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  1. We had to use them for our spring qualifier because we couldn’t get ammo
  2. I’m really not a fan, it’s good for situation training but the guns react totally different
  3. Ironically it’s that time of the year for me to qualify at the range, when we are out there even when we dry fire if we treat the gun any other way than that of it is loaded is an automatic dismissal from the range and a write up
  4. Of we go the FA route I would like to focus on courtland Sutton and Michael Gallup
  5. Has a groin injury said he was questionable
  6. Whether Baker can 100% be the guy could possibly remain to be seen but the fact is there is no REALISTIC upgrade atm or in the very near future. We can win with baker he has shown it, but yes he does have things he needs most QB do
  7. people complaining about baker not being able to throw but willing to let Cam Newton come in... things that make you go hmmmm
  8. Yea arm ain’t so supposed to bend like that
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