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  1. So. I think we can all agree that the offensive line was awful last year, right? There were many variations due to injuries, but the base of it was Stanley / Lewis / Zuttah / Yanda / Wagner. As of now the offensive line is Stanley / Jensen / Zuttah / Yanda / Howard. There has been a clear downgrade at right tackle and left guard is going to be worse too... although I'm pretty high on Jensen. There's speculation that it could be Stanley / Howard / Zuttah / Yanda / Hurst but that's not better. Still, the line is actually going to be worse than the awful unit(s) the team threw out there last season. And that's even with Stanley and Yanda playing at a high level like they did last season when healthy. Because the offensive line really is a unit, a couple of individual standouts doesn't do much when they're surrounding by mountains of trash.
  2. Ravens Sign Zuttah

    Sorry, I've been bringing the flamethrower to the OL (or offense overall) discussions lately.
  3. Ravens Sign Zuttah

    The deal involved picks from the 2017 draft. So the Ravens moved up and took... Chuck Clark. Yay? And just so it's out there, Zuttah's cap hit for 2017 was going to be $4,607,000 before being traded to San Francisco. After he was the Ravens accumulated $2,214,412 in dead money from that move which is still going to count against the cap (because dead money doesn't go away until it expires). So if Zuttah's cap hit this season is any more than $2,392,588 he's actually going to count more against the cap for Baltimore than he would have before being traded to the 49ers. Now it's probably not going to be more than that for a supposedly 2-year deal worth $4 million, but there won't be a significant difference for the end total when it's all said and done either. So yeah, the move was essentially for nothing. Which still isn't good since Zuttah is terrible and needed to be off the team. Not brought back.
  4. Ravens Sign Zuttah

    Just being able to get out on the field =/= depth. This is an awful move made even worse by the fact that he's not being brought back on a minimum deal.
  5. Zach Orr: Always a Raven

    https://www.theplayerstribune.com/zachary-orr-ravens-spine-injury-retirement/ Read it. You won't be disappointed.
  6. Hurst was awful at right tackle too. And some of the reasons why he's been awful at both spots make it pretty clear he's going to be awful at guard too. Being a former 5-star recruit means nothing. Dude is 25 and has played in the league three years with a year of redshirting/recovering while learning the NFL before that. James isn't a piece of charcoal that could turn into a diamond given the right circumstances. He's just bad. This isn't something I thought was actually debatable.
  7. Zuttah being back in any capacity is awful news. Because he's awful. There is no significant difference between his brand of awful and the possible unknown brand of awful that guys like Skura, Nembot, etc. could bring. Would much, much rather roll the dice on unproven youth than proven awful veteran.
  8. Poe's Place: Stage One

    Most popular forums have an off-topic thread... why not us? Keep making new threads for football-related stuff though. That's what we're here for. Anyways, to get things started off I have openings in my free fantasy football league if anybody is interested. Would like to keep it to 1-3 for a 10-12 team league, but I'm willing to go up to 14 if there's enough interest.
  9. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    Hurst has shown to be physically overmatched in terms of strength too though. I think he's a bigger liability in that regard than being beaten around the edge... although that happens frequently too. As for a roster prediction it feels like this changes daily with all of the injuries happening, but here's mine at this point. Note, this is what I expect the final 53 to look like after guys go on injured reserve not the immediate cutdown roster. QB: Joe Flacco / Ryan Mallett RB: Terrance West / Danny Woodhead / Javorius Allen FB: Ricky Ortiz WR: Jeremy Maclin / Mike Wallace / Breshad Perriman / Chris Moore / Michael Campanaro / Keenan Reynolds TE: Nick Boyle / Maxx Williams / Benjamin Watson OT: Ronnie Stanley / Austin Howard / De'Ondre Wesley OG: Marshal Yanda / James Hurst / Jermaine Eluemunor C: Ryan Jensen / Matt Skura DL: Brandon Williams / Michael Pierce / Brent Urban / Chris Wormley / Bronson Kaufusi / Carl Davis / Willie Henry / Patrick Ricard OLB: Terrell Suggs / Matt Judon / Tyus Bowser / Tim Williams / Za'Darius Smith ILB: C.J. Mosley / Kamalei Correa / Albert McClellan / Patrick Onwuasor CB: Jimmy Smith / Brandon Carr / Marlon Humphrey / Maurice Canady / Jaylen Hill S: Eric Weddle / Tony Jefferson / Lardarius Webb / Anthony Levine / Chuck Clark K: Justin Tucker P: Sam Koch LS: Morgan Cox
  10. State of the (Ravens) Offense - 2018 Preseason Edition

    @wackywabbit has it right. The Ravens have tried to use the screen game and they just don't do it well. This offensive line will do them no favors in that regard either. Might actually be worse for it. Howard is less mobile than Wagner and Hurst is awful. Jensen is less mobile than Zuttah too, although that's Jeremy's only redeeming quality at this point. Though for what it's worth with Allen he's apparently having the best camp of all the backs so his spot is probably safe barring a big turnaround. @DontTazeMeBro good to see you again. It's been a while. For what it's worth I like the idea of the passing game too... just that the other elements of the offense won't let the team fully exploit it. Flacco isn't good without protection and this offensive line won't give it to him. The running game, even if Mornhinweg sticks to it, isn't good enough to take pressure off of Flacco either. Whether it's the backs just being bleh or the line not being able to open anything up the situation is brutal.
  11. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    Yeah, I've heard some of the media heads bring up that point but not many. Most of them are too concerned about getting their hot take headlines out there. It's awful, but it is what it is at this point. Although I think replacing Mallett as the backup quarterback could be a real discussion. Hmm...
  12. State of the (Ravens) Offense - 2018 Preseason Edition

    But the offensive line isn't going to be good enough to lead the way for an above-average running game. They proved that last season. Jensen should be better than Zuttah in that respect, but Howard is worse than Wagner. And Hurst is a gigantic downgrade if he's at either guard spot. I think I might like the idea of Stanley / Yanda / Jensen / Hurst / Howard too, but it's not like defenses are going to be fooled. They'll just stack up towards the stronger side of the line and win one-on-one against the weaker side.
  13. Random Training Camp News 2017

    Yeah, I would rather the Ravens not trade anybody from their depth. It's more likely than not they would be taking back fifty cents on the dollar for them. And it's not like any of those guys would bring back a quality offensive lineman, receiver, etc. Leave the stacked defense as it is please.
  14. Thanks guys. With this group neither @drd23 or I should have too much trouble. So let's just talk Ravens. Although with players dropping like flies that might not be the best tagline...