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  1. I would think Jaylon Johnson, there was a lot of buzz connecting him to the Vikings in the week leading up to the draft. Noah himself would've also been on the table, I think Wolfson mentioned the team had some interest in him
  2. QB (2): Cousins, Browning RB/FB (4): Cook, Boone, Abdullah, Ham (Boone traded for 2021 6 on cutdown day) WR (6): Thielen, Jefferson, Sharpe, Johnson, Davis, Beebe TE (3): Rudolph, Smith Jr., Conklin OT (4): Reiff, O'Neill, Cleveland, Hill OG (4): Udoh, Samia, Elflein, Collins C (2): Bradbury, Jones DE (5): Hunter, Odenigbo, Wonnum, Willekes, Zettel DT (5): Pierce, Mata'afa, Lynch, Watts, Holmes LB (5): Barr, Kendricks, Wilson, Dye, Gates CB (6): Gladney, Hughes, Dantzler, Boyd, Hill, Clark SAF (4): Smith, Harris, Hand, Mettelus K (1): Bailey P (1): Colquitt LS (1): Cutting Practice squad QB Stanley RB Brooks-James WR Osborn WR Shane Zylstra TE Griffin-Stewart OL Hinton OL Brandel OL Lacina DT Moa CB Sayles SAF Cole SAF Dorn
  3. Sorry, guys, had to work all of yesterday and today and was not able to tally up points until now. With a grand total of 24 points, @Eric dunn is our 2020 winner, congratulations, man! Thanks to all who participated, looking forward to next year's version!
  4. I'd love to see Shannon Brooks brought in, even if it's just on a tryout basis. Kid was a really tough runner at Minnesota with a couple big moments, would've had some buzz if his legs hadn't completely faltered. Worth a look for a weekend if nothing else
  5. Clark is a great score to add to the class
  6. Holy crap I didn’t even realize he was still on the board. Outstanding get
  7. Garvin Moss JR Reed/Nigel Warrior Any of those 4 in these last group of picks would make me really happy
  8. Trade up in the 4th a couple times, trade for a few 2021 picks, call it a day with 13 new guys at the end of it all
  9. Curtis Weaver is really enticing value at this point EDIT: Oooooooooo forgot about James Lynch too
  10. Was really hoping it was gonna be Amik, but I've always liked Dantzler as a 2nd round option, love the incredible values Rick has been getting so far, and loooooove the developmental potential for Zim to toy around with
  11. Love it, shocked they didn’t have to deal up for him. Rick is 3/3 so far
  12. 6 possible points from Day 1, 1 for Henry Ruggs III over Jerry Jeudy, 5 for the positional breakdowns of the 1st round. @RpMc and @byuvike88 have jumped out to a slim, early lead, but there's still tons of points to be had and everyone is still in it. If you see any errors in your score calculation, let me know ASAP. Good luck today and tomorrow! Current maximum points: 6 Current leaderboard: RpMc - 0/0/4/0/0 - 4 byuvike88 - 1/0/3/0/0 - 4 Robbroy45 - 1/0/2/0/0 - 3 Eric dunn - 0/0/3/0/0 - 3 SteelKing728 - 0/0/2/0/0 - 2 DisplacedViking - 0/0/2/0/0 - 2 Formerly_iavikefn - 1/0/1/0/0 - 2 swede700 - 0/0/2/0/0 - 2 VikeManDan - 0/0/2/0/0 - 2 V1K3S - 0/0/2/0/0 - 2 VIKINGS101011 - 0/0/1/0/0 - 1
  13. Chaisson, too, someone on twitter said they were super high on him and alluded to the Vikings trying to trade up to get him
  14. Nice, guessed it would be him and Cleveland a week ago, glad to get one right no pun intended. Love the fit, super physical, good in run support, a tad short but nothing debilitating, really excited about him
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