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  1. What to do about Myles Garrett

  2. What to do about Myles Garrett

    Myles took him to the ground didn’t even land on top of him and mason immediately starts grasping at his helmet trying to rip it off myles, that doesn’t excuse Myles he will be suspended and should be but again mason is the instigator in this
  3. What to do about Myles Garrett

  4. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    and here comes the screw job no Lube allowed
  5. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    Some of the NFL’s rules are straight up stupid
  6. Browns Cut Callaway

    Just means more snaps for Hollywood
  7. Post game! Ups and downs

    Greg Robinson got his lunch money taken from him again this week
  8. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    What do you guys think of Ashtyn Davis from Cal
  9. Whats up with Baker

    What’s wrong with baker.... he’s a 2nd year QB
  10. Whitehead waived

  11. Is Baker the Answer? (Poll)

    Seriously Justin field’s