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  1. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Right after Worrilow tears his ACL.....interesting....
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    Yeah I kind of like it too. We pay little to nothing if it works out. And nothing if it doesn't. I don't have high expectations, but its hard to dislike the move (at this juncture)
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    We heard you the first thousand times.
  4. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    I don't recall you ever saying that loljk
  5. Rnd4 pick 10- CB Nick Nelson

    I'm interested to see where his year goes for the reasons most stated. Also doesn't Wright primarily play slot? I doubt we'd see Nelson cut and put on the PS in favor of him, but I guess it might be possible?
  6. Rd. 5- DT Maurice Hurst

    PJ Hall?
  7. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    I don't think it is. Literally no one looked comfortable in our offense last year. Have to think it was coaching. Superstars can overcome it, but Carr isn't that yet. And maybe he won't ever be.
  8. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    I have more trepidation because everyone is in a new system and getting used to new people. I think it'll take some time to adapt and find our groove. Nothing wrong with that. Also I didn't mean 76 wins before hahaha
  9. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    This is how I feel almost exactly. 76to 9 wins imo. I'd love for us to win more, but I need to see more before I expect more.
  10. 2018 Draft Recap Thread

    Fair points but I don't think anything I said was wrong per se. If it works out, great. It'll be interesting either way.
  11. Raiders Defense

    Agree. I tend to lean on Ted Nguyen/Gipsy Safety for X's and O's. Tafur is probably my favorite reporter. Levi Damien posts a lot of content, which I'm grateful for, but I don't always agree with his points of view.
  12. Raiders Defense

  13. Raiders sign Derrick Johnson

    Not sure if it was posted
  14. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

  15. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    I tend to agree with this but Eric Reid might be another story.