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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I think that's some great advice for everybody to put to use.
  2. Raiders to re-sign G Denzelle Good (One-year deal)

    Seems like there's more than meets the eye with the timing, though I am definitely on board with bringing him back
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeah, it is. @BayRaider that's not ok. You clearly crossed a line and made it personal by crapping on his city and asking for some reason if his lungs were full of feces*. This is an official warning, don't do something like this again.
  4. Practice News & Notes

    Big time. Does it deter other FAs from joining us if we cut him? I feel like no considering Nevada state tax and our overall defense needing an overhaul (again). Tbh I'm pretty annoyed we haven't put him at FS almost at all.
  5. I mean, you can't patch every hole in one year. Abram was plan A. Joseph was plan B. Any 3rd string S isn't going to be good. LB was not properly addressed though.
  6. A Farewell to Oakland - Raiders vs. Jags

    Sunday is my first and last game in Oakland. LFG baby.
  7. Raiders-Titans GDT

  8. Raiders-Titans GDT

    I saw him make a tackle after 1 yard pass and then he bragged about it in the first.
  9. Raiders-Titans GDT

    The bench lol
  10. Raiders-Titans GDT

    +1. That 3rd down he had all day.
  11. Raiders-Titans GDT

    Good day punting, just mentioning
  12. Raiders-Titans GDT

    Man that was such a stupid play, wow
  13. Raiders-Titans GDT

    Totally agree. The sad part is the only "loss" we've had at LB is Burfict. I think this actually might be a game where we miss Karl Joseph so far.
  14. Raiders-Titans GDT

    MAN we lucked out
  15. Raiders-Titans GDT

    Is that Reece kicking it with Mark Davis? lol