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  1. I wonder who aside from Howie and Lurie are in the zoom/room? Please have someone else in the room.
  2. That's because the NFL has placed such a high value on QBs when they shouldn't have. So now you have owners thinking they have to give Carson/Dak massive dollars on the 2nd contract just because its the norm. When it doesn't matter what QB you have unless everything else is in sync. Sam Darnold isn't bad he has no help. He won't get a massive deal Rams did it right, they have an out of Goff's deal after '22 if they need it Baltimore is going to pay a good amount for a QB who may never replicate that MVP season. I'm 100% behind a player getting his worth, I just thi
  3. Until we get over the injury hurdle it doesn't matter how great the offensive mind is.
  4. I'm leaning more and more towards a defensive coach honestly. Perhaps Saleh/someone could bring in a crafty QB coach/guru to run the offense or an established vet who's had success. Whichever QB road we chose its going to be a long one, why not have a good defense to help with the road ahead? Everyone keeps talking offense but we are a couple years from seeing that. Even the best QBs have problems with well coached defenses. I think Saleh could work with a bunch of scraps and have a respectable defense. Granted we may have to change the scheme but we're i
  5. And you saying he's fixable is what, beside optimistic? I'm in for weighing all the options: -Swap Wentz plus extras for Watson -Draft a QB with the 6th pick after trading Carson/Hurts -Bring in a coach guru and hope the stubborn SOB returns to pre-injury 2017 -Roll the dice on Hurts trade Carson for pieces and play good defense with a run game -Bring in a vet and roll with Carson/vet to ride out his contract until its financially feasible to detach. If I'm an offensive coach (which I believe I am), I don't know if I take a job where responsib
  6. ESPN matchmaker says both defensive coaches are better grades Saleh B- Eberflus B- Everyone else is Cs and Ds Roman being the highest offensive coach C+ I think the rankings make a good case No offensive coach is going to turn this unit around year 1, what's the easiest road to success. Solid run game + Defense until the QB situation is resolved. That formula fits with both Carson and Hurts.
  7. Shocked not shocked. Howie's telling Lurie the big contract for Carson was inevitable.... Now we have him in a likely role fpr finding the guy who can fix it? Me no likey
  8. I haven’t watched any playoff games (items I wanted to pay attention to) How did Rivers look? DougP meeting with Lurie (2nd meeting?) What happened in Tennessee? 13pts? (Arthur Smith) 7pts so in a half for NO (Pete Carmichael) Defensive coach? Can Saleh coach a 4-3?
  9. I would say they can't utilize players in the right way more than I would say they can't coach players. And then again we have some bad players regardless of coaching. 💩
  10. Another kid that surprised me in his growth in the position from HS senior to NDSU Can we higher NDSU's coaching staff?
  11. I like Smith but Tenn has two really good WRs, a TE, and a dominant run game. The one thing I’m impressed about Smith is he varies the attack. 5 wide, multiple TEs, pro, zone read. He definitely doesn’t have that personnel here
  12. Dallas will be back....I can see another slugfest.
  13. I’m not going to put Josh Allen on such a pedestal, we thought Carson was accurate back in 2017 too
  14. I partially blame Howie, contract after 4/5 of a MVP season
  15. You have to let Dillard and Mailata battle for that LT spot. Competition only brings out the best in people
  16. If they go iOL early enough, they could finally go Seumalo at OC EDIT But I trust STOUTLAND
  17. IF Detroit decides to go a different route I’d pick up Stafford
  18. No he still sucks in coverage
  19. They threw Howie under the bus? Details...
  20. I’m wouldn’t pen Maddox in the slot just yet...I’m not betting on Maddox bouncing back to the slot and playing well after the year he had outside. He’s shown he can’t run with guys and he can’t compete with bigger guys I would love to see LeBlanc back and healthy. And if not let them all compete. I think this staff pens guys in spots without really having them compete.
  21. Looks faster in them first beginning strides.
  22. I didn’t realize how thin DeVonta Smith is....
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