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  1. I guess we are just watching different players. I know a lot of people still like the "upside" but even a guy like Greenway came up and put in some physical work and played big on the puck. That just isn't Coyle's game. He doesn't want to take the abuse, he doesn't want to get those dirty goals. Coyle doesn't play the way Nino, Staal, Parise, Granny play. Coyle wants to play the way Zucker plays. That leads into the next discussion. Zucker and Dumba. Those are Fenton's first big decisions. I'd try to get Dumba done first, I thought he really improved this year. Zucker is kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't deal IMO. He's a guy who has been hurt a lot, doesn't produce in the playoffs, but has elite speed and if he leaves where does our speed come from?
  2. I disagree. Watch him play. He plays soft. He isn't a grinder. I'm not a Parise apologist at all, but if Coyle worked half as hard and put his body on the line like Zach, he'd probably be a 20 goal scorer every year. Coyle doesn't want it.
  3. I honestly don't think it is overkill. Those two players in particular have played like fringe roster guys. Especially Coyle. Koivu is an average to decent defender but his skating is very meh and his offensive skill is 4th line. I really don't know what Coyle offers. He's big? He doesn't play big. He's soft, doesn't work all that hard, isn't a good skater or defender and doesn't show much in the way of skill. 12, 11, 21, 18, 11. That's his goal totals. One time 20 goal scorer. I think the Wild are stuck, who wants to trade for that? I feel like he has been handed every chance to succeed, but maybe he needs different linemates? I think somebody needs to light a fire under him. I'm not saying he should play dirty, but there is no edge or attitude from him. Look at some of these power forwards, they are bullies, Could has none of that.
  4. I'm 95% sure it's a no move clause. He is trash. Absolute garbage. The Wild have stayed loyal to him and sent denied Haula and Tuch quality ice time with better linemates so that Koivu would stay on the top lines. Him and Charlie Coyle, both are just repulsive hockey players.
  5. I really don't have enough hockey knowledge to know if it's a good hire. Probably is, we are buried. $15m/yr is committed to Parise and Suter through 2025. Maybe Fenton is the GOAT GM and we will win a cup with the core we have now, I doubt it, but Fenton is really starting with 2 strikes already against him. In my opinion, Parise/Suter/Koivu are more a cancer than leaders. I really think this team needs a reset. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Yep. I was interested to see what everybody here said but I went: Vikings ------------- Timberwolves Twins ---------------- Wild The Vikings have the Ownership and I believe the coach to win them a championship. They have a very good chance this season. I thought it was a disappointing season for the Wolves, but 1 or 2 free agents can transform this team from decent to legitimate championship contenders. The Twins are flirting with being decent, I like the guys that are in charge right now. The Wild feel like a lost cause. $15,000,000 committed to Parise and Suter for another 7 years? This team would need a miracle to win a cup before 2030.
  7. Had this conversation with a friend today, interested to see what you guys think. We all know that Minnesota is in a championship drought, rank them most likely to least likely to break the drought. Wild, Wolves, Vikings and Twins.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Lot of talk about Bosa and Oliver, those are some top tier guys. A guy who caught my eye was Zach Allen from Boston College. Kind of in that Preston Smith type mold. 6-4/6-5 270-280 technically sound, solid run defender, decent bend, has good power and some shock in his hands.
  9. What is your biggest surprise of round #1?

    Shocked Harold Landry wasn't picked day 1.
  10. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Winning vs Vegas WCF. Yuck.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    Noah Fant TE Iowa. Looks like the best TE prospect in years.
  12. I agree. Idk what it is, but I have thought crowds at the X are flat and boring. But that also applies to Lambeau. Look at Nashville. The crowd chants, the noise, they are way better. The team needs to be better, but so do our fans.
  13. Is part of the problem us as fans? Should we verbally and physically assault opposing fans? Make them wish they never showed up in Minnesota? Should we turn into Philadelphia? Seems like it worked for them...
  14. Eriksson-Ek should get a crack at 1st line long before Coyle. Coyle should moved this offseason. Not sure what to offer Zucker. 8 points in 30 Playoff games. On Parise and Suter. I wish Parise could stay healthy. I'd love it if we could find a way out on Suter. Defense has been better since he got hurt, in my opinion. Suter was the mistake. Both were way too long of contracts, but Suter was the major mistake.
  15. Unfortunately, yes. I can't stand him. I can't stand that he's the Captain. Time for a rebuild.