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  1. Burglary Domestic Violence?? Is that one charge or two separate charges? Either way sounds pretty serious, now teams won't touch him.
  2. Whatever it takes for Carson to play 75% of the games.
  3. The best part of today has been reading the Cowboys form... they are so mad lol. I think the Giants have won the 2-3 Rounds.
  4. JOK and Moehrig on board and passed on both... I don't mind going O-Line, but this is a huge risk. I pray he can stay healthy.
  5. As much of a joke we have been lately, I think we are the only team in the division that got the player we really wanted. Others really had to settle for what was left... especially Giants and Dallas.
  6. Caleb Farley is my fav CB and he is falling... injuries really hurt him.
  7. With everything considering, I like the pick. LFG, Smith is going to tear it up.
  8. He should have played for the Rams this year, then would have been an NFC West HOFer.
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