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  1. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Right. A team is going to get a darn good HC. Mac needs a change and so does the team. It’s painfully obvious at this point.
  2. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Yes. Short of going to the NFCCG, Mac is gone me thinks. No need to worry about that though, once we roll over in Minnesota, it’ll effectively end the season.
  3. Week 11 Post-Game: Packers 24 Seahawks 27

    That was clearly not a catch with that final view fox showed. There is like a 1% chance that doesn’t get overturned if reviewed. It was a huge mistake, whether it’s Mac or the people they employ to review replays.
  4. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    He definitely was. He’s definitely not now. Time for a change.
  5. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Ball game and curtains on the season.
  6. Week 11 GDT: GB @ Seattle TreeSloths

    Yep. Punting in that situation was practically giving up.
  7. NFL News & Notes

    Hard no.
  8. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Taker and Kane have no business in that ring anymore. They are as stiff as boards. It's darn painful trying to watch The Undertaker in the ring. Trips looked to have legitimately hurt himself early in the match the way he was carrying his arm so that made his movements look way worse then usual. Shawn looked ok for his first match back. I feel like he could still put on a terrific match and I really hope he gets to work with an AJ Styles or Seth Rollins.
  9. Packers trade HA-HA Clinton Dix to Redskins

    This is one of those times PFF’s numbers just don’t tell anywhere close to the whole story.
  10. Who should replace HHCD?

    Williams is clearly the best option with that. He was with Pettine in Cleveland and I believe even played some S there and obviously all off season here.
  11. Packers trade HA-HA Clinton Dix to Redskins

    Those would be categorized as likely to be earned bonuses and would absolutely count in any kind of qualifier for that contract. At least that’s my understanding. I could have things mixed up.
  12. Packers trade HA-HA Clinton Dix to Redskins

    I imagine the end of last season left a very bad taste in the front offices mouths about HHCD. He basically quit on the team and was very critical of teammates/coaches without taking any kind of responsibility for his crap play. As others have said, GB wasn’t getting a high comp pick for Dix for two reasons. One, he’s not going to get a massive contract unless he lights it up in Washington. Two, GB is very likely to be players in free agency so that could potentially void any comp picks. We got what we could and that’s that.
  13. Packers trade HA-HA Clinton Dix to Redskins

    Vikings aren’t beating GB because they traded HaHa. This move barely moves the needle in GB. We are an average team that can’t be counted out because of the QB. The HaHa trade doesn’t change that. Vikings are the top team in the division in my opinion and that has nothing to do with HaHa or Tate being gone. Not saying you said that, I’m just ranting a little.
  14. Trade Deadline Thread

    Reports had GB trying to get Fowler before the Rams made the trade. I do not care for the HaHa trade but that’s not something that is going to make us a much worse team. He was solid but he was a very poor tackler and was never coming back next year so we got what we could.
  15. The Haunting of Hill House

    Episode 6 is the best episode of tv I’ve seen in a very long time. That episode was a masterpiece.