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  1. Kind of baffled by this trade. Another bottom 6 Center to throw in there with Coyle, Eriksson Ek, Kunin (for now), Koivu (doesn't play like a top 6 C) and Fehr when he's healthy. Ok.
  2. 2019 Returners

    Looking for some names that could be good Returners in the 2019 draft. I've got Josh Jacobs and Mecole Hardman as guys who were effective in college. Who else is out there? Thanks!
  3. Dearest Philadelphia Eagles fans, Thank you. Thank you for everything you've done to the NFCN this year and last. A complete shelling of the Vikings and ruining the Bears life. You guys are amazing and we appreciate you did our dirty work when we have not been able to do so ourselves. Please accept some payment in form of us clowning the Cowboys in the playoffs a couple of times. Let us know what we owe you on top of that. We will be happy to settle up with you. Thanks again xoxo 💚💛 - Packer fans
  4. All-Whiff Team

    QB - 2017 rankings were 1. Kizer 2. Watson 3. Mahomes 4. Trubisky RB - I thought Mikel LeShoure was going to be an elite RB WR - Thought Devante Parker would take over the league. TE - CJ Fiedorowicz, thought he would be the next Gronk OL- Forrest Lamp. Thought he was a top 10 player in his class. Injuries suck. DL - Carl Davis and Vernon Butler EDGE - Dontay Moch CB - Everybody. I'm terrible with CB's S - Gerod Holliman - Legit thought he would be Earl Thomas/Ed Reed. Yikes.
  5. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I don't get the fantasizing about drafting an ILB that high. Roquan and LVE both play behind good/great DL's. Roquan hasn't been that great, guys like Jerome Baker and Fred Warner have graded out as good or better than Roquan. Roquan is a little piece of a great defense, he didn't transform them at all. We have way bigger needs than a off ball LBer. We need at least 2 EDGE Rushers.
  6. I really like Matt Campbell. Hope we at least bring him in for an interview.
  7. Week 12: Packers (4-5-1) at VIKINGS (5-4-1)

    You see right through me
  8. Week 12 Packers (4-5-1) at Vikings (5-3-1) 7:20pm NBC

    On the road vs a good team? Yeah right. I put a bunch on Vikings ML. I don't trust this team at all.
  9. Week 12: Packers (4-5-1) at VIKINGS (5-4-1)

    Loaded a bunch of cash on Vikings ML. Packers simply can't win on the road. Easy W for MN.
  10. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    We made it to an NFCCG in 2016 with 2 traffic cones and 3 trash cans at CB.
  11. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    We made it to an NFCCG in 2016 with 2 traffic cones and 3 trash cans at CB.
  12. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    Exactly, like sometimes things just don't come together. Tomlin had back to back 8-8 years. Teams just don't have the sustained success that the Patriots do. After the Patriots it's us. We have been that consistent under Mac. Then the talent took a dive. This is probably the worst line we have had in 8-9 years. We are incredibly young at WR right now. I'm not saying we can't fire Mac. I am saying, be careful what you wish for. It is possible that now is the time to show faith in him. His teams don't quit. Say what you want about him being passive at times, or his playcalling at times. His teams fight. That's all I will say.
  13. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    It's kind of crazy to me how Sean Payton and Mike McCarthy are viewed. Payton has 4 NFCS titles and 4 7-9 seasons and he's brilliant. Mac has 6 NFCN crowns, one 7-9 season with mostly Hundley, and one 8-8 season with Rodgers 10 years ago. Now at 4-5-1 he's the worst coach that ever lived. Seems a little odd.
  14. You Are In Control. Who Replaces McCarthy?

    If we move on from Mac, I really like Matt Campbell.
  15. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I honestly can't tell if you're serious or not.