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  1. About Covid? Not remotely in the clear. Guys could pop here anytime before the game if they got it from JV. If the Packers players and coaches were following correct protocols, then they should be fine. However, we’ve seen what potentially could happen. I won’t stop worrying until gameday and Schefty announces the all clear for the tests.
  2. Really not good. He was in the building on Tuesday. If he had close contacts in the o-line room, we could be absolutely screwed with the Rams defense on deck.
  3. It was Peter King. He said his reasoning was that the 3rd WR spot should be for a slot only guy. Yes, he’s a moron.
  4. Do they think BOB is still running things in Houston? Texans would laugh in their face with that garbage offer.
  5. Because it’s Brady. Dude has normalized what success means for him. Also, people hate him so much, they can’t see through that. Brady doing what he did at 43 is insane. I’ve even overlooked him most the season.
  6. 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Derrick Henry 3. Patrick Mahomes 4. Josh Allen 5. Aaron Donald
  7. He absolutely won’t. Need interception numbers for that. It’s Donald or Watt.
  8. There have been two terrible calls. Absolutely. That said, the refs aren’t stopping Derrick Henry and the refs aren’t throwing and catching balls for GB.
  9. Refs are terrible. Goodness. Sorry Titans fans. Not how I want GB to win. People will blame Vrabel but refs need to see that.
  10. I feel terrible about this game. Good thing it’s relatively meaningless. I hope they surprise me tonight.
  11. Replay showed he was short and it was a bad spot. Even with the generous spot, it still looked short when they measured and still gave them the first. I have no idea what happened there or how that’s explained by anything other then a gift to the Bucs.
  12. I thought so to. To be fair though, in real time, I thought it was an obvious DPI so that’s probably what the ref saw. Evans slipped so it made it look worse.
  13. Really is a shame we didn’t keep Cook.
  14. What on earth is Zimmer thinking? Imma put my struggling kicker on the field for a 50+ yard attempt. That kick wasn’t even close. Definitely made things worse mentally fro Bailey.
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