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  1. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    And for a camp tryout? What can it hurt? Right now at CB we have: Melvin, Conley, Worley, Wright, McDonald, Nelson, and Leon Hall. All of them have question marks. Adding Breeland can't be a negative. We don't know about Conley's health. Or Hall's abilities (aka if he is too old). Or if Melvin can stay healthy. Nelson's a rookie. Wasn't Worley a zone guy? And isn't he a suspension risk? Other 2 guys are depth at best.
  2. Mark needs to pay Mack!

    Locking because I can't tell which of you wants more attention.
  3. Mark needs to pay Mack!

    Because Carr's contract was expiring and he didn't have a 5th year option. Not to mention we seem to be in a 4 party stand off with Mack, The Rams and Aaron Donald.
  4. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Would you rather give up Kuzma or Ingram? BI has the higher ceiling but Kuzma is likelier to reach his imo. Gun to my head, I'd trade Ingram of the 2. He'll fetch more and is less of a gamble in my eyes. Love his improvement though and am fine with keeping him. Also fine with waiting the Spurs out. Randle S&T could have worked with other teams too. Not a fan of letting him walk for nothing. Also is it possible we actually let Deng suit up at this point? We seem to be favoring vets and if he's valuable MAYBE we can unload him at the deadline. Of course, this runs the risk of injury but tbh, unless something new develops I think we're stuck with him for the rest of his contract barring a stretch.
  5. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Lonzo. I'm just comparing him to Rondo. Oh right, I forgot. I'm still not great with FA/Cap NBA rules because I'm relatively new to being more than a casual fan. Either way, they get around that with multiple trades usually, no?
  6. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Unless he proves he can't handle it or Lebron doesn't vibe with him. I think he'll do fine, though its not an easy roster. I'm a big Luke Walton fan Same about LaRondo Ball. I agree with @CWood21 that I could see it. I'm surprised they didn't try a sign and trade with Randle, frankly. Randle, Ingram, a 1st + something might've worked
  7. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    I'm hoping Lonzo can improve his shot to become a mediocre shooter. I'll take that if the rest of his skills progress along with it. I jokingly call him Lonzo Brick haha. Can you imagine a locker room with Rondo, Lance Stephenson, Javale McGee, and Boogie? Poor Luke lol. He's already got his work cut out for him without Cousins just managing those guys, teaching the young players, and dealing with LeBron
  8. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

  9. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Well we renounced him. Also have Rondo now. Which is interesting with Lonzo.
  10. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Thanks for being cool unlike other people.
  11. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    That's a no from me then. Need to keep one of them. Fair for them to ask but we don't know if Kawhi is healthy. And he doesn't appear the most loyal at the moment either. We could just wait and pick him up next year lol Yeah I wanted to not sign LBJ and pick up PG13. He's going to waste his career in OKC but its his to waste. King James is a damn good consolation prize though. Think we keep Randle now? Yeah I dont like it. Maybe it was Bron-related with the Klutch thing. Also not stoked on Stephenson but I laughed pretty hard since we got Bron too lol
  12. Random Raider Stuff

    Basically Cordarelle Patterson role with better routes
  13. Random Raider Stuff

    https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/06/21/oakland-raiders-defense-rebuild-paul-guenther-defensive-coordinator-jon-gruden fun read.
  14. 2018 Expansion Draft - Raiders

    Yeah lets keep politics out of this. I don't need to hear everyone's thoughts on that subject.
  15. Referee Gene Steratore retires

    Don't let the door hit you on your way out. Wouldn't want you to stop smirking.