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  1. 2018 Playoffs

    Ha...oh...ok...I didn't know that. Still rooting for the Saints tomorrow night. Odd dynamic when you think about it....sitting at only 8-6.
  2. 2018 Playoffs

    I don't know and don't feel like running all of the scenarios. But I would imagine Seattle can help us with that loss to the niners.
  3. GB's and SLapper: Dallas at Colts

    Bite me....we'll get there one way or the other. Once we get there....what do we do....that's the question.
  4. Cowboys 16 Free Agents

    I'd want to keep Beasley.
  5. I thought he got poked in the eye and actually taken to the hospital.
  6. We're not excatly ecstatic with ourselves either
  7. GB's and SLapper: Dallas at Colts

    GB: BAHAHABHAHABAHAHA NONE CLappers: Everybody including the refs.
  8. DC Offensive Line: The Scapegoats.

    Holy ISH....let that one sink in for a minute. That's horrid.
  9. Feed The Zeke: A Leader In The Making

    I disagree. He can rest during the off season.
  10. Nope, but you can ask one of your fandom brothers.
  11. 2018 Playoffs

    I could have sworn we played a last game of the season with no playoff implications (we were in already and seeds determined)in DC. It was rainy and soggy. And we stil played our starters.