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  1. Carson Palmer broke his arm

    Thats too bad. Probably time to call it. He's had some really fun moments to watch over his career. All but confirms the Cards need to actually address QB this year. Bummer that he probably has to hang em up this way though.
  2. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    Exactly. This is who he was/is, as maddening as it is. I mean, clearly its a slump too, but he does tend to disappear at times. I didn't think our whole offense would wake up, but I had a gut feeling Cooper would. He has Peters' number, we needed a spark on offense in general, Downing needed to show he's capable, Carr needed someone to lean on. It all adds up to planning a mega game for Cooper. I wasn't expecting 200 yards, but I wasn't going to be shocked at like 80 yard on 7 catches and a TD or that kind of statline
  3. 49ers release Navorro Bowman; signs w/Raiders 1yr/3m

    One of those things is better LB play though. Next up: better safety play and offensive consistency. Still very much will be an uphill battle
  4. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    Another thing: I like how the media is losing their minds over Coop. He's the same player he always has been. I knew he'd get it back eventually. Anyone else in the back of their mind wonder if it would happen against KC? I thought about that breakdown of how he kept taking Peters' lunch money last year before this week.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Tyrell Adams failed his physical with Buffalo. Maybe we'll see him back eventually.
  6. Raiders Defense

    Fair way of looking at it, but I'm at the point where I like Luani's potential better than McGill's..."je ne sais quoi". I'll take the lumps because I think long term he'll be better. Because we're going to take lumps with Nelson or McGill too. Granted, as you always say, we do not see practice. Maybe Luani doesn't know the playbook well or some other reason.
  7. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    I vote @big_palookamakes GDTs the rest of the year. His pessimism led us to victory. Also . @OakRaiders3828 please stay away from Derek Carr forever. Thank you. Lmao
  8. is is to early to ask for reggies head or ?

    Oh my god, come off it. Its years of progress vs a few horrible games. We're still not out of the woods yet for this season, but gheesh, don't root for the team to fail.
  9. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    Thats what I was thinking. Not here to jock Conley but the absolute best I can remember Foster at was fringe top 10.
  10. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    Wait seriously? Real talk, when was Foster being considered the top pick? @raidr4life
  11. Bowman signs with the Raiders

    We waived Adams for him.....not sure I agree with that, but whatever
  12. Last Place - Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Agree. Need the offense to wake up first though.
  13. 49ers release Navorro Bowman; signs w/Raiders 1yr/3m

    I mean. We do need experience at that spot pretty badly. And also someone who isn't basically a practice squadder. Bowman should be an upgrade over what Marquel Lee was if we play him similarly. Hope we don't use him in coverage too much. His injuries must have slowed him down.
  14. is is to early to ask for reggies head or ?

    Alright lets keep it civil And point blank: yes. It is too early. We went from top 5 pick to 12 wins. Our roster is capable of 10+ win seasons and I don't think may people woulds disagree on that. While there have been things I disagreed with or that could have gone better with Reggie (LBs, 2nd round picks, etc), there is no way in hell we should even think of firing that guy now. I'm more inclined to re consider the coaching staff. We need to be getting more out of our guys and putting them in better places to succeed. We also need our players to execute. Its not on any one person.
  15. Raiders Defense

    Unfortunately, you are correct.