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  1. Not bad. A simpler and cleaner version of their past uniforms, which were horrid, IMO. Nothing great but a definite upgrade.
  2. Pretty much this. It's a low risk/potentially high reward signing for the Browns. If he plays well, great. If he's often injured and doesn't play much, then it's not a huge loss. His health is my biggest concern. If he can stay healthy, then he should benefit from playing across from Garrett since he hasn't played with someone as dominant as Myles since Watt was in his prime. Basically, I don't see how anyone can straight up hate this signing.
  3. I'm cool with it. If he busts, it's only a one-year deal. I still expect us to target a DE early in the draft.
  4. And then we crushed the Steelers playing their starters when we were decimated by COVID. Kitchens did well as our OC, Stefanski has done well as our head coach. That's a big difference. I'm just messing with you because you were the one who came to the Browns forum trolling the Stefanski hire at the time.
  5. No, the only hope is that the Dolans sell the team. And I'm not counting on that happening.
  6. Yup. And your opinion about Stefanski when the Browns hired him proved to be a pretty stupid one. 🙂
  7. During the second half of the season Baker and the passing game was great. Certainly not just average.
  8. More Baker hating going on in NFL Gen. To them I say this:
  9. This is why stats can be misleading. Our offense also totally evolved as the season went on. And then they also played in three straight games in horrible weather conditions which hurt offensive numbers (and also skewed our overall defensive numbers to look better than they truly are). I would agree they weren't elite, but they were very good. How else did we go 11-5? It sure as hell wasn't because of our defense.
  10. Lol we'll see. Let's see what Baker can do in his second year with Stefanski. Ya know, the first time in his career where he'll have back to back seasons with the same head coach and scheme. Unlike Goff, who played under McVay for multiple years but somehow got worse over time. In the back half of last season, Baker played like a top 10 QB.
  11. I actually don't mind Collinsworth. Joe Buck is a turd, though.
  12. Besides the Dark Knight trilogy and Joker (which wasn't really a typical superhero movie), most superhero movies are either total trash or mediocre at best. Probably the most overrated movie genre, IMO.
  13. I mean, the WWE HOF has been a total joke for years now.
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