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  1. Good lord. I t scares me that you could erven find tis. LMFAO
  2. After watching the above......Damn, forgot how bad that Denver game was.
  3. Oddly enough, between the two, I think if i had to choose it would be CD's snort/wipe. Not sure why, so please don't ask.
  4. Odd, somewhat the same time frame for Ellis/Zimm and Payton. But I don't remember the "hate" for Payton like the other two.
  5. I'm aware of why Zimm and Ellis, but why Payton???
  6. I wouldn't mind that. One of a very very few retreads could live with. This might be misplaced but isn't he leaving with NO in horrible cap position??
  7. Ha!..been there done that. If you want, you can delete ur posts and I'll delete mine. 😛
  8. Are you talking about the extra point or two point plays?? If so, I didn't think those were timed plays so no time would come off the clock. Or I totally misunderstood the flow of the last few posts.
  9. I wonder how much of today was..."letting them play". Although, as much as a lot of our fan base complains about the penalties called against us, a lot are legit. Pre-snap, RG tackling the guard etc. Wouldn't it be in the NFL's best interest to NOT call as many penalties against us? One of the most popular teams. Seems it would be in the NLF's best interest if "they didn't call" so many against?
  10. Ish...I wish. Man, if the BIlls lose it will be heartbreaking for them. Damn tho, #1 D allowed that last FG????
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