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  1. It's really amazing how much recency bias is going on in this thread. Goff certainly had a down year, but as of now I'd still easily take him over Murray, who had a solid yet unremarkable rookie season. Problem is, I don't think the Rams had a very good offseason and as a team might get worse overall, while the Cardinals have made moves to get better. Goff's peak thus far in his career is certainly much better than anything we've seen from Murray. Could Murray end up being better than Goff? Certainly possible, but it's premature to say he's better at this point in time, IMO. And again, a rookie who has never played a snap like Burrow being ranked ahead of Baker, who set the rookie TD record in 13.5 games, is hilarious. I think Burrow could end up being a stud, but he should be ranked last until proven otherwise. People look at Baker's stats and completely ignore the context as to why he had a disappointing season.
  2. Forbes likely would have competed for the starting RG spot with Wyatt Teller, so now this means it's likely Teller's job to lose at this point.
  3. Well, looks like Teller will likely be the starter at RG.
  4. Yup, this season isn't happening. If it does, it'll be over within a few weeks.
  5. Yup, not remotely surprising. All sports this year - if they continue - will have a giant asterisk on it anyway. As much as I want football to happen, I think it's highly unlikely to happen at this point.
  6. Welp, I don't see the season lasting much longer. Shouldn't have even bothered this year, IMO.
  7. - Patriots are way too high. Maybe Cam Newton will be good for them, but there's still a ton of question marks on offense and I doubt they're defense will be as good as it was last season. - Bucs are also a bit high for my liking. They have the potential to be one of the best teams in the league, but they haven't proved it. - Rams are too low. I mean, how are the Falcons better than them? - Bears also seem a little low with that defense. - #18 for the Browns seems fair. We certainly have the talent to be much higher than that, but we still have plenty of question marks.
  8. Still not going to get my hopes up that there will be a season.
  9. Arguably the best RT in the league. Certainly top three at worst.
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