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  1. Perhaps they’re bringing in a free agent like Malik Hooker for that nickel safety or a corner opposite 24. Idk
  2. Well two serious knee injuries doesn’t add confidence
  3. Probably could’ve traded back for a backup OL
  4. Pitts must be that guy this year...everyone on the board gets enamored with says hes a top 10 pick he's picked in 2-3rd Granted I haven't watched him at all last fall or heard of him prior
  5. I'm not taking Bateman in the first, he reversed course and looked worse than his freshman year. Drops, bad routes, sluggish.
  6. ^At least Burrow played great vs great competition can't say that for Wilson.
  7. I wonder how many talking heads and scouts had Zach Wilson in their 5 QBs for the 2021 draft after last year.
  8. No I'm talking about college production made Mahomes/Watson way better prospects than Wilson. Not what they are now. Wilson is being elevated a lot higher because he's a QB, there's need for QBs at the top of the draft and because this draft isn't full of 1st round graded prospects.
  9. New coaching staff you have to go BPA to try and help round out this aging roster. Definitely not interested in Z Wilson. Doesn't give me elite QB vibes. Someone mentioned Howie passing on small school QBs I'd put Zach Wilson in that category with Trey Lance. Wary of 1 year boosting his stock into the top 10, c'mon they played two teams with at least 7 wins. If Deshaun Watson and Mahomes were drafted in the teens, within that same draft class this kid shouldn't be drafted until after the first round.
  10. Exactly my point, is that what Sirianni needs for his offense? One WR getting 125 targets? And cmon the Rice stats were a different era + they weren’t tracking targets until he was already 30 yrs old. Late 80s he avg 18y/catch GOAT
  11. I agree I just can’t say Chase is an awesome route runner based on that 1 year of tape. If he could’ve replicated half of what he did with a new QB, new play-caller this past year bleep yeah he’s a top 20 pick. Based on this passed year I’d say Sirianni wants to spread the ball around. 8 people with close to 40 targets
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