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  1. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    Any word on Jeffrey's shoulder? They need to update some of the photos on the Eagles website "we da champs", we got to do better Sidney's photo looks like someone at the local UPS store took it for his passport Saw pics of the ring...200+ diamonds? Wow, please don't tell me Lane (and some others) got dog masks? Did anyone see DougieP dancing? I'm pretty excited we leave for a football camp for the high schoolers @ SDSU Monday (last 3 summers). I'll likely be rocking some Eagles gear...hopefully Philly Goedert returns.
  2. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    The hunted.... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23770473/philadelphia-eagles-head-coach-doug-pederson-wants-team-shed-underdog-mentality-embrace-being-hunted
  3. Carson-Watch: Resurrection Countdown

    The kid relies on his legs, that vid showing him go through a PA boot, shows some rust in his giddy. Don't compare him to the other Carson in terms of injury who was never mobile. Our Carson doesn't play that way (it would help if he could)
  4. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    At some point they better pump the brakes with this kid...What is he 6 months out after surgery?
  5. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    Please no. 2 steps slow and way too soft.
  6. Eagles cut Kendricks

    MC, do you type that everytime or is that in your sig?
  7. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    Safety is a difficult position to figure out for FAs...once you figure out what their role/responsibility in their last defense you have to determine how well they're doing it and then can they project into what we do. Currently sitting with no experience behind our current starters everything is going to be about projection for those young guys. I can see 1 or 2 on the PS, at least until the pads come on. If they can't tackle/grasp the concepts quick enough then Howie will start to explore the open market.
  8. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    99% chance I'll hate that transaction 99% chance you'll post a lot more today 99% chance I'll be the first to say "11K! Petey you catching up slow down yo"
  9. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    Any news on the 3rd safety spot? Lots of inexperience behind Jenkins/McLeod.
  10. Eagles OTA/Training Camp News

    I think they're seeing if Toth can be the backup C because Seumalo hasn't solidified himself between the tackles Toth is a smart dude, mechanical engineering degree. 45+ consecutive starts at UK. I can't see it being about younger guys reps when Seumalo is only 24, but seriously what does Schwartz know about the OL?
  11. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Just be honest and tell us you hacked the matrix
  12. Paul Worrilow out for season with torn ACL

    Add Walker (who is as brittle as Hicks) was going to be counted on covering ST as well.
  13. Eagles cut Kendricks

    I still think they could've held onto him we're under the cap, or void & restructure his deal in a way like they did Foles.
  14. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Hackenberg was just traded, so obviously the offer was too low.
  15. Paul Worrilow out for season with torn ACL

    I'm sure he was counted on to push for a roster spot with the Kendricks cut.