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  1. You can't take a QB for the sake of wanting/needing one. Christian Ponder should solidify that stance. As much as I dislike Cousins, you're only setting the franchise back further with that strategy. 14 is no mans land for anything other than OL/DL. I agree with @CWood21 on that.
  2. He was holding the entire game. I want no part of that.
  3. You should. This sucks as a Vikings fan. Happy he is getting an opportunity though. They should have fired Spielman, and promoted him. This is some Mike Tomlin level Vikings nonsense
  4. Yeah, I get that. My previous employer, before my my most recent one, always took interviews for job you applied for. It was nice to at least have a conversation on how I could improve to where I wanted to go. One of the big reasons for me leaving this last job was I applied for a job a little outside of my skill set, but I had experience in certain forms. I didn't even get a phone call. My boss told me not to take it personally, but I did then, and still do. Looking at everything, holistically, taking the meeting was probably the way to go.
  5. Thanks for sharing. That's defiantly my mindset going in. I've always trained people to be better than I ever was. Giving them my playbook to accelerate their growth. My original goal was to go in and understand how to do everyone job, so I could preform it in case we were down people. However, I don't want to create an environment of hand holding. I've done that in the past, (not as a manager) to keep from creating more fires. All it did was enforce the negligence and bad behavior.
  6. Yeah I've been doing a lot of brainstorming on my good and bad management experiences. Thanks!
  7. Honestly I'd be pissed. It sounds like the VP wasted your time, and his own. Makes no sense. My professor in my senior seminar class told me only make a lateral move if it was in a different industry. The opportunity, and company, would really have to be on the up to take a step down in similar industries. I don't fault your decision at all. I had an interview where the recruiter loved my experience. I made i clear I didn't have pharmaceutical lab experience. I was assured that wasn't an issue. The interview didn't last 5 minutes. I wasn't happy, but it is what it is.
  8. I've had a lot of interviews the last couple months. Some where like that. I wouldn't say it was a red flag, as much as, they were very enthusiastic about looking for talent for the company. As long as you asked the right questions, you should have a good sense if it's a company you want to work for.
  9. I don't want to get political in any way, but I was describing this whole thing to a buddy that doesn't watch football. I described that video of McNair as the epitome for people who are on the lower poverty level that believe taxing the wealthy is wrong. If he can get there, anyone can.
  10. Watching that Cal McNair video just made me think of this
  11. I'm going to be starting first management career shortly. Just an assistant manger, but it's a start. I've been watching some videos on tips/habits to get into as a manager. Mostly get to know your team, actively listen, and know what is expected of you from your manager. Are there any other good tips? I know there are a few expect and project managers around here.
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