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  1. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    Does Pittsburgh really expect to get fair value for AB, and somehow we won't get fair compensation for a SB winning QB?
  2. Disagree McCoy, Bell we seen run away from defenders Gordon (can't believe you even mention him) Lynch, Forte (maybe in their later years) By 1 gear meaning he's going to get up to top speed right away but not enough burst at the second level. Ajayi was a 1st and 2nd down runner and a guy they thought to acquire for a reasonable price (no more than 15 carries in 2017). Ajayi has more burst than Jacobs iyam. I'm talking about a 20+ carry guy. Jacobs injury history is a concern too... ankle, shoulder, hamstring.
  3. More burst...makes guys miss in the hole. enough strength to be a lead guy can be had in the 2nd/3rd round.
  4. Pass on Jacobs, he's a hard in between the tackles runner but I think we can do better. He has 1 gear, he's probably a 4.6 guy. Unless we're getting away from RPOs I don't see him excelling in this offense. He's a downhill guy, that jump cut will work every now and then but its not make a NFL guy miss
  5. DPOY Frontrunners

    Jrue PG Draymond Gobert (as many chances that he gets on a nightly basis I expected that block number closer to the 90s era)
  6. Players That Are "Being Held Back?"

    So this thread is saying the NBA should expand? Not enough mins is one thing, just not consistent enough is entirely different.
  7. Punish as in on the block drawing fouls...not settling on long 3s and fade-away Js
  8. Would rather not draft a guy early (definitely not two) when we don't utilize them enough... throw a million and change at a young vet TJ Yeldon/Mike Davis (both younger than Carson) who's hungry to showcase what he can do. I mentioned Murray who should be willing to take less with the amount of RBs in the market.
  9. No to Ingram...I don't think he would want to come here after that video either.
  10. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Quick lil mock: No. 25 - Montez Sweat, DE Miss State No. 53 - Parris Campbell, WR Ohio State No. 57 - Chauncy Gardner-Johnson, DB, Florida No. 94 (Jacksonville via LAR) - Elijah Holyfield, RB Georgia No. 121 - Ryan Bates, OL Penn State No. 153 - Cameron Smith, LB USC
  11. Do not trade for a RB when there's so many options out there. Latavius Murray/Clement/Adams / UDFA Smallwood gave effort but there's a reason he was the last option and why there were rumors of Le'veon Bell Clement was dinged up most of the season. Our run game sucked because we didn't give our OL enough opportunities saw somewhere 20th in rushing attempts. 1Murray 2 Mike Davis 3 Yeldon I would keep an eye on Jerick McKinnon (possible cut) as well If the money is right throw Tevin Coleman in that mix.
  12. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    HELL YES!!! I'm going...Thanks for giving NFL
  13. Horford is a stretch 4 playing C...similar to the matchup he'll see vs Toronto...Hell the Bucks could go with Giannis and Mirotic in the 5 out set and pull Embiid away from the basket. Embiid is a liability because of his foot speed defensively.
  14. Worst case scenario for Foles and us -- there's not even be a market for him
  15. Will the Cs shoot like that in a 7 game series, idk its possible. Are they better without Kyrie - hell no. (22 shots between Smart/Rozier?) I'm sure Brown will take that all day, still lost.... they don't have anyone that can slow Kyrie down. 6ers better avoid that first round matchup otherwise Butler and possibly Harris are gone. I didn't get to watch all of it, but how Brown sets the lineups will determine their outcome.