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  1. Don’t the 49ers have to approve this first?
  2. Don’t the 49ers have to approve this first?
  3. Bears HC Matt Nagy wins COTY

    I mean, when else would be a good time to talk about it? This thread has been open since Saturday night and has only 2 pages so it’s not like it’s overflowing with content and it’s unreasonable to talk about the award itself, and not just this years winner.
  4. Why? The Raiders were already playing closers the San Fran then the 49ers are. Is this really going to make a difference?
  5. Bears HC Matt Nagy wins COTY

    I’m not taking credit away from Nagy. Stop assuming that was my point because I’m a Packer fan. It’s ignorant. Nagy did a fantastic job and deserves to be recognized for it. There is no argument against the job he did in just one year. It was a very impressive year for Nagy. My point, which I’ve made in past years here, was that the award is stupid because all it really does is award the best new coach or the coach with the best turnaround. It completely ignores the coaches that keep their teams competitive every year and that’s MUCH more impressive of a task. It’s not Coach of the Year because the best, most consistent coaches, are always overlooked.
  6. Bears HC Matt Nagy wins COTY

    And Bill Bellichick, the best coach in the league, didn’t get a single COTY vote.
  7. I wouldn’t be screaming mad if they did this but I really don’t see it as necessary. To me, it devalues defense. They get paid too and it just moves the league even further toward the offense.
  8. 2019 Pro Bowl Rosters announced

    Not to crap on Tribs either, it’s just the PB gets so watered down with all the replacements and guys that decline the distinction. The PB means little when it’s the original roster. With the replacements, it means absolutely nothing IMO. Just a useless game that shouldn’t be played. Give the guys the free trip and bonus. Let them do a skills comp for the fans and be done with it.
  9. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I’ll take 19 if we are doing the game.
  10. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    People still listen to Florio? He's insufferable. Stopped reading PFT a long time ago, at least I try to not read it. If I do, I always check the author of the article first to make sure it wasn't Florio.
  11. That is very hard to wrap my head around. The Brady and Bellichick Patriots will never be matched. It's amazing to watch. I know people get sick of them always being in the title games but we are witnesses to something truly special.
  12. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    Have you ever seen a Bill Belichick presser? He’s absolutely god awful in pressers but still managed to be the GOAT. I wouldn’t pass judgment off one press conference.
  13. Packers to Hire Titans OC Matt LaFleur as Head Coach

    What absurdity? The poster was making an assumption passed off of a perception that Rodgers is now hard to coach. He may or may not be, my point is we don’t know. I don’t see how that’s absurd.
  14. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    Well um yea, why would anyone believe you have any insider knowledge without any sort of proof? Come on now, you can’t be that naive to think people are just supposed to take your work for it.
  15. Packers to Hire Titans OC Matt LaFleur as Head Coach

    McCarthy is a heck of a HC. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t time for both sides to move on. The best example of the situation is the one with Reid and Philly. I fully expect Mac to bounce back on another team much like Reid was able to.