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  1. Whoa, yeah. Mack getting waived is a big surprise. He only played 9 defensive snaps last season. His practice reps must have been terrible.
  2. To be clear I'm talking about cutting Thomas after next season, not prior to. Gives the team a year of Thomas, Adams, and Clark if Jamal is okay with getting traded without an extension like it's been reported. No issue with the way the team would be doing things either. Only opens up $6 million in cap space if it's a straight release before June 1st, but $10 million after if they could work out a deal with Adams to not officially sign until after then. But like I said before, that's way too much future money tied up in the secondary. I'm betting heavily on the Thomas' replacement coming from the draft.
  3. Yes. Absolutely. It was a long day at work.
  4. Yeah, it's pretty cool to see these players actually wanting to come to the Ravens. And now with how aggressive DeCosta is there's always a chance of things happening. I've come around a bit on seeing how the Ravens could make it happen. Cutting Weddle would open up the cap for Adams to get a new deal... but that's still a ton of future dollars on the books for the secondary. Just seems highly unlikely.
  5. Keep reading the thread. Sounds like your typical ribbing from Tony. Not sure Boyle took it as such though.
  6. Yeah. I know the vast majority of people who don't follow the Ravens won't look into it but the running game was awful before Jackson started playing. Like the worst in franchise history I believe. Then it was a complete and immediate turnaround. The team was (and still is) making defenses look foolish trying to stop runners that couldn't get anything going before that point. He opens up so much for the backs in that regard it's ridiculous.
  7. Stanley has been good for the Ravens regardless of system though. Last year wasn't a revelation. The dude has been a stud since he's stepped onto the field. His drawback is the few times he's been dinged up and missed games. That would be my only reservation about a big deal. Between new deals for Stanley and Brown I think the easy decision is Stanley. Right tackles aren't that hard to find. For the draft whether you get the pure right tackle types of those that have to switch from college left to pro right there's always options. It's much, much harder to find that stud left tackle. Especially if Baltimore will be picking from the back end the next few years. Both sides get paid in free agency now so that's not a huge deciding factor. Jackson is getting his money. I think Humphrey is too. Those are practically set in stone from my perspective. Andrews is an interesting one. His durability is going to be a big factor. That one is going to have to play itself out until the actual time comes for a new deal, I don't think we can get a good feel until then.
  8. Probably taking on Carr's role from last season. But much better. If Young comes back and plays like himself the secondary is going to be even scarier next season. There's a big difference in his ability to cover the slot and Humphrey's even though Marlon wasn't bad at doing it. That allows Clark to do the same stuff too. I'm getting chills thinking about how good the defense will be. Forget about the offense this is going to be really fun to watch.
  9. So there's that. A trade becomes much easier for the team now. Not that I think it's going to happen.
  10. It's both. Veteran salary benefit is a new term that replaces the minimum salary benefit. That one fits what McPhee and Fluker signed. Then there's a second category under that term that's called something like a four-year qualifying contract. That's what you're thinking of with the vets re-signing with the team. Lower down on this nfl.com article explains it decently: https://www.nfl.com/news/2020-nfl-free-agency-glossary-all-the-terms-you-need-to-know-0ap3000001106817
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