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  1. RaykwonDaChef


    I know this isn't a money league but I think I am in sell mode too. Anyone except Soto and Bieber are avaiable.
  2. RaykwonDaChef


    Yea it was in Elite, not FFMLB my bad.
  3. RaykwonDaChef


    Bid 15 on Javier what did I do wrong. Hmm
  4. Damn I wasn't tagged in makeup post at the end and Didn't see. ****ty way to lose oh wll. My fault for not making my rosters I'm so used to not having to do that.
  5. Well a best of seven can't produce a tie but nice analogy.
  6. Or you could just give it to whoever got to 6 first.
  7. Note for future baseball portions of these drafts. Dont draft anyone under 30 if you want to win a division.
  8. I look at these over a period of 7 years. A - Tampa - SA is solid now obviously has a nice three but the rest is a bit underwhelming, the pitching staff will decline over the next few years/not that exciting. Washington's Rotation is great right now but older and the bats are underwhelming. Tampa's Rotation is great and has good enough hitting. B - Orlando - I gotta make sure i update my rosters cause boy is Orlando's a travesty... my bad. New York is far away the oldest and on the down swing. They may take the division in year 1 but Perez, GOldschmidt, are trending down. Judge has health issues. Lemeahieu has two good seasons in his career and is like 32. Charlie Morton is retiring, both relievers are 31+, and Lamet, Luhessi, Weaver aren't as exciting as the other two teams rosters. Buffalo and Orlando is a coinflip over the next 7 years but I think that Orlando staff is more secure and higher end talented. C - Milwaukee - It's a shame Pirates have that staff, Colorado is close just trust in MIl's players more. D - Toronto - I like pieces a lot on BOston but not the total package, same with Chicago. Toronto put it together the best.
  9. I must of missed it as I definitely haven't been reading the chat.
  10. As do I. So what is the difference between voting for yourself in the first round and the later rounds?
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