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  1. Nice to land Wieskamp is the 2nd. Now trade back into the 2nd and get Bassey. Then sign EJ Onu after the draft.
  2. I really don't know what to say. I like Primo....in that Joe Wieskamp range.
  3. Feel like it'll be Kai or Sengun, but please take Keon!
  4. Bouk! Dang. Welp, C'mon keon Johnson!
  5. Charlotte, you don't need Keon or Bouk. Take Moody.
  6. Bouk and Keon still there. Just need 1 to make it to SA, even though we'll take Usman. Or Kispert.
  7. Been watching Most Extreme Elimination Challenge re-runs on Twitch. No way in hell would that show air today haha. Some of the crap they got away with saying. Hilarious show.
  8. We're just waiting for him to come to a settlement. That could be a year from now though. Also makes you wonder why Howie took Danny Watkins even more, since character ain't so important after all.
  9. The Spurs don't have to win another championship for the rest of my life, but it would be cool to see them be a thorn in the Lakers side again. Going to be a while before that happens though.
  10. Eagles drafted the guy I wanted in round 1, so you can almost guarantee the Spurs are taking Wagner or Kispert or someone I don't want, but I'm praying Keon Johnson goes 12th. I need him and Keldon ferociously dunking on people.
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