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  1. NFL Week 14 GDT

    What are these refs doing?
  2. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    What RB in the league would be able to block a 3-4 DE one-on-one? Steelers saw something in the Panthers protection scheme, or maybe the Panthers protection scheme just isn't suited to taking on a 3-4 defense, but I've seen the OT slide out to take on the rushing OLB and the OG stay inside to to help out on the nose tackle and leave the DE all alone with a free path to the QB or with just the RB in his way. Just awful.
  3. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    Yes, Panthers, Get all the bad juju out all out once.
  4. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    I'm not even sure that draws a flag if Cam is the one sliding.
  5. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    Panthers fan here. That's how I saw it. Shouldn't have counted due to the pushoff though.
  6. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    McDonald pushed off Kuechly.
  7. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    Illegal Shift?
  8. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    Ban gloves. Human beings should not be able to catch oblong balls of air wrapped in leather/pigskin moving at that speed and at that trajectory.
  9. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    I don't know why he hasn't gotten more reps the first two games. It isn't as if we have stellar guys in front of him.
  10. Is Cam Newton on a HOF pace?

    For a discussion about "pace," I think people are missing the actual numbers here. Cam is absolutely on a HOF pace. After seven seasons in the league, here are Cam's rushing statistics: 828 carries 4,320 yards 5.2 ypc 54 TDs Based on his durability--yes, he's missed some games here and there, but he's been generally healthy, I don't think it's a stretch to assume that he can play another 7 seasons. As he ages, will he be able to rush as effectively? Who knows. Safe bet is probably not quite as well. But for the ease of calculation, let's just double those numbers. That would give Cam over 8,500 yards and 108 TDs. Do you know how many RBs in NFL history have rushed for 8,500 yards? Forty (40). Eighteen (18) of those have made the HOF, and that number is going to increase as some more recent players, Adrian Peterson for example, become eligible. Do you know how many RBs in NFL history have rushed for over 100 TDs? Nine (9). Of that group, only Adrian Peterson (a future lock) and Shaun Alexander (probably not, but an interesting argument potentially to be made) are currently not in the HOF. If you lower the threshold to 90 TDs, you add in five HOFs (Barry Sanders, Jerome Bettis, Franco Harris, Curtis Martin, and Eric Dickerson). Cam probably won't quite reach these thresholds, but he's probably going to get close. He will basically have a near-HOF resume as a rusher by the time he is finished. And that doesn't even include consideration of his passing statistics. So I think people are really missing the boat here. What Cam is doing right now, even if you're not all that impressed by his passing ability, is unprecedented. A player that can be as effective moving the ball both in the air and on the ground hasn't come along before. As far as whether he actually makes the HOF, I could envision some grumpy old sportswriters with preconceived notions of him as a man and a player who are upset that he proved them wrong and can't grant him one iota of praise because of it not voting for him and keeping him out.
  11. GWT: Week 19 Falcons @ Eagles

    Bloody hell. The phrase is lucky duck, not lucky Falcons.
  12. Again, this is ignoring context. Sure, the statistics from Woodhead’s 2013 and 2015 season are nearly identical to McCaffrey’s 2017. But Woodhead wasn’t a rookie and had been in the league for 4 years when the 2013 season began. And his production occurred within a much more functional, potent offense (Rivers threw for almost 4500 yards and completed 69.5% of his passes and Ryan Mathews ran for 1255 yards at a 4.4 yards per carry clip in 2013. The Chargers’ overall running game wasn’t as good in 2015, but Rivers was nearly as productive throwing that year). It’s an apples to oranges comparison. As far as wanting more out of a top 10 pick, I think you have unrealistic expectations. The guys that produced more than McCaffrey this year mostly played on better offenses (Kareem Hunt: Andy Reid’s offense with Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Alex Smith; Alvin Kamara: Sean Payton’s offense with Mark Ingram, Michael Thomas, and Drew Brees) or were given more opportunities (Leonard Fournette wasn’t splitting time with Chris Ivory in the same way McCaffrey was sharing the backfield with Jonathan Stewart. So while these guys may have produced more with or without respect to where they were drafted, you have to take into context who they were drafted by, not just when they were drafted. Take this other players and swap them with McCaffrey, and the production of all players involved would have looked different And regardless of what you want to think of these players, it’s foolish to judge any of them as finished products after a single year. It’s just too small a sample size.
  13. This, for the most part. They certainly need an upgrade over Matt Kalil at LT. But their guard tandem of Turner and Norwell is great. Ryan Kalil is in the decline, but still a great player. That’s a great interiors. And Daryl Williams is a serviceable RT. Youve more so hit on the structural issues the team has that hinder the run game. The roster talent at receiver is lacking. And Mike Shula’s scheme, his playcalling tendencies (I.e. tipping his hand with his formations), his terrible feel for play call sequencing, and a lack of awareness when it comes to situational play calling has really stunted the offense overall. And it has really allow teams to game plan toward taking away the run, because they don’t need to respect the pass so much. So anyone looking at McCaffrey’s rookie season and calling him a bust is failing to recognize the context of what was actually a pretty impressive season.
  14. Week 18: Panthers @ Sain'ts

    Stupid decision to try to intercept it instead of knocking it down, but he didn't catch it. How on earth that wasn't reviewed is beyond me.
  15. Week 18: Panthers @ Sain'ts

    Anyone bashing Cam is just a straight up hater. Plain and simple. He was fantastic today.