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  1. Was more or less the point of my post.
  2. It’s the good year, bad year, good year, bad year, yo-yo routine that is starting to grow old with some.
  3. Do we get to keep our conditional pick in 2022 we sent to the Jags then?
  4. Probably. Eagles are really banged up.
  5. New York Giants @ Philadelphia (1)
  6. Week 1: Buffalo Bills Week 2: San Francisco 49ers Week 3: Indianapolis Colts Week 4: Los Angeles Rams Week 5: Pittsburgh Steelers Week 6: New England Patriots Week 7: New York Giants (???)
  7. Bingo. Until I hear Hunter come out and say something about his contract situation it is a non-issue for me.
  8. Hunter isn't a UFA until 2024....he signed his extension in 2018. Did people forget that?
  9. Get your Thursday picks in @Robbroy45, and @french t0ast!
  10. New York Giants @ Philadelphia (1)
  11. What is with the "Tie - 1" for NYG and PHI? Also you used 13 twice (BUF @ NYJ and CHI @ LAR) please update and tag me when you do.
  12. @Viking Penguin when I started to think about it, it does make sense. The Vikings are losing to better teams. The teams currently picking 1-5 are losing to worse teams. The fact that they can't beat those teams would indicate they are the worse team. Someone can probably explain it a little better.
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