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  1. Bell must be wondering if he will see the field. lol
  2. Well, assuming the Chiefs prevail today. All we have to do is win the next two games and we are back on top. EDIT: Actually the Bills will have their bye on week 11 so the Bills could still have one more win then us.
  3. I am more concerned about the overall talent of the offense then the QB position. No QB is going to look good passing to what we are rolling out at the WR and TE positions. The fact that our best unit is an offensive line that is swapping and shifting players from game to game, and even between series is honestly embarrassing. Cam is playing for his next contract and will most likely be gone next year. Stidham is probably not the answer and honestly I don't think there is a QB that will fix this mess. We don't need pro bowlers at every position just guys that we can depend on and honestly we don't have that, Edelman's best days are behind him and the running backs can only do so much.
  4. I think Josh is scribbling these plays on the sideline as we speak.
  5. We are going to need a miracle here, this offense cannot be trusted today.
  6. Cam has not looked good today, good thing is is so physically gifted and can run.
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