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  1. I drive around 60 miles a day 5 days a week. I want a RAV4 Hybrid but they are a bit out of my range at 30-35K. I'm tired of getting killed in gas.
  2. I've always loved Richardson. I'm a bit biased with my Mizzou fandom. This is a good signing. I'm much more confident in the defensive front moving forward.
  3. As in, you buy with cash? Not really an option for me.
  4. Does anyone follow the 20/4/10 rule when buying a car? I want an AWD hybrid but they are way out of my price range following that rule. Gasoline in IL is higher than hell.
  5. A someone who's been living in the middle of IL for the past few months, I'm itching to drive up to CHI for the first time and catch a Cards Cubs series at Wrigley. My boss is from one of the burbs and recommended the aquarium, history museum, and some places to shop.
  6. He was really good in 19. This makes no sense any way you slice it. We had the money to keep him around and get him healthy. A 2022 6th? Really?
  7. he was the 6th best slot corner in 19. what the actual hell? They kept that human trash bag Gladney over him?
  8. I see 3-3 but I'm probably higher on Cleveland than you are. I think we lose to AZ and Seattle. Wins against Cin, Det, and Car
  9. Sweep Det, maybe GB if they trade Rodgers, Split with CHI if Fields is as good as I think hes going to be. Range of outcomes is 5-12 to 9-8? 10-7 max maybe. A lot of running QBs that we don't do well with coupled with really good defenses.
  10. JJ is really fantastic honestly.,
  11. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/minnesota-vikings-star-justin-jefferson-is-brutally-honest-about-kirk-cousins-while-praising-joe-burrow Found this interesting. He's starting to speak up. I like it.
  12. Surratt and Mond were head scratchers. Rest wasn't too bad
  13. Lions, Bears, Chargers, and Cardinals all winners. Vikings didn't excite me at all.
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