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  1. Catch rule changed

    Good news. Regardless of how it affected us, I always hated that "surviving the ground" nonsense.
  2. kurgan's mock 3.0--St. Paddy's Hangover

    I've already explained time and time again why I would absolutely hate running back any earlier than the fifth round unless we are planning to trade Le'Veon before the season starts. It would be absolutely stupid to let Bell know we have no intention of resigning him. He isn't going to put everything on the field every week and let us run him into the ground like we did last season when he knows we are planning to let him walk next year. If we truly want to retain him long-term, we need to keep working towards a new deal with the expectation that one will get done before next offseason. That means not drafting his potential replacement early in the draft. If we are planning to just use him for one more season, again just roll with what we have and draft a late round running back. However, the smart move would be to trade him for first-round value, sign a back like Demarco Murray, and maybe draft one early next draft. And why did we even bother drafting James Conner in the third round last year if we are planning to just give up on him right away and not give him a chance to earn the starting spot? Seems like a complete waste. Bottom line, I am vehemently opposed to drafting any running back early.
  3. Definitely. Bostic is a depth player, but then again, thats what VW should be, so he might push him for playing time, but it shouldnt affect us potentially drafting an ILB early. Burnett is an instant upgrade at safety (when healthy), but likely only a short term option, and still doesnt address our need for a quality center-fielding safety.
  4. Can the Giants seriously pass on a QB at 2??!!

    Unlike most, Im not particularly high on the QBs at the top of this class. Not saying there arent good ones, but no one I feel totally comfy drafting this early. If I were the Giants, I would see what kind of offers I could get for 2. If they can get 3 first round picks and a couple 2nd and 3rds, they need to jump on it hard.
  5. Pretty sure Burnett can play both....but Id probably move Davis to FS. IMO, this shouldnt prevent us from drafting a safety early. This just means we dont necessarily have to make a desperation pick. I still have next to no faith in Sean Davis and while Burnett is a nice get, he has been banged up and seems to have lost a step as a pass defender. He will be good for our run game, but IMO, we still to find another safety. In general, I am quite happy with this signing....but much like with Bostic, doesnt really change what our needs are. Just gives us a bit more flexibility in how we approach the draft.
  6. Should The NFL Implement A Draft Lottery System?

    Can't believe you suggested this. You should be ashamed of yourself and your family.
  7. Games I Beat Thread

    We seemingly have alot of similar experiences in gaming. In TMNT, I always lost most of my life during the underwater part with the electric seaweed. I got past it a few times, but always died shortly after cuz I hardly had any life left. Stupid game.
  8. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Im in the same boat. The only two games I'm extremely interested in are Zelda and Xenoblade 2. Mario is intriguing as well. However, I am going to wait until the end of the year and see if the price drops.
  9. ILB Jon Bostic signed to 2 Yr Contract

    Solid signing.
  10. KO really only had one great year in Baltimore IIRC. So while that was a nice tandem, it wasnt one that dominated for numerous years.
  11. Free Agency Tracker

    More than we can afford.
  12. Do backup QBs ever actually help young QBs?

    I always laugh at the notion that a bad player cant have a high football IQ. Lots of amazing coaches and analysts were never particularly good PLAYERS. In terms of the question, absolutely. Charlie Batch was never that good, but he was an excellent backup and highly intelligent, and helped Ben progress early in his career. Beyond QB, same thing with a guy like DeShea Townsend. Never more than an average at best corner (mainly because of his ho-hum athleticism), but was incredibly smart, which made him an asset.
  13. Where does John Lynch rank among GMs?

    IMO, the ability to find and develop a franchise QB is what LARGELY makes or breaks NOT JUST GMs, but head coaches as well. QBs are so vital to success in todays league. Yes, you have teams who occasionally have good seasons with average QBs, but its not a formula for sustainable success. Obviously, poor drafting or team building in other areas can hurt a coach, but IMO there is no single flaw that can doom a GM more than not being able to find a QB. And Lynch looks like he may have hit the jackpot early on, so....good for him. However, cant crown Garroppolo just yet either.....unless we are casting for best looking NFL player....in which case he is second behind Terrell Suggs.
  14. Games I Beat Thread

    Me neither. Although, if the games kept track of it back then, I probably did with Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9. The Arkham games I did 100%.....if you dont count the Riddler trophies.....which at a certain point just got annoying.
  15. LaMar Jackson Mock Draft

    If by "ignore the gobblygook", you mean ignore that its completely unrealistic and takes the "win LATER" approach instead of the "win NOW" approach that we SHOULD be in....then sure. The first two picks would be nice picks if Ben was still talking retirement and we cut Vance McDonald. Ben wants to keep playing and was throwing the ball as well as he ever has late last year, and we already have two solid TEs. Meanwhile, we need two starting ILBs, at least one starting safety (plus depth), a pass rusher to replace the horrible Bud Dupree and nose tackle since Hargrave aint cutting it. Compared to his other mocks....this isnt embarrassingly bad. It just doesnt make much sense given our situation.