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  1. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    The Supreme Fighting Machine
  2. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    Toronto should thank Zaza Pachulia for making this possible.
  3. Eagles > Your team Not sure what AJ >>>> Jeffery had to do with anything
  4. Foles would never do that to a fellow jesus freak. He'd tell carson what she tried to do and how he told her to go to church.
  5. Of course. No way he tears his acl if his nards weren't so backed up.
  6. Lions rookie might surprise if the Lions OL isn't garbage
  7. He's rarely 100 or even 95% when he plays though. He's playing, but he's playing through some stuff, kinda like Alshon playing with a torn rotator cuff all season.
  8. 09 Saints vs 2017 Eagles

    The Eagles. That Saints D would have no idea how to stop the RPO, even with 2 weeks of prep, or slow down the Eagles OL/Run game. Plus, Philly Special. And as great as Brees is, the Eagles just beat Tom Brady, the GOAT, in a game where Tom Brady played as well as any QB ever has in the SB.
  9. Yes, but he's becoming, or maybe already is, the Sean Lee of wr's. I'll take 100% healthy AJ over Julio though. The Bengals should trade him to Philly to prolong his career and get him a ring. He already bleeds Green.
  10. Is Larry Fitzgerald Still A Top 12 WR Talent Wise?

    He's in my top 10 for fantasy. Number 10 exactly I think. Wish the Cards would trade him to the Chargers or some team with a good QB not named the Patriots.
  11. Best Group In Football

    I think Eagles will be in contention for best te group with Ertz and Dallas Goedert (Once Dirt God is a proven commodity instead of unknown rook), but right now I give the edge to TB.
  12. Jay Train's fantasy value

    If it's standard scoring, ajayi might be an rb3. If it's ppr, clement might be an rb3. I wouldn't plan on using our rbs as anything more than a bye week play or injury replacement if an rb1 or rb2 gets hurt. You never know though. We throw a lot on 1st and 2nd down. Maybe teams blanket ertz more and our rbs get thrown to instead.
  13. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    I don't know, I'm not a veterinariatician who's good with numbers and stuff
  14. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    If Nike/Jordan offers Kawhi a signature shoe deal while he's in Philly, he'll stay in Philly. Kawhi just wants to grow his brand in a market bigger than S.A. Philly is easily capable of that.
  15. So you're predicting the Cowboys trade down about 14 spots, and once again pass on drafting a real QB?