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  1. Week 3: IT'S MATTY PATTY! (Patriots head to Detroit)

    The issue is that outside of Gronk and White I don’t see anyone else on offense stepping up. The WRs are completely incapable of beating man coverage and I know we all hate Brady taking shots down the field but defenses are starting to clog up all the running lanes. They need to get something going because the defense is certainly not good enough to carry them.
  2. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    Not sure if the Pats are the right place but the Browns tried helping and nothing came of that. He needs a change for better or worse.
  3. Josh Gordon to the Pats

    There is nothing but upside to this trade. Yesterday all game I felt that if we had just one vertical threat the Pats could have turned that game around, just ZERO explosiveness.
  4. GDT: Week 2 Patriots head to the Jungle

    I personally think that Bortles is pretty underrated. The Pats had opportunities but they just failed to execute them, plus the Jags had an axe to grind. I honestly wouldn't lose my mind over this game. Next week should be much easier, we will turn this thing around.
  5. SNF: Bears @ Packers (AKA: The Richest Game in America)

    Mitch looks mediocre at best.
  6. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Feels bad man, out week one, ouch.
  7. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Favorite Team: New England Patriots Week 1 Pick: Steelers
  8. Lions sign DE Robert Ayers; Released

    Patricia signed him just to make an example out of him.
  9. GDT - Preseason Week 2 aka The SBLII Rematch!

    May be I am crazy but Brady’s ball velocity didn’t seem that impressive.
  10. GDT - Preseason Week 2 aka The SBLII Rematch!

    At most I see him playing the first series but I expect him to hand it off a few times and that’s really it.
  11. Does Rivers make the HoF?

    So how many QBs are we putting in the hall? Brady, Rogers, Eli, Payton, Brees, Romo, Rivers and Big Ben all played at about the same time.
  12. Training Camp Battle - Left Tackle

    I don’t think any spot is really locked, Trent might start at LT but if he struggles they will shuffle them around. You might even see shuffles in preseason.
  13. He would be amazing in today’s game, his skill set is timeless. Can you imagine him playing behind a real vertical game? It doesn’t matter if defenses are faster or not his agility and ability to cut on a dime are off the charts. Tackling him one on one is still an achievement.
  14. I am looking forward to how Jimmy G. plays. How the Rams turn out after all of those big moves and I will keep an eye on the Steelers since they are probably the Pats biggest contenders in the AFC, the Jags a close 2nd.
  15. Starting OL

    Light was good but rated much higher then he should be mainly because of Brady’s godly foot work and pocket awareness. Mankins was really good but if there was ever such a thing as an unclutch offensive lineman he sure was it. Where is the love for Dan Koppen?