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  1. Magic Johnson announces resignation

    Hes still by far the best player in the world he just had a crap team and doesn't try hard in the regular season. Everyone knows hes crank it up in playoffs.
  2. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Russ is probably the 7th - 9th best player in the league. Hes a stat padder in that he puts up top 1-3 raw numbers. Is he as good as LeBron, Curry, Durant, Harden, AD, or Giannis? No, but hes clearly in the next level of players. Hes not like Steph where he can take a back seat and make a huge impact. He has a style that requires him to dominate play. Hes not a LeBron level player that can be super consistent. I think anyone who thinks hes not a top 10 player is crazy. Compared to other 'stat padder' type players - Melo, Love, etc...I think he is so far and away better than those guys ever were.
  3. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    Cam Reddish is so bad. Like so so bad. He doesn't do anything well except defense. Any situation where he is our first pick is an unmitigated disaster. I dont think he will be BPA with the rockets pick. Hes like a handicapped Harrison Barnes.
  4. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I think its always the sign of a great player that they can positively impact a game they are obviously struggling in. Culver does that.
  5. Rosen was a slightly better passer in college and Allen was a god as a runner. You'd think Rosen was some god of a passer but he was 60% passer, with decent yards/attempt and lots of turnovers who never won many games.
  6. This right here is why Rosen sucks. Hes not good at placement and accuracy and thats what his games supposed to be. Who do I think BB would trade for? I'm not sure, but if hes chomping at the bits to get Rosen he will have his chance cause the first team that took him is ready to quit on him already. Josh Allen was a better college player than Rosen was. The excuses you are making for Rosen in the NFL are the same excuses you can make for Allen (but with much more credence) in college cause that team was dog crap wrapped in horse crap. That team lost to a 1-11 team without him playing. Rosens completion % in college was barely better than Allens despite Allen having a historically bad pressure rate of over 40%.
  7. As a downside I meant the common argument was 'Darnold will be better at 24 than Baker is now'. Not like the Weeden argument when people said half his career is already over.
  8. Allen has elite NFL skills if he figures out his weaknesses. Needs to improve mechanics and footwork. Rosen to me is a broken player. His form is already nearly perfect. The physical skills are so lacking and weak. If hes not throwing from a clean pocket in rhythm hes terrible. Rosen was the 'super polished NFL ready guy' and Allen was the 'super raw needs 3 years to develop guy' and from day 1 Allen was already a better player.
  9. My tiers on QBs over last 2 drafts: Potential Stars 1. Mayfield - Most accurate, best decision maker, best pocket presence. Downside was age and some people dont like his attitude. Comfortable 1st overall pick. 2/3. Darnold and Haskins - Great physical tools, production. Good leadership skills. Need polish. Big time potential with clear prototypes and projections to star level players. I'd feel totally comfortable taking either top 5 if I needed a QB. -------------- Guys with warts but interesting 4. Josh Allen - Extremely obvious pros and extremely obvious cons. Need a plan to develop him but his upside and skill were obvious. 5. Lamar Jackson - You will get 5 good years out of him as a QB. Kind of like taking a super talented rookie RB and abusing them cheap on a rookie deal. Least long term upside but an game that translates immediately because his running and deep ball, which are his major threats, are great day-1. -------------- Guys with big question marks 6. Kyler Murray - If Baker struggled as a rookie I have a hard time seeing him go in the first 2 rounds. Poor mans Russell Wilson you hope? 7. Josh Rosen - I see little upside as a good starter. His ability to make throws when under pressure is terrible and he doesn't do anything special besides 'look' like a qb
  10. Consensus Bust?

    I remember people loving Vic Beasley. He was my #1 overall pick that year. I remember people on Browns board loving him and wanting him to fall. 2015: Shelton for being fat and getting pushed around and playing on skates. Perrimen for being nothing but fast. Some people loved Fowler but a lot didnt like his pass rushing productivity or quick twitch athleticism. 2016: This draft was loaded. I remember lots of concerns about Floyd. In hindsight looks like first bad pick was us with Coleman. 2017: People weren't calling John Ross a first round bust because people weren't calling him a first rounder until Bengals made it happen. Again another loaded class. Lots didn't like Watson (pass velocity) and Mahommes (pocket presence/mechanics). 2018: Josh Allen and to a less extent Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson 2019: Metkalf and Gary maybe?
  11. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    I'd say its average to above average in top 4 ish picks, but clearly poor depth. Zion, Morant, Culver, and Barrett look like future stars to me. 2018 was pretty deep and had a similar top 5. 2017s top 5 picks were pretty weak at the time and in hindsight. 2016 wasn't too hot and has definitely disappointed in hindsight. 2015 draft was clearly better. 2014 draft was really hurt because of Embiids injury. I think the top 4 of this draft are better prospects than Wiggins/Parker.
  12. I voted Dorsey - we went from a GM who tried losing intentionally to a GM who wants and tries to win. Also he drafted Baker and I think most GMs would have taken Rosen or Darnold and f'd up the chance we had. I voted hiring Freddy for lowest value move because it hasn't done anything yet and coaching is by far my biggest concern for next year.
  13. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    Hes got good form I guess but the putting the ball in the basket part of his shooting game leaves a lot to be desired, regardless of how open he is. He can't create for himself or others either. I have a hard time seeing him ever becoming a top 200 NBA player.
  14. 2019 NBA Draft Thread: Little Declares

    Barrett is a good player with NBA skills. Reddish is a bad college player who will not go in the lotto.
  15. Who Does Your NBA Team Draft With The No. 1 Pick?

    He plays so smart and instinctual too... Hes the total package.