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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    The Jets were the only team I could think of. And even then, Bowles has had some good defenses. I feel like Mack could have transformed their defense as well. Though I doubt their offense would propel them into the playoffs. I feel like they were hell bent on dealing him to the NFC. But yeah, the Jets were the team that popped into my head too.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I can't really think of any team that doesn't drastically improve with adding Mack. Not sure who we could have sent him to once the decision was made.
  3. Around the league v.1.0

    Ok, maybe thats a bit much lol
  4. Keys to Gruden Success?

    So with this win, is it logical to think we aren't tanking? I mean, I could only watch during the first half, but down 1, its easy to tank a 2 minute drill.And if we really are in tanking, why in the blue hell would we purposely win against the other team equally likely to get the first pick?
  5. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    They're hard to find, dude
  6. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    This is so sad 😂
  7. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    Part of it, another part of it is facing AZ
  8. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    Cant even tank right, lol
  9. Keys to Gruden Success?

    Not living up to his potential, but definitely still a good RB
  10. GDT: Oakland @ Arizona

    Another thing: Miller is not healthy. Why are we risking him again?
  11. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I wouldn't be upset for signing Bell since he's a dominant RB. We sorely need talent where we can get it. But I'm torn on if we should do it. + Great RB, will make our offense better as long as we can block for him + Shows that a big name will actually sign with us - We traded Mack because we were afraid he was going to sit out and act like this guy, and we don't condone that behavior. Now we turn around and pay the source of the fear? Looks stupid. - I'm all for players doing what is right for themselves but it did seem like Bell really enjoyed the limelight while holding out at times - RBs are a dime a dozen. Doug Martin is playing fine for us FFS. There's more if's and but's depending on how other things play out, but this is how I look at it for now
  12. Keys to Gruden Success?

    MD always coveted Gruden, and its a fact. I think the stars just aligned on timing, You think he would have hired Gruden as a football czar after Al passed if Gruden was down? Because I do. Same for when we fired Allen, if Gruden was down, I'm positive we would have hired him.
  13. Keys to Gruden Success?

    This. The ZBS killed us.
  14. Keys to Gruden Success?

  15. Random Raider Stuff

    True but honestly, Martin hasn't been bad other than the one fumble. I think we all were expecting worse from him so I'm not complaining. Plenty of other things to complain about lol