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  1. Jettas could be the worst nickname I've seen in a long time. Diggs is better right now and will always be better after the catch. Jefferson could eventually be better leading up to the catch.
  2. Sounds like you're trying to say Jefferson would be just as successful here, and that's just not how it would go down. Kirk isn't good, but he targets his #1 and #2 WR's a lot more than Wentz does, even if the team overall doesn't pass a whole lot, and he's proven he can potentially throw for 4500ish yards. Wentz tops out at 4k, with a much higher percentage of those yards going to RB and TE compared to Kirk. Jefferson would have like 400 yards and maybe 1 td if we drafted him. Ultimately the real reason we didn't draft one of these stud WR's is because Howie sucks at his job. If JJAW is on the roster at the start of next season, then we officially have the worst talent evaluating front office in the league, outside of NYJ. We cut/traded Eric Rowe after 1 season for looking below average. JJAW makes him look like an all-pro in comparison. How is this dude still employed?
  3. Jefferson is good. Would he be doing as good if we drafted him? No. For the sake of Justin Jefferson's fantasy relevance, you should all be happy we didn't draft him, because he ain't putting up those #'s with never thrown for 400 yards Carson Wentz. Justin Jefferson, Tee Higgins, Claypool - none of these guys put up big numbers if they get drafted by us. Robby Anderson doesn't have the season he's having if we sign him in FA. Put Reagor on those teams and keep him off ir, he probably looks nearly as good. We aren't going to have a 1000 yard receiver until we get a better QB. It's also silly that you guys complain about Jefferson/Higgins over Reagor, but don't say a word about JJAW over Terry/DK. At least Reagor isn't getting healthy scratched. I personally thought Jefferson was another Tyler Boyd, aka 1000 yard slot WR, but he's proving to be just as good outside, which I honestly didn't expect (since 90% of his LSU routes were free releases from the slot). He is better than I thought, but I 100% believe he would look no better than Reagor had we drafted him. If we somehow drafted Chase and Waddle next year, they would both just be average if they came here and played with Doug/Wentz.
  4. 0-9 on 3rd down. Not even a single completion on 3rd down. He needs to be benched, period.
  5. pretty much guaranteed he's playing through something
  6. if we're down by 3+ scores entering the 4th, it's Hurts time.
  7. incoming tip drill interception off Alshon?
  8. Can't wait for Fable. I wish Microsoft would throw tens of millions at Square to remake Chrono Trigger in Ultra HD, and keep it a MS exclusive to stick it to Sony for once.
  9. Do they tune out immediately after half-time is over?
  10. I'll keep the X regardless to be my Bluray player when I want maximum picture quality for movies, but eventually I'll have to det a PS5 digital for Demon Souls and God of War. Most of my friends game on Xbox too, so I'll be using it plenty, I'm just envious of Sony's exclusives.
  11. I don't think the half-time show artist chosen has any affect on viewship or gaining additional NFL fans. If they pick Justin Beiber or NIN or Ja Rule, the same amount of people are going to watch the actual game.
  12. makes no sense to me, especially since the game catalogs suck for the first 3-5 months.
  13. I have a series x, but I kinda wish it was a PS5. Demon Souls being a PS exlusive upsets me.
  14. I'd prefer Tool if I can't get Metallica. Or Slipknot. Hell, I'd take Danzig over the weekend or anything pop.
  15. If it's not rock/metal, DMX, or a bunch of females twerking, I ain't interested. So basically I'll be watching puppy bowl.
  16. Our team motto is you can never have enough QB's, slot cb's, and slot wr's.
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