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  1. I'm letting Jimmy walk, resign Harris to a 3-4 year deal....I'd go after nothing but shooting One of: Seth Curry Mario Hezonja Terrance Ross KCP Troy Daniels Cory Joseph And: Horford Mirotic Bogdanovic Thaddeus Young Kick the tires on: Kemba Middleton JJ Redick*
  2. So Brown must be incorporating zone because that's what Washington did a lot of.
  3. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    I didn't say he had to be a multiyear NBA allstar. Plenty of 1 year guys or guys who hover in that area. DeRozan? Dragic? Josh Richardson? Gallinari?
  4. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    I don't see Memphis giving up two...not after dealing Conley. Nola would be ignorant to try and get Barrett. They have Ingram and Zo. get some defenders and shooting and let them boys grow. If I'm the Knicks I'm trying to see who wants to come up for Barrett, after giving up the unicorn for peanuts, and FA not looking stellar they honestly need quantity and development. MN would be silly to trade Wiggins, he's a good #3 option. Get a PG who can shoot. They've dealt with injuries this past year don't do anything foolish. Getting rid of Wiggs for a rookies sets the clocks back. If they trade Wiggins for a veteran NBA allstar caliber player then erase everything I said earlier.
  5. I get the shake up if they were misdiagnosing players Doc: "he tweaked his ankle a little bit, mild" Doug: "you sure?' Doc: "yeah seen it many times" Doug: "but he's holding his back" But seriously the number of injuries is just a part of the game. Identifying and treatment are what they are paid for. Blame the Chip Kelly shakes...
  6. NFC East: Now half good!

    Easily keenum he might not make it out TC as the starter. They will at least let Eli go full derp before considering DJ
  7. Who Is The Better Player Right Now, Gobert or KAT?

    KAT...easy Gobert is a 5 from the 90s playing in 2019
  8. Who? Don't recall his name, how was he on the team in Sept (of '17)? Seriously, he was claimed/cut in a 10 day span...high expectations.
  9. Has there been talks about a new contract? Also I see Cyprien as more of a CF/3rd safety cover TEs type. Senedjo is purely a box player/ST lacking coverage skills. If Cyprien can play ST to a degree. Bad thing is we are throwing low level assets at the position. Nothing is sticking
  10. Not worried about losing Douglas' wait which Douglas? Watching these OTA videos, did Ertz gain weight? He look puffy.
  11. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    How Sway?? lol joking....but seriously I don't believe they have the salaries to match...a third team?
  12. Probably but as people say on these boards a QB puts you in consideration. A-Aron is still a top 5 QB iyam....
  13. Windy actually with a story about the GSW? nah Surprised he's not talking how Lebron is talking Dwade into coming back for a LA run
  14. I definitely see the Chiefs taking a step back... I worry that A-Aron and the packers are trending upwards, that entire NFC north is going to be tough as well. Can't see one team head/shoulders better than the rest.
  15. I agree on everything aside from the Vaitai/Mailata points. I think Vaitai has proved to be a swing tackle keeping him at tackle for depth makes sense. I just think Vaitai is top heavy and wouldn't be a good OG. Mailata however is still considered a long shot project. Being kicked inside may help him