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  1. Many would argue he shouldn't even be in a Dallas uniform to begin with. SO the number is kinda secondary.
  2. I don't think it's him directly per se pulling it off....as simply its the past success. It's.......THE Dallas Cowboys.
  3. Tennessee?? Yes, lazy, not looking it up. OK...wasn't too lazy. It's in Tx.
  4. Just to a list of several over that should have with Dallas. SMFH
  5. But that had more to do with the fact the division sucked @$$ so bad.
  6. Ahhh....literally the good 'ol days. I remember that game very well. Think I still have it taped on VHS LMBO. I believe towards the end of the game, we're trying to run out the clock. Norv aske JJ if he wanted to run or pass the ball. JJ said pass and the infamous slant pass (Harper???) that helped but seal that game. I think that's how that played out. Any corrections?
  7. I can take it or leave it. But what I would really like to see is for the damn ear wax adds go away. They've been here for weeks. I don't have a weak stomach by any means. But geez, move on for christ's sake. At this point I'd rather see you in midget porn.
  8. Its a change. So I guess that's a good thing. Not and easy whining complaint on part to address....just kinda tired of re-treads. But with multi billion dollar businesses, kinda hard to run with a newb so to speak or the assistant strength coach.
  9. Yea.....only one game....but you can't help but feel you have to give the Henicke kid a chance. Need anyone be reminded of one Kurt Warner.
  10. I get the drops. I don't know, maybe i have my blue glasses on--shrug--because i just don't see them as a bottom tier group.
  11. I can be a little slow sometimes. Shouldnt we be on the Good Receiver, Poor pass protection side of the chart. PFF thinks we have bad receivers?
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