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  1. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    I don't think Key is really all that explosive, he can bend but that's about it. Not wild about James at 14. Just used a 2nd on Josh Jones who basically does the same things well as James.
  2. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    And still, I don't see the value. Like I said, he's got that Josh Jones type to him. Coming downhill? Blitzing? Tackling in space? Yeah, it's pretty good. Deep half, man to man? I'm not in love. The premium is on the deep half and man to man. I just don't like the positional/skillset value at 14 at all.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Disagree with you on Pryor, Peppers and Elam. Those guys were sold as guys who could go cover man to man in the slot and be man to man match up guys.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    And that's fine. I see his strengths as very similar to Josh Jones. Coming downhill and tackling in space? Pretty good. Man coverage and playing in the deep half? I'm not wild about that at all. I just think we can find a more premium skillset at a more premium position at pick 14.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Of course I'm not a WR in the 1st advocate. I'm talking about premium positions. Jamal Adams with Mahomes, Watson and Lattimore on the board. Jabrill Peppers with Takk and Tre White on the board. Keanu Neal, I'd much rather have William Jackson. Calvin Pryor over HaHa ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Jets never learn. Deone Bucannon was a linebacker day 1. Jimmie Ward, one pick ahead of Bradley Roby. Kenny Vaccaro, Saints are letting him walk. Eric Reid is more a a FS, but he's got some SS to him. Worth his pick. Matt Elam. Damn, I was a big Matt Elam guy, SS who could cover in the slot. Completely out of the NFL already. Crazy. Mark Barron, failed SS turned decent LBer. Mike Mayock famously said "His floor is a pro bowl strong safety." Eric Berry, probably the best SS prospect I can remember. I'd rather have Earl Thomas 7 days a week, but still Berry was a good pick. That's the string safeties I see drafted in the 1st round in the last 10 years. Like I said, most of them weren't worth their pick.
  6. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    Yeah, like Keke Mingo.
  7. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ No he's not. Dude has pillows for hands and no functional power, he can bend, sure, but there's no power to his game.
  8. J-Deereโ€™s Feb Mock (trades)

    I really like Ward, but just one thing to note: Damarious Randall is a legit player. Was a Top 5/10 CAB to round out the year. King looks promising, but Randall played like a star last year.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Great counterpoint! James is up and down, and overall not great film. Add in the fact that SS is a non premium...
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Highest pick in 9 years and we take an average player at a non premium position. James' tape is mediocre and basically every team that drafts a SS in the 1st round regrets it.
  11. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    Implying that we replace Peppers with Key. Peppers has more talent and God given ability in his pinky than Key has in his entire body. I just can't see Key as a viable option at 14.
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Derwin James ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ Wouldn't be happy with that pick at all.
  13. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    Key is to Peppers as I am to Channing Tatum. Really nothing alike.
  14. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    People voting Derwin James: You make me want to vomit. Highest pick we have had in 9 years and we use it on a Strong Safety. Puke.
  15. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Davenport. Pending combine, but I like his style better.