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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    The Ravens are susceptible to this. I'm specifically thinking of those over-the-middle throws to the TE or crossing WR that get the defense most of the time. It's like the Ravens defense has forgotten about that part of the field the last half decade+.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    No. That would be a nice move. As long as Henry is healthy him and McCoy in as the penetrating linemen would be nasty. I don't know. I'm thinking Mosley's contract isn't going to be as hefty as feared. NFL teams are seeing the same thing we are. And the other 31 don't have anything invested in him like the Ravens do. After his performance on the field this season my guess is it will be less than what McKinney, Kendricks, and Hitchens signed for last free agency... which means I think there's a good chance he's back with Baltimore.
  3. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    The thing with Paradis is that he's coming off of a fractured fibula so his value on the market is hard to gauge. He's also 29 which is a bit older than Jensen. I don't think he gets quite as much money, but it will be up there. The free agent class at center is trash again this year. It's Paradis, Kalil (will be 34), Mitch Morse and maybe Travis Swanson as guys who you might take a shot on paying to start. And I wouldn't want Swanson.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Ends up as: Ravens - 16 & 154 Bills - 22 & 65 Ravens - 22 & 215 Titans - 25 & 125 Ravens - 52 & 125 & 2019 2nd Eagles - 32 & 132 Ravens - 65 Raiders - 75, 152 & 212 Ravens - 75 Chiefs - 86 & 122 Ravens - 152 Titans - 162 & 215 Gained - 25, 32, 86, 122, 132, 162, 212 Lost - 16, 52, 154, 2019 2nd Lost After Acquired via Trade - 22, 65, 75, 125, 152 Retained - 83, 118, 190, 215 (traded away and then reacquired), 238
  5. Offseason Trades

    The thing here is Jags posters =/= Jags front office. Just like Ravens posters =/= Ravens front office. Actual teams end up making moves that fanbases don't agree with all the time. For what it's worth I don't think Bortles is a factor at all for Jacksonville. He's done there regardless of what other moves the Jags make at QB.
  6. Offseason Trades

    Fire DeCosta.
  7. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    I think it's a mistake trying to utilize all those guys. None of them end up playing enough snaps to really get into any sort of productive rhythm. Especially for the pass-catchers. They need as many snaps and targets with Jackson as they can get. If Keizer offers any sort of blocking value I'm fine with that group. If not find someone else later in the draft or as an UDFA and call it good. Andrews and Hurst are more than enough at TE.
  8. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Yup. I'm more in favor of going towards the spread offensive concepts with Lamar than bottling up the field with the heavy sets that Kubiak prefers. Baltimore is down to Andrews, Hurst, and Keizer under contract at tight end. No need to force a system utilizing four of them anymore. Hopefully at least.
  9. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Maybe. There's still an individual component to this. Not everybody heals at the same rate or effectiveness. I think Love still goes in at least the 3rd round since teams seem to be okay with gambling on injured prospects now, but there it isn't at the "nothing to worry about" level.
  10. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Yeah. That's the big downside to this. Hopefully Marty doesn't take his demotion in stride and leaves.
  11. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

  12. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Jackson is miles beyond anybody else as a runner from the QB position. It's not close and that makes a difference. Then you factor in the arm and the upside he's shown as a passer and I wouldn't really compare what Baltimore's offense could/should look like to what San Francisco's and Buffalo's did. And for what it's worth Lamar's mistakes have turnovers are way more weighted towards fumbling than interceptions. Which might actually be more troubling given his reliance on running the ball, but at least it's not a huge hindrance to the development of his passing game at this point.
  13. Mornhinweg Out as Offensive Coordinator, Roman In

    Roman is the only offensive coordinator Harbaugh has had that didn't have NFL head coaching experience. On a related note, Greg is still only 46. Feels like he's been around a lot longer than his age indicates. I wouldn't rule out potential head coaching opportunities if/when Lamar takes off and starts dominating.
  14. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    I don't want Elliot at FS or moonlighting as one in a combo either. It's not just about speed.