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  1. Favorite Team: Buffalo Bills Week 2 Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Favorite Team: Buffalo Bills Week 1 Pick: Los Angeles Rams I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  3. Gabriel Davis It's so difficult to chose when it's your own guys.. @Kmart128 back OTC
  4. Argh, wanted Tre! Figured it was a longshot to get him though haha. Since @Yibbyl hasn't picked yet I'll hold off on my second choice (was originally back-to-back). I'll take the other Tre. Tremaine Edmunds. Yibbyl should be next I assume?
  5. Get this over with and take Josh Allen already @Yibbyl
  6. I agree, it is disappointing to see Bam go when he's so young and has a value on special teams. Price from the trade seems fair imo... probably would've asked for a 5th myself. Not that I completely disagree with wanting to keep Bam over Addison, but I do think you're being quite hard on Addison, who I wouldn't describe as running on empty... he led the team in sacks, albeit a low # at 5, last year as a rotational guy. The staff also certainly places a value on leadership, with the number of young guys in the room now I can see why the opted for Addison who is a great mentor for Boogie an
  7. Miss seeing you around here man!
  8. I went with Big Ed. Partially because he has to and also because he'll have a healthy Star Lotulelei there with a steady rotation of talent putting pressure on the edge. It's pretty crazy the amount of potential on the DL this year. So many young and talented guys hungry for a shot. I thought Ed took a nice step last year but hoping for a big one this year.
  9. Went with Zack Moss, I think he takes the lions share of the carries. He looked great prior to his injury... now let's hope he can stay healthy in 2021-22.
  10. JOK would be awesome for us, such a talented player.
  11. After going back and forth all offseason, I'm hoping Caleb Farley drops to us and we go CB. Would not be mad at all if we opted to go with Etienne or Harris though. I just really hope it's not an EDGE rusher... don't love any of the available guys. So that means we'll likely go that route... probably Azeez Ojulari or Jayson Oweh since those are the two names that worry me most haha.
  12. Nice work... how the hell did Patterson go as undrafted? Good for us.
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