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  1. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    Looks surprisingly good. Most sequels released after so long fall flat. Cruise makes any movie at least decent, though.
  2. Pre-Camp 53

    Yeah, thought maybe that passed, but didnt see anything about it.
  3. Probably right...but its probably for the best. Take time to figure out how to use them properly.
  4. Pre-Camp 53

    I think Burns sucks, but Sutton hasn't shown anything better. As far as I'm concerned, both would struggle to make any roster with semi decent secondary depth, but will make ours because we have next to none. Burns at best is a poor man's Ike Taylor...nice athletic talent, but well below average instincts. Just like Ike, he is abysmal at tracking the ball in the air. Bottom line...Burns sucks, but between his athleticism, the fact that he was a first round pick, and our lack of CB depth, he is definitely going to make the roster in 2019. They damn well better decline his 5th year option, though.
  5. How do you guys/gals feel about the draft?

    I respect your opinion Hitman, but calling Hampton a fail is absurd. Sure, in hindsight, Brees was a better pick, but Hampton helped anchor alot of top defenses with Aaron Smith. Shaun Rogers was a fat, lazy sloth who never would've had the same impact on our defense that Hampton did. Dont get me wrong...I would've taken Brees over Hampton knowing what we know NOW, but Hampton was still a great pick both then and now.
  6. Madden 20

    I dont mind Rivers being higher than Ben, but by 9 points? Gimme a break.
  7. I heard XMen wont even be part of phase 4. Might be awhile until we see the XMen in the MCU. Thinking 2023 or so might be the soonest. Maybe to get the bad taste of the last 2 XMen movies out of people's mouths and plan for their entrance into the MCU accordingly.
  8. DC Movie Universe

    Dont get me wrong....I'd like to see it too. But people clamor for it so hard that you'd think they are expecting the Snyder cut to fix the major issues the movie had, when the reality is it probably doesnt really fix anything or only minor things.
  9. DC Movie Universe

    Not sure why people are so obsessed with it. The movie isnt going to be much better regardless.
  10. Preseason is for coaches to evaluate young players and experiment a little. Every other sport has a preseason. It makes no sense to take away preseason to anyone except fans who don't understand what preseason means to coaches and young players.
  11. DC Movie Universe

    I was speaking of Batman films...not superhero movies overall. There are several Marvel movies I've enjoyed more than the Dark Knight movies....but they are different types of superhero movies. Still comparable but very different. Nolan's Batman is just as close to a crime drama as it is to a super hero movie. Just depends on your tastes. Batman has always been my favorite hero and always will be. As much as I enjoyed Nolans Batman movies, I still dont think we have seen the quintessential Batman movie... and we probably never will.
  12. The Lion King - (2019)

    Lion King is still a remake of a classic movie, and if it's as close to the original as it sounds, it's still going to be enjoyable to most....but still a bland and unnecessary remake. Disney is just milking nostalgia with all of these remakes. None of them have been anything special or added anything to the original...and I think people are getting bored. Remakes are fun when they can add something new. Merely taking it from animated to live action isnt enough.
  13. DC Movie Universe

    True, but I doubt they wanted a real crime to take place while shooting .
  14. DC Movie Universe

    I certainly understand what you mean, but everything about Nolan's world was rooted in reality and much as possible. It was just meant to represent a city where crime, drugs and corruption were rampant. One thing negative about the entire trilogy IMO is that so much felt rushed, while certain parts dragged. Wasnt THAT bad, but in many cases, the pacing felt off with all of the movies. Again, I enjoyed every movie...but I definitely believe they CAN be outdone...but I dont trust that WB can pull it off now.
  15. DC Movie Universe

    I certainly dont agree with that. Obviously Ledger's performance took it to another level, but it was a good movie either way.