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  1. The un-HYPEd Thread

    Watching this super bowl, I know Winston would never play as scared as Goff is playing right now. Goff will play better in the 2nd half but so will Brady. I'd like to see Winston in playoff games. He hasent exactly played well in big games so far but he has showed mental fortitude in college, hopefully that translates to nfl.
  2. Goff will be fine in the 2nd half, just needs the halftime to regain composure... Only issue is that he is going up against the 🐐 in the 2nd half. Ask the Seahawks/falcons/eagles.
  3. Jordan in his prime, other than that Brady is the most feared player in sports history. edit: I forgot tiger woods in his prime. #1 Jordan #2 Woods #3 Brady Although Woods and Brady are equal.
  4. Game is hard to predict. Rams energy remind me of the Falcons from a few years back. Does Brady still have the ability to be surgical for a whole half? Will Goff fold like a cheap tent(Ryan), or will he rise to the occasion(Foles)?
  5. AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs

    Mahomes the goat
  6. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    Make that call and it's a chip shot to lead with less than 20 seconds left after Rams last time out and running the clock down. Miss that call and Goff has 1:40 to tie or win the game. What are the odds Lutz misses the chip shot? What are the odds Goff gets them in field goal range in less than 20 seconds? Basically what I'm saying is that the no call cost the saints a trip to the super bowl. Yes one of the worst in history. The refs didn't do their job on that play and it cost the saints everything.
  7. Jameis is 8-7 when he scores 28+. You were really close.
  8. Our forum activity

    redwoods? I took a road trip there last year and fell in love with the beauty of that area. Really all of northern California is breathtaking scenery. The east coast has its beauty but nothing like out west.
  9. #1 Josh Allen We need a dline that will wreck havoc
  10. Winston is gonna go ham next year. Arians and Jameis is a perfect hc qb relationship imo
  11. 43 minute video into his life I didn't know he coached under Bear Bryant for 2 years.
  12. wow, what a terrible call
  13. Need to see him play again next season, but he has all the tools physically and seems to have them mentally as well.
  14. Lawrence has great poise, crazy he is a true freshman
  15. Nice throw, nice protection too.