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  1. Defensive needs

    LMAO, right? Talk about an exercise in futility.
  2. Falcons reveal new uniforms

    I like the helmet, but that's about it...
  3. Seth vs. Owens, like others have said, was good. The ladder match was also entertaining given the circumstances. I'm guessing they just did the boneyard match due to the pandemic. Otherwise I'm guessing it would have been a regular match. Disappointing that we didn't get to see a regular match between 'Taker and Styles, but then again, that might be for the best considering Taker can barely go anymore. I'm not surprised Braun went over - they were only going to keep the belt on Goldberg for a very brief period of time. But again, it would have been nice for Braun to win the belt in a better way. Again, I still think they should have postponed the show. It's just so bizarre and absolutely doesn't feel like a WrestleMania watching them perform in an empty arena.
  4. Really feel bad for guys like Edge and Undertaker when this very well could be their last 'Mania and they'll be performing in front of no one.
  5. Yup. One thing to have Smackdown and Raw in an empty arena, but it's totally different having their biggest event of the year in one. The crowd plays a huge part in making WM fun. It's just totally awkward to watch.
  6. It's still so laughable that they went on with WM. Should have just postponed it until the summer.
  7. Free Agency Discussion

    I'd be all for giving Clowney a one or two year deal, but he's not a dude who I want to give big money to over 4-5 years.
  8. Have you ever flirted with being a fan of another team?

    Can't. As a Browns fan I wish I could root for another team, but I'm stuck with them at this point.
  9. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    He actually showed flashes of being pretty solid when we first signed him last year, and then he kind of just disappeared for the rest of the season. Not a bad depth signing, I suppose.
  10. Raiders sign S Damarious Randall

    Good signing for you guys. He was really good for us in 2018 but was pretty mediocre in 2019 and had some injury problems. Still, well worth the signing at that price.
  11. Raiders sign Damarious Randall

    He was very good for us his first year in Cleveland, but was honestly pretty much a JAG last season. Still think it's a good deal for the Raiders though as Randall does have talent.
  12. Colts sign CB TJ Carrie

    Carrie is mediocre overall, but probably more bad than good. He'd have his moments in his two years with us, but he had more bad plays than good ones. And he was just vastly overpaid with us. For the vet minimum, it's not a bad signing I suppose.
  13. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    According to 80% of this forum Baker is a bust.
  14. Why would the Jets want a receiver who, like you said, just came off a disappointing season, to go along with a first round pick a year from now in exchange for one of the elite safeties in the league? Especially when this year's draft is a good one for teams in need of a wide receiver.