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  1. A third would probably be the most I'd give up. DT isn't our biggest need, unless we lose both Richardson and Ogunjobi this offseason. Much rather use draft capital to get a safety, a LB or two, a DE, and even a CB.
  2. Even though Stefanski is obviously very familiar with Rudolph and Thielen, I'd be shocked if we traded for one of them. I'd love to get Harris or Smith, but I'm not counting on that happening either. The only move we might make is trading Njoku. I'd be surprised if we make any significant moves besides that.
  3. The Vikings could trade half their starters and I still doubt they'd be worse than the Jets.
  4. They owe us one by trading us Smith or Harris for like a mid-round pick. It's only fair.
  5. What a moronic trade for Minnesota.
  6. Teller being out again sucks. Hopefully he'll be good to go for the following game.
  7. Yeah, only way the Falcons possibly trade Ryan is in the offseason if they land Lawrence or Fields. And even Fields is someone I could see them passing on, and therefore they'd keep Ryan.
  8. Why would you do that to yourself? Watching the Browns game on Sunday wasn't enough torture for one week?
  9. I'm not saying Arizona is a bad team, cause I don't think they are. They're solid and very well could make the playoffs. It's just that the Cowboys look pathetic.
  10. Cause Zeke gifted you two fumbles and Dallas is playing 4 backup OL.
  11. 21-0 but it feels more like the Cowboys are just that bad more so than the Cardinals are that good.
  12. And to think there were people before this season who thought Zeke was better than Nick Chubb.
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