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  1. Vikings Pick at 22

    I'd take YGM and then one of the CBs that is left at 25. Rushing the passer can help mask a deficient secondary.
  2. Valhalla Mock Draft: Dolphins on the Clock (#18)

    I went with Henderson. They're in a spot where they should get a good defender!
  3. Vikings Mock Drafts

    No trades using TDN... 4 DL, 3 CBs, 3 OL, 2 WR 22. Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU - hopefully slots in as CB1 or CB2. 25. Yetur Gross-Matos, DE, PSU - at worst he's a 3rd down rush specialist his rookie year and Odenigbo starts. 58. Raekwon Davis, 3T/NT, Alabama - If he can learn to rush the passer watch out. Doubt many teams could run on us with Davis and Pierce in the middle. 89. Van Jefferson, WR, Florida - Think he'd be a great #2. 105. Tyler Biadasz, OG, Wisconsin - Elflien competition/replacement. 132. Kenny Willekes, DE, Michigan State - Another developmental/EDGE replacement for Weatherly. 155. Michael Onwenu, OG, Michigan - Interior OL depth/insurance. 201. Nevelle Clark, CB, UCF - CB depth/Special teams/Zimmer project. 205. Isaiah Coulter, WR, Rhode Island - WR depth/ Special teams. 219. James Lynch, DL, Baylor - DL depth could be a steal here per @Ozzy 249. Alex Taylor, LT, South Carolina State - Redshirt year and hopeful Reiff replacement in 2021. 253. Jaron Bryant, CB, Fresno State - CB depth/Special teams/Zimmer project. #BuildTheTrenches
  4. 2020 Draft Talk

    I would be ecstatic with YGM and Gallimore as our first two selections. #BuildTheTrenches
  5. 2020 Draft Talk

    https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/identifying-the-next-tier--2020-offensive-tackles Seems to have had some suspensions the last two seasons. Hopefully those were cleared up during the formal interview.
  6. Valhalla Mock Draft: Dolphins on the Clock (#18)

    Kinlaw seems to be a popular pick given the trade of Buckner. However, I think they target another playmaker for Jimmy G so I went with Ruggs. Their DL should still be solid with Bosa and Armstead.
  7. The Ant-Man Franchised

    Sad that people don't have anything better to do. Although I do enjoy some of those "troll" accounts lol.
  8. The Ant-Man Franchised

    That isn't Schefter's account.
  9. Valhalla Mock Draft: Dolphins on the Clock (#18)

    Protect the franchise. Went with Thomas.
  10. Valhalla Mock Draft: Dolphins on the Clock (#18)

    I think they go with Becton or Thomas here. I went with Becton. I don't know much about their LB corps so I wonder if Patrick Queen would be a dark-horse pick here for them.
  11. 2020 Draft Talk

    Per TDN it says he has had 2016/2018 Achilles injuries as well as a Lisfranc injury in 2019, he might be off my draft board entirely given his injury history. If he is there past the 5th I'd consider it. Given your scenario I'd rather have Ruiz and Niang. Ruiz could hopefully solidify LG and Niang would have a year to learn behind Reiff. 2020: Reiff-Ruiz-Bradbury-Samia-O'Neill 2021: Niang-Ruiz-Bradbury-Samia-O'Neill I would add that if they think a LTotF is available at #22 or #25 they should pull the trigger.
  12. Valhalla Mock Draft: Dolphins on the Clock (#18)

    Went with Brown. Could also see a CB being selected here. Did Kinlaw go to the Cardinals? Where are the previous picks?
  13. Vikings Mock Drafts

    Please don't. In my opinion it is unnecessary.
  14. Valhalla Mock Draft: Dolphins on the Clock (#18)

    I think this pick comes down to Brown and Simmons, I went with Brown.