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  1. Open to hearing offers involving Stefon Diggs. Could package other players to make something work. Would be looking for RB in return. DM me with offers if interested.
  2. 2 power play goals last night when the games counted. Nice to get a series opening W!
  3. Wild were absolutely trash on their PP last night against the Avs. 1 for 8, 5 shots per Russo.
  4. Looks like we have majority for adopting FAAB. That's 7 votes for.
  5. Will Rick try to break his own record of 15 selections?
  6. Updated vote. @Vikes_Bolts1228 welcome to the league. Please let us know what you'd like to do with regard to free agency. Currently we do the waiver claim system. This vote is for potentially switching to the Free Agent Auction Bid (FAAB) system. If you don't know what that is each team is granted an allowance to last the season, they can use that allowance to bid on FA's throughout the year. Once that allowance is used up you can't add any FA's to your team.
  7. For FAAB: @VikeManDan @squire12 Against FAAB: No Vote: @Nzd07, @The Gnat, @Pool, @persiandud, @Bigbear72, @DannyB, @X_Factor_40, @HeydudemanG
  8. Season or not, we need to talk about the draft. I believe we would be starting it soon. We also need a vote on each of the options presented the last couple of pages unless those have already been tallied.
  9. I wasn't a fan of this at first, but it has grown on me. I certainly hope it doesn't go to that extent!
  10. This was cool, that whole 18+ minute video was pretty well done. The Gladney pick was just as good!
  11. Agreed, definitely worse than the 40's they allow them to wear now as well.
  12. Cook would be extremely foolish to do anything that would "toll" his contract.
  13. Not to mention it pays the players that have earned it in the veterans. Rookie wage scale is a great thing!
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