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  1. Lamar is a bum. So is Justin Tucker. Ravens should trade both of them to the Steelers for Mason Rudolph and a conditional late round draft pick. Its time to move on. Seriously though....You clowns trashing Lamar do realize he just turned 24, right? Im not saying he is going to get much better or become a clutch performer, but he still has room to grow. Lamar is a bonafide franchise QB, playoffs or not. Do you not remember the Ravens QBs history BEFORE Lamar? And some of you are saying they should move on or put the job up for grabs? Im not even Lamar's big
  2. Been awhile since I updated this. I am still playing Breath of the Wild, but as I stated last time, I decided to take it slower and just explore more. However, right after I destroyed the 4 Divine Beasts, I went and looked up a few things, and I realized....there was a TON of stuff I didnt do. Hell, it wasnt until right before I was about to do the last DB that I realized I could increase my invintory with those Korok Seeds...which was primarily the reason I went and read up on things because I was wondering what the hell else I missed. I became pretty annoyed about how much I
  3. Butler is a pretty good DC. Nothing special, but he is suffice, at least. Tomlin will get at least a few more years, for better or worse.
  4. I dont want Anthony Lynn. Wasnt a good head coach and was never even a particularly good OC. Rather have Pep Hamilton....much more upside. Bill Callahan is a nice option. OC, OL coach and hurts the Browns...trifecta!
  5. Wow....Jags fans have to be drooling right now. Not sure how Meyer will be in the NFL, but I dont think you could dream of a better situation for a coach taking over a first overall pick team.
  6. Jags was a worse loss, but this hurt more. I dont recall expectations being much higher in 2017, so that isnt really an issue. The Jags loss was largely the result of Ben sucking early in the game...but he always sucked vs Jags. Browns felt like a) the culmination of a total team meltdown and b) the door closing on this Steelers team. Plus...it was the Browns. Better team...but, still the Browns.
  7. Ray Fisher has been fired from the Cyborg role. Dont know if the things he was saying were true, but he was saying some other stupid stuff. Didnt think he was terrible as Cyborg. Mightve been better if the role was written better...but I doubt anyone will miss him. Still...what a trainwreck DC is. 😄
  8. Damn. I want a black PS5 tho. 😕
  9. Sony apparently cancelled the black PS5s due to threats. If its for the reason I think it might be...this is beyond stupid. Guess we will see if they EVENTUALLY come out.
  10. I started replying to your entire post last night, but I lost it, so Ill just stick to this last part since it sums most of it up. First off, call it whatever you want, but you simply clearly havent done research. You keep on saying Steeler fans take him for granted, yet the basis for your entire argument is bringing up his regular season success and success from over 10 years ago. Secondly, if you bothered to actually do the research...you would know I havent pushed for him to be fired. I just said he should be on the hot seat. I know its not easy to find a good coach....but t
  11. I dont think there was meant to be a huge arc with her aside just to show she wasnt a complete monster and that she really did have it rough. The show has so many characters to juggle, so her main role on the show is to basically be the antithesis of Sam.... Sam - Spoiled rich girl who grew up having everything, parents who coddled her and learning how to resolve things peacefully Tory - Grew up struggling and taking care of herself, pretty much on her own, and resented the world and people who had it easy. Not saying they couldnt have developed her better, but in the end, s
  12. What exactly are we taking for granted? Most Steeler fans know you can do worse than Tonlin, but at what point do you stop using that as an excuse to POSSIBLY get better? Okay...you basically just made an argument against yourself here, so lets move on... Too bad the end goal isnt simply to MAKE the playoffs. That might be nice a new coach taking over a team that has struggled for years....like Stefanski and the Browns this year....but I doubt that Browns fans will be quite as happy with him if they only win 3 playoff games in the next 10 years, much because of coaching fa
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