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  1. Carson didn’t prove anything his rookie year. 2017 was an anomaly (look at the teams rushing stats). We jumped on teams early and played well enough down the stretch. 2019 was a major step for him playing 16 games, 600 attempts with a bunch of guys. By far his best year IMO. As far as Carson’s attributes I can’t agree that his deep ball accuracy is something to brag on. IMO his best attribute is a play off script. After that is probably PA from under center, which I believe is something that wasn’t utilized enough.
  2. Why can’t it be Kelce? I think he would speak up if its hurting the team. Lane and Peters were in/out the lineup.
  3. There were a lot more than 3 of yous prior to the start of the year.
  4. I could definitely seeing Duce not having authority to pull him and balking at that. Not too long ago we thought he was hampering certain RBs from getting snaps. He would've been a figure head ala Bieniemy.
  5. What if his first two OC options balk? I’m sure Siranni will be calling plays, no?
  6. I don't hate Carson and I agree QBs don't grow on trees. But 68 games you shouldn't have to question whether he's the guy. You question whether Doug P can scheme, well how do you know the next set of coaches can do any better? I will tell you there is a lot of overlap from coach to coach in terms of schemes and route combinations. Honest question explain what do you mean scheme to his strengths? What are his strengths, what type of offense do you see him in? I think Carson showed his ceiling and so far hasn't been consistent enough to say otherwise. 68 games he's 28. Forget
  7. Sorry but this is opinion. Yes Doug didn't run the ball as much as he should have but that's the way of the league. Aside from those scripted plays we don't know what was gameplanned by the coaching staff and brought in week to week. I believe we seen more instances this year of players not executing vs scheme not working.
  8. I ask again what is the going rate for a QB with a bloated contract and coming off a bad year? With RIvers retiring, if the Colts offered a 1st in 2022 and some stuff this year?
  9. Yeah I just read up on it...bad cap situation, no 1st or 2nd round 1 and reggie mckenzie didn’t help him much with the draft.
  10. Why isn’t Dennis Allen in the conversation for HC...he’s been a pretty good DC for some time.
  11. Don’t know if it was Bieniemy, Kafka, or AR that called that option with Mahomes but that’s not putting your players in the best position to succeed.
  12. I blame all 3 FO for not giving the coaching staff enough support to be tough on the kid Coaching staff for not challenging Wentz early on after Reich/DeFlip was no longer in the building Wentz for going in the direction of being a stubborn mule vs a coachable QB who wants to be great. What audacity from a kid that hasn’t won anything. The FO has to do better establishing the relationship with Wentz, bringing in certain guys because they share the same agency is nuts. Get some status before trying to have that type of impact. Watson has proved that he can play at a
  13. Whichever HC the birds bring in there are chances he’ll lose assistants so he has to have a good sense of systems and putting together a staff. Fixing Wentz is on Wentz he’s a professional football player, if he doesn’t change his approach to coaching or being coached up then yes he’s a lost cause. Coaches can only put him in position to succeed, up to him to work on his execution. Yes he might have lost confidence in those around him OL, WRs but that doesn’t mean stop doing your job.
  14. Most of that is the college stuff still. Wouldn't that be something we hire a RB coach/OC and not named Duce. I think he/they have to go outside the AR tree. How you mad at Doug for hiring within but you still stuck on AR?
  15. BGN had a funny they all suck article on the coaching prospects. I thought for sure @ninjapiratewrote it.
  16. Interesting indeed, perhaps they wanted to know who would run the offense for those defensive minded coaches. Again I don't mind a simplistic offense for Carson, if Stefanski can make Mayfield a playoff QB with PA, boot, 1/2 the field throws with limited weapons on the outside then that could be the formula for getting Carson turned around. Pull tight on the leash until he can master the basics.
  17. Sucks to lose Stoutland but maybe just maybe Peters will hang up the cleats now.
  18. I swear if Mike Kafka ends up being the coach I will get banned from the interwebz after I brownout
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