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  1. How All NFL Franchises Fared Over Last 20 Seasons (Best to Worst)

    I'm absolutely grateful, but some people (not you @August4th) act like past success means it excuses Kevin Colbert and others from their more recent failures.
  2. How All NFL Franchises Fared Over Last 20 Seasons (Best to Worst)

    While I dont completely disagree, past success doesnt excuse current incompetence. Pretty much all of that playoff success is well behind us.
  3. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Again, it was how they were done. Lex was laughably miscast, poorly written and directed and the motives driving his character to hate Superman were a ******* joke. Go look at Superman or Justice League Animated Series to see how Lex should be done. It wouldnt be hard, but WB finds away to make it seem hard. Darkseid is SUPPOSED to be overly powerful...and in most cases, is a boring character. However, the problem with him in this movie was that they tried to put 8 different storylines in one movie, and it ended up being wasted. The Death of Superman could have been done much much better and had a far greater impact. But since WB wanted to catch up to Marvel, they decided to cram a bunch of stories and character development into one movie, and it fell flat. Meh. He did amazing with Begins and TDK. I thought TDKR completely fell apart in the 3rd act and kind of ruined the movie. Man of Steel was okay, but the tone was too grim for a Superman movie. There was no levity outside of a few bad jokes. Honestly, I think the Dark Knight Trilogy hurt the current DC universe....because WB was scared to venture too far away from that darker tone because of the success of the Batman movies AND the failures of movies like Batman & Robin and Green Lantern. On top of that, I think they were trying to be different from Marvel. However, it just didnt work. I mean, you can have a Superman movie be darker, but it still needs to make Superman feel like Superman, and while I absolutely enjoyed parts of Man of Steel....it felt too pretentious for a Superman movie . It was trying to take itself more seriously than it should have. Oh....and Goyer's dialogue was laughably bad. Bottom line....they have never had the right group of people to make the DC universe really come to life on the big screen....and I dont think they ever will.
  4. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    The shorter seasons are becoming more popular, especially since those shows are usually pumping out higher quality content. I only want a Batman show if its higher budget. I have zero interest in Batman on CW or anything like that. The Arrowverse has become completely garbage.
  5. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    If you had 10 to 12 hour long episodes, you could absolutely tell any quality Batman story in that amount of time. I don't like the 22 Episodes suggestion, because you need too many Filler episodes and plots that distract from the main story. Some filler content that supplements the main story is okay, but every single CW superhero show has suffered in a huge way due to having to fill 22 hour long episodes. I know Batman has a wealth of more content and backstory, but I think 12 episodes would be plenty, per season... Pending you had eight to 10 seasons to really flesh it out.
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Brown is an insecure diva who I I have zero respect for. I would have had no problem with him if he simply requested a trade due to his differences with Ben. But no, he made a spectacle of it, and made it clear that a lot of his temper tantrums were over money and his own childish insecurities. Regardless of how much at fault Ben may or may not have been for their failed relationship, Ben absolutely came out looking better in all of this then Antonio... Who has irreparably damaged his reputation and become known as a Terrell Owens type of locker room cancer. We will see how he is acting if Derek Carr isn't getting him the ball as much as he wants, or not getting it to him accurately.
  7. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    The return key is your friend. I like how you think, though.
  8. Haha...he is Efron-ish. I thought he was fine for how they portrayed him. He was troubled and doubting himself at the beginning. I had numerous issues with the movie, but I thought the actors who played the Rangers were fine. Maybe not great, but fine. To each his own, though.
  9. What was wrong with Dacre? I agree about Banks, though.
  10. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Completely agreed. Been saying for years that a big budget Batman show is the best way to go. You could do 3 or 4 seasons on just the Joker alone. Even if you did 8 seasons, you could still have alot of stories left to tell.
  11. Is it going to make that much of a difference? The first movie lost a good bit of money. Those two are draws for existing MMPR fans, but it's not going to draw in new fans. Bottom line....I do think a sequel could do better financially with those 2, but I dont think it's going to be enough to make it a huge success. So the question becomes...is it worth it? Let's remember....even at the peak of its popularity, Power Rangers movies weren't huge successes.
  12. Spiderman: Far from home

    Speak for yourself.
  13. Not sure a sequel is a good idea. First one was okay, but there was limited interest. Not sure how they can change that, and its probably going to have a smaller budget than the first one.
  14. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    Dont agree about Clooney. Somewhat overrated actor IMO who only fit the playboy Bruce Wayne persona. Never liked the casting. Uma Thurman is the only one I think could've been great with better direction and writing. The failures of BvS and JL had nothing to do with the villains being super powered...they were just poorly done. WB just doesnt know how to use these characters on the big screen...plus, based on what I've heard, there isn't much love for DC movies at WB. They usually just put them out without much care to make money. Unlike with Marvel, No One Calling the shots actually cares about making these movies great.
  15. Trade Ideas

    Trade @Money to the Browns forum for a used condom and an old Brady Quinn jersey.