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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    He does cancel out Brown... for now. Unless Wallace gets hurt and missing games lowers his compensatory value. Like I said nothing is final until next season is over. For what it's worth OTC has a nice page to follow: https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Keep in mind to qualify for the compensatory formula a player has to get one of the top 32 contracts this offseason. I really doubt West or Campanaro will get anything above the minimum and Watson is kind of iffy too.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    After the Wagner compensatory pick fiasco I'm not counting on anything until next season is done when things are this close. Wallace getting injured and missing games in Philadelphia would mean Baltimore loses that pick. I'm not holding my breath. Luckily if something gets done with Snead or Meredith they don't count for the compensatory formula.
  4. The Offseason target

  5. Defensive prospects

    I do have horrible nightmares of Martindale employing the same not-covering-the-middle defense that Pees was so fond of. That would not be good against McCaffrey or Kamara regardless of what personnel the Ravens have on defense. But yeah, Mosley isn't good at that even when he does have man-coverage responsibilities. He makes some big plays but isn't consistently good. It's hard to find a good way to describe his value or what kind of contract he should get. I don't know. Maybe that's why he doesn't have a new deal yet. If the Ravens are thinking of letting him walk then inside linebacker is probably the biggest need on the team going forward. Can't just draft on what the biggest needs are right now if there's something relevant coming up in the near future too. With that in mind I could absolutely see Smith, Edmunds, or Vander Esch as the pick at 16. Baltimore's seemingly still having heavy interest in free agent wide receivers makes me think they aren't too keen on taking one in the first round and that's not a good spot for the offensive line in this class either. Same goes for tight end and it would be early for Guice if the team wanted a running back. The defensive line is still set and I'm not seeing an edge rusher being much of a priority. Corner is pretty well stocked even if there are durability concerns, but I'm not totally ruling that out as a possibility (just going to be a really small one). Safety is in an odd spot with Weddle kind of degrading and Jefferson being underwhelming even though he was utilized in a role nowhere near the same as he was in Arizona. Still, a lot of money invested there. Derwin is the only guy worth taking that high though and if he's available it's an easy decision to take him. That leaves... quarterback? Not seeing it. I think Darnold, Mayfield, Allen, and Rosen will all be off the board by 16 so Jackson might be their only option. He's not a bad one (if available, and I'm leaning towards that not being the case) but I don't get the feeling that the Ravens are intent on grooming Flacco's replacement yet. Harbaugh is too busy fighting for his job to take on that task and De Costa doesn't take over until next year. So inside linebacker can make sense. Still hoping for Ridley or Moore though. James for the BPA value pick but I have heavy doubts he lasts that long. Otherwise I'm not seeing a "must take" defender at 16.
  6. RFA WR Willie Snead visiting Ravens

    I would be really happy if the Ravens ended up signing Snead. He's good, and I don't think just it's just because of Brees. Meredith is interesting too although more of a wildcard. Not expecting anything to come of either visit though. The Ravens won't have to give up compensation of New Orleans or Chicago doesn't match... but I don't think they can afford to give either guy a contract those teams wouldn't match anyways.
  7. I think Perriman gets to camp. Whether he makes it through it... eh. Crabtree, Brown, and Moore are the only locks to make the roster so far. However, if the Ravens draft someone fairly high then special teams plays a factor for the other two, maybe three, roster spots at that position. Moore will still be utilized there but as the (probable) 4th receiver he should be. Yes, I'm still on the Tim White bandwagon. I absolutely think he should be the returner next season with potential to have a niche use on offense. Like a better Campanaro.
  8. Ryan Jensen made highest paid C by Tampa Bay

    It was expected, but does this strike anybody else as odd? I mean I like Jensen and have for a little while now since he started getting spot starts at guard a couple of years ago... but highest paid center in the league? After one season starting there? Huh. Free agency is crazy man. Whatever, I think Jensen will at least be good for Tampa Bay so the money won't be wasted. Just odd.
  9. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    I meant to respond to this earlier, but which ones? Baltimore doesn't really have anybody else left that's expendable with a higher cap number. Perriman and McClellan are about the closest you can get, and I really doubt Breshad is getting cut. Albert's cap number is only $1.4 million so moving on from him wouldn't open up much anyways. Baltimore's best bet to gain more cap space at this point is a new contract for Mosley. A simple restructure for Jefferson or maybe Yanda would do the trick too but man I really don't want the team to do that.
  10. The Offseason target

    Hey, that's not far off. But Ed Dickson after his second season with the Ravens until the end of his tenure with them, not the one that just got a 3-year deal. There is no hype to be gained from the Ravens possibly signing Ebron.
  11. The Offseason target

    No. And not consistent when he does get something rolling.
  12. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree to 3 year deal

    For what it's worth Boldin never made much of an impact with the Ravens outside of the Super Bowl run. Which was great, don't get me wrong, but man his legend gets overblown. Yes, I'll die on that hill. As for Crabtree I'll take it. I thought he was done after his Achilles injury a few years ago but he came back and produced. I'm not a huge fan of his but I think he's the type of receiver that Flacco will do well with. Someone bigger(ish) he can target a bunch that make plays on the ball. Joe need his receivers to give him all the help he can get with his "precision" throws.
  13. The Offseason target

    Watching him with the Lions over his career. His stats are misleading. I know it's been mentioned that he should have put up bigger numbers with that offense and Stafford airing it out... but what he did accumulate actually is overinflated for what he does on the field. This past season was hist best in terms of impact on the field, but still wasn't particularly inspiring. He just doesn't do anything well and is useless as a blocker. Sure the Ravens have Boyle and surprisingly Williams for that but I really dislike the notion of rotating a bunch of guys at tight end if you want one to click and be a real weapon in the passing game.
  14. 2018 draft talk

    Baltimore has 8 defensive lineman that are absolutely going to make the roster... please don't draft another one in any round.