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  1. Playing DA because if Gannon’s first year blows, why the same can’t be said for Sirianni who has never called plays? Is Hurts truly holding the ball because he can’t read the field or because guys aren’t getting open? I swear Aikman was saying a couple weeks ago mid broadcast that guys aren’t getting open because they’re really handsy on the outside. We did get a couple calls but I don’t recall guys screaming open against the backup CBs of TB. I have to suggest lets take a look at offensive scheme as well and judge that just as harshly.
  2. Well he should start giving back game checks because he’s not doing what “he’s paid for”. Smh. On the other side of the coin if they stop playing hard for Gannon does that make Lurie push for a new DC to be brought in?
  3. Give the Texans that any from that crop of QBs and they look better, what’s your point?
  4. WRs are good? So Devonte Smith all of a sudden made the WRs good? Last year we had the worst WR situation.
  5. NFL Redzone would rather show TB players walking around after a TD, before showing the Eagles Def.
  6. When the QB screams “we good!”before snapping the ball and handing the ball off for a TD that’s got to be the most disrespectful thing. If Gannon isn’t fired after year 1...smh
  7. I respected his grind, but he should've been dealt a season or two ago. He should fit well in AZ, when teams take away the deep stuff and KM can check it down.
  8. Sirianni calling vs the spread...wasn’t it 6.5?
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