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  1. Texans_UK forty over 40.

    I hate Ryan Gosling.
  2. How to deal with a scammer

    Facebook dating? Really? But I digress.... Mess with her. Waste as much of her time as you possibly can...and if you can get her to spend any of her own money while messing with her, then you win.
  3. Justice League

    I can agree with that. It felt unnecessary....but so did many things in BvS. That was the biggest downfall of that movie IMO....cramming things into it that didnt need to be in it (even though I kind of like the movie). Unfortunately, thats an issue with alot of comic book movies outside of the current Marvel Universe.
  4. Justice League

    As much as I like Ben as Batman thus far, I do wish they wouldve started with a younger actor. Ive always wanted to see a progression of Batman/Bruce Wayne over the years. We got to see it kind of with The Dark Knight trilogy, but it wouldve been cool to see it happen within an extended universe and a young guy who could play Batman for 10-15 years. I dont mind seeing the origin story as much as many seem to. Just doesnt bother me. Probably cuz Im a Batman fanboy.
  5. Justice League

    I thought I read that this first Justice League movie is the last movie he is contracted for with the DCEU. I dont know for sure, though. On top of that, it doesnt even sound like Casey really even knows....so Im not putting much stock into it.
  6. Justice League

    Thats an odd quote. All over the place. There is no reason to believe Ben wont be Batman going forward until he says so or its 100% confirmed. If it WERE to happen, they need to do Flashpoint first. Thats one easy way to retcon it and maybe (hopefully) bring in a younger actor to play a younger Batman. But again....Im not even going to speculate at this point.
  7. Official Training Camp Thread: Beta Style

    You're right, but I think its a combo of knowing that Watt is coming along nicely and knowing that Moats isnt starting caliber and Harrison isnt an every down guy anymore. IMO, its kind of a no brainer....but its nice to see the Steelers arent dragging their feet and are doing the right thing. We need to see early what we have in the Watt/Dupree pass rushing combo. As of RIGHT NOW, I still consider pass rusher a major need going forward until we see something out of both of them....especially Dupree, who really needs to break out this season. Doesnt need to be elite....but Ill be disappointed if he doesnt have at least 8 sacks.
  8. Official Training Camp Thread: Beta Style

    It makes sense. Didnt expect Harrison to start. They will preserve him as much as they can. IMO, it came down to Watt and Moats, but Watt has too much upside to keep him off the field. Moats doesnt offer much outside of a nice play sandwiched between largely mediocre play.
  9. Steelers vs Falcons Big 4 on Offense

    No bias there, Im sure. Im not even saying he isnt better....there is certainly a strong argument. Julio has the clear physical advantage, but Ill take Brown's route running and short area quickness over Julio any day. Basically....while I have no issue with people saying Julio is better, he is not FIRMLY number 1. And no offense, but the QB excuse is getting old. All those years where Brown was clearly outproducing Julio, and thats all I heard about. If Josh Gordon can put up 1600+ yards with 4 garbage Browns QBs, there is no reason Julio shouldnt have been dominating in stats with Matt Ryan for years, especially if he is notably better than Brown, as you claim.
  10. Justice League

    I agree with all of that. Just saying that I wouldnt be so quick to say he is no longer part of the DCEU.
  11. Justice League

    Okay....Im just saying we will see exactly how much different it feel compared to the typical Zack Snyder movie. And "everyone knows Snyder is no longer part of the DC World"? Really? That COULD be the case, but he is still, as of now, signed on to direct JL2, and alot of those other ones you listed are just rumors. I dont think he would be considered for any of the gigs you listed, but again, he is still slated to direct the JL sequel.
  12. Justice League

    Well, I meant that, based on what Ive read, it still feels largely like a Snyder movie even AFTER the reshoots. Anyway, like I said....we will find out soon enough. Im sure Whedon put his stamp on it, but it will still have alot of Zack Snyder flavor to it.
  13. Justice League

    Agreed, and thats pretty much my point as well. Snyder is set in his ways, and if they arent happy with him, just move on. Stop holding out hope that he is suddenly going to churn out a masterpiece. I dont dislike Snyder, but his shortcomings as a director will always be an issue, as will his "vision" for the DCEU if they dont coincide with what the studio wants. While I do like a darker take, his movies take themselves way too seriously and seem to forget that they are, in fact, superhero movies. They need a director who can find the right balance of darkness and fun. Batman is really the only character who should lean more heavily towards the dark stuff. The rest of the characters and their movies need that right balance.
  14. Justice League

    Time will tell, but Ive heard it very much feels like a Zack Snyder movie. We will see what the finished product looks like soon enough. And I am speaking more in terms of moving forward. They need to just move on from Snyder altogether. He is what he is and if they are so unsure about him, just move on. The DCEU needs a clear direction, and under Snyder, it just seems like there is too much uncertainty in regards to whether or not he is right to steer the ship.
  15. Steelers give Tomlin a contract extension.

    He is definitely top 10. You could perhaps argue that some coaches below him would have similar success if they had Ben, but thats not really provable. Top 5 is iffy, but arguable. Belichick is the only guy that it would be laughable to put Tomlin ahead of. Then there is Pete Carroll who I believe is better, but isnt without flaws. Some people like to argue Bruce Arians, but Arians has only been coaching a few years and IMO wasnt that great in 2016. I want to see where his team is in a few years. My main issue with Tomlin is he doesnt learn from past mistakes.....and thats pretty big problem. However, I still wouldnt dump him when the only thing that really stands between us and being a SB winning team again is the Patriots....and they stand in everyone's way.