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  1. DP8017’s Top 5 Positional Rankings

    Interior OL 1. Quenton Nelson- Notre Dame 2. Isaiah Wynn- Georgia 3. Billy Price- Ohio State 4. James Daniels- Iowa 5. Will Hernandez- UTEP
  2. DP8017’s Top 5 Positional Rankings

    Offensive Tackle 1. Mike McGlinchey- Notre Dame 2. Orlando Brown jr.- Oklahoma 3. Martinas Rankin- Mississippi State 4. Connor Williams- Texas 5.Tyrell Crosby- Oregon
  3. DP8017’s Top 5 Positional Rankings

    Tight End 1. Dallas Goedert-South Dakota State 2. Mike Gesicki- Penn State 3. Mark Andrews- Oklahoma 4.Hayden Hurst- South Carolina 5. Troy Fumagalli- Wisconsin
  4. DP8017’s Top 5 Positional Rankings

    Wide Receiver 1. Calvin Ridley- Alabama 2. Courtland Sutton- SMU 3. Christian Kirk- Texas A&M 4. Anthony Miller- Memphis 5. James Washington- Oklahoma State
  5. DP8017’s Top 5 Positional Rankings

    Running Back 1. Saquan Barkley-Penn St. 2. Derrius Guice- LSU 3.Sony Michel- Georgia 4. Ronald Jones-USC 5a. Nick Chubb- Georgia 5b. Royce Freeman - Oregon
  6. Quarterback 1. Sam Darnold-USC 2. Josh Rosen-UCLA 3.Baker Mayfield-Oklahoma 4.Josh Allen-Wyoming 5.Lamar Jackson- Louisville
  7. The Avengers Off Season

    You couldn’t even pull this off in madden
  8. General discussion thread.

    In his expertise that is what he believes is best for the team, and I’m gonna go ahead and take his word for what is best for this team over anyone on this board
  9. OL a bigger need than you think

    Yea him too, and Decastro was gonna be the next Hutchinson
  10. OL a bigger need than you think

    Remember when Chance Warmack was for sure a multi time All Pro
  11. General discussion thread.

    If anyone in this organization has earned the right to speak their mind freely it is Joe Thomas, He could have bolted long ago and could have signed with any contender in this league, but Joes fatal flaw being how loyal he is he stuck around this dumpster fire wasting the best years of his hall of fame career, so yea he can say whatever the F@$& he wants
  12. Mock Draft/Off-season Thread

    Man I remember Ogundeko coming out of high school, I wanted him to come to Syracuse so bad
  13. Positional depth/sweet spots and draft strategy

    You know what sometimes there are just prospects that are that much better than the prospects of the more traditionally valued positions
  14. Danny Shelton

    There’s literally zero logical reasoning for him not too be on this team