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  1. True, but I don't know if Payton is old enough for his liking.
  2. And then it'd be about two years after that where you'd be calling for Payton to be fired.
  3. Definitely possible, but still a pretty big risk.
  4. Watson is a very good QB, but definitely a tad overrated.
  5. And if the law sends him to prison after we give up multiple FRPs for him? What then?
  6. I definitely suspect OP really wanted Tampa and Buffalo to lose and knew a jinx thread was needed. Probably had money on KC and LA winning. Smart man.
  7. We're gonna trade for Wilson, Rodgers or Watson. Even though two of them likely will have no desire to come here and the third is a potential sex offender. We could also give up premium draft picks for a guy like Cousins or Carr, who are at best minimal upgrades over Baker.
  8. I mean, it kinda was when the Titans end up being the #1 seed...
  9. Don't have it but have heard many times that the app is complete trash.
  10. Yuck, now I have to root for Kansas City next week... 🤢
  11. Ugh, I hate how many good young QBs are in the AFC.
  12. WOW! Absolutely amazing. Davis looking like an elite receiver.
  13. It's taunting when the refs feel like calling it. Much like holding, PI, etc.
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