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  1. @NudeTayne You like my post but still no invite? Wow. You know what? I don't even want an invitation now.
  2. Any post featuring a Tobias gif is almost guaranteed to get a like from me.
  3. I'm hurt that Tayne hasn't invited me out there.
  4. Not sure how Wentz to the Colts can be considered the best move. It has the potential to be a good move, but that's a big if.
  5. Sometimes I think Tayne has too much time on xir's hands.
  6. I think you could argue he was worse last season than he was his rookie year. He at least showed some glimpses of promise from time to time his rookie year, while last year he was just awful. I'll be surprised if he makes the final roster.
  7. It's definitely a display of teamwork.
  8. @DaWg_LB. You've already told us about your habit of thinking about muscular and athletic men in the shower. No need to tell us again.
  9. Next, look up "two girls, one cup".
  10. Yeah, no one hated on Hubbard more than I did when he was a starter. But as a swing tackle who can play multiple positions? You could do a lot worse than him.
  11. That's my quarterback.
  12. True. It would only be a matter of time until every member on this forum was displaying their appeasement grin to Mike.
  13. Did you prefer Chase or Sewell? Chase will be a stud for you guys, but I think you should have went with Sewell. Priority #1 should be protecting Burrow and you guys already have a couple of really good receivers. With that said, defending Boyd, Higgins, and Chase is gonna be a huge problem for defenses. As long as the offensive line holds up.
  14. Whenever @mtmmike owns someone, that person needs to use this as their avatar for at least a week: @NudeTayne
  15. We need to get Mike to make this his avy.
  16. Hard to recall a team in years that has had a worst offseason than the Texans have had.
  17. So, according to you, Cleveland didn't even have a top 11 draft? Strongly disagree with that.
  18. My least favorite pick as well, but that's because our first two picks were awesome.
  19. You ripping on him during Baker's breakout game vs Cincinnati was a thing of beauty. Let's just say, I trust AB over akron's witness.
  20. Know nothing about him, but knew we probably wanted a burner.
  21. I mean, Tayne hasn't given me any complaints so far. Xir likes it.
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