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  1. I, personally, very much look forward to the Packers being in QB purgatory for the next 20+ years. A lot of their fans (not all) deserve it. Talk about a totally spoiled and entitled fanbase. Rodgers has a couple of seasons where he's not totally amazing and they act like he's a total bum. LMAO.
  2. Still think they should have went with @MWil23's idea and call themselves the Cleveland Cheapskates.
  3. Can you blame him? The Cavs have been a horribly run organization for years who got lucky with LeBron.
  4. I'd say the 49ers are probably the most likely, but that division will be really tough. Maybe the Eagles since the NFC East is a weak division, but they'll likely be pretty bad. Can't see the Jaguars winning their division. They appear to be on the upswing, but they still have some holes on their roster. Still think that division belongs to either Indy or Tennessee. Jacksonville could maybe make a push for the division in 2022.
  5. Definitely worth taking a chance on from Pittsburgh's perspective. So, I hate it.
  6. I was thinking... most of us assume Njoku is gone after this year. But what if he balls out? I'm not sure of the details of Hooper's contract, but maybe we could get out of that to pay Njoku. The dude vastly improved as a blocker last season and played well overall. Just didn't put up flashy numbers, but that's partly the nature of our offense. Still, if he has a great year he might price himself out when we'll have other players we'll need to extend.
  7. I remember some Steelers fans (not you - and some not necessarily even on this forum) acted like losing Munchak wasn't that big of a deal at the time. An elite OL coach is a very underrated thing.
  8. Why you trying to hurt me?
  9. Good for Carl. Homosexuality is seemingly pretty widely accepted nowadays in this country and the Western world, but it takes some courage to come out while playing in the NFL, I think. Moral of the story and this thread:
  10. Plus, the year before, Chubb was second behind Henry for the rushing title. As a matter of fact, he was leading the league until Henry took over during the final game of the season with a 200+ yard game vs Houston.
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