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  1. I want Mahomes to play, and I think he will. I don't want any victory tainted or talked about as not being worthy or properly earned. That said, I felt pretty awful about our chances against Baltimore because of how poorly our defense was playing. They earned a lot of respect last week. I'm still worried about the run, we always seem to give up 5 or more yards... but KC is not as strong as Baltimore and we did a nice job against them ultimately. Last meeting with KC we had a nice game plan for Mahomes and the passing game, so let's hope we can limit him as much as possible–big ask of cou
  2. Really feeling the love from other teams fanbases, it's pretty awesome to see. I don't care who we play, I'll be happy just to be there but my preferred matchup is probably the Packers. Better story would be Allen/Bills vs. Brady of course, but they'll have home field advantage.
  3. Nick

    2020 FF MVP share

    1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Josh Allen 3. Patrick Mahomes 4. Derrick Henry 5. Alvin Kamara
  4. Dropped $50 on a tshirt which is stupidly overpriced but I didn't even hesitate lol
  5. As a Buckeyes fans its bittersweet. No win situation. Don't want the Jets getting Lawrence, but also don't want to see Fields in a Jets uni. They'll ruin him.
  6. Voted for Klein, can't believe how much he's improved. White deserves a nod as well.
  7. Josh Allen. I love him so much.
  8. Thank goodness we won and the offense looks respectable. I'll take a W any day, but I can't remember a worse defense than what we're putting on the field this year. It's truly pathetic. We miss countless tackles every game. A.J. Klein is awful. I was very wrong on him being a good potential pickup. Hopefully Darron Lee can replace him 100%. It can't get much worse. Taron Johnson went from the up and coming star nickel to one of the glaring weaknesses on the team. Desmond King anyone? Please inquire Beane! We need a 1T. We've (not us here, but mostly the mass twitter id
  9. Hughes was nearly invisible in the first half though. (Side note: Epenesa looked great in his place. I really like how he's developing.) Second half Hughes was definitely a piece of some major impact plays. Bass is still not a kicker I feel confident in. I voted for Beasley, he was great all game. 12 targets, 11 receptions - 112 yards. He was crucial on many drives for us.
  10. Reid Ferguson. But for real, nobody looked that good. I guess Diggs or Beasley gets it by default?
  11. Josh Allen can be removed altogether after tonight.
  12. This game was embarrassing and hard to watch. I'm ready to go back to routine Sunday 1pm games too. Offense reverted back to last year with a few decent plays thrown in and defense looks entirely incompetent, especially at tackling. What the hell happened to our top 5 unit? We didn't lose many pieces. Pass rush has been non-existent. Just a bad all-around performance. Thank god we have the Jets next. We need a confidence boost after back-to-back abysmal showings.
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