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  1. I'm thinking of going to Staples or one of his murals. My phone is blowing up about this. Everyone here is morose.
  2. I go back and forth on that. I agree he gets extra clout because of his name. But winning 2 SBs isn't easy. Maybe I just give him extra points because he beat New England twice. Still not sure how I feel about him and HOF vs HOVG though. Probably moot as I'm sure he'll get HOF like you're saying.
  3. I don't disagree. I'd love Brown still though and wouldn't be unhappy with Kinlaw either. I like PJ and Hurst still though and they def have potential. Maybe Marinelli can help as you're saying, I'm not sure. Sometimes I wonder if they step on each other's toes. Like if we only had one of them who got most of the reps they split would we be better off in the end? I feel like we need one WR in the first for sure. Besides that, I'm just gonna trust Mayock & Gruden.
  4. I mean, look at how Tampa, JAX, and Miami usually land tons of FAs. Not unreasonable at all.
  5. We're going to replace the like button football with knuckles approaching wood. The moderator you've tried to contact is out of service. Try again later. 😉
  6. Dude I genuinely am surprised when I see Charger gear here. I will say the Rams have caught on more so its about 40/40/20 Rams/Raiders/Other when I see jerseys. It depends on what's happening and where you are though.
  7. What strings do you think I have access to? Webby is your man here.
  8. I came here to post this lol. Wonder if it would be awkward if we got Ruggs haha. Doubt it since they’re pros but still
  9. Thats what Cody said in the thread. I agree though. The chrome really pops. Imagine seeing Abram coming at you like a missile over the middle under the lights rocking that fit. Alligator arms incoming.
  10. Meh. Depth I guess. Wonder if this means Worley isnt retained and its sink or swim for Johnson and Nixon. We'll see. I would have preferred a different route but I'll wait and see.
  11. Vic calls it like it is most times. Sometimes he gets a little lax or apathetic. You can see his frustrations come through every now and again. But 80% of the time he's just a straight shooter because he has no skin in the game as he isn't a Raider fan.
  12. Raider Nation is extremely passionate. 🤷‍♂️
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