5th of that output is not going to a rookie who is probably #4 on the WR depth chart. Also, Fred Warner is not a 1st round talent. Trust me. I'm better at scouting LB's than you.
  7. Eagles cut Kendricks

    Doesn't it roll over to 2019 cap space if we don't use it? I'm guessing we extend B Rex soon
  8. Top 10 NFL rookies that will exceed expectations?

    Nick Chubb will probably have more receiving yards than Callaway this season
  9. Top 10 NFL rookies that will exceed expectations?

    With tyrod taylor throwing passes? Lol Best rookie wr will be Tre'quan or Ridley.
  10. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    I like Edwards and Giles-Harris too. Just not as much as Paddy or Hodge right now.
  11. Eagles cut Kendricks

    LB's are very important. Maybe not when you play Tom Brady, but against every other team that dpends on a run game they help a lot.
  12. Eagles cut Kendricks

    And what if Hicks gets hurt in TC or Preaseason (which is more likely to happen than not to happen)? Do they still have time to find that guy? Nate Gerry and Geiger are glorified ST players, not True LB's.
  13. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Paddy Fisher LB, Northwestern. He's one of my current man crushes. RS Soph. 4.75 speed at best (4.8 out of HS), but changes direction really well. He's a lot like a bigger/stronger Josey Jewell. Very good instincts vs the run and pass. Very good tackler. Already better at stack/shed than any LB that came out this year. Doubt he declares, but who knows. Looks like he has long arms, which is never a bad thing. Kendricks' fingertips end where this guys wrists start. I also really like Khalil Hodge out of Buffalo for a lot of the same reasons. Hodge is a better athlete, but not as big or as prone to splash plays (FF's and Int's) as Paddy.
  14. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I feel like we could have at least used him to move up in the draft 5-6 spots in round 4 or something, but oh well. Maybe we bring in Bowman now. Is Bobby Wagner on the block? I'd take KJ Wright too. Should have drafted Blair Brown over Pumphrey like I wanted!