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  1. Im not saying he has to be massive, but it would be nice if he had a believable physique for the role. He looks like a featherweight, though. While I agree he looked good in the suit, it wasnt really because of his physique. Keaton looked great in his suit too despite never been in great shape. As Bruce Wayne, Im still not sold on him. He doesn't have the look. He wouldve been much better cast as Jason Todd/Red Hood in an Affleck Batman movie IMO. I agree, but we have seen very very little.
  2. 1) That isnt 50 lbs of muscle. Get real. 2) He is obviously in shape, but not Batman shape.
  3. Y'all better start showing South Park some respect, or you might end up like Scott Tennerman.
  4. Agreed. I just saw this and thought, "How did a Kyle Van Noy thread get 4 pages of replies?"
  5. Really? Dude looks like he has skipped most chest days and ignored his forearms altogether.
  6. I wish people would stop bringing up Keaton. That was a different time. While I enjoy Batman 89, its laughable to watch it and buy Keaton as a butt kicking vigilante. I get that movie are actors playing roles, but most people prefer for an actor to be believable in a role. A casting like Keaton as Batman wouldnt work nearly as well today. Pattinson doesnt necessarily need to be as beefy as Ben Affleck....but he should be as ripped and muscular as he can possibly get. Its too bad Scott Adkins wasnt a better actor. His look and fighting skills are about as perfect as you co
  7. ILB is not a need. Bush will be back. Spillane is an ERFA and will be back. Vince Williams still here, and even if we cut him, ILB is still not a first round need. Again, you're forcing a depth pick on us early when we have much bigger needs. Could we use an upgrade next to Bush? Sure, but its not an immedate need. We are possibly losing 3 starting OLineman and there are at least 3 lineman on your board worth the pick.
  8. Thats one way of looking at it, I suppose. The other is that its a raunchy, over the top cartoon that shouldnt be taken extremely seriously. I love the fact that it makes fun of serious issues and fads, and more importantly, how society reacts to them....because thats basically what South Park is...a caricature portrait of society.
  9. The Steelers first round pick makes no sense. We could use some depth at OLB, but we dont need a starter. We drafted Highsmith last year and he played well when given the opportunity. He was drafted specifically to replace Dupree. Give us one of the top OLineman (like Cosmi) or CBs.....even Trask would be better. The rest of the draft seems okay.
  10. I guess we will find out sooner or later. This isnt necessarily about Pattinson being a diva or hard to work with. Its seemingly about his dedication to Matt Reeves vision of the character. Again, I dont know if this is true or not. Like I said, time will tell. However, citing him working with other directors and actors doesnt really mean anything in regards to this. None of those other roles were on this level in regard to how high profile it is and how physically demanding it is. I hope it all works out. That first trailer got me excited.
  11. The amount of irony and hypocrisy contained within this short post is...astounding.
  12. Its more than just 4chan rumors. And it apparently has to do with RPs reluctance or unwillingness to put in the work needed to get into Batman shape. As good as the Batman trailer looked, Pattinson didn't look like he was in great shape. Im not saying I 100% believe it, but I wouldnt be the least bit shocked.
  13. Not sure why they would dump Cavill if this were just a one off. Much like the Joker, it might be planned as a one off, but if it succeeded, it would probably go beyond that. However, the Joker was a brillant character piece, and unfortunately, I have a good idea of what we are likely to get from this. But I completely disagree with the idea that DC should quit diving down the virtue signaling rabbit hole. After all, its worked so well for their comics and CW shows. Sucks....because after the trailer, I was warming up to Pattinson as Batman. But its par for the course for
  14. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger DT Carlos Davis DT Henry Mondeaux LB Vince Williams FB Jaylen Samuels
  15. Rosen played one year. Darnold has played 3. There was definitely more upside with Rosen. Darnold was never close to being worth a 1st overall. Derek Carr was a better prospect and he went early 2nd. He has 3 bad years under his belt, and while I get he hasn't been in a good situation, he hasnt shown much to be impressed by. Great QBs in bad situations still typically show alot to be impressed by. Darnold has shown very little. Id give our 4th and maybe future 5 or 6. Thats it.
  16. Anyone who would trade 2nd rd+ value for Darnold is delusional. Not trying to be mean, but that is absolutely ridiculous. He was never that good to begin with and his value has depreciated significantly. Not completely opposed to giving him a chance, but 2nd rounder? What the hell? Early 4th round value, at most.
  17. It just makes me laugh that his main reasoning is "they beat the Patriots". I guess the 2005 Jake Plummer led Broncos and the 2010 Mark Sanchez led Jets were historic teams, too.
  18. But youre perfectly fine with his slander of others? Him and Abrhams are both clowns. I can already imagine the type of movie it will be, and I promise you, if I am anywhere close to right, it will fail....spectacularly. It always does. Beyond that, despite how poorly the character has been used, most people seem to really want Cavill to stay as Supes. He isnt the issue. The issue is WB doesnt know how to use these characters or know/care what fans want from the DCEU. This announcement just proves that even more.
  19. Abrhams Superman will bomb hard. Of this I have little doubt.
  20. At this point, I just want to see how much harder DC can fail. Abrhams is a massive POS and laughably overrated, and the rumored writer is even worse. **** DC and their pandering. Cant wait to watch it fail, just like all of their super cringey garbage CW shows.
  21. ???? I stated this is more like karma or justice. Main reason I brought up cancel culture is because some people are claiming that she got cancelled the same way Depp did. Cancel culture is about pressuring a company or employer to fire someone you dont like. Scumbag Disney fired Depp quickly but WB didnt want to fire Heard, mainly because a bunch of angry squealing losers cried about Depp being a woman beater, but ignored the evidence incriminating her. Did Depp deserve to be canned? Maybe...but cancel culture still got him fired. Lets face it, Hollywood and sports
  22. I completely disagree about Inquisition. It had a ton of enjoyable content. Obviously, its a matter of preference, but most people I know who played it and enjoy open world RPGs enjoyed it. My main gripe is that building the Inquisition didnt really lead to much of a payoff....but I still enjoyed the game. Never finished it....but that was due to personal reasons. Anyway, alot of games in great franchises tend to be vastly different than the others. As long as they are great games, I dont mind at all.
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