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  1. Not a big surprise. Fitting I think. No way in hell it was going to be Jones. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/jimmy-johnson-answers-whether-jerry-jones-will-present-him-at-pro-football-hall-of-fame-induction/ar-BB11SKnQ?ocid=spartanntp
  2. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    @D82 is Patrick....sorry @flyingmonkey30
  3. 5 freakin' days. That absurd for this country. I certainly hope all turns out well.
  4. FFMD II Dallas Cowboys Front Office

    @D82 and @flyingmonkey30 …..you two playing the chip and dale routine (the squirrels--not the strippers). One of you nut up and take control. And I say that knowing theirs no way in hell I could do this. So I'll see myself out now.
  5. I'm self employed/half owner for over 25 years of an IT support/services company. I don't believe we fall under "essential Business". However, depending on who you ask they might think otherwise. We do work for several local gov't entities and such. And we have been extremely busy setting up our other commercial customers VPN's for remote access and teleworking and setting up remote phones etc. We ourselves will be working from home starting tomorrow and see how that goes. But we do managed services and some calls can't al be done remotely as well as no one at the office to receive shipments for product/parts etc. It's a big 'ol giant cluster F at the moment.
  6. We have 7 in our tri county area. I'm a bit south of DC.
  7. So......hope all of you guys and family are doing well.
  8. Comp Pick Calculation - Cowboys (all teams)

    '21 draft, correct?
  9. Cowboys place franchise tag on QB Dak Prescott

    Still don't see how the two are tied to each other. Whether we sign dak related to, or how, it means Coop and Quinn hit the market. I just don't get the connection.
  10. NFL Wide Free Agency Thread

    That's just F'ing stupid. I like the guy and he's very good...but not that good.
  11. CBA passes

    I ain't feeling sorry for any of the players. There playing a game. I get the possible long term injury risk. They can get a real job like the rest of us though.
  12. Pre-Draft visits cancelled

    Certainly not surprised.
  13. Go at night. They restock over night. I hit the jackpot last night. Went of others reasons around 11PM and hit the jackpot by accident. Came across the last 4 roll pack of super soft Charmin. lol
  14. Come on old man...spit it out. Seriously, were here virtually for ya. Best wish's.