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  1. Ravens sign former Bronco DE Derek Wolfe

    I like this signing quite a bit. Not a long-term investment, but the team doesn't have to rely on a rookie coming in and contributing a bunch right away now either. Hopefully Baltimore gets most of a season out of him.
  2. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    You caught that fast. I edited like immediately after lol. Still doesn't count.
  3. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    He is a free agent though. The team not exercising his option was a thing. Would be interesting if they brought him back. I don't think that's the right allocation of cap funds, but at least he's pretty safe not to flame out. Calais Campbell is the only new addition to the roster thus far. Everybody else was with the team last year. Well, besides the XFL long snapper. Not sure if he counts.
  4. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    Well, darn. There goes the idea of starting an iron wall along the defensive line. This probably isn't too big of a blow considering the Ravens only used 1.9 defensive linemen per play on average, but that would have been a nice front when they actually did go with more guys up front. Looks like that spot should be added back to the top draft needs list. Or maybe they just play Ward there more often this year. That doesn't sound bad. Whatever happens, just let Williams move back to NT full-time. That's one of the biggest upgrades the team has made so far. No more spotting him out at the DT slot in the odd front.
  5. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Not sure this deserves it's own thread:
  6. That's a pretty low guaranteed amount. Ellis will be fighting for his spot in training camp.
  7. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Tampa Bay gave him $4 million last year, the entirety guaranteed. To me it's more surprising he got this much money this offseason given how the wide receiver market has been.
  8. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Surprisingly solid - he even dropped back in coverage well. Most fans wanted him back. Seems odd. I doubt the Bengals gave him a ton of money. so why not come back? Meh. Whoa.
  9. Ravens Re-sign Chris Moore

    Bringing the band back together so far. Plus a couple of upgrades. I don't hate it. Probably a special-teams only move... like has been the case with him his whole career.
  10. Jimmy Smith Re-signing with Ravens

  11. Anthony Levine Re-signing with Ravens

    @Ray Reed Things like this get their own topic. Helps keep the big threads from getting too cluttered. Another big deal. Levine is useful on defense too.