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  1. Josh Gordon is back

  2. Visiting Fan

    The b-spot is a good place for a burger, gotta get he fries loaded with pulled pork though
  3. The please just make it stop Mock

    I’m also planning on Gordon being here
  4. Well we are well on our way to a winless season and honestly I really don’t think it’s that far out of the realm of possibility i don’t kntwhat we did to anger the football gods for so long but please We deserve nice things and this Mock will mirror that sentiment unfortunately for hue I think he will get the blame for 1 win in two years as much as I think we need continuity for Mock sake I’m going to say he gets clipped. Sashi did not get fired but re assigned and your new head of football operations is none other than And through his extensive relationships he brings an old Ohio boy back home to coach He is impressed by the improvement in our defense and leaves the defensive staff as is now because we have got a ton of And he thought of playing under crudeness and being associated with the GOAT as your team president we sign to lead this team and we finally have a functioning QB situation since well ...... hell if i can’t remember . And by god if we don’t keep handing out some more fun coupons for a new toy for Kirk to play with Draft time- we end up picking 1st and 5th 1a. Saquan Barkley-RB-Happy Valley 1b. Minkah Fitzpatrick-FS- Roll Tide 2a.Chukwuma Okorafor-OT-Western Michigan 2b. Joshua Jackson-CB- Iowa 2c. Ryan Finley-QB-NC State
  5. Visiting Fan

    Went to Mabel’s on my last visit for the Dallas game last year loved it
  6. ROCK out with my MOCK out!

  7. Josh Gordon is back

  8. Josh Gordon is back

    Just watching his highlights, when he is on, he is just looks another level to others out there
  9. Garrett's out for London game

    Not at all concussions are nothing to play around with, by not dealing with it properly you are opening the door for bigger problems and possibly missing more time. He did exactly as he should
  10. Josh Gordon is back

  11. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    It seems like something we would do for sure
  12. Myles Garrett put in concussion protocol

  13. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    GM muses about benefits of a Darnold return "Right now, Darnold may not be coming out, and he was the one with all the hype," the GM said. "You see him on film, he doesn't seem settled in the pocket. He's not secure with the ball, he wasn't throwing those interceptions last year. Is he a first round kid? Yeah, I could see that. But he might benefit from another season at USC." The GM may get his wish. AM1340's Ben Allbright cited a source earlier this week who said Darnold was "unlikely" to leave USC after this season. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2740630-sam-darnold-says-hes-made-no-decision-on-entering-2018-nfl-draft GM: Not sure teams will clamor for QB Rosen "He hasn't handled the spotlight well," the GM said. "You want maturity from a quarterback. I still think Andrew Luck was that prototypical guy a few years back, Deshaun Watson this past draft. They were poised and polished. (Rosen's) comments on school were worrisome. If he thinks he has to study now in college, in the NFL that workload is triple." Rosen has thrown for 2,620 yards with a 19/8 TD/INT rate through seven games. Despite questions about his maturity, we still think he has a decent chance of becoming the first quarterback taken this spring. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/nfl-draft-2018-quarterbacks-sam-darnold-josh-rosen-allen-saquon-barkley/6d0qax88ltgs1enp65yfldkuu GM: PSU RB Barkley could go No. 1 overall "I think he has a shot to be No. 1 — he's that good," the GM said. "He's carried Penn State. He can do it all. A lot of teams, I think, are going to look at what the Cowboys did a couple of years ago with (Ezekiel Elliott). To me, Barkley is that guy, the top player in the draft right now. He’s a workhorse, he doesn't lose the football." The GM went on to say that a contender could move up for Barkley. "He'll put you over the top. Some team (is) going to be willing to overpay because he can make a middle of the pack team into a contender," he said. http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/nfl-draft-2018-quarterbacks-sam-darnold-josh-rosen-allen-saquon-barkley/6d0qax88ltgs1enp65yfldkuu All per Rotoworld