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  1. Not a fan, mostly because this is going to impact almost all regular season records. This is already the case with some really old records.
  2. I don't think we have a chance to draft a QB at 15. If we really want one I think we have to sell the farm and move up. At some point you are going to need to go get a franchise QB and i don't think we will be picking higher then 15 next year. I could see Bill make a deal with Picks and Gilmore to move up. Also, being Gilmore's final year I don't see him not getting traded honestly.
  3. Tom vs Bill. If the Pats don't find a QB this offseason it wont be much of a contest I am afraid.
  4. I think Dallas would need more then a pick to get this done, is there a reason for Houston to believe Dat isn't damaged goods?
  5. Free agency and the draft are both tools to help your team get better. The draft is not an exact science, I don't think my team is any more worthy for landing a** backwards on the GOAT in the 6th round. They didn't know what they had selected, it was pure luck. I wont be labeling the 49ers geniuses for landing Joe Montana in the 3rd round either. Would you say you look up to a person that wins 50 million dollars in the lottery? They did it the right way?
  6. We got 20 years and 6 super bowls titles out of brady (matching the all time title count of any franchise). This is really not much of a discussion really, Babe was the worst.
  7. Without a QB he isn't coming here. He wants a ring, we are not that team anymore.
  8. Suh might retire, could see him heading down to Tampa
  9. Oh wow, pats could really use him but I don’t think he wants come here... Tampa may be.
  10. You mean the team that Tom Brady has a 32-3 record against? Somehow I don't see that happening.
  11. Tom beat the Chiefs at 43 and with a bad knee.
  12. The AFC's lineup wasn't very impressive this year to be honest, the Chiefs were very easily the best option. Unless the Buccs got struck by bad luck with fumbles or what not they don't lose to any of those teams, close game or not.
  13. I tell you Mahomes has the worst game of his career, they lose by 22 points all because the linebackers coach gets into a traffic accident.
  14. The Chiefs should still be favorites but If I had told you after last year's super bowl that you would lose this super bowl to buccaneers would you have believed it? A lot of things change.
  15. They take them for granted, look at Gronk did to our last trophy. lol
  16. Russell just wants a better oline, trying to twist the front office's hand it's all. He is not going anywhere.
  17. I think the Chiefs got too complacent, thinking they can just show up and win with their talent alone. They take too many penalties, very sloppy, no real adjustments, bad game plan, terrible time management. They needed to be humbled.
  18. If he is then he is an idiot, rumor is that he found out Tom was mic’d up and then immediately deleted that message.
  19. That's why I said I don't think they lost because of Mahomes but at the end of the day he also didn't make any game winning plays either. He had several specular plays that resulted in absolutely nothing. Not scoring a single TD definitely looks bad on Mahomes.
  20. So apparently he posted this and then deleted it: Tom has a sailor's mouth so probably calling him a little b* lol
  21. I think its nearing 3 careers at this point. lol
  22. Yeah this was also a terrible idea. Not sure what the thinking was here, they put too much faith on Mahomes mobility I guess.
  23. It all comes down to match ups. Anyone that saw the Buccs this post season knew that Chiefs patch work oline was never going to stop that pass rush, it was only going to end how it did last night.
  24. So what is the excuse for Tom being #1 all time in TDs and #2 all time in yards?
  25. Not sure why you are trying to twist my comment, never compared Mahomes to Jimmy but Ok...
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