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  1. 2019 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

    Because they want more than just fielding the returns. Someone who can actually move the ball would be nice.
  2. 2019 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

    Not like Jones was making any sort of positive impact. Might as well try someone new back there. And if Thomas fails, same thing. Next.
  3. 2019 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

    Peters over Pierce. Add a defensive lineman that's more oriented towards penetrating rather than collecting blockers and stuffing the run. Having Pierce and Williams is great, but I think only one is needed. With the secondary being so strong and giving the line/rushers more time to get to the QB they need to capitalize on that. The linemen they have now can't. That's not their games. I'm still in believe it when I see it mode when it comes to the team letting Judon walk. Don't really have a preference either way with Onwuasor. Though it seems to be clear that he needs to be in the WILL role with a true MIKE next to him.
  4. LJ Fort signs contract extension

    There's been a bunch of cuts made to preserve comp. picks. I would bet that rule/loophole gets fixed in the near future.
  5. 2019 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

    Jones is probably gone when Iman is activated. Or Richards I guess, depends on how well Jones is playing on the kick/punt coverage teams.
  6. Boy, that's an embarrassing no-huddle defense.
  7. Willie Snead Gets 1-year Extension

    Andrews isn't a slot receiver. He's a slot tight end. There is a difference, and it shows in who he shares his allotment of snaps with. Having Snead around for another year is not a bad thing. If nothing else at least he's capable and at least mostly dependable. Going years and years without much of that around at that position should make us all grateful that the Ravens are finally getting some real depth there. As long as Brown and Boykin develop like they seem to be doing the receiver group is looking nice with Snead included. Then there's the tight end group that also inspires some confidence. I don't think there's much need to be in a panic about the skill positions anymore. Hope they stay healthy and keep the offensive line strong now.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I agree. When you look at the secondary as a whole, there has to be some cheaper options in there somewhere. Especially if there are intentions of re-signing Peters. Thomas and Young already have big deals, and Humphrey will soon as well. And so would Adams. At that point Thomas would likely be cut and something would happen with Young if he has any more durability issues. Would have been beautiful in the short-term though.
  9. Willie Snead Gets 1-year Extension

    No sir, not everyone.
  10. Willie Snead Gets 1-year Extension

    I would guess it opened up $3 million at most. So the team would still have under $5 million in space.
  11. Willie Snead Gets 1-year Extension

  12. 2019 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

    Filling out a body on the edge was unlikely to be anything special. For what it's worth I think that's a better move than bringing in Richards... but it will be interesting to see if both guys are still around after the New England game.