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  1. Do you root for your players from your College in the NFL?

    I wasnt ashamed. The players on the field did nothing wrong, and that was who I spent my time cheering for, for the most part. I was just disillusioned and disgusted by the entire situation, and I couldnt even watch them for a couple years. Ive gotten back into it, but Im a very casual fan now. Then again, Im not as diehard of a football fan as I used to be IN GENERAL....some has to do with me and my life, and some has to do with various factors relating to both college and the NFL.
  2. Do you root for your players from your College in the NFL?

    Since everything that went down at Penn State, I haven't been the Die Hard fan I once was. However, certain players I do keep tabs on... Like Saquon Barkley, Allen Robinson and Sean Lee.
  3. Jon Bostic

    Bostic isn't that good. no way he will be anywhere close to a James Farrior caliber of signing. it's much closer to an Arthur Moats type of signing. Next year at this time, I fully expect to still need 2 new starting inside linebackers.
  4. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    Teams within each division only vary by two games in regards to who they play.....and the way they determine that is perfectly fair (previous seasons record). Beyond that, teams regress and progress season to season. There have been many times when teams who were thought to have a hard schedule going INTO a season ultimately ended up having an easy season due to teams regressing and injuries. So just because a schedule may be perceived as extremely easy or extremely hard before the season doesnt mean it will ultimately be that. And on top of that, there is no way to eliminate schedule difficulty. Even if you do it within the division (which isnt necessary since its done fairly), schedules are still going to vary wildly from division to division and conference to conference. So no matter what you do, there will ALWAYS been teams with easier schedules and teams with harder schedules.
  5. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    Perfect may not be the right word, but its as close to perfect as youre going to get. I guess the more accurate term would be "perfectly fine". 16 games already takes a massive toll on the players. You add two more games, as I stated, youre going to shorten the careers of players and wear them down for the playoffs. Cutting preseason games isnt going to remedy that either. Not even a little. Adding 2 more games isnt going to improve anything except bring in more money, but thats also going to massively complicate things between players and owners, and would likely result in another NFLPA strike. And would it really be worth it considering what its going to mean for players careers and the playoffs, which is going to see more injured players and players simply being worn out by the end of the season. 12 playoff teams, if anything, is already too MUCH. You dont need half the league in the playoffs. Thats silly. Just because one SUPPOSEDLY deserving team may miss out here and there doesnt mean you let more teams in. We already see .500 teams make it and on a rare occasion, a losing team. You expand the playoffs, and youre going to see more of that, and no, thats not a good thing. With 12 spots and 16 games, most games feel important. You increase the amount of both playoff teams and regular season games, youre going to make many regular season games feel less important, and water down the playoffs with lesser teams.
  6. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    18 games is going to wear players down more for the playoffs and shorten careers. Increasing the amount of playoff teams is going to water down the postseason. You dont need half the teams in the league making the playoffs. The only reason people even suggest this is because, on occasion, a supposedly deserving team misses the playoffs.....while ignoring that, occasionally, a team that DOESNT really deserve to be there gets it....so yes, lets increase it to 16 teams.....we need more 7-9 teams in the playoffs, right? That will improve the product. The current setup is perfect. Im in favor of change....as long as it makes sense. The only way ideas like those would make sense is if you added like, 4 more teams to the league. With 32 teams....12 playoff teams and 16 games is perfect, and shouldnt be messed with.
  7. Justice League

    Superman I agree with, but more because he simply isnt that popular anymore among the general public. IMO, they should treat Superman like Marvel treated Thor in that they need to build up his popularity and make people care about him. Batman...most people dont really disagree about Batman. Most believe he should absolutely be a darker character in a movie with a darker tone....most believe he shouldnt kill at all....so I dont see where people disagree on him. You cant really change Wonder Woman much. Aquaman...yes, but mainly because his image for a long time was kind of a joke. Most casual fans viewed him as a very lame character. Those are petty little things that fanboys will always bicker about. Cant be avoided. Batman shouldnt crack too many jokes....and the vast majority of people would agree with that. A timely, subtle one here and there are okay (like we saw with TDK trilogy), but he shouldnt be doing it much. I completely disagree. Avengers succeeded because it was done incredibly well. Look to the DC cartoons of the 90s and early 2000s. They are widely considered masterpiece portrayals of the characters....and despite being cartoons, the characters personalites arent cartoonish....so they could be translated to live action. If they did that and did it well, they would see similar success to the current MCU. No doubt in my mind. I supposed we are just going to have to agree to disagree. The issues with the DCEU has absolutely nothing to do with them using Superman and Batman to build their universe....its HOW its been done. If the MCU started off like the current DCEU has started, it wouldnt be where it is today. Had very little to do with the characters they used. MCU, from the get go, had a clear vision, perfect casting, and they never forgot what they were supposed to be....fun, superhero movies. With a character like Batman, you can ground it in reality more. With Superman, you cant do that for obvious reasons....and that was a problem with Man of Steel and the DCEU's version of Superman. They focused way too much on a realistic look at how the world react to an alien living on earth and less on the fun, superhero element of it. You can make a somewhat darker Superman movie if done well, but you shouldnt change the essence of the characters. You cant take, say...Batman's tone and apply it to Superman. With better dialogue and a few tweaks here and there, Man of Steel couldve reached a much broader audience. Again, no, Avengers was simply done much better. DCEU was not. And, once again, Avengers had NO CHOICE but to build with lesser known characters....but that isnt even close to the biggest reason they succeeded. Bottom line....I respect your stance, but you could absolutely build a great DCEU starting off with Batman. Superman needs to be built back up, but if done well, it can most certainly be done.
  8. Justice League

