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  1. Well said. It boggles my mind that people keep spending money on this. I just laugh looking back over the years where people got pissy because I called out the game for being basically the same every single year. I suppose those people were just mad at being called out on their gullibility for being duped into buying this garbage year after year. I got labeled as an EA hater, when all I want is a football sim that doesnt get boring after 2 games. And for the record, I am not knocking people for enjoying playing a game of Madden from time to time. I miss playing videogame football too, but paying $60 EVERY YEAR for primarily graphical upgrades and roster updates? I dont see how anyone can justify that. I get that people get alot of hours out of Madden playing online and vs friends and such....but it doesnt dismiss the fact you are foolishly paying for essentially the same game over and over again. It saddens me to think what Madden could be if they had just continually built off of Madden 12 for the last 9 years. That game was headed in the right direction at that point, and then 13 came along and destroyed everything, and the game has been pretty bad ever since.
  2. Not sure why Zoe Kravitz wouldnt do TV. She isnt some big time movie star. And beyond that, she has done TV several other times....fairly recently.
  3. I was afraid of dogs as a kid. I was bitten several times, and if I saw a loose dog, I froze. I never got scared by horror movies really, but I used to have a dream that this California Raisin doll I had in my room came to life Chucky style and attacked me. I hated bugs, but I grew out of it. I still hate them....but not scared hate.
  4. Who would Watson be traded to? Would he start working Hackenbergs shifts at Arby's?
  5. We dont even know how well received Reeves Batman or her Catwoman will be...so I fully expect WB to foolishly commit to something like this. Here is what I don't get....with all of these DC shows going to HBOMax....what is even the point of the DC Universe? They should just move everything from that streaming service over there. I know they wont, but HBO seems to be the future home of DC.
  6. Only reason I am excited is because they MIGHT be introducing a new Batman game and/or Suicide Squad game.
  7. Nothing wrong with that. Lots of shows like that for me, too.
  8. Great show. Psych the movie 2 just came out, but haven't seen it yet. I am rewatching The League and trying to finish the final 2 seasons I never saw. I forgot how funny the first 2 seasons were.
  9. If there is a ME show, I wish they would take some liberties and maybe deviate from what we saw in the games. Im not sure Id direct the show to coincide with the games step by step. Im not saying you cant be true to the characters and the mythos, but I dont really want to see a direct adaptation from the games. Then again, with the way Hollywood's writing is these days, maybe its for the best we keep them on a set path as opposed to giving them too much creative liberty to destroy what made ME great *cough* Star Wars *cough^. 😏
  10. I know that Fitchner didnt have much to work with last year, but he was still so bad. He isnt a good OC, and relies way too heavily on talent to make him look remotely competent. Im not saying an OC should be able to have success with garbage like we had last year on offense, but I just feel he is in way over his head as OC. Oh well. Just have to pray for the best. If Ben can even be solid and Conner can stay healthy....this team could be a real threat this year considering the defense doesnt regress. It would be nice to see how good this defense could be with an offense that occasionally took some pressure off of them and let them breathe a little on the sidelines..
  11. If Mass Effect continues, I guarantee it will not be a sequel to Andromeda. I dont think anyone would have a major issue with Shepard coming back given how terrible 3's ending was.
  12. Oh, okay. Thanks for your amazing insight. I guess I just figured there are more interesting things to discuss than a football player saying he wants to win Super Bowls.
  13. Its merely optimism and wishful thinking. Its not like he is guaranteeing it. Not sure why this needed its own thread.
  14. I dont even trust they will do much. Back before M19 came out, they claimed they were dedicated to making franchise mode great again. Yet neither 19 or 20 had any notable improvements aside from custom draft classes, and 21 has ZERO improvements aside from supposed tweaks they do every year.
  15. Never seen Almost Heroes. Was always a huge Farley fan, but nothing about the trailers made it look appealing and then I forgot it even existed for 20 years.
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