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  1. I think playoffs will be AFC: 1. KC 2. Pitt 3. Buff 4. Tenn 5. CLE 6. Indy 7. Mia NFC: 1. NO 2. GB 3. Sea 4. WFT 5. LAR 6. TAM 7. Minn
  2. Theres no way we make the playoffs unless teams get ravaged by injuries. Our defense is too trash and Love/Sexton are currently the only two above average players on the team.
  3. Durant and Curry have already proven to be all time greats and top-4 all time at their positions. They could retire tomorrow and be remembered fondly in 40 years. There is nothing left for them to prove. All they can do now is keep running up the score. If Curry keeps putting up seasons like he did from 15-19 he can go down as the GOAT PG. If Durant keeps doing his thing he'll pretty easily be remembered as the #2 all time SF. But still, they are as proven as it gets. Leonard needs to prove hes a leader. He might not have as much individually to prove as Giannis, but for his franchise to justify what they invested in him, he absolutely has to step up. The means no more half assing it, setting a poor example, and fostering a weak locker room. He needs to embrace leadership for the first time in his career. Because if he doesn't, that teams going to lose R1 and hes going to bail and the Clippers will be completely screwed for the next 8 years all for 2 mediocre seasons of load management. Giannis needs to prove hes a top-5 player in the league and thats done by performing in the playoffs.
  4. The 76ers had a crazy night and really helped their team and the pieces fit together.
  5. You're playing Sexton more minutes because hes better, but he needs to come off the bench to fit his skills and the teams. Sextons skills are 100% based on his own individual play. He has more value added playing with worse teammates, and playing against worse opponents. All Sexton does is play for himself, and he's really good at it, but he holds back his teammates because he cant pass, and he's a terrible defender. Sexton can come off the bench, destroy 2nd units, not get lit up because their bench scoring is worse than starting units, and his terrible passing/vision matters because he will be playing with subs who score less. Garland is a FAR better passer, moves better off ball, and should space the court better.
  6. My rotation would be: PG: Garland (28 minutes); Sexton (20 minutes) SG: Porter Jr (24 minutes); Sexton (12 minutes); Exum (12 minutes) SF: Okoro (24 minutes); Osman (24 minutes) PF: Love (34 minutes); Nance Jr (14 minutes) Ct: Drummond (28 minutes); Nance Jr (20 minutes)
  7. My mock 1 day out: 1. Minn: Anthony Edwards 2. GSW: James Wiseman 3. CHA: Onyeka Okungwu 4. CHI: Patrick Williams 5. CLE: Isaac Okoro
  8. If you though he was unhinged before now he has nobody to try and hold him accountable. I bet in 3 month hes holding rallys suggesting assassinating leadership.
  9. If Freddie was our coach what do you think our record is right now? I’d say 2-5 or 3-4 with an outside chance at 1-6
  10. Up: 1. Mayfield - best game I’ve seen a Browns QB have with all the pressure in the world 2. Stefanski - this team has so much composure. Play calling is beautiful, and we are 5-2. 3. Upcoming Receivers - Higgins, DPJ, Bryant, Njoku, all played great and we neeed them stepping up 4. Denzel Ward - beast 5. Myles Garrett - beast Down 1. Sendejo - in our 5 wins he’s been our worst player 5 times. The fact he hasn’t lost us a game yet is a minor miracle, but it will happen eventually he also hurts our own layers with reckless tackles. 2. Linebackers - they all stink 3. PIT/BAL - sucks we are 5-2 and barely have a prayer to win the division 4. Parkey - I still have little faith in him and I think he would have missed the game tying kick 5. Injuries - keep piling up
  11. was this the best game a Browns QB has had since the return?
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