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  1. That was more along the lines of what I expected to read in regards to why Ravens fans wouldn't want him. However, given his fallout with us (he would be motivated against us) and his relationship with Marquise, I figured there would be some that were open to it.
  2. Not sure why you wouldnt bring in a former Steeler, especially if its one that can help you win games. Not like Brown left on the best of terms anyway. He would obviously extra motivated against us.
  3. Hey guys, just curious what Ravens fans think the chances are your front office would consider bringing in Antonio Brown in a few weeks? With your need at WR and Marquise on the roster, its seems more likely than other places, but just wondering how Ravens fans would feel about it. Thanks!
  4. Fitz is playing decently, but as stated, it wont last. Tua may not take the much further, but I wouldn't trust Fitz too either. Fitzpatrick is probably the best backup in the league, but you dont want to depend on him long term.
  5. I honestly dont remember us ever having more than an average punter. I guess we should just be happy we dont have Paul Ernster anymore. Great lawn fertilizer, but terrible punter.
  6. I really hope they consider bringing someone else in. I wouldn't mind seeing the young guys get opportunities, but they should try to get an ILB with better sideline to sideline ability. There aren't a ton of options, but there ARE options.
  7. Never played it, but I have heard the gameplay is terrible. I was mainly just speaking of the ideas implemented in franchise mode. This is a very low budget game, that has only been around a few years. I wish they would forget about gameplay and just make it a Head Coach 09 esque franchise sim. As for All Pro 2k8....the attention of detail in that game is crazy. Its pathetic how far Madden is still behind that and 2k5 in many areas.
  8. Rodgers legit looks like he wants to cry.
  9. Good news is, Spillane looked good, Williams has been good and there are some decent options in FA. Bad news is, we will really miss Bush's speed in the middle of the field, especially vs Baltimore.
  10. Every fast food place is overpriced.
  11. Steelers should look into Darron Lee or Alec Ogletree to fill Bushs spot.
  12. I thought of that too, but wont happen. Its gonna be sad losing JJSS. Top notch dude.
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