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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/baltimore-sports-blog/bs-sp-ravens-steve-bisciotti-20171019-story.html Yep, nothing is happening. Buckle in for continued borderline mediocrity for the foreseeable future.
  2. Potential 2018 Draft Needs/Strategy

    This is the way I see it, no real order of importance for need quite yet: QB - Flacco isn't good. Neither is what he has around him, but on instances where it's specifically him trying to make a play he's just not. I don't think much will be invested here but a new backup will be brought in with Mallet also being terrible and a free agent. Or not, Harbaugh likes to surround himself with terrible so who knows. RB - Okay, I like Allen. I like Collins when he isn't fumbling. I like Dixon coming off an injury and suspension. But you can't rely on any of those guys and they all scream complimentary back to me. Get that bona fide #1 runner. Doesn't have to be at the top of the draft, just somewhere in the first four rounds. Someone who can run the ball 15+ times a game with some juice in his legs. And isn't a huge liability to fumble. WR - Obvious need is obvious. Maclin will probably be kept but Wallace is almost assuredly not being re-signed. Perriman is in danger of getting the boot. Campanaro is just kind of there as a receiver, he's not involved enough. Chris Moore has had some bright spots but you can't have him as anything more than the 4th receiver in a competent offense at this point in his career. OL - Well, kind of. This is where health factors in the most. Stanley, Lewis, Jensen (assuming he's re-signed), and Yanda are all at least solid. Howard has been but he's pretty underwhelming as a starter so a replacement for him is on the docket. But Siragusa is coming back and he could push Lewis to left tackle, or Eluemunor could continue to develop this season and get pushed out to right tackle when Yanda comes back. Disregarding Austin that's 6 guys I'm at least optimistic for. I think an offensive lineman needs to be added, just not sure where at this point. FS - Jefferson is not a SS that can play in space. Weddle is not a FS that can be relied on with rangy responsibilities. Webb is not a full-time option at safety going forward. Levine is kind of a mix between Jefferson and Webb, but one that you don't want back in a deeper zone. All that adds up to needing (and utilizing) a real rangy free safety. That's about it for me right now. Another off-ball linebacker could be on that list, but Onwuasor is improving and Correa has some use (still think it's a shame the team immediately started grooming him for ILB instead of where he should have been on the edge). But yeah, all offense all the time. Except fullback. Get an offense that doesn't rely on one being in the game regardless of his role.
  3. 2018 FA Wr's

    The problem with cutting Weddle is that the Ravens would need a starting free safety immediately lined up to replace him. Is that Webb? No, I don't think so. That would be a really short-term move. And there isn't anybody else on the team that could fit the bill. And if you're cutting these guys it's with the intent of making moves in free agency which is well before the draft so you can't really bank on the latter to fill this big of a hole. That leads to signing a free safety in free agency, and if it's anybody decent then the cap hit will be larger than what you're opening up by cutting Weddle. If Eric's play doesn't improve over the next couple of months and it's clear he can't play free safety then I'm fine with moving on but I don't think cutting him is a real avenue to getting more cap space. I'd actually rather keep him and Jefferson and play them at the safety spots if needed, but draft a safety and then be able to utilize Tony in the dime with Eric as SS. Let the rookie split time with Webb at FS without total reliance on either. But, you know, Dean Pees.
  4. Right now? Eh, I would take it slow with changing things. Need the offensive line to get healthy next season before really implementing massive changes. The current state is too pitiful to have any hope of making something out of nothing. Which is a legitimate excuse for Mornhinweg... if he wasn't terrible regardless. Like he was in the past. Going forward? Assuming Flacco is still around, which is almost certainly a given, then you need to build an offense around his strengths. Or rather his weaknesses. I do NOT want to see him throwing deep on a consistent basis. He doesn't have the touch or timing to get it done and this has been something happening throughout his career not just lately. Unfortunately Joe isn't much of a quick-tempo guy either and doesn't make good reads soon enough unless a receiver is totally open. So you have to find that middle ground... which isn't ideal, but it is what it is. More shotgun, more routes going over the middle of the field creating misdirection and communication errors for the opposing secondary. Riskier for Flacco and his INT troubles, but necessary. Less running out of the base I-form. It's either a predictable running play or a pass with only two receivers and maybe a tight end to worry about covering. That's not good enough for the most part. The Ravens don't have and will not get elite playmakers at those positions in the near future so the offense needs crutches created by scheme to get moving. Basically everything I said in support of Baltimore signing Eric Decker after they got Maclin still applies in this argument. More spread, more receiving routes actually utilized, and less simple running game. Of course that was before the string of offensive line injuries hit (as well as losing Pitta and more importantly Dixon), but like I said at the top I wouldn't make huge changes until the line is back in shape anyways.
  5. Ravens Rundown: Week 6 2017

