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  1. I don't know Slam....I know you keep up on this board. There ae several here, that I wouldn't say HATE-HATE Dak, but clearly don't like him as a QB nor his play and how he plays. And his contract related to those that think this, do so NOT in the context of his potential salary.
  2. 27 OUT OF 72 maybe. But regardless of what the numbers mean or are supposed to represent....they seem to be grossly inaccurate.
  3. No they're certainly not. Ha, yea....our defense has got to be in the bottom five at this point. As well as, even tho a part of me does like a bit of the gambling, an argument can certainly be made coaching decisions haven't done us any favors either.
  4. How could you not like that reply? Besides the old man part. I would venture to say Dak would be in most peeps top10 list. Which would be good enough to win a SB. Which means....whatever flaws he may have, there are still countless other issues with this team holding him and the team as a whole, back.
  5. But yet he still did it. You can't just discount the over 400 yards. Same argument with Romo as Dak (certainly not comparing the two--ROmo was certainly better). Point being like i said in an earlier post, Dak is by far the least of this teams problems. The dude hangs in there and one way or the other, more times than not, makes somethinghappen. Of course not always good. But it usually is positive. How many games can you actually attribute a loss to Dak specifically? And I actually failed to see Atlanta play prevent defense. They seemed to play their normal defense all game. Maybe I missed it. But 5 drives over 70 yards, you can't knock him for this game and try to take that away from him.
  6. So did Atlanta for the whole first half for the most part.
  7. Calm down old man. 😉😛 All i meant was, for me anyway, is I'm a realist. I try to stay even keeled and be realistic as possible. Is Dak our savoir, no. Is Dak a bottom half QB, certainly not. It's a team game. Not everyone realizes how diffuclut it is to play QB inthis league. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Does he have what it takes to win a SB, of course. So do countless other QB's. But it 's a team game. And it takes an incrediable amount of good fortune and several variables to come together at the right time to do it. Look at Philly, 2 years ago. But I've been saying it for several years, as have a few others here. Dak is by far the least of our concerns overall as a team.
  8. Well Jaylon has certainly left a lot to be desired the last years. Him--scheme---both??
  9. So I wonder why @TheGame316 has suddenly gone dark? Dak have a prefect game...by no means. I'm certainly not a Dak nut hugger. But I do wonder why you're not in here bashing him at this point?
  10. I THINK, they had a couple of good young guys that haven't fully jelled as they say. Think they are considered average at best.
  11. Good game guys. Beside us just kind of lingering and hanging around we had no business winning that game.Not sure Quinn should get scorched this. At some point the players need to play the game themselves.
  12. How much switching to a 3-4 (supposedly) coming into play?
  13. Guess somebodys head should roll....but.....as with us many times.....the coach isn't playing the game. Gotta count on th eplayers at some point.
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