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  1. I came in here just to post this...but you said it better. Well with less expletives than I would've used.
  2. That's probably why our offenses has been stinking only playing 10 guys!!
  3. Schwartz wants to be fired don’t he? I mean the one guy who’s been dogging you and you left a LB on him?
  4. We just can’t scout WRs hurts in to throw it right away!
  5. They have to cut 12 more before Saturday with no preseason games? Holy (bleep) Batman. I haven't been following much I hope they got some live scrimmages in. They have to be waiting on some roster cuts for a vet. (Riley Reiff?) Also not sure why they seem to be the only team making cuts so far...is that poor planning or poor talent evaluation?
  6. Watching 2018 game at Dallas...I’m surprised Josh Adams isn’t on a roster/PS...he had enough wiggle and burst
  7. Hank Baskett would agree McNabb made everyone look good.
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