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  1. Around The League V.2

    Like who? Cooper and who else? Obi maybe?
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Nah I was referencing how Mr Raider and I used to often post the same thing at the same time
  3. Around The League V.2

    It really is super lame. No 2 ways about it lmao.
  4. Around The League V.2

    Hahaha i came here to post that too. @big_palooka ^^
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Wow. Some things just never change 😂
  6. Around The League V.2

    I didn't last year. I haven't mentioned it but I don't watch almost any non-Raider football. Basketball is simply better. The NFL is a terrible league. That no call felt rigged to support the new LA market where the Rams aren't making as much noise and Super Bowl contenders should. Not to mention NO ONE cares about the Chargers at ALL here.
  7. Around The League V.2

    Yeah, screw the Rams. Probably won't watch the Super Bowl now.
  8. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I don't disagree. I was thinking that way earlier on as well. I guess I'm afraid of relying on KO with his injuries and age. Maybe a trade could be worked out as others alluded to. Tbh I wouldn't mind any of those 3 options.
  9. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I'd keep Jackson because he's younger and his contract is less.
  10. Starters you want back in 2019

    🖤 Right there with you
  11. Around The League V.2

    I really don't go out of my way to pay attention to him or his team but this stuff has just been at the forefront lately. Anyway, I'm moving on from this. Because if you say Amari Cooper 3 times in a row, a swath of Cowboys fans show up. And nobody wants that.
  12. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Jacksonville wouldn't so it's a moot point. Without Ramsey, they aren't in "push all the chips in" mode. He's their franchise guy. That's like if we never had Carr then traded Mack and a first for Matt Stafford (in your eyes, not mine). And still? Hell no. Ramsey is a cancer and getting even an above average quarterback is immensely difficult.
  13. Around The League V.2

    Screw Coop. I'm not actively trying to think about him, but every time I turn around, I find another reason to not like him. This is an excerpt from Vic Tafur on The Athletic (effing LOVE that site but besides the point). If you follow Vic, you know he's pretty level headed and nothing close to a Raiders homer. At times he's a bit more favorable or harsh but overall he's pretty level headed. I don't like to take one person's word as gospel, but this is far from the first time I've seen or heard or read things that make me think he never wanted to be with us. If it walks and quacks like a duck.....
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Thoughts on NKeal Harry with one of our late firsts? Can go get the ball and is a YAC machine. Seems like the sort of WR Carr (or a young QB) would love.
  15. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    It all boils down to whether or not you believe in Carr. He's been beleaguered and to a degree, rightly so. But he's been in such a dire situation and banged up. All of the changes and injuries take their toll on your psyche (and body obviously). Dude is tough despite how he's been smeared. He showed grit and glimpses of the things that made us previously believe in him last year. Hell yeah do I want to keep him another year. He's only going to get more comfortable in the system. Plus we should be looking to upgrade virtually every other spot on offense save for some OL regardless of who is under center. No need to make things worse. I firmly believe he's going to take a step forward next year if we can keep him in one piece and give him at least some help. On that note, I'm just starting to look at prospects, but I'll post in the draft thread here.