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  1. Ha...guess I'll go hit Google maps. Edit: I'll be damn. It is an island lol🤣. I knew it "close" to the beach but never realized it's actually a freakin' sliver/island.
  2. Island....you live on an island? I thought you were way further inland. And before I fet hammered by anyone keep in mind I'm in VA. lol
  3. Haha....yea for sure. I may have had to jump on your band wagon if it did happen. From the Chicago side they're not even going to get close.
  4. Actually I did. I rewound. Fort me here with DirecTV it's at the bottom with a stupid Draft Kings commercial on left of screen with LA stadium on the right and it is showing as you describe on the bottom ticker.
  5. You're a freakin' riot Dave. God love ya! 🤣😂😛
  6. Ouch..that arm looked fugly. Definitely not supposed to go in the direction it did.
  7. Didn't you just leave Montgomery County....sorta? 😋😝
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