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  1. Dez Bryant

    The Ravens offered him a deal earlier this offseason and the Browns made him an offer as well. He turned them both down. No, he doesnt suck...and no, just because he isnt signed doesnt mean he isnt any good. He isnt signed because his demands dont match his current skill level. I dont know where Dez is at this point skillwise, but he could definitely have a roster spot if he were willing to lower his demands, which he doesnt seem like he wants to do.
  2. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Exactly Brown isnt getting traded. Despite his prima donna behavior (which we have seen before), all it will take is one good game (which may or may not come this week) for this to all blow over.
  3. Are the Steelers done?

    If we counted all the wins your team has had since the start of the 2016 season, it would at least be more than the number of quality posts you have.
  4. PFF top 5 players per position.

    I dont know if he is top 5, but he has played pretty well thus far....even though our defense as a whole is hot garbage.
  5. Best movie trilogy of all time?

    Star Wars PREQUEL? Star Wars OG, Dark Knight, Back to the Future and LOtR trilogies. The other ones either have at least one bad or mediocre movie, or I havent seen them (like Evil Dead).
  6. Pulling the plug, whens the right time?

    Sorry, I saw this the other day but then completely forgot about it until now. The question youre asking is alot more complex than youre making it out to be. The people saying "none" to both of those questions clearly arent taking the time to actually think about it. This isnt Madden. There is no rating for how much overall talent each team has, and even if there was, it wouldnt matter. Football is a game of matchups. You could have a ton of talent in certain areas, but if the other team is better equipped to defend against your strengths than you are to defend against theres....they are usually going to win, even if, OVERALL, you have the team with superior talent. I know this comes down to coaching as well, but if you have a team like us who is pretty lopsided in talent and a team like the Jags that are very balanced....the more balanced team is likely to win. Just to quickly answer, teams like the Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos, Bengals, Texans and Jags have had years where they were, OVERALL, more talented (or at least a better BALANCE of talent) than the Steelers....and they have one combined Superbowl between them. Why? In large part due to Ben.....which is why I agreed with you things could get ugly after he leaves. Many teams go through a drought after losing a HOF caliber QB. However, you cant knock a coach for winning with a good QB. Let me just clarify that in no way am I say that coaching hasnt failed us at times, especially in the playoffs. Tomlin has a ton of flaws and I would never deny that. I dont believe he is anything special as a coach. However, some people feel the need to blame him for EVERYTHING, and its ridiculous. Last time I checked, this team has still been incredibly successful under him, and no, not DESPITE him. Has this team underachieved with him at times? Undoubtedly, and he deserves blame....but some people just want to pin all the blame on him....assumedly because the head coach is the easiest target. And the main reason Id say that bothers me is because, when we are winning and having success, the same people who blame him for our failures dont give him the requisite recognition for the success. He doesnt deserve credit for ALL of those successes, but he also doesnt deserve hate for alot of the things he gets hate for. Hell, I remember some idiots blaming him for guys like Bell and Martavis getting in trouble. And just for the record, if Tomlin was fired tomorrow, I wouldnt bat an eyelash...I just dont think there is this long line of upgrades out there that some Steeler fans seem to think there is.
  7. Space Jam 2

    I thought Anchorman 2 was decent. Nowhere close to the original, but there are far worse comedy sequels out there. Hopefully LeBron can live up to MJ's legendary acting in the first one. Maybe if this is a hit, they'll make a Kazaam 2 with LeBron.
  8. Bell contract 2018

    Haha....I even said this was a big reason I am worried about paying him. I think he is going to focus more on his music (which is terrible, but whatever...) than football going forward. If a team wants to pay him $60m guaranteed, so be it....just happy it wont be us.
  9. Maroon 5 to perform at Super Bowl halftime show

    There is no way to make everyone happy. Even if the halftime show was geared towards men, the choices would still always be divisive. Curious....who would you want to see in the halftime show?
  10. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    No offense, but this is kind of along the same lines of faux outrage people have for Tomlin's PERCEIVED sideline activity. Just petty and contrived complaints about something that doesnt warrant it. I know what youre referring to, and Im not even saying that AT TIMES, he doesnt blame his WRs....but just as often, I see him upset with himself. And the times I do see him giving his WRs a look like "You zigged when you shouldve zagged", but sometimes, that IS the case. However, maybe its his fault some of those times....but in the heat of the game, you cant really knock on him for it, especially when we dont have the details. It would be one thing if he was always berating his WRs and throwing temper tantrums....but the fact that Ben has seemingly always had a decent relationship with his WRs, I would say he isnt blaming them as much as you think....and when he does, it might be warranted in many cases. There are alot of legit things to knock on Ben for, but I dont feel this is one of them. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I dont think the issue most people have is with him not thinking Trubisky is that good....but the way he comes across in general.
  12. What movie are you watching?

    I beg to differ...
  13. Whether you think he is right or not, and whether or not you think his comments were warranted, he just comes across as a bitter sore loser.
  14. Feels like we havent had a general thread for random talk since we left the old forum. Would it be possible to sticky this? Just thought it would be cool to have a thread we could talk about random stuff. My random thought right now.....is Steelers talk. Well, actually, its a video Im sure others have seen before, but I just saw it and couldnt stop laughing. Its a video of Pat McCafe talking about Troy Polamalu, and its side-splittingly funny. If you havent seen it, check it out....
  15. Show me the money!, say 20 Hall of Famers

    Im really starting to hate the NFL and it may not be long before I just give up on it. It's getting to a point where the sport and games themselves are an afterthought to the drama that surrounds it. I remember even just 5 or 6 years ago, I would be excited all week for the next weekend of football, and my mood the entire week would depend on the Steelers winning or losing because I was so attached to them. Now? I never really get excited for games, dont care much if they win or lose, and I have little interest in watching other games. Basically, Ive turned back into a casual fan....not because I dont like football as much, but because the NFL does nothing but continue to push me away. The health insurance part at least makes some sense, but If they give these idiots a salary or shares of the revenue, Ill laugh. If they dont like it, kick them out of the HOF.