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  1. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    About as good of a start as you can hope for. I dont wish injuries on anyone, but if Vontaze Burfict were to suffer a career ending knee injury at some point, Id probably have a party.
  2. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    Ravens lose and we are in prime position to really have a nice lead in division at the midway point. Hate to say it, but we usually lose these types of games. We step up for MUST win games and games against tough teams....but middling teams or games that arent must win but could put us in nice position....these ones scare me.
  3. GDT: Week 7

    Fox, much like Jeff Fisher, is what I like to call a "training wheels coach". Meaning....he can pull a bad team out of the gutter and get them to a respectable level....but isnt really a "next level" coach that can get a team to being truly great. I still like coaches like Fox and Fisher with all their flaws, because there are alot of coaches that cant even do what they do.....but after a certain point, their flaws are just aggravating and hold a team back.
  4. GDT: Week 7

    Yeah....they definitely have promise. Not big on Tribusky, but time will tell if he is the answer.
  5. GDT: Week 7

    Ravens are doomed IMO until they can find a way to dump Flacco's contract. I know he definitely isnt the only issue on that team, but I cant remember the last time he looked like an NFL caliber STARTING QB. I know a bunch of people will say he never was, but thats not true. He never deserved close to the contract he got for the caliber of player he was (contract seemed primairly based on his excellent Superbowl run)...but he used to at least look good at times. Now he looks like a backup.
  6. GDT: Week 7

    Do you have to bring your Pats homerism into every thread?
  7. GDT: Week 7

    One of the few NON QB players maybe. But on the Browns, its hard to really discern how important he is. I feel bad he will have wasted his entire career on such a dismal team. And no...Im not trying to hate on the Browns, but lets be real, here. I admire his loyalty, though.
  8. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    Damn. Id rather it happen now than later in the season, but its concerning that they have been banged up so much this early.
  9. Aaron Rodgers breaks collarbone - could miss rest of 2017

    Not shocking that 99.9% of the people complaining about that hit are Packers fans. I love Rodgers and it sucks that he got hurt, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with that hit. Nothing. In fact, it was a standard form tackle. Ive seen many worse and far less safe hits where QBs didnt get injured. Honestly, most of the worst injuries Ive seen have come on pretty legal hits from opposing players. Bottom line...as someone else stated, if Rodgers wouldnt have broke his collarbone, not a single Packer fan (or anyone else) would be complaining about the hit. It was fine. Injuries happen. Its a rough game, and the collarbone is easily breakable with the right fall.
  10. Who Dey Gameday? Bengals @ Steelers Week 7 GDT

    I had an ex brunette that cheated on me too....but I dont blame her hair color.
  11. Andrew Luck out until at least Thanksgiving

    Pretty much everyone has said what I came here to say. Why risk him for a season that isnt going anywhere? Even if he comes back at Thanksgiving, he is going to need some time to get back to game speed and get his timing and rhythm back. Dont take the chance of him getting injured again and then possibly going through the same thing next season.
  12. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Fair enough. I just remember excuses constantly being made for him by other PSU fans and fans who liked him as an NFL prospect. He was never more than mediocre.
  13. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    This. Amazes me how many excuses get made for Hack. He wasnt good, and while I dont like McSorley, Id absolutely take him over Hack, Barkley or no Barkley.
  14. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    Well, I mean....I agree Hack was a better NFL prospect....but its impossible to say he IS a better NFL player. Not so much because I think McSorley will be a good NFL QB (which I dont), but because based on what Ive seen, Hack is a garbage NFL QB, and thus, wouldnt really be hard to be better than.