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  1. Glad you put that last statement, because we don't know who to give the lion share of credit. Wentz does a ton of field scanning at the LOS.
  2. Agree, but we know we've been winning despite DougieP's playcalling.
  3. Wait McAdoo didn't call plays? And they say DougieP can't do the same.
  4. 2018 Off-season: Who Do We Keep?

    I said Robinson based on the fact we currently have 5 CBs on the field. We don't know what will happen throughout the course of a year and being older I'm sure they'll like someone with his experience. Granted he maybe resigned, it doesn't mean he'll make the roster in '18
  5. 2018 Off-season: Who Do We Keep?

    Depends how the rest of '17 goes...if certain UFA don't show up down the stretch I can't see them being resigned. EDIT: If I was to play along and base it off 6 games Jernigan Elliott Lavato Bradham Jeffrey Robinson
  6. I'm not projecting out, the p word boils down to matchups.
  7. I see a let down...its MNF they don't know how to play with a target on their back. I vote for Blah as the new mascot. The OP is horrific Wentz is avg Agholor is trash The defensive front 7 won't hold up for 16+ DougieP and Schwartz are gray-haired hippies Jake Elliott is a rookie And Lavato is a better magician than the other guy.
  8. The Eagles Injury Update Thread

    So Watkins when healthy to replace Maragos Isn't this Hicks' 2nd ankle injury? Is it Smallwood's knee that he had surgery on?
  9. Jim Schwartz maximizing players

    Bradham going ham...ha
  10. Week by Week Winners & Losers

    Winners Blount - Once again proved he has better vision, a little quickness and the ability to run through arm tackles. Not sure who is determining the rotation but he needs to be the guy until proven otherwise. Front 7 depth - Kendricks/Bradham played well in Hicks absence in nickel, even Joe Walker seemed to be in good position when he played. Long/Allen/ Barnett/ Curry among others didn't skip a beat when the notables were gassed/out. Schwartz - Talk about a unit that seemed well coached = played well, all the smoking mirrors didn't allow a whole lot. IIRC those 3rd down conversions didn't talk place until late, 30 plays in the 4th. Losers Other RBs not named Blount - Huge drop off when Blount wasn't in, I believe he sat because the personal foul, but the execution of that block was phenomenal. Jeffrey - Couldn't make plays when tightly covered, I thought that's why we brought him in. He's not known for getting separation but for sure making tough catches. Yes some targets were off but he seemed no factor. Mills - Because he's now considered a grabby CB, I could see Darby coming back and taking his spot.
  11. My only concern is the hype train has left the station now with the Elliott news. Carson's a big kid but you can't take 10+ more games of constant pressure. Maybe incorporate a RB screen (not a WR screen) into the blitz checks. Get Lane healthy Use the snap count to you advantage, make the defense hesitate a little.
  12. It just seemed so egregious with the pass interference stuff. The OPI on the touchdown, the jostling didn't prohibit any panthers WR from making a play.
  13. I mentioned that pages ago (pat pat), he seemed to be everywhere. He misplayed the one throwback to McCaffrey but his motor is nonstop.
  14. Mad respect to the entire D, when the offense is being gifted 1st downs. kendricks 17 tackles bradham key tackles robinson cox long mcleod bunch of guys stepped up