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  1. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    A huge amount of that wouldve been paid upfront. If you dont think the guaranteed money was good enough, fair enough....but is that the Steelers fault? I cant see why anyone would trust Bell enough to give him an insane amount of guaranteed money. Bell pointed out Gurley contract like that was what he deserved. I mean, maybe strictly on the field....but Gurley has no off field issues, is younger and very arguably more talented overall. Again, if Bell wasnt an idiot early in his career, he probably wouldve gotten a nice extension 2 years ago. I dont blame Bell for holding out. I said many times I think RBs get a raw deal in general. I have no issue with people taking his side. My only issue is with people acting like he is a victim and like the Steelers are the bad guys, without even considering why the Steelers are so reluctant to give Bell the type of money he wants. He's been making bad decisions since coming into the league. He made his own bed. The Steelers arent obligated to pay him more than they feel comfortable giving to a guy with the red flags he has....both off the field and his injury issues. As you stated....its a business. If some other teams feels comfortable giving Bell huge money with a ton guaranteed....power to them. I dont see it....at least not nearly as much as he thinks.
  2. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    If you support him sitting out and not accepting the offer, so be it, but your constant claims that the contract he was offered was terrible and gave him no protection makes you look even more foolish than you looked when you used to defend Sam Bradford. The contract he was offered was more than fair. He wanted to be paid a ridiculous amount that he will not even come close to next year. Just because they didnt want to give him the nearly $17m he wanted doesnt mean they didnt do him right....it just means they didnt value him the same way he valued himself. And for all the talk about the Steelers "not doing him right", how about we consider how immature he acted early in his career, which prevented them from offering him a contract sooner? Or how about we consider that Bell didnt even play all that great in 2017? Are the Steelers just supposed to ignore this? At this point, I dont even care. I am just glad we can move on from him and his endless drama. Best of luck to him.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    Bell is breaking down doors? Ha...we moved on without a hiccup. If anything, he hurt RBs long term IMO. Some team might be dumb enough to pay him a ton of money, but unless Bell is amazing next year, he won't have accomplished much aside from losing a ton of money by not playing this year.
  4. Best WR in AFC, Brown or Hopkins

    Their abilities as a wide receiver? Do you really think statistical output is the best way to judge players? not saying it doesn't have its place, but they should be used in support of the argument... Not be the argument itself.
  5. Best WR in AFC, Brown or Hopkins

    Its absolutely discrediting him because of the QB he plays with. I never once said it wasnt advantageous. I said its stupid to use the QB argument when discussing who is a BETTER WR. If we are discussing statistical production, sure....but statistical production alone doesnt make a player better than another. Again, yes it is....when discussing who is the better player. Show me where I said Brown is better...
  6. Best WR in AFC, Brown or Hopkins

    I love how every time there is a comparison between Brown and another WR, people use the fact that Brown plays with Ben to discredit him. I love Hopkins and always have...but if you must compare him to Brown and ask who is better, please come up with a better argument than "Brown has played with a better QB", because its a weak argument. Not saying that it doesnt have any merit whatsoever when discussing their stats, but in no way does it prove anything in regards to who is better.
  7. CIN hires Hue Jackson to their coaching staff

    If they miss the playoffs, any chance they finally fire Marvin Lewis and promote Hue to head coach? Just seems like a very Mike Brown thing to do.
  8. Jordy Nelson announces retirement

    The Raiders started the season with Amari Cooper, Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant, and were anticipated to be one of the better, if not the best, WR corps in the league. Now? Amari Cooper = traded Jordy Nelson = retired Martavis Bryant = Probably going to IR, and not that good anyway Raiders fans have to be sick.
  9. Harbs wont be out of work long. Wont be shocked if he ends up in Tampa or even Cleveland. As far as the Ravens....probably for the best. They are spinning tires, and they need fresh minds. Next year, they'll have a new GM, head coach and starting QB. Whoever takes over at head coach should be in a pretty decent position. They have talent around the roster.
  10. Having a little fun with the draft simulators

    Taking a TE in the first round is a terrible decision unless they are some kind of special talent, and Hockenson isnt special. He body catches way too much and Im not overly impressed with his blocking. He has upside, but I definitely wouldnt happy spending a first round pick on him. 2nd....maybe. 3rd would be ideal, but he would probably be gone by that. Dont really have a major problem with the positions outside of that, but doubtful we take two WRs.
  11. Steeler vs. Panthers Thurday Night Football Gamethread

    Yeah, we would have to win out and hope KC drops 2 games. I think the latter is possible, but no chance in hell I see us winning out. Our last 3 home games are tough, our 3 "easiest" games are on the road at stadiums we have historically struggled at, and on the road vs the Saints. IMO, there is a better chance we miss the playoffs altogether than getting a first round bye.
  12. Not knocking anyone, but many of the posted plays are plays most football fans (age being a factor of course) remember. The Carney one and the Freeman one are extremely memorable IMO. This is one that comes to mind for me (as a Steeler fan)....
  13. Week 10 GDT

    That sucks. Reminds me of the Steelers 2009 season. They went 9-7 and lost those 7 games by a combined 28 points. 5 of the 7 were lost by 3 points each. I hated that season.
  14. Steeler vs. Panthers Thurday Night Football Gamethread

    Maybe, but so will we.
  15. Bell contract 2018

    Don't you dare get my hopes up.