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  1. I mean you, did just describe probably the two best linebackers of the past 25 years, ray could be argued as one of if not the greatest LB of all time, I by no means am saying Phillips is the answer but comparing him to those two isnt really fair
  2. I am actually fairly encouraged by Schwartz, cause if you watch his highlight films he doesn't look like your typical I'm just really fast kind of WR, He looked fairly consistent natural in catching the ball with his hands, and while he was not asked to run very many routes at Auburn ( didn't really need to) but he is showing willingness to put the work in on his routes.
  3. Just from watching a highlight reel of him he doesn’t seem to be that terrible of a catcher, looked like he caught with his hands the majority of the time
  4. some people sound like they weren't invited to Bo Callahan's Birthday Party
  5. we may just not be prioritizing DE this year, they maybe good going into the year with Clowney, Myles, Takk, and they are very high on Curtis Weaver
  6. I wouldnt mind taking someone like Amon Ra St. Brown in the 3rd
  7. is that Andrew Berry or Sonny Weaver Jr.
  8. im just gonna say it I dont want Barmore
  9. I had that oine and I really only had a mild fever, no chills only minor aches
  10. Rumors are floating that the Cowboys could release jaylon Smith
  11. I would trade up for our second and possibly one of the 3rds to move up and grab Surtain
  12. I think JOK is out of the conversation when we signed JJ3 this ultimately makes Harrison and JOK play almost the same position
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