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  1. The way we use safeties under Schwartz we should value the position almost like QBs keep drafting them until we hit. Slot, CF, 8th in the box, Dime LB, overhang defender, man matchups
  2. Reid Bates Harrison
  3. ACLs have come along way...I hope he's able to adapt his game some...last thing we need is our Franchise to be wreckless when it comes to carrying the ball.
  4. 2018 ThuNF Season Opener Confirmed - MIN@PHI

    Nicky Nine better get tons of reps in TC.
  5. We seriously playing Minny to open the season on a Thurs? ouch
  6. NFL News & General Info Thread

    Speculation, which ever QB they end up with they’ll say they had them graded fairly even or some crap
  7. Hicks and Ajayi are on prove it Darby is an unknown
  8. NFL News & General Info Thread

    I’m not sure why the Jets would give up all that
  9. True DB definitely will get more snaps... I suspect Bennett to start with BG...
  10. NFL News & General Info Thread

    The Def on paper looks good. Its going to boil down to that OL and DeFlip.
  11. Really stepped up his play this past season...Bennett better ball the bleep out! EDIT: Not saying there's a direct correlation, but saying....
  12. Reid and Jenkins had a "disagreement" when it came Player's coalition and how those meetings with owners went. The media pushed that as if it was a personal schism.
  13. Don't think he'll want to come here (see Malcolm) and definitely don't want to mess with the vibes within that locker room. EDIT: If they could somehow get past that, he'd be an excellent addition. So would Honey Badger. ahem. cue Howie's darkside theme music.
  14. Eagles TCMD War Room- Draft Complete!

    I get it, but its Pete...