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  1. Start it yourself, you lazy bum.
  2. This. Like, why is everyone so worried about a contract we may or may not give him a year or two from now? If he steps up and takes his play to the next level, you'll have to pay him more but it'll be worth it. If he doesn't, then we look for a new QB or pay him a contract that matches his play.
  3. I'd say that's just a tad early to say. LOL
  4. I've admitted that Kyler has been better this season than I expected. And though he was solid today, he wasn't amazing by any means. We just sucked.
  5. Browns get their ***** kicked. Every other AFC North team wins. My dog has been sick. I think I'm getting sick. **** today.
  6. Teller has still been good. Just not crazy dominant like he was last season.
  7. Hudson isn't ready now, but maybe he will be in the future. Dude is raw. He may have been drafted to eventually replace Teller or Conklin, with the worst case scenario is that he replaces Hubbard as the primary backup swing tackle.
  8. Watched Baker's press conference. Seems like he threw some shade at the league for adding a 17th game lol
  9. Yup. If I were to put on a tin foil hat I'd say the refs had a vendetta against us for Baker calling them out last week.
  10. Don't think we know the extent of his injury but not a good sign when he's being carted off. I think we'll be lucky if Hunt doesn't miss significant time. Let's hope Chubb is ready to go by Thursday.
  11. Not saying he has terrible weapons, but are they really that good besides Chubb and Hunt? DPJ looks like he has the potential to be really good, but we'll see. Njoku is a matchup problem but has always been inconsistent. Hooper has been a disappointment in the passing game. Higgins is a solid receiver but isn't one to win a lot of 1V1 matchups. Landry is good and has obviously been missed. Like I said, there's teams with way worse weapons but let's not act like Baker has great weapons besides at RB. With that said, the poor tackle play negatively impacts Baker more than anything
  12. Agreed, until Landry returns at least. Felton should get more playing time too. Dude is a matchup problem. I think he did see a good amount of snaps today, though. I'm so over this OBJ experiment and I know most of us are. For sure. Certainly not when you have two totally unreliable tackles and a QB with an injured shoulder. Our safeties are too talented to look this bad. Feel like Harrison needs to see less playing time and Delpit more. Not sure how much it's on them just being out of position and how much of it is on Woods. I generally love Stefanski being aggressive, but
  13. Only good aspects of today: DPJ and JOK. Everything else was terrible.
  14. Our Thursday night game likely couldn't come at a worse time with all our injuries. Fortunately, Denver seems to be falling apart.
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