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  1. I dont know much about Judge and cant really comment on him either way. Have any other players had issues with him? I do find your defense of Benjamin a bit odd, though. This is a guy with well established issues in regards to his weight and conditioning. Benjamin has the talent to be a decent WR and maybe TE. Its his lack of discipline that has held him back and clearly still does. Beyoynd that, even if they asked him to drop 15 lbs....maybe they had a reason for it. 265 can be carried in different ways. What was his BMI at 265? Maybe it was more of an effort to g
  2. Just annoys me that a show that was so great seemingly had no plan for how to end it.
  3. If its done right, I dont mind. But these kids are using specialized radioactive equipment like its nothing. I can suspend my disbelief, but its still silly. Either way....Im cautiously optimistic.
  4. I agree Bush hasnt really broken out, but Timmons was so hit or miss and took a few years before he really broke out....although they kept moving him around early on. Bush is far better than Sean Spence though. Bush is a capable starter, even if only solid. Spence was never starter caliber. Hopefully Bush improves, but even if he never becomes a standalone star, he is at least a good tandem ILB if we can get another quality guy next to him. Also, lets not forget it took time for Shazier to become a really good ILB. Early on he also had trouble shedding and took poor angle
  5. A really good corner and a young decent QB for a top 5 QB whose future in the league could be in extreme jeopardy? Quite the gamble. Anyway, Id kill to have him in Pittsburgh, but probably not the best option since we still have to extend Watt and Minkah in the near future.
  6. ??? The media and other groups have gone laughably soft on Watson relative to others who have been ACCUSED of similar behavior....some with far less accusers and/or evidence. Watson absolutely deserves a fair trial, but its just pathetic how manufactured the outrage is based on who is being accused of said behavior. The standard is and should ALWAYS BE, "innocent until proven guilty", and in this case, that seems to be the approach...but we have seen many cases of the "guilty until proven innocent" over the years for others who have been accused. Anyway....I stand by what
  7. Overall ratings and the way they are scaled to each position are a joke. Sometimes, the individual ratings are accurate, but the overall ratings seem off. I wish they would do away with overalls to be honest, but they are there for casual fans and will never go away. But yes...the entire ratings system needs overhauled, but that will never happen.
  8. Nickname for the connected DC Comics shows CW.
  9. Probably a ton a losers cried about how offensive it is because they don't understand things like parody and satire, so they stopped making it available on major platforms. Anyway...
  10. Kevin Smith used to be great, but hasnt really done anything impressive in 20 years. Clerks 2 was lame, his run on the Arrowverse was a letdown and his new Masters of the Universe is a joke.
  11. I cant see it. They ruined Snake Eyes. Nothing against the actor, but its not close to Snake Eyes.
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