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  1. Herro is a 15 point off ball scorer with bad defense. Thats the most dime a dozen thing in the league by far. He'll grow into far more than that but just saying dime a dozen means nothing. Garland is an actual lead guard. Those are not common, especially ones who can thrive without the ball in their hands and gets the offense in motion. Guys with Garlands handle, passing skills, vision, shooting, and crafty scoring package is rare as hell and when they come together crazy things can happen. If I was doing that draft over again I think the top 5 players all go the same
  2. Two categories, two lists Floor risers - If I had a decent team that was maybe a 2nd round playoff team, but total title long shots, which guy do I think gives me the best chances of making the playoffs/carrying a mediocre team Ceiling risers - I have a strong team and want to win the title and this is who I'm picking as my best player Ceiling Risers 1. LeBron 2. Curry 3. Jokic 4. Leonard 5. Durant 6. Harden 7. Doncic 8. Giannis 9. Davis 10. Butler Floor Risers: 1. LeBron 2. Harden 3. Giann
  3. Herro was better as a rookie but has regressed horribly this season and is just a mediocre shooter in the perfect situation who can’t defend. Garland is a lead playmaker with on and offball potential. Their defensive upsides are the same, both aren’t good at guarding their positions yet. Garland looks worse because he’s paired with Sexton who’s terrible and it creates a massive size mismatch in the backcourt; but that’s a Sexton issue because he’s forced to play offball cause he can’t pass or help teammates score. Herro is surrounded by stud defenders and is his teams weak link.
  4. Y’all trippin on Garland. He’s our best prospect by far and is going to be an all star sooner than later. His growth this years been amazing and he’s not nearly as limited as Sexton as. He’s a team first player who plays within the flow of a game. He’ll be 2013/2014 Steph in his prime. I’d absolutely re-take him at 5 overall in that draft class.
  5. Yeah this Zaga team is the best team I've seen since '11 UK at a minimum. But probably better.
  6. Most impact defensive player possible regardless of position. QB/RB/TE/OL are completely off the table. If somehow someone like Davonte Smith is available I'd consider it as a luxury pick to help make the offense completely unstoppable. But besides that, a standout defensive player. Any position works. DT/DE/LB/CB/S - we can use it all. Preferably DL as those tend to be the highest upside when they pan out.
  7. Gonzaga is going to win every game by 15+ points. They are the best CBB team since ‘11 UK at a minimum but probably better. I never pick favorites because I don’t want to have to beat 20 other people who also picked the favorite to win my pool but this year there’s no point to picking anyone but Gonzaga when they have an easy path to F4, no weaknesses, 3 star players and tons of vet experience. They can do it all. Their only weakness is they’ve destroyed everyone all season and haven’t been challenged much.
  8. See I think this was the worst episode of the show, by far, and it got too little hate because there were still 3 episodes left to salvage it. But there was no salvaging at this point. The first scene of the show hints at the danger of the White Walkers. The last scenes of most season finales involved the white walkers/army of the north growing in power. It was this building force for 7 seasons. The central theme of the show was that 'Everyones bickering and infighting while ignoring the real threat that is looming' What we got was a terribly shot episode (worst episode I've ever seen of
  9. Garland is far better defensively than Sexton is.
  10. Garland is our best prospect. His array of moves, skill, polish etc is truly amazing and he has strong playmaking and offball potential. I think at his peak he can be at a similar level to young Steph when he wasn't a superstar yet but still a fantastic player.
  11. It’s a real good question. We’ve seen top notch players on both sides the ball except basically PG -Jrue Holiday might be closest in play style / defense but his O is like 70% or less of Pauls -Westbrook was a great two way point for a long time but had way less control of the game and played more like a bull in a China shop than a do it all savvy PG -Deron Williams in his prime was as good offensively as Paul but not the defender i feel the meta of the NBA is drifting towards sharing the play making load. It’s generally much better to have 3 players averaging ~5APG
  12. Add in Seattle and Vegas. 32 teams, 8 divisions of 4 teams. No conferences. Northwest: Seattle, Portland, Golden State, Sacramento Southwest: LAL, LAC, Vegas, Phoenix Middle America: OKC, Denver, Utah, Memphis South: Houston, SAS, Dallas, NO Atlantic: Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte Metro: NYK, Brook, Boston, Philly Northeast: Washington, Cleveland, Toronto, Indiana Midwest: Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis The schedule is: 8 games vs each division rival (24 games) (one 3 game home series, one 3 game away series, on two game
  13. I doubt Mahommes matches Bradys SB total but he doesnt need to in order to have a better career. Hes in his third year as a starter and is already a better player than Tom ever was. Hes going to shatter every regular season and post season passing record. If he wins next week then he'll have two post season runs better than anything Toms ever done as well.
  14. Picked it up on Thurs and to say I'm hooked would be an understatement. About 22 runs in, just cleared the Bull and his buddy finally. I was 1-hit away from clearing it 3 times in a row. For a while I was really struggling with Sword (unable to even beat Act-1) but now I'm consistently at final boss act 3 every run. Every weapon is really fun. I've only played with the gun once since I just pick whatever glows before each run. I thought this game would be boring and repetitive so I wasnt too excited for it. It feels so fresh with the rotatating weapons, RNG,e etc driv
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