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  1. Team Needs?

    Without considering Free agency, no particular order: 1 & 2. OL with some versatility 3. Safety, our vets have lost a step or never had 1 4. WR, A route running WR who can run those 5. LB I personally don't think we'll be able to afford Bradham.
  2. nvm espn needs to update their ish
  3. I heard we clinched a home game not necessarily a bye
  4. Classic Schwartz banging his head against the wall expecting a different result.
  5. Torrey Smith stopped running after the catch scary ***
  6. He’s trying to get Nick Foles 7TDs???
  7. Straight PA deep shot or run it
  8. I swear he’s ran it every time on 2nd down
  9. Run on 2nd...so freaking predictable! That’s not aggressive DougieP
  10. Eli is not Andy Dalton. We also don’t have an all pro CB & Safety
  11. There is no disguise on the def. a veteran like Eli will pick you apart
  12. The DEF play calling is bad. There aren’t any lock down corners in the nfl guys. Safety is back there by himself with a streaking wide receiver.