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  1. I mean that's going a little too far... if we just had drafted Jefferson, and even though he would have put up good numbers, he would't have changed our drafted position last year. We would have still sucked. Anyways, one can dream right.
  2. I just had Covid and it was the hardest 2 weeks of my life, but I would get it again if it means he's not on the team anymore. Just to think we could've had Jefferson and Smith... smh.
  3. Not that i wish injury on anybody, but our only chance is all the Bucs player get hurt and they don't have anybody left.
  4. As an Eagles fan, I have always wonder what its like to have a LB like White
  5. I love DeVonta, but JaMarr Chase is out of this world. He's going to be top 3 WR in the NFL by next year.
  6. I was at the Broncos game last week and I saw more 62 Jerseys than any other Eagles player... It's gonna be a sad day when he finally retires.
  7. What is up with Amari Cooper hamstring??? It seems like he has issues with it every year
  8. These refs are just awful.
  9. That should have been called too lol
  10. Jalen Mills still doing the finger thing... dude is so bad lol
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