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  1. Ideas for the NFL to increase parity

    No one is annoyed more than Steeles fans like myself that the Pats are so good, but I wouldnt change a thing. There is nothing wrong with the parity. The Patriots just so happen to have the GOAT coach and the marginally talented GOAT QB at the same time, and to be honest, we will probably never see dominance like this again. Not to say there wont be any dynasties or consistently great teams, but not on this level spanning nearly 2 decades.
  2. Giants expected to hire Pat Shurmur as HC

    Shurmur was along long before Chip Kelly miserably failed as a head coach....twice.
  3. Least important position on defense?

    Its hard to discredit any position, but if you were to ask the question "What position on defense would I want my worst player?", it largely depends on the defense you run and how your team is built otherwise. For instance, if you run a 3-4 defense, I think you could be okay if one of your DE's isnt that good IF your other DLineman and linebackers are strong. Same with safeties....I think if you have an elite FS, if could really help out a middling SS. Same can be said for one of the ILBs in the 34.. Steelers kind of did it for years.....Farrior was borderline elite and Larry Foote was average at best. Regardless, any position you have a weakness at, good teams will usually find a way to exploit it, so its hard to choose one that is the least important. You can look at this question from so many different angles, which is what makes it so difficult to answer. In general, I dont think you can label any position as the "least important" . Its a case by case basis IMO.
  4. War's offseason mock

    I just question how good Hubbard will be without the tutelage of Munchack. I remember not wanting to pay Kelvin Beachum a few years back, and he went on to do absolutely nothing. Either way....even if we cant retain Hubbard, if we keep Munch, I trust him to turn just about anything into a serviceable lineman. Oh....and let me add that I dont think we will actually cut/trade Gilbert....just that Id be open to it.
  5. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    Yeah....no idea he changed teams.
  6. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    Huh? Swore he was a Chargers fan.
  7. Ken Norton Jr. - Seahawks DC

    I get the Raiders, but why do you dislike the Seahawks? You should give yourself a warning for that.
  8. War's offseason mock

    Fair enough....but it doesnt seem very top heavy in terms of great talents. Seems like there may be 10-15 true first rounders, then its just a mix of a ton of guys who could go anywhere between there and round 3.
  9. Still a good day to be a Steelers fan...

    I wish they would bring in a coach like Ryan or Del Rio and let them have full control of the defense. Unfortunately, I dont see it happening.
  10. Still a good day to be a Steelers fan...

    The defense was playing well early in the season before Shazier and Haden went down. It was always vulnerable because of our crap safeties and lack of a pass rush without blitzing, but it was at least playing at a respectable level. Like Butler or not, that will be a strong defense for him keeping his job. I dont honestly care if he is replaced....but I dont think he is as terrible as some Steeler fans seem to think either. Lets remember that the almight LeBeau always struggled against the Pats too....and if he had the defensive talent we have now, Im not sure his defenses would be much better that what Butler's is....especially after losing a vital piece the defense was largely built around.
  11. War's offseason mock

    Hard to say without seeing your mock. Im not going to pretend I know alot about this draft class either aside from the fact it looks like another weak class. Still, Id rather trade down than take an OLineman to replace the OLineman we just cut.
  12. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Steelers likely wont retain him, but there are definitely moves they could make to free up cap space. It would just make it harder to fill other holes adequately. And since Ben has SUPPOSEDLY told teammates he wants to play at least another 3 years, there is no chance of that big cap hit coming off real soon.
  13. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Daaaamn.....they should go after Bell. Him and JG could be lethal together.
  14. War's offseason mock

    The reason it was proven he can be replaced is because Hubbard played decent in his stead....so why not give him a shot, bring in a cheap FA to compete and maybe draft a guy later? Im on board with potentially moving on from Gilbert....but only if its done right. If we are just moving him and drafting his replacement in the first round, Im against that. Yes, it saves cap space, but it also takes away our first round pick to replace him. Im not down with that. Give Hubbard a chance and use that first round pick on a DB or pass rusher.....or an ILB depending what happens in free agency.
  15. War's offseason mock

    Yeah, Im not a fan of Berry either.