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  1. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    I'm not disputing that. Lamar will for sure win MVP.
  2. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    I think Seattle would be far worse off without Wilson than Baltimore would be without Lamar.
  3. Stefanski’s staff

    Tayne is above gender. Tayne is Woke and doesn't subscribe to human realities like gender.
  4. If the coaching staff believes he can play equally as well at RG, then cool with me. I just think it'd be a bit risky spending big bucks on him to ask him to switch to RT when we don't know how good he'd be playing there at this level. I would certainly agree that we need a RT more than a RG, but it's not like we're set at RG either. Bitonio-Tretter-Scherff would make for a really nice interior.
  5. Eh.. I don't think you pay a guy like Scherff big money to then make him switch positions. You'd pay him to play guard, which is where he's excelled at. If we miss out on Conklin then I'd be totally cool giving Scherff a big contract.
  6. I'll be shocked if Hubbard is still on the roster next year. Only way I'd keep him around is if he restructured his contract to be much more team-friendly as a backup-caliber contract.
  7. Some think Ward had a down year, and while he wasn't as good as he was in his rookie year, he was still pretty good statistically. And that was him playing in a scheme that doesn't best suit his abilities. My main concern with him going forward is just his ability to stay healthy.
  8. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    And he seemed like a terrible QB coach. Baker took a step back with him as coach (along with Freddie and company). Think he just got the job because he was tight with Freddie. Stefanski really needs to get the QB coach hiring right.
  9. The Search for a GM

    Watson is the only one who might have been the same here as he is in Houston only because he's played well despite having a terrible coach in BoB. Hue would have ruined Wentz for sure. And as amazing as Mahomes is, he went to a perfect situation, so I'm sure Hue would have ruined him as well.
  10. Hmm, maybe the Chiefs? They beat a BOB-led Texans team and a 9-7 6th seed in the Titans.
  11. Stefanski’s staff

    Glad to see Mitchell and Preifer will be back, as they are really the only ones deserving of coming back. I wouldn't have hated Campen coming back, but I wasn't exactly thrilled with the job he did. But then again, you can't expect him to turn turds (Hubbard, Robinson, our RG situation) into diamonds. I think it's more that Campen doesn't fit with what Stefanski wants to do offensively.
  12. Around the league discussion

    @Forge Do you think you guys will resign Armstead and/or Ward? It would definitely be nice if we could sign one of them.
  13. One of your predictions was bound to come true one of these days...
  14. See ya steve; wilks is gone

    You could do worse as a DC than Wilks, but you could also do better. Can't say I'm too disappointed to see him go.
  15. Around the league discussion

    Yes. Same with Watson, Wentz, etc. Mahomes is amazing but he also has the benefit of playing under a great offensive mind in Andy Reid.