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  1. Jameis is 8-7 when he scores 28+. You were really close.
  2. Our forum activity

    redwoods? I took a road trip there last year and fell in love with the beauty of that area. Really all of northern California is breathtaking scenery. The east coast has its beauty but nothing like out west.
  3. #1 Josh Allen We need a dline that will wreck havoc
  4. Winston is gonna go ham next year. Arians and Jameis is a perfect hc qb relationship imo
  5. 43 minute video into his life I didn't know he coached under Bear Bryant for 2 years.
  6. wow, what a terrible call
  7. Need to see him play again next season, but he has all the tools physically and seems to have them mentally as well.
  8. Lawrence has great poise, crazy he is a true freshman
  9. Nice throw, nice protection too.
  10. wow, uncharacteristic for tua
  11. Clemson 31 Alabama 27 I feel like Trevor Lawrence cements his name alongside Deshaun Watson in Clemson history.
  12. Yeah Bradford was sick in college. He showed elite accuracy, field vision and had good size. too bad he was made of glass.
  13. For this game I don't really care who wins. nfl = Tampa Bay college = Florida state
  14. I don't like in-n-out either. I feel like their reputation is more because of the atmosphere and the unique menu. Five guys has better burgers.
  15. Icing the Kicker

    Nick Folks claim to fame. Dallas vs Buffalo 2007, 53 yard field goal twice to win the game