    Judon and Suggs on the edges still aren't dynamic, especially the latter. I'm of the mind that Williams and/or Bowser need to be threatening the edge at all times. Smith lining up on the inside as a pseudo DL isn't going to be effective either. In that spot he needs to be more like a blitzing ILB going behind a couple of DL similar to how McPhee was in his last year with the Ravens. It's not just about throwing out a bunch of pass-rushers, it's putting them and the other guys on the field in the right position to succeed. Which Pees does not do. My ideal lineup would be something like this: Williams / Henry / Williams / Judon With Bowser (also playing off-ball LB and blitzing from off-ball), Suggs, and Smith providing depth off the edges and Pierce, Davis, and Ricard being the depth on the inside. Mix it up as needed for different situations. Yep my ideal lineup leaves Urban, Kaufusi, and Wormley out. Just not guys that fit what I would like to do. Not saying that I would dump them for nothing, at least the last two since Brent is going to be a free agent, but I think the 5-technique is going the way of the dinosaur if the idea is to get pressure with as few people rushing the QB as possible. It's different is you have a bona fide pass-rushing threat at the 5-technique, but those are rare. And neither Kaufusi or Wormley are that.
  6. Ravens Rundown: Week 6 2017

    They could. Just not out of a base 3-man line alignment. Suggs, Judon, Smith, Williams, or Bowser alone next to any of the three defensive linemen aren't going to get it done. Now if you put two of those guys on the ends with two of the defensive linemen on the inside then you have something. Harder to scheme against, harder to block, and +++ in the athleticism category. But that's not going to happen as long as Pees is constructing the defense so...
  7. Ravens Rundown: Week 6 2017

    The problem is that Jefferson is lining up more and more towards the deep half and taking on receivers. Yeah, he's going to get beat. Arizona had a really specialized role for him in which he succeeded big time. Dean Pees doesn't know how to do that for an individual player. It's either line up and succeed where he puts you... or don't. Most likely the latter unless we're talking about someone in the upper echelon of the league that can succeed regardless of role (which is by far the minority of players). This is exactly what I was worried about with the Jefferson signing and it should surprise nobody that he's struggling playing where Weddle did last season. And in turn Weddle struggling where Webb played last season. Eric just doesn't have the range and looks to be overextending himself in every facet. This isn't something that will get better or work itself out. These guys are just plain square pegs being forced into a round hole. At least the cornerback play has been nice. Pass rush is pretty spotty, but that's what's going to happen with Pees' scheme unless the guys are elite. Suggs and Dumervil and McPhee (from the inside a lot) were elite when they were dominating a few years ago. It had nothing to do with Pees. This is like some kind of continuous loop. We're saying the same things over and over again, Pees isn't changing, and we're getting upset at the same deficiencies over and over again. And at this point it won't change until Harbaugh is booted out... which isn't happening (sadly). So yeah, buckle in for a long few years. Will be a shame to waste the young talent/potential on defense but there's not much that will realistically happen at this point.
  8. Ravens Rundown: Week 6 2017

    This Was Good 1. Matthew Judon. Dude came to play and had a huge game. With Williams inactive someone figured to get more snaps and I thought it would be Bowser to impress. Nope. This is pretty nice to see regardless though. 2. Alex Collins. He just keeps making plays running the ball. Allen wasn't bad either today, and actually a bit more consistent without relying on a big run to get yardage, but Alex should see consistent touches every game. As long as he doesn't fumble it at least. 3. Return TDs. Rainey came up big in his first game with the Ravens this season and then Campanaro made a big play late. It's been a long time since we've seen this kind of performance in the return game... maybe prime(ish) Jacoby Jones? This Was Not So Good 1. Receivers. Drops, drops, drops. Moore made some plays after he got in the game but everybody else was meh at best to very disappointing catching the ball. 2. Offensive Line. Yeah, it's still terrible. We're lucky the running game gets a little bit of push to work with. Otherwise this would be downright excruciating to watch. 3. Joe Flacco. Yup, he's working with trash catching the ball and blocking in front of him. But he still makes bad decisions and throws all on his own. It's one big mess that I don't have a lot of faith being cleaned up even with better receivers and blocking. He's just not the same QB he was three and five years ago.
  9. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    The Ravens played against a team that ran the ball 54 times against them. And lost. The bottom is quickly approaching.
  10. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    So the Ravens lost to a terrible bears team... second terrible loss of the season... and nothing will change. Because that is Harbaugh's way. Can't discount injuries, but this is just a poorly prepared team every week.
  11. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    Admirable stand by Fuller... more like embarrassing stumble by Matthews.
  12. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    So they finally call that... and it was a bad call.
  13. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    How does Flacco take 20 seconds to get the play off? Ridiculous.
  14. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    Chris Moore #1 receiver
  15. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    Look at that, Judon being used on something other than a bland straight-up rush to the edge.... profit. Who could have known?