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  1. https://overthecap.com/compensatory-picks/ Looks like he's only projecting the losses of Dupree and Golladay to be worth third round picks. Not counting the coaching formula of course.
  2. I think he used to do the prospect cut-up videos for another site I don't remember the name of now. It's gone, but was a hit for a while. They had videos on lots of prospects.
  3. Solid. Back as a failsafe in case Queen or Harrison falter.
  4. Houston for me even though he's the oldest. I just trust him more as a pass-rusher. Ingram is versatile but I think the Ravens have enough of that in Bowser who should see way more snaps this season. Give me the better threat off the edge. Clowney... eh. Not sure I trust him with much of anything.
  5. Another receiver with Brown's skillset would not be a bad thing in the slightest. I don't think Hilton at 32 years of age is that guy though. Kind of surprised he got that much to re-sign with the Colts.
  6. Pretty meh on Watkins. Like was mentioned earlier in the thread he's better than Boykin but that's not much of a qualifier. Sammy is hurt every year too. I don't see the need at receiver getting any less important if he's signed.
  7. I'm not really upset at losing out on Golladay. Not a great fit for what the Ravens actually do and how Jackson gets the ball to receivers. He would have fit in great with Flacco though. Just hoping the front office truly prioritizes receiver in the draft. They can't do that to Lamar again. The offensive line still needs some help too.
  8. Man, Fitzgerald averaged 7.6 yards per reception last season in an offense that wasn't exactly bogged-down. Does anybody really think he could come to Baltimore and do much better than that at age 38 (when the season starts)? Nah. The Ravens are better off taking a risk on a young player rather than throwing that out there. If it's not a true starting talent then don't bother.
  9. And another one gone and another one gone... But: Well, they tried.
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