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  1. Josh Allen UCL injury

    I still believe Peterman can be a franchise QB... Bills have nothing to worry about
  2. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Probably the 3rd time should have been delay of game on Packers that wasn't called
  3. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Why? Because they are a SB contender?
  4. The NFC LEast Thread

    The Jags offense is just horrible... And Defense hasn't shown up today
  5. Just anybody but the Titans... lol jk
  6. Hopkins just went beast mode
  7. eagles v. vikings thread

    Dougie is back
  8. eagles v. vikings thread

    Need a TO over a quick three and out here
  9. eagles v. vikings thread

    Carson has to throw it away there
  10. eagles v. vikings thread

    Even Cox is sick of Mills ****... like shut up you just give up 60 yards
  11. eagles v. vikings thread

    Just a horrible call
  12. eagles v. vikings thread

    Even Treadwell is having his way with Mills