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  1. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Shogo Akiyama - Reds @Sllim Pickens
  2. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    a month before the start of the season, no we don't skip him. It just sucks lol picked my boy Urbina on Sunday.
  3. FFMLFB MiLB Draft


    Will be interested in trade talks. No one os "untouchable" just probably wont be able to get Soto away from me .
  5. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    @CHOMP_CHOMP says Skip. @BillsGuy82
  6. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Misael Urbina @tom cody
  7. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Josiah Gray @Davisblack
  8. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Like the deal for BD.
  9. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Aggressive trade for BillsGuy and I.
  10. FFMLFB

    Thanks, I almost took him last round happy I dangled him. Much higher value in an OBP league and I'm okay if he moves to Second.
  11. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    D.L. Hall @tom cody
  12. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Aaron Bracho - @davisblack
  13. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 2

    Berrios and Soroka can land a top 10? Better than anything I've ever seen HH offer Tom Cody.
  14. FFMLFB

    was between Marsh, Campusano and Varsh last pick. Went for the lottery ticket in Varsho maintaining Catcher Eligiblity for a few years
  15. FFMLFB MiLB Draft

    Daulton Varsho @tom cody