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  1. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    I think we need another pass catcher. RB: Chubb / Hunt / Duke - STACKED Pass Catchers: Landry / Higgins / Njoku / Duke - Feel we need another threat. Nobody here jumps out. They are all nice players but none are particularly scary. Not very deep either, some injuries and we get in trouble.
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I think I want the LB from LSU the most.
  3. In the last decade, how much has scouting changed?

    In general I would say the focus is less on fitting a prototypical mold and more on looking at a guy for what they do really well and figuring out ways to use them creatively. More focus on players than schemes. Versatility is at an all time high for demand. Speed in general has become more important. Particularly on defense as teams stress being able to swarm to ball, be versatile, and work in different match-ups. Huge size is less important at probably every position.
  4. I would guess..... New England Kansas City Cleveland Chicago Houston If I had to pick 5 teams. Honorable mentions Atlanta and Carolina.
  5. What did we learn from the Super Bowl?

    Week 4, Pats look dead. They are probably going to win the f'ing Superbowl. Stupid.......
  6. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    The thing about Zion is that he plays really smart as well. Kids in the right place for steals, blocks, or easy looks. That combined with his athleticism and hustle means you are essentially guaranteed a good player. Even if he never improves from today, hes still worth a top 5 pick. If he improves a little he's an all star. If he improves a lot hes a potential super star. Kids got tons of tools.
  7. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Assuming we don't get Zion who should we hope for?
  8. What did we learn from the Super Bowl?

    1. Yes 2. Donald was arguably the best player on the field. Pats offense sucked. He did everything possible to win. 3. Dukes great. I think the lesson here is 'Rams are 100% scheme based and lack talent at offensive weapons and couldn't win matchups'. Rams win on coaching moreso than raw offensive talent. I think this is the same trap that faces us next year. Need playmakers at outside. 4. Yes 5. Yes. Protecting QB and playing decisive is key.
  9. What did we learn from the Super Bowl?

    Brady sucked too. Burying one of the youngest good QBs in the league like most people are doing is lame. Brees looked worse than Goff in the NFC-C and Brady looked on the same level. Can't judge on one game. Goff has a hell of a career ahead of him.
  10. Must read long read about haslams ownership

    I think any coach + Sashi combo gets fired with the talent provided.
  11. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Its not like he's been passing on anyone. 2013: No premier WR option. First WR went 7 picks after KC and was 5'7" bust Tavon Austin. 2014: Again a pretty bad WR board. Kelvin went 5 picks later but no standout prospects. 2015: Finally a draft with top WR talent but all went well above KCs pick range. He could have taken someone like Agholor or Perriman but lots of people didn't like their games. 2016: No 1st. Michael Thomas and Sterling Sheppard were both surprises still on board but so was Chris Jones. I'd say this was the first real tester for a WR option. 2017: Pretty clearly had his eyes on Mahommes.No WR went within 25 spots of their first pick. I think saying 'theres a trend' with him is misleading. He's never had the option to take a premier WR prospect. He took stud Chris Jones over Michael Thomas. Thats about it.
  12. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Anyone thinking Dorsey wouldn't take a Wide Out he really liked because of who we have currently is trippin. I think DL is more likely because this DL class is loaded, but theres no way WR is just written off. Theres some really nice talent there too.
  13. Would Eagles trade Wentz for the world?

    I think the idea is you'd trade him this year so you get a lock top pick. Like trade to JAX you get pick #7 right now. Then 1 more first and maybe 3 seconds including a high one this year.
  14. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    Bakers arm strength and accuracy are his best attributes. That or his decision making and pocket presence and leadership. I doubt Josh Allen ever becomes a better deep ball passer than Baker Mayfield is already. Allen has gods arm strength but poor downfield passing statistics because his accuracy isn't good enough. I love Allens game but comparing him to Baker is foolish. Baker is a Brees style QB. Allen is a Cam Newton clone with less polish.
  15. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Weber in a Colt uniform makes so much sense. Like that would be perfect.