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  1. ESPN playoff machine

    AFC: 1. Kansas City, 2. New England, 3. Houston, 4. Baltimore, 5. LAC, 6. Indianapolis NFC: 1. NO, 2. LAR, 3. Chicago, 4. Dallas, 5. Seattle, 6. Minnesota.
  2. Super Smash Bro Ultimate

    The only exclusive for Xbox that I care about is Gears of War. Other than that, there's no real reason to get one.
  3. Do you think those women would still be willing to do that if Green Bay had been as awful as we've been for the past 19 years?
  4. Such a horrendous take. Seriously. The offensive line is okay. The interior is good, but the tackles are absolutely suspect. Mayfield and Freddie Kitchens makes them look better because Mayfield gets rid of the ball quickly and does a good job of moving within and out of the pocket. The defense really isn't that good. Not terrible, but they give up way too many yards and Gregg's scheme is incredibly frustrating. They don't have a consistent pass rush outside of Garrett, they struggle to stop the run, and can't tackle. You say just watch him, but you clearly haven't. Again, just a laughable take.
  5. Rosie Jones Thread

    Yup. Won't be an easy game. Denver has a good running game and we all know our run defense is suspect to say the least. Chubb and Miller will be tough to face, although our offensive line held up fairly well vs. Houston's pass rush. Going to Denver is never easy for any team, even though I do think we're a more talented team than the Broncos. We definitely have a good chance to win, but it's far from a sure thing. I think it'll end up being a close game.
  6. Super Smash Bro Ultimate

    I'm tempted to get the Switch just for this game, but I can't justify buying a console just for this and a handful of other titles, haha.
  7. The St. Louis Raiders. That'd be weird as hell, haha.
  8. So... if the Raiders are playing their last season in Oakland, where do they play next year?
  9. TNF: LA Chargers(10-3) @ KC Chiefs(11-2)

    I guess people must be watching. Why? I have no idea. The dude consistently proves that he's a complete buffoon.

    I'd prefer to keep the 4-3 but get rid of Gregg as DC.
  11. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I'll pass only because I'm assuming he'll get paid far more than he's worth.
  12. He definitely fired Chudzinski way too soon. I doubt he would have been the long-term answer, but he definitely deserved more than a year. Pettine maybe deserved another year, but it was pretty clear that he wasn't working out. Then he went and did the polar opposite and gave Hue way too much time - he gave 2.5 years to a coach who proved to be arguably the worst of all time. Talent wise, there was no way we should have went 0-16. Only 2-3 wins? That's reasonable, but we should not have gone winless. We went winless due to totally inept coaching and because of atrocious QB play. But like I said, Cleveland's ownership is definitely a fair and valid reason to pick Green Bay.
  13. Would you trade Baker Mayfield for...?

    I forgot to mention Luck and Wilson. Although Luck's shoulder could still be a problem in the future and both are 29, IIRC. I know a lot of people will mention Watson, and while I think he's good, I don't know if I ever see him being truly great. And I wouldn't give Mayfield up for Rodgers strictly due to Rodgers being 35. Even if he pulls a Tom Brady, he has like 6-7 years left. But not everyone can play at such a high level at 40+ like Brady can. If we're talking about the next 2-3 years, then of course you go with ARod.
  14. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    He did well with the Browns while having next to no talent to work with.