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  1. How great could the 08 Giants have been?

    They could have possibly won the Superbowl... But no chance in hell would they be viewed as one of the better teams of the era. Not even close.
  2. Aquaman (December 2018)- Trailer Saturday

    No chance it looks like that in the movie....is there? Looks like a 3D render by an amateur graphic designer. Although after some of the CG we saw in Justice League, I fear it could actually look that bad in the film.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    Any stats without context are ridiculous....but there is nothing Ive seen that tells me Bell is worth the $17m per year he seems to want. I maintain that a huge part of any RBs success in the running game is the OLine. As impressive as Bell can be as a runner, he has been shut down at times when the line isnt clicking on all cylinders. Thats not really a slight against Bell, but its also why I hold the stance that ABSOLUTELY NO RB is worth the money he wants. If someone is willing to pay him that next year.....have at it....and good for Bell.....but I still maintain we should have traded him and if possible, would trade him now. The only thing about Bell Ill miss is his ability as a receiver and blocker. His running skills can be replaced pretty easily IMO. And finally....I simply dont trust him enough to get huge money....I dont trust him once he gets paid and I dont trust him to stay healthy when we need him most. I dont wish any ill will on him....Im just over him. Lets move on.
  4. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Sorry guys, Im gonna be dropping out. Doubt Ill be watching much NFL football anymore.
  5. Madden 19

    The ONLY reason I would even remotely consider buying Madden 19 it's because it's on PC, and all the mods might make it worth playing at some point.
  6. 2018 Expansion Draft - Steelers

    Couldnt do LeVeon since he is on the franchise tag, and not sure why you'd want to. I mean, I kinda do....but Id rather trade him and get something for him.
  7. Saquon Barkley - Im a PSU alum and Barkley is a special talent. Matt Barkley - Is Browns fans suffering over? Jimmy Graham - Him and Rodgers together could be fun. Ndum...umm...ugkin@9ng....Suh - Him and Donald together should be special Richard Sherman - Could be entertaining games between 49ers and Seattle.
  8. Help Coming..?

    Navorro Bowman is still available, but I have to think there is a reason for that that us fans may not be aware of. I dont know that there will be anyone released that would be a notable upgrade over what we currently have. Kendricks was our best chance of that. I also think our moronic front office foolishly believes that Bostic and Williams are suffice. After all, they gave Bud Dupree his 5th year option even though he sucks, and they used Keion Adams as a reason to justify not drafting OLB in the draft. I have no faith in this teams ability to build a defense under Colbert/Tomlin anymore. They are utterly clueless. Their new philosophy seems to the same approach Al Davis' was once senility set in. At least Al had an excuse....
  9. Bell contract 2018

    I wouldnt even definitely spend an early pick on RB next year. Sign a decent receiving back like Ty Montgomery in FA and have a tandem backfield with him and Conner. I wouldnt be opposed to spending a high pick on the right RB, but I wouldnt force it, either.
  10. What movie are you watching v1

    Perhaps, but it has nothing to do with not being entertained by these painfully unfunny actresses.
  11. Where Does Atlanta Finish in NFC South?

    I think the Saints finish first, with the Falcons in a close second. unless Cam Newton has another career year... Which is very unlikely.
  12. Was Jameis Winston’s talent overrated coming out of college?

    He was better than other QBs who have went number 1... but he wasn't the talent you envision as a number 1 pick. Those types of talent aren't in every draft, though. He did have (and still does IMO) have franchise QB potential, but he was never an elite talent and never will be. Even if he was, he would be too stupid to ever reach those heights.
  13. Who are the worst projected starters in the NFL?

    For the Steelers... Sean Davis, Bud Dupree and whoever is starting at inside linebacker.
  14. Team with most above average players?

    People need to stop putting rookies on the list. They have proven nothing yet. Doesnt matter how "likely" they are to be good players....fact is, rookies have proven nothing and none of them are a sure thing to be even average.
  15. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Yeah, Im in.