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  1. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Yeah....that's not good. C'mon man!!
  2. Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!

    I've got a ton of work travel coming up and a golf trip this weekend, so I'm out.
  3. Also @goldfishwars thanks for putting this together. Truly was a pleasure to read.
  4. The Zimmer Vikings have been a yo-yo team. Up one year, down the next, up the following. Rinse and repeat. 2014: 7-9 2015: 11-5 2016: 8-8 2017: 13-3 2018: 8-7-1 2019: ??? Very frustrating as a fan to have the expectations we had last season and lay a dud. I'm hoping this is an "up" season.
  5. Stranger Things

  6. Stranger Things

  7. Stranger Things

    How do we do spoiler tags?
  8. Perhaps fire was the wrong word. I've only heard the rumors and never really read into it. It does appear he's only shot the rumors down from the quick search I did.
  9. Fitz is 246 catches behind Rice heading into this season. If he played 2019 and 2020 he'd need 123 catches a season, he's never had over 109. If he plays 3 more years he'd need 82 catches a year, if he stays healthy (which he has a strong track record of) he could do that. I just don't see him playing 3 more seasons unless KK and Murray light a new fire under him.
  10. Kirk does need to develop or find a "clutch" factor. A hopefully improved OL and more productive running game will help him out. Statistically he was an above average QB in 2018, however, 8-7-1 was completely unacceptable. He doesn't shoulder all of the blame but he does shoulder some.
  11. Adrian Peterson

    I really wish we could've seen how far he could've climbed on the All-Time list. As @swede700 states with a healthy season he could get to #5 All-Time. 8. Adrian Peterson - 13,318 7. Jerome Bettis - 13,662 (344 yards) 6. LaDainian Tomlinson - 13,684 (366 yards) 5. Curtis Martin - 14,101 (783 yards) 4. Frank Gore - 14,748 (1,430 yards and still active) Agreed that he should be a first-ballot guy. Looking at the top 10 he's played the 2nd fewest games to get there, only Dickerson played fewer and sits at #9. Sure was fun to watch AD run.
  12. Stranger Things

    2 days - won't be watching right away this weekend but hopefully sometime the week of the 8th.
  13. I'm out. With the 4th of July being this week/weekend I will not be available. #FreedomPops
  14. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football

    I'm always open to listen to offers.
  15. 2019 NFC North Fantasy Football

    August 8th is fine by me.