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  1. Ugh... I'm done with this game, I'm done with this season. I can't watch this garbage anymore.
  2. Is this Brady or Wentz... I can't tell lol
  3. This is all just so embarrassing.... We are struggling with a team with a 3rd string QB and worst defense in the league.
  4. DiNucci needs to understand he is not that fast in the NFL... lol
  5. Carson needs to be benched... no way around it.
  6. Keep avoiding the LB position and this is you defense every year.
  7. This is so embarrassing... How does Schwartz still have a job??? lol
  8. How does Schwartz still have a job... lol and Jones should be ashamed
  9. I have seen injuries like this one in soccer and its a long recovery for Dak... Sometimes it takes more then a year to come back from something like this. I wish him the best, hope he has a fast recovery. This really sucks.
  10. The thing is that according to reports, he is not even asking for a new contract this year. He just wants out, and will play out his contract if traded. So we can trade for him and make a push this year, and figure out his contract situation next off-season.
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