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  1. Our trip to Tampa

    Was really hoping the Bucs would wait at least one more week to fire their coordinator.
  2. Todd Haley, very disappointing so far.

    Haley is still an upgrade over Hue as a play caller, though... not that that's saying a whole lot. Overall, I'd say he's been below average to average as a coordinator. It is frustrating that he doesn't utilize Chubb or Duke more often. And his situational play calling is completely idiotic at times, but anyone who's watched Pittsburgh over the years should know this. Offensive coordinators are always easy scapegoats, though. How many fans around the league like their team's offensive coordinator? Not many.
  3. Bucs fire DC Mike Smith

    Dammit. They couldn't have waited one more week!?
  4. Ogbah is definitely a huge disappointment. I wasn't sure if he'd take the step from being a good starter to a very good/great starter, but if anything, it seems like he's regressed a bit. Still a solid player, no doubt, but DE is definitely a need unless they decide to give Avery more playing time there. I'd say, right now, our biggest needs are #1 WR and DT. We're getting murdered by the run on defense. But we had to get rid of Shelton because he "didn't fit" what Williams wants to do defensively. Ogunjobi is good, but Coley is average at best. Coley probably should be a rotational lineman, not a starter. Callaway needs to address his issues with drops, but it's clear to anyone that the dude is talented. Ratley looked promising yesterday but is far from a sure thing. Higgins is a solid to good #3 type of receiver. What we need is a legit go-to receiver. If we can do that, our entire group of receivers would look better. We have some solid to good receivers, but none of them are legit #1 options. Get a #1 option, and things will open up more for the rest of our receivers. I thinkHubbard has been fine for most of the season, but he definitely looked very bad yesterday. Hopefully this won't be a need next year, but it very well could be. Oh well, it's better to have to find a new RT than it is to find a new LT.
  5. Hopefully. Their biggest strength is their passing game, and our pass defense has been very good for the most part this season. Their defense is definitely garbage, so it will be a good opportunity for Baker and company to bounce back after a terrible offensive performance.
  6. This is what we get for attempting to colonize your forum. Dearest apologies.
  7. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Pssh, we don't need him. We just signed Breshad Perriman.
  8. Yeah, very bizarre game. Baker had pressure in his face all game, but was still a bit hesitant even when he had time. Doesn't help that his receivers couldn't get open and were dropping passes that they should have caught. Our offenses woes were a combination of bad pass protection, receivers' inability to create any separation and dropping easy passes, and Baker simply having his worst game as a pro so far. I'm sure him slipping and hurting himself only made matters worse, as he really became much more hesitant after that. Hopefully his injury won't linger and he'll be good to go next week. I do agree with Jarvis not seeming interested. There was a couple of passes that he dropped that I believe he could have made had he put in a bit more effort. Hopefully it's just an off week for him. The defense is good in many facets but they are awful vs. the run. That's been a trend all season long, and the Chargers just happened to be the team to take advantage of that the most. Last week, Baltimore was very successful running on us but for some reason they decided to rely on the passing game a lot more. LA didn't make the same mistake. Hopefully Schobert won't be out long, because losing him is going to really hurt, I think. Just a weird game overall. Besides the opening drive, the defense looked good in the first half but then seemed to completely give up in the second half. And the offense struggled all day. They'd make a big play but could never finish off drives strongly and we utterly failed to take advantage of the great field position we had multiple times in the first half. Duke, Njoku, and Peppers on punt returns are about the only good things from today. Ratley had his moments too, but he had his rookie moments as well. Like I said, hopefully this will be our worst game this season. And hopefully the team will take this as a learning experience and bounce back next week at Tampa.
  9. I love Sam, but he also played against easily one of the worst teams in the league. Meanwhile, Baker played a very tough Chargers team.
  10. Amazing how good our run defense was last year compared to how bad it’s been this year.
  11. Definitely looks good for a sixth round pick.
  12. That’s right, Haley. Barely utilize Duke to his strengths but use him at the goal line instead.
  13. Looks like Ratley might be okay.
  14. Now we have two receivers.
  15. Callaway’s hands are garbage.