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  1. No calling/running/throwing the fade was the dumber decision...that is not a strength for Wentz
  2. Give Lincoln Riley a bunch of money. Talk Ozzie Newsome out of retirement.
  3. Lol...surprised Doug didn’t go for that. Especially considering the conditions. defense get the ball back kick another FG on 1st down
  4. It doesn’t matter he’s got to have a faster clock going.
  5. Seems that Howie can't evaluate scouts and personnel people to help with the draft board which has led to him being underwhelming as a GM. There are going to always been instances every year should've taken X over Z. Yes you can't predict injury but you can predict usage and not to get any usage out of draft picks is a detriment to a team that is getting old/expensive real fast.
  6. I'm giving credit to JJAW...he somehow got Garrett infected.
  7. We ran the ball twice out of those 8 plays on that drive
  8. 3 straight negative plays on that drive??? Throwing the ball +33x with a QB who has been struggling with young inexperienced weapons while avg over 6 on the ground is a problem.
  9. Why 3 straight passes there? Wentz is struggling and isn’t throwing guys open.
  10. Only Schwartz can go full Schwartz vs the Gmen
  11. Only Schwartz would Schwartz that call
  12. That is one reason I loved AR. Sometimes he loved up guys too long but they all played hard for AR I read this and thought hey the rest of the world is thinking this but why isn't DP and the staff. Even if Hurts gets a series or two. No not that zone read stuff either.
  13. Not saying we need to be movers and shakers but after seeing Slay go down, I wouldn't be made to see Howie trade for someone. Without Slay for a few weeks (ankle) we need help on the backend. I'm not talking Mills being moved to the outside either. Isaiah Oliver? rookie deal. FA after '21 William Jackson would be a '20 rental
  14. Carson trying to tank for another QB pick next year?
  15. I came in here just to post this...but you said it better. Well with less expletives than I would've used.
  16. That's probably why our offenses has been stinking only playing 10 guys!!
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