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  1. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    GOAT game
  2. Week 15 Game Day Thread

  3. Sleeping on Seattle

    Teams that make deep runs do so because they start playing great as a unit. The Seahawks rely too much on a single player (Wilson) to win them games, that’s neither a recipe for success nor a sustainable strategy. I give them credit for playing hard but that defense is not elite and that’s what pushed them over the edge in the past. They are a very flawed team but wouldn’t surprise me if they beat 1 or 2 teams in the playoffs but don’t think they make it past the NFC championship at best.
  4. Devin Hester Announces Retirement

    He was lightning in a bottle, I used to follow Bears games just to see him go off. I remember him slowing down when they turned him to a WR. If he makes it to the HoF I would be 100% ok with it, he was special.
  5. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    I hope for no injuries.
  6. Who's The Greatest Player of All Time?

    As a Pats fan I am very bias on this. To me it’s very easily Brady and for the simple reason that he gives you the best chance to win. There is no other player I would ever want with the football on his hand when the game is on the line. Stats are great but I want championships.
  7. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    So he can’t talk smack with fans because he injured someone on field? He didn’t apologize to the fans, he apologized to White. Whether it was sincere or not that cannot be quantified since at the time he probably didn’t know he concussed White. Either way, I am sure that won’t stop anyone from their preconceived opinions on the matter. All we know is that he issued an apology which probably did play a part on the level of his suspension. The suspension was well deserved and he got lucky he didn’t get ejected.
  8. Gronk suspended 1 game for elbow drop

    All things considered this was the right call imo. First time offender and apologizing for his behavior probably saved him from a longer suspension.
  9. tre'davious white in concussion protocol

    I was honestly surprised he wasn’t ejected. I know that it gets to him that he is not treated the same as other players by the refs but that is no reason to endanger another player on the field. If he gets suspended he honestly deserves it. Even if he doesn’t have a have a history of bad behavior you can’t let it slide, it sets a precedent.
  10. Week 13 Gameday thread

    Gronk is getting suspended for that. -_____-
  11. Week 13 GDT: Pats visit Buffalo

    Some interesting stats, Brady needs just 2 touch downs to own the touch down record in the Ralph Wilson/New Era Stadium (basically the last 20 years). He also needs 2 more wins to be the winniest qb there in the same time span. Surely this makes him Wall of Fame worthy.
  12. The Steelers better off losing to NE on 12/17?

    The Steelers need this win badly. Truth is the Steelers are petrified of having to go to the Razor for a playoff game, they don't want none of that. On the other hand the Patriots have zero fear of playing the Steelers at their home.
  13. MVP leaders at this point.

    Considering that they always had a familiarity bias (Peyton Manning) I would think they would rather vote for Brady than Wentz.
  14. Best defense to never win a Super Bowl?

    The 2000 Titans, those guys are forgotten.
  15. Footballsfuture.com Signs New Co-Mod for News

    Wow, I am surprised by this signing. Honestly the guy sucks because he might get injured.