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  1. When your Team Does Badly.

    Try being a Chargers fan and to think 10-11 years ago we have our chances to get to the big game to only choke and bad decision making afterward. At least some teams here got a Lombardi, still waiting here and probably for a while. :-(
  2. 2017 Season Thread

    I'm excited about the season just because I miss football. I really don't know what to think of this season, I'm always optimistic but I don't know if the Bolts will be 5-11, 9-7, or 11-5. I think it's going to be the same theme as last year, can we win in the 4th quarter with the lead or finish games in general? Does Lynn have any clue what's going on and does he have full control 2 former ex-coaches as his coordinator? On the offensive side, my only concern is the O-Line of course and the health or our WR's. I think it's awesome that Lynn is letting a fullback (Watt) block for his ex-college teammate (Gordon). This takes me back to the Neal and LT days, hope they have the same success or even half of that. My biggest concern is that Defense. Gus Bradley worries me a bit but again it comes down to the personnel as well. We don't have a starting MLB for 8 weeks or so and our DB's are great but let's hope they can stay healthy. The D-Line is great and hopefully, they make the backend look better than what they are. Can't to play those donkeys Monday Night, it will be a great test.
  3. Chargers In L.A.

    Can anyone tell me their true opinion of Coach Lynn? I haven't seen much of his press conferences or anything to get a feel. I'll watch more as the regular season begins. Does he look clueless or the real deal? What do y'all think?
  4. If Tony Romo didn't turn into mistake Romo against the Broncos in 2013 on that final drive where he threw a INT the record would have been broken and owned by him. Nothing is guaranteed but he had 506 yds passing and at his own 10 or so. I think this record will eventually get broken in the next 5 years with the way offenses are and the running game diminishing.