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  1. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    I thought about that the other day, Fitz for sure. Would even consider trading Joseph after that since I think Fitz's best spot is a Honey Badger FS
  2. Raiders Sign Breno Giacomini

    Damn I forgot he played there. Stuck in my mind as a jet
  3. Raiders Sign Breno Giacomini

    Caught @RaidersAreOne snoozing 😂
  4. Raiders Sign Breno Giacomini

    http://www.raiders.com/news/article-1/Raiders-Sign-Tackle-Breno-Giacomini/80bfd694-9c66-468a-b65a-f4231857ebfe Tackle...hopefully depth at least? Can't remember him being very good.... He's huge though 6'7", 320 lbs. Sounds like a fit for a PBS.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Really warming up to the idea of Michel in the 2nd. Was thinking about that earlier today.
  6. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    I still remember being floored by taking Joseph at 14. Liked him but not before the late 2nd with the knee
  7. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    But we already have Jelly. Not sure i want to pay them both for the same type of player. Though Hankins is definitely better and we can cut Ellis next year
  8. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Because I hate him. He's not the kind of player I want on my team. Not to mention as I said, this was a leverage visit. Which he called off now.
  9. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Sometimes I like to think of it as "I beat the lock" Posting after a lock qualifies as beating it, no?
  10. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    I don't want him tbh
  11. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    You're right but he's a dirtbag so I assume he'll price himself out for us. Might be a leverage visit.
  12. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    @big_palooka you can be happy now https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1509435
  13. Olawale traded to Dallas

    The weird thing was the Cowboys tweeted about Smith signing with us when it happened. Wonder if this was some kind of agreement all along
  14. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    Why are people acting like we'd pass? Because BP said so? Am I missing something here?