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  1. Lynn doesn't have much OC experience either. Just with the Bills in 2016 as their interim head coach and OC.
  2. It certainly is appearing that way. Anthony Lynn as OC with James Campen as OL coach is a combo I could get behind. Dennison can stay as run-game coordinator.
  3. They should just use the all-white color rush uni's they sported recently as their away uni's. I like(d) those.
  4. Agreed. Think it was more of a run-game fit then pass rushing. Him and Hunter would have been fun to watch had they been able to make contracts work out.
  5. Step 1: Hope NFL sets cap at $195M. Step 2: Cut Rudy and Reiff. Step 3: Lure Scherff/Thuney to MN with lucrative deal. Step 4: Draft BPA OL at 14. Step 5: Profit? Cleveland-Rookie/Scherff/Thuney-Bradbury-Rookie/Scherff/Thuney-O'Neill Rookie-Scherff/Thuney-Bradbury-Cleveland-O'Neill
  6. Whatever happened to him? Wasn't he being viewed as a 1st rounder last year? Or am I mistaken?
  7. Right. I guess I was asking you what makes you think the Chiefs had that many more drives than the Vikings? I don't have a membership, nor do I want to sign up, but this says the Chiefs had 155 drives, Packers 153, and Titans 160. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/nfl/overall-drive-statsoff/2020
  8. I'm not sure, what is your thinking behind that statement? Chiefs ran 66.1 plays per game (8th) and the Vikings ran 63.9 plays per game (20th) https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/plays-per-game
  9. I could very well fall in that same boat. I'm just excited to have one.
  10. Just bought my first gun, ever. Glock 21 Gen 4.
  11. Every million above the cap floor of $175M will help us out. Hopefully it is at least $190M.
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