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  1. Just when I thought he was going to get cut, maybe Tre Sullivan pushing Graham's soft a$$ out Watkins makes one catch on a miscommunication and saves his job
  2. I agree easy pass on McCoy, I don't see him eclipsing 1100 yards this year (decline), I didn't see much of him last year but his last year here he danced way too much in the hole trying to live up to his self-made moniker.
  3. Going over @ Washington...I'd say maybe 3, Aug 24 - Sept 10 is a ways away. Over/Under: 1.5, How many players are signed to the active 53 that are not currently in camp.
  4. I think we said the same thing.
  5. Between DougieP and the FO/scouting dept someone legitimately said that he's multi-dimensional back. As I've said he'll need time to develop. But I agree missed opportunity there. I'm not going to put Clement's 3.1 ypc on the 53 either. We'll be looking at the waiver wire when time comes to drop to 53. Pump will get a ton of touches vs the Jets to get that phantom injury. There will be a ton of RBs getting left off rosters, we need to find one that could catch kickoffs as well.
  6. A wing/honorary mention for those that aren't active: @Yo_Its_TO for creating the most topics with the least amount of responses. @PowerElite for being the swaggiest P of them all
  7. Anybody post the other trade proposals Cle received?
  8. Read we dominated the joint practices, let's hope DougieP doesn't crap the bed, third preseason game is the last opportunity the starters will have to get all the kinks out.
  9. Dayum...Didn't realize that was him! On another note, the OT didn't help himself but to get chest pressed like that. He needs to have his scholarship rescinded after that.
  10. I don't understand why they would want to rush Beau back or even Jones. Allen is in the last year of his deal. He may not be on the roster past this year. Them being hurt helps the team as well as them. Let them get healthy, yes Allen is fighting for an extension but he's a rotational guy at best.
  11. Under...not enough reps vs smart teams Over/Under: Number of Coaches challenges 7.5, (DougieP tied for first last year with 8). Bonus: Over/Under: .500 success
  12. Without seeing last night's game: Smallwood > Clement - Smallwood can be a KR something this team needs. Treggs > Ward - Ward will be on the PS, Treggs has more vertical ability, something we'll need if Smith doesn't play well. I see 9 OL Seumalo can play multiple spots, Wiz/Tobin as well. From that group Warmack or Andrews get cut If Walker shows he's healthy sure otherwise Goode as the backup MLB and Grugier-Hill outside he provides ST ability. Personally I want just Malcolm, McLeod, Brooks, & Sullivan but I think they find a reason to keep both
  13. I think Jones not being put on the PUP is mainly due to their waiting until the last minute roster wise. Jones being on the NFI because the injury came after the college season. "The rules on when a player can return from NFI are the same as PUP. But if a player is cleared from the NFI or PUP list, he can’t be placed back on that list after the fact. The team will either have to cut the player or place him on injured reserve." https://www.sbnation.com/2017/7/26/16025192/pup-list-nfl-2017-rules-players
  14. I'd take a bucket of Memphis styled BBQ and a 2020 2nd rounder.
  15. If I'm the Eagles I'm holding Cox out of this game...the last thing you want is your highest paid player hindered with back spasms/issues.
  16. Can I adopt another now? Or should I wait for the rest of pack to select. I don't know if we'll have 53 posters participating.
  17. How the h3ll Howie manage that? I say hold off. Brock doesn't interest me. Got to give them young guys reps to grow. Just like making a rookie QB throw 600+
  18. I was going to say coaching, how will Dougie call plays offensively playing against the NYG, Cards, Raiders, Girls teams with an explosive offense. Dougie P is definitely a weak link until proven otherwise.
  19. I think it worked a few times, Vick to Djax (maybe a couple times), McNabb to TO. Its an aggressive mindset, puts fear in defenders. I loved that about AR.
  20. It also doesn't help players find another team if everything is dragged out until the end and puts teams in a bind, if player X is cut and you're already at 53 you have to put him on the active roster over someone else. Teams will have to be considerate and cut a guy immediately to allow them to find work elsewhere.
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