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  1. DC Movie Universe

    Where were you "ripped to shreds"? Still waiting for you to show us where that happened. We both know you can't, so lets move on... Its funny how you cherry picked my posts so you could purposefully frame them out of context. How convenient you left out the post where I said the Damaged tattoo was really stupid. If you actually took a minute to read what I was saying, you wouldve noticed my comments were about waiting to see the final product on screen. Obviously, it ended up sucking, but we didn't know at that point. I will concede that, at that point, I was still trying to be optimistic about their plans for the DCEU, but it was admittedly misplaced optimism.
  2. DC Movie Universe

    Most people didnt like the way Leto looked, so I doubt you got "ripped to shreds".
  3. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (Remaster)

    I love the combat. Its very basic, for sure, but I like that sometimes. Character building was really fun, and it had a ton of cool weapons and armor. The biggest thing I am hoping for is increased difficulty, because even on hard, the game was pretty easy aside from a few parts.
  4. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (Remaster)

    Youre a bad person.
  5. I think this is one of the most underrated games of the last 20 years, and I am absolutely shocked and thrilled that there is not only a remaster for this game from THQ Nordiq, but also refined gameplay, extended additions to the story apparently, and a freaking new DLC!!!! If they added a higher difficulty setting, I will put another 150 hours into the game, easily. I will probably do that, either way. I am really hoping this does well so we can potentially see a sequel. I honestly believe they are testing the waters to see how much interest there is in the future of this franchise. I remember a few years back when I read that THQ Nordiq purchased the rights to KoA, but never thought much would come from it. Now, I have hope again!!!!
  6. Well, Breath of the Wild was made simultaneously for both Wii U and Switch. Xenoblade Chronicles X was made specifically for the Wii U, and the Xenoblade director said that while a port to the Switch is possible, its relatively unlikely due to the massive size of the game and how much it would cost to make a port. The Nintendo Switch is a good bit more powerful than the Wii U, but is still notably underpowered compared to other consoles. When I said Id like to see Xenoblade on other consoles, I meant XBox or Playstation, or even better, PC. Id LOVE to see a PC port of Xenoblade Chronicles X.
  7. Playstation 5

    I dont think you talked it up enough.
  8. Madden 20

    Maybe if 2K wasnt notorious for being greedy scumbags, I wouldnt question their motives. While I get what you are saying, I fully believe they are taking advantage of the tragedy to earn more money. Yes, you may be right....maybe everyone wanted it. and in ways, maybe it was meant to be a tribute to him. However, 2K is clearly licking their chops at how much money this will rake in. That's basically the motto of the entire media and entertainment industry... "Never waste a good tragedy..." Bottom line: I see your point, but I still believe they are more focused on the extra money this will earn them rather than actually paying tribute to Kobe.
  9. Xbox Series X

    They really need to get some new exclusives to compete with Sony's flagship titles. XBox has some advantages over Playstation, but until it can compete there, I feel like they are at a severe disadvantage.
  10. Crucial but underrated players

    For the Steelers, probably Steven Nelson. Minkah got alot of attention for helping to turn our secondary around, but Nelson was an excellent, low key addition for us. People also forget how good James Conner was in 2018. Hoping he can get back to that this year.
  11. True, but those are typically my favorite.
  12. Madden 20

    Only way I dont see it as exploitative is if they are donating the money to a charity or something. Since when does 2K care what fans are calling for? Fans called for them to stop with the gambling mechanics and baiting little kids into it...did they do it? 2K knows they are going to make a killing off it. That may not be the ONLY reason, but it is the MAIN reason they did it. Lets be real here.
  13. Madden 20

    Or is it just that 2K is the greediest company in the videogame industry? Lets not forget they are also exploiting Kobe Bryant's death by charging extra for the Black Mamba edition.
  14. Do it, man! No need to rush through it. Might give me some ideas on other games to check out, too.
  15. Madden 20

    I wouldnt even pay 20 for it.