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  1. This is like when Carolina went up 31-0 in the first half against the Seahawks in the divisional round in 2015. I doubt the Steelers could make it interesting like those Seahawks (game ended 31-24).
  2. The Irishman. Why is this movie so fricken long?
  3. That absolutely wasn't a fumble, and it was conclusive from the replay. Very strange that the broadcast showed the best angle as the very first replay but didn't show that angle again throughout the rest of the review...
  4. While that's true on the overall team success level, I don't see how that should impact shooting specifically that much. Highly touted freshmen should still be able to shoot better than what we've shown over the past couple years, even if Roy's offense isn't great at getting them a ton of wide open looks. We're missing the easy ones still.
  5. I think there's a kernal of truth here, but we were successful as recently as a few years ago, and the game wasn't that different then.
  6. Note to Roy: Recruit some backcourt players that can shoot or stop doing whatever you're doing that makes your recruits suck at shooting when they get here. JFC.
  7. It's almost as if Roy doesn't hold practices.
  8. ^So aggravating that everyone likes the universal DH and that the player's association will make it happen with the next CBA, but MLB isn't instituting it this year. Makes no sense. Just go ahead and implement it. In any case, I don't think lack of a DH next year should factor into the Braves' pursuit of Ozuna if they really feel that it will be included in the next CBA. Suck it up for a year and have Ozuna in LF next year then use him as a DH the following year on. Makes no sense to choose someone like Brantley to do the same thing. Only reason not to stick with Ozuna is if they can
  9. What was the betting line? Did that safety screw people out of money? Lmao.
  10. I've never seen that before. Brilliant. lol
  11. At this rate, the Browns might score too quickly.
  12. We just don't know how COVID might affect people long term. We're hearing reports of young healthy people with everything from myocarditis to neurological issues weeks to months after the "sick" part of the infection is over. So it's possible that Lamar Jackson is having hydration and cramping issues related to COVID. Who knows at this point?
  13. Hope you didn't pull the trigger on this one.
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