    The entire Avengers team was compiled of "B" characters.....or what were B characters AT THE TIME. Iron Man was known but wasnt widely known to casual fans. Captain America was basically The Avengers version of Aquaman....a character most saw as cheesy and lame until the new movies redefined him. Thor...was a C character. Point is, Marvel had no choice but to start with a B character to create the Avengers, especially since, at the time, they didnt have movie rights to Spiderman or the XMen. If they rebooted with Batman, they dont need to tell an origin story. It could be a few years into his career and before the Justice League is formed. If DC rebooted....which Im not even saying they definitely should....they could absolutely reboot with Batman, and if its good, it would be a great launching point if done right. Could they do another character? Sure, but Batman is the smartest choice, by far.
  9. Gambling could renew push for 18-game season

    And your suggestion would only hurt the product.
  10. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    Poorly worded on my part. I meant that alot of women use deception and lies to hurt men....not necessarily that alot of women accusing men of assault are lying.
  11. Your Team: What are you most looking forward to?

    And Scarlett Johannsen might be waiting in my bed when I get home tonight.
  12. What Could Have Been?

    Sean Taylor was the first one that came to mind. Some people overrated what he WAS, but he was looking like he couldve been something special. I always wonder how good David Carr COULD have been if he hadnt played behind the worst pass blocking OLine in NFL history. Tim Couch....could he have succeeded elsewhere? Greg Hardy, Shawne Merriman and Aldon Smith couldve been HOF pass rushers if they were complete idiots. What if Ricky Williams was focused on football his entire career? What if TO was a team player? For the Steelers....Kendrell Bell is a good one. Cant really think of anyone else. Maybe James Harrison....if he were willing to listen to coaching early in his career.
  13. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    Okay....and there are numerous proven incidents of women lying themselves. The point is and always has been this.....innocent until proven guilty....not the other way around, even though certain people want it that way. I want to see abusers/rapists burn as much as anyone, but you cant just take women at their word. Alot of them use it as a weapon to either get what they want or hurt someone who spurned them.
  14. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    This makes me utterly sick. This woman should get AT LEAST 5 years behind bars. its idiots like her why real victims often face skepticism.
  15. This is America

    Its not vague in regards to the way it is used by a certain group in today's society. especially mainstream media, celebrities and Hollywood in general. Virtue signaling, or at least the type of virtue signaling we see running rampant today, is continuously preaching about a certain set of moral standards or beliefs and trying to force them on others, while portraying anyone who doesnt share those beliefs as evil. Its not the beliefs in general that are the problem with virtue signaling. its how its weaponized by a certain group to avoid critical thinking and thought-provoking discussion about a topic by claiming a pseudo moral high-ground while dismissing anyone who disagrees as intolerant or closed minded.....which is ironically hilarious, because the people who claim to be so open-minded are often anything but. For example (and Im not trying to get into a discussion about this...just using it as a rudimentary example), I have no issue with someone being anti-gun and wanting much stricter gun laws, but when I say I have a concealed-carry permit and support responsible people's rights to bear arms, and Im told Im "part of the problem" and demonized for it. Its this type of "virtue signaling" that is the problem....and there are countless other examples of it in a myriad of other topics. The group that does this the most in todays society arent interested in things like "facts" or "open discussion" about topics like this. They just want to take a stance, spout off diatribe rife with sanctimonious platitudes, and act like they are....wait for it....VIRTUOUS....while those who disagree are simply bad people. And the fact that its a particular group who is very well known for this these days, especially celebrities, is why I may be a bit jaded and skeptical that a video such as this isnt just more of the same. Some people claim its "powerful", and admittedly, it is well done from an artistic standpoint and creative. However, alot of the perceived messages in this video (and no, not just perceived by me) are messages that have been virtue signaled to death by the very group of elitists that Donald Glover is a part of. And it wouldnt be so bad if it werent for the facts I mentioned above......in regards to using it as a way to push an agenda rather than promoting critical thinking about real issues. I have no issue with people interpreting this video differently than myself. Its art. Its open to interpretation. However, given how Hollywood uses its platform, I find myself less inclined to believe that Glover isnt just doing his part to "fall in line" with Hollywood groupthink.