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  1. I agree with pretty much all of this, but I think you are underestimating the Steelers roster. Not saying it's great by any means, but we still have a pretty good OLine, a good RB who might be used to his strengths more now, a really good WR in Juju and a decent TE in McDonald. If one of the other WRs can step up, I think our offense is fine (pending Rudolph, of course). And while our D isnt consistently good, its capable of making plays vs teams not called the Patriots. I dont think this is a playoff team, but I could definitely see us winning 7 or 8 games. I wouldnt bet on it, but for all of Tomlins faults, the team has always played hardest under him when facing adversity.
  2. Truth be told, the entire front office needs to be started from scratch. Tomlin will get another job somewhere else fairly quickly, but our entire regime seems like it's just going through the motions, and is begging for a change.
  3. Yeah...that's why most Steeler fans aren't happy. Too much uncertainty to make this trade. I think we would've been okay with it if we were 1-1 and Ben was healthy. But 0-2 with an inexperienced backup? Huge risk.
  4. No one shrugged off Bells warning signs. Well, I wont say no one, but most Steeler fans didn't. Brown...most probably shrugged off some early stuff, but we did get worried after tantrums on the sideline and off field stuff. Nothing prepared us for what happened at the end of the 2018 season though.
  5. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    Ola hasn't proven much. I'm a hugely outspoken critic of Dupree, and I definitely think Ola should see snaps, but he shouldnt be automatically plugged in as starter. They should have kept Skipper and had Ola and him rotating in throughout the game.
  6. Roast of Alec Baldwin

    I didnt see the entire Charlie Sheen roast, but yes, Seth is hilarious.
  7. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Okay. Point was he has never been that good if you look at his efficiency, rather than misleading bulk stats. I already acknowledged he will make the HOF.
  8. Jets place QB Trevor Siemian on IR; sign David Fales

    In fairness, Bell looked pretty good last night aside from the fumble (when the game was already lost). He is the only player on the Jets offense worth a damn.
  9. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Team accomplishments. He did play well in those SBs, but this doesnt dismiss how he has been average at best most of his career. Pro Bowls are a joke. Bulk stats. Nice, but his efficiency metrics are very underwhelming for a modern QB who is destined for the HOF.
  10. Screw the 2020 Draft?

    I agree its not a COMPLETELY win now move, but when you trade high picks for players in the league, it usually shows you are looking for them to make an impact immediately. So while Fitz can help us win long term, I think it is still a win now move.
  11. Mason Rudolph Mega Thread - ALL RUDOLPH TALK HERE

    Ha, wow....did not know that.
  12. I can agree with that. Rudolph is in his 2nd year. If Rudolph wows this year, I think you have to keep riding him, but I wont be shocked if Ben starts next year. If Rudolph shows promise, but isnt amazing, then we ride with Ben in 2020. If Ben sucks or gets injured in 2020, we can cut him going into 2021 and ride with Rudolph his final year and then maybe franchise tag him in 2022 while working on a deal. I agree its a definitely a huge gamble on Rudolph, and Im not that happy with it, but we dont know how high they will pick this year and we dont know how high they will pick in the coming years. Even before this, I was saying we need to kick Kevin Colbert to the curb. Im hoping if this trade doesnt work out, this will help Rooney decide to send him packing....probably Tomlin too.
  13. Care to explain why? Like I said, I dont care for the trade either, but its too soon to say its as bad as many others are making it out to be.
  14. Screw the 2020 Draft?

    So, Im not a big fan of the trade for Minkah, given our current predicament and the extreme uncertainty of it all, but should we just say, screw the 2020 draft, and try to trade for some more impact players this year? I mean, I have to think for a 3rd we can get a halfway decent WR or TE, and maybe the 2nd can go for another defensive player. Im not saying we should or shouldnt do this, but I am wondering what others think. The Minkah trade is a "win now": move.....which is absolutely stupid considering we didnt make moves like this when we had a better chance to compete, but are now doing it after our franchise QB goes down. Still, this is our reality now, so why not double down and just trade our picks away for players that can help us win this year? I certainly dont expect to be a playoff team no matter what, but maybe enough to not make this trade sting so bad.
  15. How do you know its for a top 5 pick? I dont like this trade, but the only way this team will finish with a bottom 5 worst record is if Rudolph completely shiz the bed, which is possible, but I think its much more likely we finish in like, the 8-12 range....which is still too much for this, but as Ive said a few times, there is a good chance we were going to target a DB in the first round next year anyway, and Colbert has absolutely sucked at drafting DB's his entire tenure here. I mean....remarkably bad. If we finish with the 11th or 12th pick, and Minkah is playing well, I dont see how its a bad deal. Time will tell, I guess.