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  1. Some good players left on board I hope Cavs can buy a pick. I’m thinking we buy BJ Boston I read we love him
  2. The Guardians is a generic name indians is a generic name that’s also ignorant and embarrassing. The only reason people liked it was because that’s what it always was, which is the worst reason for anything.
  3. If you think the Indians were a good name think about what if we were called the Cleveland Italians and then had Notre Dames fighting Irishmen logo Think of how retarded that would be. Well that’s literally what the Cleveland Indians were. It was the worst name in pro sports.
  4. Wiseman would be under a rookie contract for most of Allens extension and he needs to learn how to play. Hes a developmental guy for 2 more years. I think that trade would make a ton of sense basketball wise for GSW but I learned their salary cap situation is absolutely terrible so theres no way.
  5. Kawhi's career has been looked at through a weird lens. He was never an offensive superstar and defensive superstar at the same time. So when he was winning DPOY awards he was a great perimeter defender but wasn't a top-50 offensive player in the NBA, maybe top-100. When he was an offensive force his defense took a major step back. Still extremely good, but nowhere near the same level. But I feel like in discussions involving Kawhi people like to discuss him as being both things at the same time which has never been close to true.
  6. Basketball team is an embarrassment
  7. Getting crazy and spitballin' ideas. Trade Sexton to GWS for Wiseman and #14 Trade #3 to Toronto for #4 and a 2022 unprotected #1 pick Draft: #4: Jalen Suggs #14: Jalen Johnson Free Agency: Resign Allen (4 years 85M) Resign Hartenstein Sign TJ McConnell PG: Darius Garland/TJ McConnell SG: Jalen Suggs/Taurine Prince/Dotson SF: Isaac Okoro/Dylan Windler/Dean Wade PF: Larry Nance/Kevin Love/Jalen Johnson CT: Jarrett Allen/James Wiseman/Hartenstein We'd have a lot of 2 way potential with young
  8. ^what you just described is a problem with Okoro not a problem with Green
  9. That pick will be higher than #5 because nobody can score on that team. Kuminga isn’t ready to be a rotation player.
  10. Dengue will get a lot of points / rebounds / blocks / steals / assists in the NbA the question is does his defense hold and does he do it within the flow of a game or does he need to be forced post ups. I believe in him.
  11. 1. Giannis 2. Steph 3. Durant 4. LeBron (hes the hardest to place, he could be #1, he could be lower. Its hard to tell if he was just hurt badly or if hes past the prime. If he was his 2020 self hes #1 easy) 5. Jokic 6. Leonard 7. Doncic --------------------------I think everyone above this line is in the conversation for best player and see fair arguments for all. I had to put Giannis #1 after what we just witnessed. His last 3 years body of work clearly stands up favorably against everyone else. 8. Harden 9. Embiid 10. Lilliard 11. Davi
  12. There's 96 guard minutes/game. Garland gets ~34 of them. Sexton is definitely good enough to get another 30. You just need someone with size and a shot to eat the rest of them.
  13. Topping, #19 + an unprotected 1st next year I consider. I'm OK with banking on NYK being a 1-year wonder and falling off. They didnt have any health issues, went on an insane tear that I think is unattainable, and have some guys who really popped off. If Randall and Rose return to normal is this team anything? With Boston, Toronto, Atlanta, Miami looking like they will pass them in the standings + perhaps other teams like CHA, IND, WAS as well.... I think if theres any team that falls back to a top10 position its them.
  14. Its hard to tell if Cade is just playing slow/controlled or if he's a genuinely bad athlete. I do think there's a reasonable chance he's a bottom 25% athlete in the NBA for a wing. If he is, he'll still be really good and thats a top-5 pick given his skills and feel. If Cade can reliably beat his man off the dribble he's a hall of famer. He checks damn near every other box (and is an amazing defender too). I just really, really don't think he will. This is the Texas game. He did well but he literally doesnt create a single good look for himself off the bounce once all
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