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  1. About time. They're pretty bad and stale. Their color rush ones are nice, though.
  2. Eh, Kirksey isn't good at this point in his career and couldn't stay healthy. I'm still disappointed they let Schobert go. He's not amazing but certainly above average and way better than any LB we trotted out this year. Guess the FO didn't view him as being worthy of a bigger contract.
  3. Yeah, I don't get why some are criticizing Stefanski for punting in that situation. Would have been too risky to go for it there, IMO. Would have been different say it had been 4th and 5 or less, but 4th and really long was too far of a distance.
  4. I actually like the hiring of Campbell for the Lions. I think they should have went with Staley, but Campbell seems like a pretty solid hire to me.
  5. It's absurd how many people vastly overrate Murray. Dude has plenty of potential, but he hasn't shown that much yet.
  6. Mack Wilson was honestly our worst LB this season. Which was kind of disappointing, as he was about the only LB any Browns fan had some hope for to become at least a decent starter/top backup. BJ Goodson was probably our best LB, which isn't saying much of anything. But he proved to at least be competent, although he's probably better off as a rotational LB. Takitaki showed flashes and improved as the year went on, but he too isn't someone who you necessarily feel good about as a starter going forward. Supposedly Joe Woods doesn't particularly value LBs (maybe you as a Broncos fan can tell
  7. Doubt the Jaguars would accept that trade, but I'd do it in a hurry. At this point I'd take a third round pick for OBJ without really hesitating.
  8. Surprised that some people are underwhelmed by this hire. I think it's a great one.
  9. I was hoping we'd be facing you guys in the championship game, but it wasn't meant to be. I'll 100% be rooting for you guys the rest of the way, our Lake Erie brethren.
  10. Deferring is the right call 99% of the time, but KC is one team where you consider taking the ball first. Anyway, Chubb had some bad drops but he's usually pretty sure handed when thrown the ball. I'm not worried about him. Landry made a couple of nice plays but had a couple of bad drops too. He could have also helped Baker with that INT by coming back to the ball a bit.
  11. I think it could only take one offseason to at least make our defense at least average, especially considering we get Delpit and Greedy back and if they prove to be the real deal.
  12. Defense without a doubt unless an absolute stud receiver that's too good to pass up is available. And that's assuming we get rid of OBJ. I'm 99% sure we'll go defense with the first pick.
  13. No where close to enough. And SF would without a doubt trade Bosa if it meant getting Watson. Bosa is a stud, but a young franchise QB is a million times more valuable.
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