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  1. I remember that at one point he owned the most wins by any QB at the Browns FirstEnergy stadium.
  2. All that tells me is that the Patriots are just an above average team and I think that is exactly what they are. At least they are consistent.
  3. I fully expect the Chiefs to win, as for the NFC it's a coinflip. Divisional games are a big mess, I think the Rams are the better team but the 49ers already beat them twice this season. So with that said, I have to give my vote of confidence to the 49ers.
  4. I want someone to ask the Bills' DBs if they feel embarrassed after tonight's performance.
  5. OT rules are fine, the Bills defense had plenty of chances to win this game, they can only blame themselves. I do feel bad for Josh Allen though, missing that coin flip in this game was almost like throwing an int.
  6. So Bills still wondering why they didn't get any pro bowl selections for defense?
  7. I can't root for either team I just hope the game is entertaining. The Bills have all the pieces to win a super bowl but they are so inconsistent, may be this is their year.
  8. None, Those rings are earned and the 07 Patriots didn't earn it. So I don't see why any of our other teams should hand over what they worked so hard to achieve. I would absolutely love to own the perfect season but it wasn't meant to be.
  9. Why such hostilities towards Mac? Rookies improve you know, and it's impossible to tell just from their first year. Let me give you a comparison: This is Mac's rookie numbers: 521 attempts, 67.6% completion percentage, 3,801 yards, 7.3 yards per pass, 22 TDs, 13 Interceptions, 92.5% QB Rating. And these are the numbers of the guy on the video below from his rookie season: 575 attempts, 56.7% completion percentage, 3,739 yards, 6.5 yards per pass, 26 TDs, 28 Interceptions, 71.2% QB Rating As you can see even from the video he didn't look like a world beater
  10. The one that puzzled me was your AFCE picks, how did we end up dead last? Mac for Fields is basically a push. The drop off from Allen to Darnold is pretty substantial, Miami getting Cousins doesn't change anything for us since they swept us anyways, if anything it gives them a better chance to beat the Bills. While I hate to put an Arod led team dead last the Jets are significantly worse then the rest of the teams in the division.
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