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  1. All Things Wrestling Thread

    He's definitely looking in better shape than ever before.
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I'm calling it now - Ambrose will turn on Seth and cost him the title.
  3. Just curious - what did you guys think of our guys on the Browns?
  4. Bears ink first-round LB Roquan Smith following holdout

    @Forge I think you may have too much time on your hands, my friend.
  5. Has anyone posted there in the past month?
  6. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    I agree with most of what you've said. I'm also slightly annoyed about what's going on with BBC. He's been one of the best NBs in the league. Maybe they think he can be an even better player at FS?
  7. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    Yeah, it was a relief to see him having a good game after what we've been hearing out of TC. But like LETSGO said, him dropping passes might be part of who he is as a player. Fortunately, he has the talent to make some amazing plays to make up for the drops. I'm disappointed in Coleman, though. I thought he was respectable at RT last season and had hopes that he could at least be a capable starter at LT. Unless Bitonio is really good this year at LT, or someone else on the roster steps up, then LT is looking like it could be our biggest need next offseason. That way Bitonio could move back to his more natural position of LG, and Corbett can move to center, where most scouts thought he was best suited for in the pros. That way he'll replace Tretter, who is merely average as a starter. Overall, I think there were much more positives than negatives in the game. I mean, it doesn't mean a whole lot since it's the first week of preseason, but still. The run blocking is the biggest concern at this point, though. Dayes was probably the most impressive of all the running backs, so I hope he somehow makes the team even though I doubt we carry four running backs.
  8. LOL. That was the first year where I truly followed the draft and I was absolutely furious when we made that trade. Especially when we not only passed on Ngata, but gave him to the f'ing Ravens for essentially nothing.
  9. Yeah. But Darnold >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kizer
  10. Browns trade WR Corey Coleman to the Bills

    I'm a Browns fan who dislikes the trade, and even I don't understand why this is at 15 pages.
  11. Hard Knocks Discussion

    I can agree with McAfee when he says that Hue comes across as being fake. I remember him dressing in the same outfit as Dorsey during a recent press conference, and it was so cringey. It seemed like he's just trying his best to suck up to Dorsey cause he knows he very well may not even make it to the end of the season.
  12. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    I hope Dayes make the roster. He looks like he could be a really solid backup.
  13. Preseason Week 1 GDT

    He's coming for Bortles' starting spot.
  14. Football is back; Preseason Week One GDT

    I stopped watching at halftime. Sounds like Callaway played better in the second half? He was clearly getting open in the first, but just wasn't making plays besides the one that got called back. Baker impressed me. Made some nice looking throws, a couple of good runs, and knew when to throw the ball away. Backup offensive line sucks though. They were getting absolutely no push in the run game. Definitely need Zeitler back in the starting lineup.