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  1. I may have been a little harsh calling him trash considering the circumstances, but he is the type of QB that will typically have a game or two like this each year, healthy or not. He will play at a subpar level against a inferior team and allow them to stick around and eventually win. In fairness to Clifford, our running game hasnt helped him much all year. And I still think Clifford is better than Hackenberg....but Clifford will go undrafted, while Hack was drafted in the 2nd round. Sorry....that will never not blow my mind.
  2. Rockstar is becoming just as a bad as EA.
  3. GTA 4 still holds up pretty well today. Didnt need a remaster the way the GTA3 PS2 games did.
  4. Yeah...Clifford is trash. I expected a game like this eventually. Usually happens with mediocre QBs. That being said, I kind of hope Franklin goes to USC. I get he isnt terrible and you can certainly do worse, but I feel he is pretty damn overrated. This team never really takes any major steps forward under him. Only thing we'll miss is his recruiting, but even that isnt overly special. No idea who Id look to replace him, though.
  5. The reality is, there have likely been many quality ST coverage unit players over the years, some just as good as Slater, that you never even heard their names. The only real reason why people know Slater's name is because he played for such a high profile team and the announcers talked about him alot during the playoffs and big games. Put him on the Lions his entire career and he wouldve never gotten close to the same recognition, even if he was the same caliber of player.
  6. If Fillion was younger, or the movie were a one off, he would be perfect. If it were 15 or 20 years ago, he and JK Simmons would be the perfect Drake and Sully.
  7. This should have been expected. Two mid round project lineman starting as rookies. The fact that they have held up as well as they have is actually pretty encouraging for the future. Dotson was simply never as good as Steeler fans wanted to believe. Just another player who got overrated based on a limited sample. I mean, the secondary was almost as much of a mess as the OLine from the beginning. Tuitts been out. We lost our best run defender in Alualu. Only two consistently dependable players have been Watt and Cam. Also doesnt help that our offense is bo
  8. Only way Emmits record will ever be broken is if some RB comes into the league at 20 or 21 behind a young talented OLine and coach committed to running and dominates early and often. RBs simply arent the focal points of offenses like they were when Emmitt was in his prime, and lineman today arent the hardnosed road graders they were back then. Its a more finesse game focused on passing, and much more RB-by-committee approach. There arent many true feature backs anymore. Even with 17 games, I dont see that record being broken anytime soon....if ever.
  9. Perhaps, but beyond No Way Home, we dont know much about what the future holds for him as Spider Man. Obviously he will still be part of the MCU, but I feel like it will be along the lines of RDJ after Iron Man 3....team up movies and cameos. Maybe t we will see a Spidey vs Venom movie too. Bottom line....if this is successful, I think every 3 or 4 years is likely for a new one, which is fairly standard.
  10. National Treasure was the vibe I got too.
  11. I think it looks really fun and true to the game, but Tom Holland just doesnt feel like Nathan Drake. I know its a younger Drake, but I feel like he will kind of always have that boyish voice and look, and I dont feel that for Drake. Not to say I wont enjoy this, but as a huge fan of the games, Im more picky about the casting. Not a huge fan of Walberg as Sully, either. However, in terms of a possible franchise, its good casting. Just not great fits.
  12. I gotta say....Minkah has been pretty bad this year and is pretty one dimensional. Im not feeling a huge contract for him. I know safeties are very hard to find, but Im not down for paying huge money to such a feast or famine player.
  13. Cut it down another $43 and maybe....
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