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  1. Who is poised to be your teams breakout player?

    Hopefully Alshon. Hasn't had a really good year since Cutler was throwing to him, and he literally let our season slip through his fingers. Hoping he's ready to beast once fully healed.
  2. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    The team that sticks out to me with some cap space is the Chargers. I think Tillery is coming off shoulder surgery, so it would let them ease him in and add to a nice DL rotation.
  3. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    Matt Patricia will panic that he could end up on NE and sign him to a big deal. I'd like to see him go to Minny.
  4. Sucks for him, but I don't think this necessarily is a big blow to Washington's defense this season. They should still be good if their DL plays well.
  5. Sometimes in life you have to compare apples to oranges.
  6. Draft Mulligans

    The Jets already drafted him, his name is Sam Darnold
  7. 2020 Prospects and beyond

    Memphis WR Damonte Coxie could be a good one. Hoping to see him take another step. Kinda reminds me of Keelan Doss.
  8. Zeke is such a moron. I've been to EDC. Even if you aren't on drugs, you are surrounded by people who are ecstasy'd out of their gourds. The dumbest place possible for a professional athlete to go. I doubt he was on drugs, but still just a bonehead move to even go there at all. That's like Wentz attending a KKK rally. Maybe you just stood there and took down some tall boys, but it's not a good look.
  9. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    Unless you're a polygamist, you should stick with one team, in sickness and good health. The eagles signing Mike Vick, as an animal lover, almost made me quit rooting for them, but even then I was still married to the team and couldn't root for anyone else.
  10. Brock probably got paid 250K to run in and climb a ladder. This PPV was not good, unless the goal was to get people to tune in to AEW. Mandy Rose booty, Bailey feel good moment, AJ vs SR, and Kevin Owens wrestling in a match were the only good things that happened, besides a couple solid bumps in the men's MITB match.
  11. somehow Vince out-dumbed GoT
  12. European championship with Pete Dunne as inaugural champ? Or Aleister.
  13. That was a weak cage match. Weak PPV so far. Need Kofi and KO to save this thing