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  1. Going with Parsons. Perhaps LaVar Arrington vouching for him will carry some extra weight with the organization. https://247sports.com/Article/Micah-Parsons-LaVar-Arrington-defenders-character-NFL-Draft-2021-Miami-Dolphins-Penn-State-160104759/
  2. This was mine for USC as well. I'll add Wyatt Davis and Baron Browning for OSU.
  3. Wild 4/5 on the PP last night and Fiala nets the hat trick. Kaprizov added 2 goals of his own. 8 goals on 19 shots.... Anyone able to watch the game care to give a little more insight? 12 penalties?
  4. I'd be very happy with Darrisaw but would be tough to pass on Slater who is seen as more versatile.
  5. Bummer, on a one-year deal as well. He likely wouldn't have solved our OL issues but it would've at least been another attempt at it.
  6. I'm not sure where he ends up going but I would be pleased with Creed Humphrey at OG and insurance for Bradbury. Would likely need to trade back into the 2nd to acquire him.
  7. I thought about that and wouldn't hate it. I'd almost be willing to include one of the 3rds this year rather than 2022.
  8. I'd probably pass just due to the fact that Brown Jr. is going to need a new contract. There should be an OT worthy of the 14th selection.
  9. Under Spielman's leadership the Vikings have drafted 3 OL 3x in his GM tenure. 2015: T.J. Clemmings (4th), Tyrus Thompson (6th), and Austion Shepherd (7th) 2019: Garrett Bradbury (1st), Dru Samia (4th), and Oli Udoh (6th) 2020: Ezra Cleveland (2nd), Blake Brandel (6th), and Kyle Hinton (7th) I think a lot of us would like to see Rick and team draft 3+ OL again in 2021. Hopefully before the 5th round as the hit rate in Spielman's tenure past the 3rd round has not been great.
  10. I think Rashod Hill is being underrated. I think he will be serviceable if he ends up starting. Key word: serviceable. 1. Hill-Rookie/Cole-Bradbury-Cleveland-O'Neill 2. O'Neill-Rookie/Cole-Bradbury-Cleveland-Hill/Udoh 3. Cleveland-Cole-Bradbury-Rookie-O'Neill Heading into the draft I definitely prefer option #1. Based on Zimmer's comments Cleveland's position is a fluid situation.
  11. With the 14th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select Patrick Surtain II, CB, University of Alabama. Cripes Gladney...
  12. In case anyone else prefers "dark mode" when viewing web pages etc. apparently we've been able to do that on the forum. Just scroll to the bottom of any topic and you'll see "Theme" select the drop down and you'll be able to choose "Night Mode 2.0". Figured I'd share! I've also included the link to the thread in case anyone wanted to read it (4 pages).
  13. Fantastic, this is awesome!
  14. I understand the appeal of Parsons because Barr's days are likely numbered given his recent contract renegotiation. Fields is the pick, in my opinion, if he's available.
  15. I'll leave it to you then and agreed on #1, haha!
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