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  1. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    Dont know all of them, but yes...Id definitely prefer this one. But again, the first one COULD happen, although I dont believe the Steelers will draft a QB unless they are extremely high on someone.
  2. Goldfish Improves Your Teams

    Ugh. I appreciate the effort, but I would blow chunks if we drafted another mediocre NFL QB prospect in the 3rd, especially given our limited draft capital. Not a huge fan of pass rusher in the 2nd this year either, but I get the logic. And this doesnt really address our need for NT at all. We need help at RB too. That being said, its a draft I could see happening. We have weird draft tendencies sometimes. I would hate this, though.
  3. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Even though I was born and raised in an area thats almost exclusively Steeler fans, my first favorite NFL team was the Buffalo Bills.
  4. 1950s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    @Deadpulse, can you please take me off the notification list? Thanks.
  5. Blaine Gabbert to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Yeah. Shocked he is still in the league.
  6. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I just read an article that was predicting SSD prices could dramatically increase even before this COVID 19 stuff... https://amp.hothardware.com/news/heres-why-ssd-pricing-skyrocket-2020
  7. Running backs !!!!

    If Conner is hurt again this yeat, he is going to have to take a cheap deal wherever he goes. I wouldnt even be completely shocked if he retired. Even if he stays healthy and has a nice year, I cant see him getting a huge deal from anyone. I think the Gurley and Bell contract disasters will really change how teams approach contracts with RBs going forward. We need help at RB. Snell is a decent depth guy at best. Im not saying we MUST take RB early, but I support using our 2nd or 3rd on one if the talent is there. At worst, it gives is a nice rotation for 2020 and allows us to focus on other things next year, even if we lose Conner. Just depends how the draft falls. I support BPA for the most part. We need help almost everywhere.
  8. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I was more curious about why you said "wait them out". Are they supposed to go down?
  9. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Memory prices?
  10. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Ive pretty much decided to build my own PC. Im still deciding on parts, but right now, Im bouncing between a Ryzen 7 or 9. 7 should be more than powerful enough, but its just about another $100 for the 9. Im taking my time and probably wont start doing anything until at least June, but I may need some advice here and there.
  11. NFL To Revamp Playoffs; Add 7th Team with Only 1 1st Round Bye

    Its pathetic that we are now pretty much guaranteed to have at least one sub .500 team in the playoffs every year now. Pure greed decision that has a negative impact on the quality of the league.
  12. Nick Foles vs Derek Carr 2020

    Carr. Foles has never even looked average outside of Philly. Dont expect much to change. Not that Carr is that good, but I have more faith in him to be above average.
  13. KC Chris Jones trade value?

    Hey...its not my fault if Bill O'Brien is dumb enough to actually do it.
  14. Should Pittsburgh take a chance and pursue Jamal Adams?

    I know, and you're right. I just think its silly when people call the Steelers cheap when they spend as much on a year to year basis as pretty much any other team. People can criticize HOW they use their money, but calling them "cheap" is just flat out false.