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  1. How are you unhappy as a NFL HC? Are you a lame duck coach? I don't see a lot of national mainstream news saying he's the problem. I see the QB and GM getting most of the headlines. Unfortunately 90% of the time the HC is the fall guy. We've seen a couple instances this year with HC and most notably GMs being axed. ATL/DET/ HOU/JAX likely NYJ Rank the following candidates or top 3 Arthur Smith Joe Brady Eric Bieniemy Matt Campbell Pete Carmichael Matt Eberflus Robert Selah Brandon Staley For me 1. Brady 2. Car
  2. He is scheduled but its Ertz...unless they’re easing him in and starting Goedert I can’t see him being much of a factor
  3. Definitely a case of bad Def and a QB playing with confidence
  4. Yeah 5TDs to backup TEs and RBs, them WRs aren’t going to help Wentz today
  5. The guy is getting paid regardless, we can’t worry about his feelings and whether the organization giving up on him will break him. The real question: Can this be fixed in 1 offseason? Questions along the OL, coaching/FO and WR. Unfortunately removing the coaching/FO doesn’t equate to success. It could change the entire trajectory of the team.
  6. Slow down...breathe. I'm personally not big on drafting a player top 10 who sat for a year. yeah yeah COVID, he sat with no football. New HC rolling with Carson? Ok. I say let's see how the college QB's shake out draft wise, we maybe able to trade down Only Miami, NE and Balt have real WR needs in the top 2/3rds of the draft IMO. I think Carson needs route runners IMO we've only seen a 4 game stretch with Fulgham where Carson throws to WRs who are tightly covered. Which brings me to my next point. Watching Chase from 2019, you can critique a lot more b
  7. I feel like their philosophy is to not make hard turn adjustments because they want the "players to play with confidence" Tweaks are good (rotate, shade a safety in certain looks, situations) but him saying hey we're going to double this guy actually says hey you aren't that good.
  8. Still waiting on this...I was expecting a Woj-bomb this morning
  9. Don’t forget the one we took in the 2nd the year before
  10. I need Wentz to throw it. Fantasy. My other QB is hurt...
  11. I’m sorry I don’t want a top 5 pick (QB)...the unknown that QB may be just as bad. Hurts is a 2nd round pick. We’d be wasting resources.
  12. There is no magical route but there tried and true combinations that win vs man that win vs zone
  13. Not sure about that call no definite rubs going on
  14. The problem is guys aren’t being schemed open.
  15. No idea what that call was...screen to the back or to the WR. Definitely someone isn’t being coached up
  16. He was looking to hold onto momentum, rushed decision.
  17. Well if he hits Rodgers earlier he’s got YAC instead he’s be the sideline momentum taking him OB
  18. Jamal Adams over the slot is a good indicator he’s coming. I never see him in the flats
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