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  1. Sad to see him go out because of injuries. Thank you for everything Julian, one of the toughest WRs I have ever seen.
  2. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31214902/report-former-nfl-player-phillip-adams-kills-5-himself
  3. I am sure the Patriots inquired about Rodgers but I am not sure they would make that trade. If we somehow got Arod we would instantly become contenders. Say whatever you want about his lack hardware but the guy is still the league MVP, BB is quite possibly the only head coach that could keep him in check. My only concern is his age, how long does he still want to play the game? This is the biggest issue in mind.
  4. That’s pretty cheap, did Carolina tell them the price was low because he was seeing ghosts?
  5. Its not about not having a QB, teams are very willing to draft a QB when they already have one, the Cardinals drafted QBs in the first round on back to back years. This year the 49ers moved up and they have Jimmy G, last year the Packers Drafted Love and they had the League MVP. Just because teams have a QB doesn't make them less desirable as draft targets.
  6. I think they probably want to have their new QB ride the bench for a year (depending who the Jets pick) but if a good enough offer comes in they will make it happen. Some team will be left without QB and might make a dumb trade.
  7. But if they are planning on cutting him why would they even announce he is not tradeable. That doesn't make sense....
  8. They are not trading Jimmy which makes sense to me. As to why they made the trade now my guess is the Jets told them they were staying right were they were and felt that with so many teams needing a QB they need to move in now to secure their pick.
  9. 2014 Seahawks 2013 Broncos 2019 49ers 2015 Panthers 2020 Chiefs 2018 Rams 2016 Falcons 2012 49ers 2011 Patriots 2017 Patriots This list was a lot hard to make then I originally thought.
  10. Honestly I don't know, there are many reasons he could have regressed like that. Seattle had a bad defense to begin with so its hard to say.
  11. I'll take the guy that got his team to 4 super bowls. Manning was the face of the NFL and was amazing to watch play.
  12. You think he is better served at RT? He played his college career at guard. EDIT: Actually i might be wrong about that, i guess he played both positions.
  13. Yes, his passes were all over the place but i have to be fair too, he did have a lot going against him this last season. To be clear, I don’t think Cam is the future at QB for the Patriots, I am hoping we draft one this year. I am expecting Cam to be serviceable for 2021.
  14. Let me give you some context here for the Tightens; Ryan Izzo played 12 games for total of 13 receptions, 199 yards and 0 touch downs. Devin Asiasi 2 receptions, 39 yards, 1 TD. Dalton Keene 3 receptions, 16 yards 0 TDs. That was the entire production from the Tight ends last year.... A mediocre/down season from both Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith would be a gigantic improvement over what we were running. The WRs we got are not world beaters but you think Agholor can't improve on N'Keal Harris' 33 catches for 309 yards and 2 TDs?
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