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  1. Not sure that would really make a difference since he's probably going to be one of the regular inactive players. There's always has to be a few, and keeping him on the roster as a stash option for the future is fine when we're talking about an offensive lineman the team clearly likes. Adding a fifth corner or really any actual defensive back would likely be for someone that will see active snaps. Thus getting rid of someone like Ellis. Or make it simple and jettison McSorely.
  2. CB: Marlon Humphrey / Marcus Peters / Jimmy Smith / Khalil Dorsey S: Chuck Clark / Deshon Elliot / Anthony Levine / Jordan Richards That's pretty thin in the secondary. Listing Levine as a safety is generous too. I'd expect at least one more permanent move to add another defensive back to the active roster. The problem is the lack of an obvious corresponding move. Ellis makes the most sense but given the defensive line durability issues thus far that's not a clean-cut decision.
  3. I would say yes, but it can't happen this season since Yannick was hit with the franchise tag this past offseason (even though he didn't end up signing it). The deadline to sign players that have been franchise tagged to long-term deals was months ago. Not sure why that deadline exists, but it does.
  4. What a move. That edge group is downright filthy now with the addition of a true threat out there. Everyone else gets moved back into the roles they should be in. Yannick isn't an every-down stalwart in the mold of Suggs, but he doesn't have to be with this rotation. As long as Martindale keeps rotating guys I have a hard time seeing this fail. And then if the defensive line ever gets mostly healthy with Williams, Campbell, Wolfe, and Madubuike all contributing... 😵
  5. Not really. I don't think having the trifecta last season really allowed the offense to do anything special with them, there was just more shared snaps. Which is nice but I'm not seeing fatigue as a big issue thus far. Now the depth thing in case of injury is concerning but at the same time I'd hate to see resources wasted in case that doesn't happen.
  6. That's my fear. Baltimore's passing game woes (when they have/want to rely mostly on it) aren't stemming from just poor execution. The routes and route combinations suck. I don't think there's a nicer way to say it. This isn't a well-orchestrated aerial attack. For it to work the Ravens would need like three Hollywood Brown-type players out there just torching defenses with speed and opening things up based on pure presence. Which would be cool but fairly unlikely. Getting Duvernay more involved might be a start although I'm not sure he's that type of weapon. Jackson needs to be better. He's missed a lot of opportunities... but there's more to blame on the amount and quality of opportunities he's given. I would be pretty stunned if things turn around just by him hitting a few more throws. For that to work Lamar would have to be nearly perfect and that's not a reasonable expectation. Nor is expecting Roman to actually be able to start scheming a real passing game... so lets really hope the team can win with the running game first and foremost. Then sticking to it even if they get down by a score or two.
  7. Yeah. For the team to keep carrying Olaka as the 5th off-ball LB on the roster they had to be pretty happy with him. I had hopes of him contributing on defense but drafting both Queen and Harrison put a stop to that. Fort being really good is nice too. Oh well, this was an easy transaction for the team to keep Colon-Castillo at least.
  8. I absolutely agree... but can we realistically expect anything from Roman in that regard?
  9. Five different members of the secondary have a sack. Is that a record?
  10. Well... if the Bengals aren't threatening then I don't mind sticking with the passing game. At least it's an attempt to get things rolling in that regard.
  11. So I guess that's probably it for Powers. Wouldn't be surprised to see him cut in favor of bringing Colon-Castillo up at this point.
  12. The team has been designating him as protected anyways. They can only do that from Tuesday afternoon until gameday but calling Colon-Castillo up yesterday doesn't cover for Monday and Tuesday. If teams are sniffing around he's going to have to be signed to the active roster tomorrow.
  13. Kind of a waste to call Colon-Castillo up only to have him inactive.
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