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  1. 6 months and its still ridiculously hard to find one. What a trainwreck. Oh well...still no games out that make rhe system a must own, and I doubt that changes until next year.
  2. Madden as a whole makes me feel that way.
  3. I voted its completely off the board....but I meant for the first round. I doubt we draft one until day 3 unless its someone they are very high on that falls. Too many other glaring needs.
  4. WB identifies the good ideas, and then does the exact opposite...or so it seems.
  5. That was my plan too....but they have alot of good stuff on HBO Max including most DC animated stuff, South Park, Chappelle Show and some other good stuff. Dont mind staying for a few months.
  6. Meh. He's okay. I think he wouldve made the perfect D ck Grayson/Nightwing in this DCEU.
  7. Williams is good as long as he has an athletic sideline to sideline linebacker next to him. He is a great compliment to guys like Shazier and Bush. Its when they are injured that Vinces flaws are exposed.
  8. Meh....not sure about that. Dont get me wrong, I have literally zero expectations of Haskins, but I dont think Dobbs signing is as much about Haskins and just moreso about the overall state of our QB depth. Rudolph sucks too. Ben likes Dobbs and said he has a great eye for playcalling. Probably be a coach eventually ala Byron Leftwich.
  9. His issue was never physical, it was mental. He always had the physical tools, but he was extremely uncoachable his first few years. He refused to learn the playbook, which is why he was cut early on. Steelers brought him back because LeBeau saw something in him.
  10. I think the better "what if" with Harrison is "what if" Cowher had trusted him to start sooner? He showed he had talent long before 2007. I wonder how he wouldve faired starting next to Joey Porter in 2005 and 2006.
  11. This feels like its going to be the "Dark Fate" of the Indiana Jones franchise.
  12. So, for the first time in years, I went back and watched "Superman Returns". The movie was considered average and rather boring, because it was.....but damn, I wouldve LOVED to have seen Brandon Routh get more chances as Superman. He was terrific. Its really upsetting that WB keeps ruining Superman and wasting great actors in those roles. First they destroyed the Christoper Reeves Superman with Superman 3 and 4. They they tried to continue the Reeves franchise with Superman Returns, and found an AWESOME replacement in Routh, but come up with an extremely boring story that failed to
  13. If he can stay healthy and gets behind a decent run blocking line, this could be a very good signing. The part about him being healthy is unlikely though. Still, love Conner and hope he can rejuvenate his career.
  14. Yeah, for sure. I am enjoying it, though. Alot of redundant tasks, but thats an MMO for ya. Tons and tons of awesome DC content, fan service, easter eggs, cameos, etc.... Even for a non DC fan, this game would be pretty decent. For a DC fan, however, its really well done. Biggest issue I have is there are limited character creation options, at least in creating your characters face and body type. Fortunately, there are a ton of different ways to customize pretty much everything else within the game.
  15. Not really, considering Harrison Ford is now way to old to do anything but be a mentor.....which is likely the case in this movie. Disney probably wants this woman to take over the lead for future movies because....of course they do. When youre as creatively bankrupt as Disney, all they do now is either make Marvel movies, make inferior remakes of old movies, or take a hot dump on beloved George Lucas franchises. Really? I respect if you arent into it, but do not judge Indy or the franchise based on Crystal Skull...which is widely considered to be the worst of the 4 mo
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