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  1. My company was Malware attacked and my servers have been down for ~9 days so I'm playing this as my fulltime job right now Got a level 86 MF bliz sorc, a level 88 gold find barb, a level 82 smiter, and working my way through hell with a trapsin I hate Pally's and think they are the most boring class by far, building the smiter felt like a chore. But now I can farm ubers which is fun. My first 3 chars were basically engines to get me up and running. Got tons of good gear with my Sorc and Barb. Now can focus on my favorite classes, Trapsin and Necro.
  2. Baker looked bad relative to Patrick Mahomes who is literally the most talented and special NFL player of all time and all it takes is two working eyes to realize he's destined to be the GOAT. Baker is a top QB he's just in a different class. Theres the Mahomes/Rodgers tier and then theres like 6-8 guys and Bakers in that group. This was a team loss, we outplayed the Chiefs its just the 3 flukies plays of the game swung it 14+ points in their favor.
  3. The way me and my friends describe the Indians is this.... If the Cavs had the Indians front office they would have probably gotten 2-3 titles instead of 1. If the Cavs had the Indians owners we would have traded LeBron after his rookie contract for a few future first rounders and expiring's so we wouldn't have to max him. A salary floor is a good idea for the competitiveness of the league.
  4. Baker Mayfield will be seen at the next big thing after this season
  5. Baker will win MVP and a Super Bowl this season
  6. Summer league is such a **** show, especially for bigs who rely on guards getting them the ball in the right spots. His defense, mobility, and some of the flashes were really nice. His body and strength are definitely a work in process. I really wish we had the chance to get Jalen Green. Detroit screwed up hard passing on him and Houston did the right thing. Green will be an all NBA player by his third year and an all time great scorer.
  7. It would be so amazing for this team if Windley had a breakout season. It would solve basically everything we are looking for. Like if he could score 8 points off the bench on 40% from 3 and play some defense? Thats all we need. We know hes a pretty solid passer and rebounder for a wing. I'm not counting on it given his health and setbacks hes had. But its possible and it would make our lives a million times easier.
  8. The Thunder are whores for assets but weren’t smart enough to realize if they took Sengun he’d put up huge numbers on this awful team and eventually fetch far more than the poopoo platter they got
  9. Some good players left on board I hope Cavs can buy a pick. I’m thinking we buy BJ Boston I read we love him
  10. The Guardians is a generic name indians is a generic name that’s also ignorant and embarrassing. The only reason people liked it was because that’s what it always was, which is the worst reason for anything.
  11. If you think the Indians were a good name think about what if we were called the Cleveland Italians and then had Notre Dames fighting Irishmen logo Think of how retarded that would be. Well that’s literally what the Cleveland Indians were. It was the worst name in pro sports.
  12. Wiseman would be under a rookie contract for most of Allens extension and he needs to learn how to play. Hes a developmental guy for 2 more years. I think that trade would make a ton of sense basketball wise for GSW but I learned their salary cap situation is absolutely terrible so theres no way.
  13. Kawhi's career has been looked at through a weird lens. He was never an offensive superstar and defensive superstar at the same time. So when he was winning DPOY awards he was a great perimeter defender but wasn't a top-50 offensive player in the NBA, maybe top-100. When he was an offensive force his defense took a major step back. Still extremely good, but nowhere near the same level. But I feel like in discussions involving Kawhi people like to discuss him as being both things at the same time which has never been close to true.
  14. Basketball team is an embarrassment
  15. Getting crazy and spitballin' ideas. Trade Sexton to GWS for Wiseman and #14 Trade #3 to Toronto for #4 and a 2022 unprotected #1 pick Draft: #4: Jalen Suggs #14: Jalen Johnson Free Agency: Resign Allen (4 years 85M) Resign Hartenstein Sign TJ McConnell PG: Darius Garland/TJ McConnell SG: Jalen Suggs/Taurine Prince/Dotson SF: Isaac Okoro/Dylan Windler/Dean Wade PF: Larry Nance/Kevin Love/Jalen Johnson CT: Jarrett Allen/James Wiseman/Hartenstein We'd have a lot of 2 way potential with young
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