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  1. It didn't feel like a top 10 D. Horrible tackling, no turnovers (as usual), running game killed us several times. It was just an odd year for us on both sides to he ball from a numbers standpoint. From points differential on Offense and having the " 1 Offense". Just ties into the 8-8 mold I guess. Uh yea. I don't see that happening "forever". They've had it for two years and fortunately it still hasn't caught on. Again, for me anyway, it's an embarrassing nickname. And LOL at the last sentence. That just begs for comments and a reply that would not fall into the rules of this forum.
  2. It’s hot in Texas right? Correct Win No, it's not. go with it I can't, it's not in me
  3. Ya know I should probably stay out this. Lord knows Matts doesn't need me, nor is he asking for me to, take up for him. But truthfully I'm actually not trying to take up for him. But more to offer an olive branch from outside looking into to ya'lls space. All of you guys already know, and many of said as much, that he's just looking for lolz. yea, the timing may not always be good and if I were an eagles fan I probably wouldn't like it either. It could be seen as actual trolling, but that I think is a bit harsh in the true sense of the definition of trolling. He does argue his points well even though one might disagree. Ya'll have to know he's really not trying to be mean, right? Just read between the lines. I come over here a lot myself and stalk but not really post much. I'm a horrible word smith. Even though our forum is pretty active I have to admit your is a it more active. We don't have a long running NFC East like this one. We've tried and they just die off for some reason. So like me, I'm guessing he gets bore and hopes over here for some activity. I'm rambling. But my bottom line suggestion even though no one asked for it, he's just messin' with you guys all in good fun and don't let it get to you. It just may not come across the internet that way. If that doesn't work, then F it. Do what you gotta do. Peace out.
  4. The thing is......the name doesn't have any type of identity to it. It means nothing in the context of an NFL Defense. Doomsday, Purple People Eaters, NY Sack Exchange.....they all identify the personality of their perspective D. The name is just embarrassing. WTF does HOT BOYZZ even mean. I literally just do not get it.
  5. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    I don't know how many of you guys remember this. But probably 10 years ago after a Sunday night game Mav was on the forum. He was working behind the scenes of a late night talk radio show. I'm not even sure it was a sports show, could have been, just not sure. I think he screened the calls before handing them off. Anyway I remember he was so bored he gave the few of us that "were in the room" the number to the call line. I ended up calling it for Sh*ts and Grins and spoke with him for about a minute. I don't even remember what the hell the short conversation was about. Ha.....who knew then he'd become somewhat of a local sports reporting celebrity. Good on him. I actually miss him posting. His posts were always well thought out and very informative.
  6. I don't like you anymore. Seriously though, I can't name Cowboy fan that I know that likes that name. It's horrendous.
  7. Dear god let this happen....please let Kwon take it. It's a dumb@$$ nickname and our D doesn't even deserve any type of a nickname that would indicate we're good, at least at the moment.
  8. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    The OP said if a team moved, not necessarily new expansion. Although it was edit, so he could have changed the wording after you posted. Yea, sorry, I'm splitting a hair with ya.
  9. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    As impressive as that video clip is, do it without the gloves.
  10. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    Nothing saying they can't. They do go hand in hand I guess. It will be interesting to see how this plays out from a football standpoint. Biggest being draft picks if it every got to that..
  11. Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis

    ^^^^^^This could be sarcasm or a joke^^^^^ They can contact those that were CC'ed.
  12. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    I understand it's is right. I'm just stuck on the two facts that it's a dumb@$$ name and they have not done nearly enough to moniker a nickname. By default I'm singling him out because he's the one wanting to copyright it and getting butt hurt another team is possibly using something similar. I don't know. I'm just disgusted how the D played this year and whether he wants it or not, that contract he signed, makes him a leader of that D and he should figure out how to help make it better. But sure, spend thousands of dollars on "marketing your brand", that as of right now shows all signs of you losing money.
  13. Sorry to hear this man. Hang in there. She's in a better place than down here with us.
  14. News and Notes: Cowboys Not in Playoffs Edition

    Yep. @acowboys62...….what Dave said above. He needs to concentrate on making himself better as a defensive player, being a leader, and overall making HIS defense better. That's where is efforts should be. He'll make a lot more money if the whole team is successful than he will off of that dumba$$ nickname. It's not even a good one. I probably wouldn't be throwing as much shade if it was at least a good nickname.