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  1. I'm not saying he didn't. I'm saying that all series long, there has been no rhyme or reason to what the umps have and have not called strikes on the edges of the zone, both in and out and high and low. Sometimes they're strikes on the fringe, and later in the game they aren't and vice versa.
  2. He hasn't been giving anything around the edges of the zone consistently to either team tonight. And I feel like it's been that way most of the series.
  3. The Dodgers lineup is ridiculous. 0-2 in the count? We'll just foul off 4 pitches until you throw some balls or make a mistake. ^And that's like every hitter it seems
  4. It seems like Acuna is getting underneath everything he swings at this series. Ugh.
  5. Oooo boy. Outs between third and home for both teams.
  6. I've seen the umps in this series miss a lot of called balls and strikes, but a lot of those were borderline pitches near the edges of the plate. The 2nd pitch of that at bat was not one of those borderline calls. Holy hell, how did he call that a ball?
  7. I'm not going to have any nails left by the end of this game.
  8. And why the runner on 2nd didn't sprint to third immediately is mindboggling. Once he hesitated, he needed to retreat to 2nd. Two awful mistakes by two separate runners on the same play. Unbelievable.
  9. Top of the lineup is more problematic. Freddie got a single and Ronald drove in Kakes with a double, but we need more out of them. You can't expect that much from the last three in the order.
  10. Wow, surprised to see Snit send Fried back out there for the 7th after 95 pitches. Not that I don't trust Fried, it's just he hasn't pitched this late into a game before. During the season, it'd been 5 innings typically, maybe 6.
  11. Braves have been the more dangerous team after the first. Just can't put it together.
  12. Well, Will Smith (Braves version) has apparently turned into a pumpkin this series.
  13. I know these things don't matter at all, but it kind of bothers me that after the first two games I didn't see many articles beyond recaps. Then the Dodgers won game 3 and there were numerous articles that were more what I'd call "analysis" basically making the case that the Dodgers had "woken up." And now after a game 4 Braves win, just back to recaps. C'mon media, give credit where it's due!
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