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  1. Hot Boyz

    That would make to much sense and require logic.
  2. Around the NFL - week 7

    The way the Rams are playing right now they might not be late 20's though. Big gamble. From what I'm reading if Rams do end up resigning him over 50% of salary would be for 4 players. Not to mention the possibility of him be a locker room problem....possibly.
  3. Around the NFL - week 7

    That's way to much for him, or just about any player frankly....geezz…..two 1st's.
  4. #FireJasonGarrett

    I didn't think we were running as much motion and different plays off the same sets as we were earlier in the year. Just an uneducated observation, it just looks that way to me. Any of you stat guys have a site that would have that info?
  5. Around the NFL - Week 6

    Per The Fan 105.3....Tyrone Crawford on IR.
  6. GDT - week 7 The SHE Gals vs the Damn Boys.

    ^^^^ That's funny as hell....and fitting.
  7. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    I'm not sure how or if this reply applies, but Romo could "carry a team". Dak may get to that point, but is not there yet.
  8. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Context my man, context. That and a combination of other recent posts in other threads as well related to the same topic. I kinda lumped them all together in reference to my reply.
  9. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    I understood what his point is/was. He just wants to bash Dak for the sake of doing it like a couple of others here. But again, we all wish he was the only problem. Dak is not the problem as of right now.
  10. #FireJasonGarrett

    From another forum post. Darnald biatch slapping us. But basically he we do what we always on D with 1 safety high or sometimes 2. Basically we were easy to figure out. Not a big surprise I guess.
  11. Prescott seeking $40m/yr

    Man, some of you guys are hilarious. He is not the problem. At least not yet. He's like #34 on the list of concerns at this point.
  12. Hot Boyz

    Then it's your fault???
  13. #FireJasonGarrett

    I actually don't think we're terribly far from that.....it's just not jelling, meshing, clicking, or whatever.
  14. 2019 Fantasy Football Thread

    What....you got the whole Dallas team or something.