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  1. I'd love to know what set CL over the edge with Fenton. I was never a Fenton guy, so I'm cool with this. Very surprised by the timing.
  2. Just me, or did it seem like the Wolves gave up very little to move up? Saric is an ok or decent player, but that was well worth it imo.
  3. Congrats to the UMD Bulldogs! A team that has consistently been a winner! A breath of fresh air in this state
  4. Give me 100,000 years on this planet and I still don't think I'd be able to explain this Wild team.
  5. Sorry guys. I know it's just a 1 year contract, but I hope he doesn't see the field for any meaningful reps.
  6. Those are absolutely legitimate points. But they cover the Twins pretty heavily and they have no vested interest in the Twins. I think they cover what the demand is to be covered. Certainly they will favor their big money makers though.
  7. A lot of Packer fans will probably come say he's trash. 2016 was his best year, 17 was probably his worst. He was OK to start 2018. He's better than Packer fans will give him credit for. Low risk, high upside signing. Great person.
  8. I wouldn't doubt that things will change and soccer will get more popular, but I just don't think it's there yet. There's a reason KFAN doesn't have a deal with them or talk about them, the interest just isn't that high yet. Like I said, that's likely to change, but I don't think you can incorporate them as one of the mainstream teams in this state. Not yet.
  9. No offense, but if you include the soccer team, you also have to include the Lynx.
  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnddddd Back that up with a statement loss. Typical Wild. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Idk how back to back years of Granlund at 69 and 67 points isn't great or consistent? Working his way into his prime he's basically a 20 goal/70 point player. That's really good. There's nothing subpar about Granlund. I'm just saying, a guy with Granlund's skill at 26/27 coming off basically 2 70 point seasons, that's pretty damn valuable. Especially when he's never played with an elite shooter. Granlund's value should've been through the roof. Granlund is every bit if not more the player than Mark Stone. Stone fetched a top 19 year old prospect, a bottom 6 forward and a 2nd
  12. So you sell low? I get that they could've possibly gotten worse, but the returns on Nino and Granlund really weren't good. What would you say if I told you that Xavier Rhodes had a little bit of a down year compared to last year, so I'll trade you Josh Jackson for him. Jackson is younger and cheaper. I mean, the Vikings haven't won a Super Bowl with this defense, so just take what you can get for him. That just doesn't seem like a smart move. I should have to give you a lot more than just Josh Jackson to get Rhodes.
  13. Why wouldn't you want to maximize the return? Why would you want nothing when you should get something? Trading Nino and Granny isn't the problem. What they got in return is. If that was the highest offer you got for them, keep them until the offseason. Neither one needed to be dumped, we had control of them.
  14. Fiala, Aberg, Donato and JEEK are all restricted free agents after this year. Fenton has traded for 3 RFA's. There probably won't be the cap flexibility to add an impact guy. I still can't believe we went 1 for 1 on that Granlund deal. It was widely known outside of the building that the Wild wanted Fiala. Stuff like that shouldn't get out of the building. The entire thing makes me a little skeptical of Fenton. If you want Fiala, play it close to the vest, call around, try to drive up the price for Granlund. Plus we had 2019 control of Granlund. That trade did not need to happen yesterda
  15. Yeah, if he comes over after his KHL contract, hopefully Donato and Fiala have developed and we would have a really good nucleus of young players.
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