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  1. Coaching changes coming?

    Agreed. What's more is that I think I remember reading teams were enamored him as an OC candidate. I thought I read he had like 3 or 4 offers on the table. IIRC one was from the Jets.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    I can't grasp why he wasn't promoted to our 53. We had instances where we only had 3 CBs healthy. He must have either really been trash in practice or...
  3. Coaching changes coming?

    About where I'm at. Though, I think its a distinct possibility JDR gets canned with some bad showings these next few weeks. Hoping for that tbh. @big_palooka thanks for posting that John Middlekauff rant John Middlekauff
  4. Raiders Defense

    Yeah really. Not to be rude, but who in the blue hell had Peppers ahead of Adams? Nothing taking anything away from Peppers because I like him...but c'mon now.
  5. Albums of the year - 2017

    I kinda slacked in finding current new music this year. I mean -- I explore and discover music that's new to me, but it isn't always literally new music. Here are some my favorite albums of the year off the top of my head: Death From Above - Outrage Is Now Brand New - Science Fiction Movements - Feel Somtehing Kendrick Lamar - DAMN (obvious choice is obvious) Blink 182 - California Deluxe (obvious choice is obvious again, though I liked this better than the original album) Knuckle Puck - Shapeshifter Incendiary - Thousand Mile Stare Illenium - Awake WSTR - Red, Green or Inbetween Would like to see more from other people to see what else is out there.
  6. The bad, the ugly, the locked thread

    Agree with all of you. I'll be sick if we bring back JDR. I mean, if it works then great.....but I don't feel like it will. Other thing is I don't even know who I'd want as a replacement. (inb4 someone says retread Pat Shrumur)
  7. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    Man, I'm starting to worry Coop is gonna leave. And I wouldn't blame him either. Thanks guys.
  8. Coaching changes coming?

    After today's game, how likely is a sweeping coaching change looking? Personally I was expecting us to retain JDR and Pagano. Then hire Mike McCoy either in the same way we did with Pagano or can Downing.
  9. The bad, the ugly, the locked thread

    Based on the comments, thats what it sounds like to me. I feel like eventually Downing can be a good coach, but he's certainly not ready to be left on an island like this. He needs an Al Saunders type around, I think. Anyways I'll leave it there and move to a coaching thread. Eager to see write ups in here since I didn't watch the game.
  10. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    He's reminded me of JLH the whole time he's been around. Thats all he is. Which I guess isn't terrible for a WR5. Might've preferred holding onto Mickens though. Also what happened to Coop?
  11. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    Sorry to those who pinged me, was busy with other stuff earlier and wasn't on FF @MrOaktown_56
  12. Ward officially a bust?

    No, its assigned by the OS when the picture (or in this case screenshot) is taken. I work as an iOS Developer. Unless you're implying someone else went through the trouble to photoshop it.
  13. Ward officially a bust?

    Pretty sure that means the picture was saved 2 months before it was posted
  14. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread SUMMER LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!

    Yeah next thing you know Mr Charmin will start defending BI from a burner twitter account
  15. Ward officially a bust?

    Yeah I remember that too. Something is up. Kinda hope we just move him because it isn't working at all. #FreeJah