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  1. Week 6 - @ Jets, Jets yearly SB week

    Why pick that off???
  2. Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    When snoke says "fulfill your destiny..." I think he is talking to Rey, they might be related somehow. I don't think she is Skywalker's child either. Her power also scares Luke, another sign.
  3. Week 5 GDT - @ Buccaneers

    Even with Tampa's inept play calling and inconsistent passing game the defense played much better this game. The D line was getting pushed around and the pass rush is still missing though.
  4. Thursday Night Football: Patriots @ Buccaneers

    They are about to release this kicker before the game even ends lol
  5. Thursday Night Football: Patriots @ Buccaneers

    Why is Tampa not just pounding the ball???
  6. Week 4 - 3 up and 3 down

    According Jeff Howe here is the breakdown for coverage; Coverage stats: Butler: 5/8 55yds, TD, INT, 2PBU Gilmore: 2/2 53yds, TD, 2 flags Rowe: 3/4 35yds Chung: 2/2 40yds DMC: 1/2 24yds Roberts: 3/3 47yds, TD Van Noy: 2/2 34yds Brown: 0/1 (defended screen pass) yeah that looks pretty disgusting...

    I had a feeling I should have picked the Bills but told myself that I should never put my faith on the Bills and went with the safe pick.
  8. Stephon Gilmore

    He is soft minded, he has the skill but just can't put anything worth noting together.
  9. GDT Week 4 - Panthers @ Patriots

    this defense is so soft.
  10. What was it like watching mid-late 2000's Peyton Manning?

    As most have said he was very cerebral. Made a ton of adjustments before every single snap and honestly half of them were fake callouts to confuse the D. The thing about him that impressed me was his throwing mechanics, it was machine like and smooth. He had the size, arm strength, accuracy, leadership, extremely smart, good attitude, clutch (outside the playoffs) and could crush any passing record. Truly the perfect none running QB. Just from the eye test he looked more impressive than Brady with how he commanded his offense which is really saying something because Brady has an absurd command of his offense.

    Week 4 pick - Patriots
  12. Tony Romo The Analyst

    He is surprisingly good, I like his insight and commentary. For some reason I don't really picture him with that voice though.

    Week 3 pick; Packers
  14. Well, that is exactly what I said when I mentioned that they will force your weakest link to beat them. Regardless of how bad their secondary is the Pats WRs were pretty depleted and even 2 of them got injured in the game.
  15. From what i have heard from former players is that one thing Bill does better than any other coach in the NFL is situational football. He is constantly hands on during the game making sure that adjustments are being made because according to him "if you wait until half time to make adjustments then you already lost the game." He seems to be constantly grilling his players on information about his opponents (any kind of information even personal), about their opponents tendencies and loves to attack that which you are good at. Most teams and head coaches are very stubborn, they always do what works best for them and don't adjust while Bill will force your weakest link prove himself that he can beat you. I think this is why Bill loves versatility, this past game against the Saints they only dressed 3 WRs for the game so what did Bill do? They came out 5 wide to start the game... Because all their RBs can at some level play on the outside. They know they can beat you on a multitude of levels and unless you outright have a very talented roster then the Pats will just out-scheme you week in and week out.