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  1. Hank Baskett would agree McNabb made everyone look good.
  2. I normally think the NFL is too uptight on jersey #s... but I also think if the Eagles jerseys number template looked better I'd be ok with single digits.
  3. I mentioned before Flajole loves him some Nathan Gerry. Says he can play both MLB (probably in nickle) and OLB. I expect them to give Edwards a run at MLB then going more athletic personnel depending on down and distance.
  4. I'm not looking at more than 4-5 snaps a game EDIT: There has been plenty of years we held 4 RBs on the opening day roster. return duties or ST guys, that's how Clement got his start ST
  5. Sign him, nothing wrong with competition Duce. That UDFA Adrian Killins looks like he could be a nice fastball to get a look at.
  6. 21 pick - Jalen Reagor -my pick - Kenneth Murray LB53 pick - Jalen Hurts -my pick - Ashtyn Davis S 103 pick - Davion Taylor -my pick - Troy Pride CB127 pick - K'Von Wallace -my pick - Antonio Gandy-Golden WR145 pick - Jack Driscoll -my pick - Joe Reed WR/Ret168 pick - John Hightower -my pick- Darnell Mooney WR 196 pick - Shaun Bradley -my pick - Jake Hanson iOL200 pick - Que
  7. I agree, I was thinking 15 which could be even more based on performance+team success. He wants to go to a contender based off reports. We go to a SB and he has 12+ sacks, I'm sure Lurie would cut the check .
  8. I would take Clowney on an incentive laced deal. Perhaps a player option 2nd year? Might be illogical considering we aren't in the best position with the cap for '21. I can't see him getting a multi-year deal at 28-29 yrs old.
  9. I'm not upset about the pick at all anymore. The kid wins. He's tough and can make most of the throws. And until DougieP shows his cards in-season I fully expect the same simplistic offense that would fit any QB. What has made Carson special is his ability to make things happen. Same thing with Hurts.
  10. He can still pass pro...but he’ll also give you that bone head false start during a key moment. Not to mention he’ll play 6 games. I like JP but hang em up when you need to. If the Eagles didn’t spend a 1st on Dillard I wouldn’t be talking but we have someone who is supposed to be in place
  11. I hope its just talk...unfortunately he was hurt during that SB run but at some point he has to realize he's doing more harm than good. Mental/physical mistakes have gone up, dominance has gone down.
  12. ^So a HB PRO I say pass run because they want to pass first, the NFL is a lot faster than Big 12 opponents. I like DanO but someone has to remind him the hashmarks being so much closer in the NFL would make it difficult to get this stretch look.
  13. He's on the roster #33...signed from the Carolina PS for the playoff game then possibly a futures contract?
  14. Booker would be a nice pickup, bigger back to compete with Holyfied/UDFAs...Apple I'm up/down on. He probably played too early he's picked up some bad tendencies
  15. Doug being a former QB probably played a roll in that giddy-ness. If he brought the waterbottle out then well...that's on the level with Gettlemen and the hogmollies no?
  16. Pass. That guy is a psycho. He'll make off the field headlines at some point.
  17. Woah...he added 17 lbs from beginning of season to combine and ran sub 4.45. Or first rounder added 10 lbs and looked sluggish running at the combine hmm
  18. For some reason I was hoping that it was a typo (Chris) Godwin
  19. His ability to move and the scheme he comes from I think he could step right in
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