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  1. Sean Smith Arrested on felony battery charge.

    this. and now it looks and sounds like he's bad so...
  2. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Dude, no one cares about the Rams here. Seriously, its weird.
  3. Amari Cooper expectations

    Here's a WARNING for doubting Cooper I bet you were skeptical of Tony Moeaki too.
  4. The backup QB debate: Manuel vs Cook

    I mean, most teams can kiss their season goodbye if their starter gets hurt. I'm fine with rolling with EJ. Maybe he'll improve. And our OL, receivers, backs, and TEs are better than what he had to work with in Buffalo. I'm not saying he'll be a stud, but maybe serviceable. Connor Cook has to show me he can throw a ball with even a little accuracy before I prefer him.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    I bet Carr is trolling with this. You know he's not above it lmao.
  6. Raiders Training Camp MegaThread 2017

    I agree. Obi didn't excite me. Cunningham was there. I wanted Cupp or Kamara just because I think they will be good players. But realistically Anzalone or Cunningham looked like better fits. Well, yeah. You had it in for Obi from the start. I liked Kupp as a 3rd rounder, Kamara was intriguing. @daineraider its really not about taking sides. For round 2 it was any of Obi, McMillan, or Cunningham for me. Can't deny that S would have been the sore spot otherwise though. Maybe I didn't know the class well enough though.
  7. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    I've said this for a while with friends. Robert's Rebellion and everything that led to it....Harenhall....the Mad King...man that would be a great show. Or even a few movies.
  8. Good, Bad, Ugly Preseason Week 1 vs Cardinals

    Dude I am all about this guy. Like his game. I don't disagree with anything you said except a desperate team taking on his deal. No one is that desperate. Even teams without starting caliber CBs.
  9. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Figured lol #KingGendry
  10. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Oh I was being sarcastic with the "obviously". Who wouldn't love a King Gendry arc though? haha But really, I think technically it's Cersei (?) Married King Robert Baratheon -> "Had kids together" -> kids are dead -> Stannis and Renley (male siblings of Robert) are dead -> Bastards don't count Even if you want to give it to the Lannisters: Jamie was on Kings Guard, and Tyrion is basically excommunicated and/or in strife with Cersei. Idk, its an odd rabbit hole to fall down
  11. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

  12. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Definitely think she was lying. Loved all the fan service this week. I mean, considering all the pain they've caused, I'll take the happiness I can get lol. I've always spoke of this 'rightful heir' business. But just a thought: how can they (Dany/Jon/whoever) be rightful heirs when Robert's Rebellion was a success? Robert Baratheon was king. He and his army overtook the Targaryens. Idk, I like to think about theories like that too and maybe I'm being pedantic. But ever since I've thought about it this way I can't unthink it. *shrug*
  13. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    The same advice as always. Never listen to @EliteTexan80
  14. Good, Bad, Ugly Preseason Week 1 vs Cardinals

    So is that still just a hot take then, or does it have legs now? I feel like he can bounce back a bit but I do think he'll be a liability more often than not even still. I'd rather attempt to get him to take a pay cut than cut him outright though. Conley needs all the help he can get learning to jam. Then again, Brandin Cooks knows Sean Smith forgets to do that from time to time lol. His demeanor has to change overall also.
  15. Raiders Training Camp MegaThread 2017

    Well, it was blatantly obvious our staff felt we really needed to strengthen our DBs at the end of last season. And you know our FO in particular had to be drooling over Obi & Conley. So I can't complain there. It was bitterly apparent even yesterday that Nelson and Smith aren't going to be studs this year. Amerson can be alright. Still intrigued by Borders and Luani going forward. You can say RMK got cute with the Conley pick though considering those allegations. On Foster: I'm fine with allocating resources (aka the 1st round pick) on a CB over an ILB. He could have been great for us but as I said, there's just enough red flags for me to stay away. Rumors of drug use in college, along with the diluted sample at the Combine. The previously alluded to handling of said combine incident. His shoulder. I prefer LBs a bit more rangy personally (hence advocating for Davis, Kendricks, Anthony, etc the past few years) although it seems our team does not. I don't disagree that LB will be a sore spot but its evident McKenzie does not value the position very highly. And/or he and his coaches (the former LBs) believe they can find diamonds in the rough and coach em up. Not the worst plan, but you need some insurance. Brown would have been nice but he visited teams and walked away without a contract many times for one offseason. Not going to put that one squarely on us. There were other options though. Riley still doesn't have a team yet (lol). What bothers me more is that we didn't learn from the youth experiment at CB a few years back. The DJ & TJ combo.