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  1. Not player of the game but I think Gabriel Davis deserves a ton of praise. How the hell he slipped to us is mind-blowing. He is so talented and looks so well-polished for a rookie. Fantastic scouting by our FO grabbing a guy that many of us probably saw very little of in college. Very excited about him going forward. We have so many young weapons for Josh to continue growing with.
  2. You clearly don't watch our team much. Josh had 5 TDs yesterday–the most he's had this season. (3 in week 1 and 4 in week 2). And our oline is still a work in progress, I wouldn't call it great. We swapped guards with Winters coming in for Spain and Ford moved to LG this week. We will have Feliciano back which will potentially change things again. I think Rodgers will get votes over Allen no matter what because of who he is. The media loves him. Strictly based on performance though, I think it's Russ, Josh and Rodgers in that order as of today. Mahomes needs a big game tonight to insert himself in the conversation and Jackson needs to keep doing what he's doing tonight against a good team. He's in the conversation already.
  3. Josh Allen. It's so nice to have a QB who you can give you a chance to win every week.
  4. Gunna go with another offensive player... Zack Moss @Trentwannabe OTC I think.
  5. Last piece of the puzzle is Matt Milano. Beane needs a massive extension too. Wish he could run the Sabres too..
  6. I’m going with our new star Stefon Diggs. @bigbadbuff up.
  7. I'm in for the Adopt-a-Bill draft. Always fun.
  8. We paid his calculated market value just about (was 14.3 mil). I like the deal. He loves it here in Buffalo and is a leader on the team. He's the type of guy you lock up. Love it. As mentioned, next up is Tre and Milano.
  9. For most of my life I've been waiting for a coach that gives me confidence every week, no matter the opponent. McDermott gives me that and I couldn't be happier to have him locked up long-term. He's earned every penny. Best Bills coach in my lifetime by quite a significant margin.
  10. Excited to see Harrison Phillips makes the most of the opportunity he has. Him and Oliver in the middle have scary potential.
  11. We joined in the same month for the same reason! Feb. of 2007... yikes I feel old (yet I'm only turning 29 on Saturday).
  12. One of the reasons I always have a minimum of two saves for my franchise start-ups. Games are known to crash, or in your case, you just never know how drunk you'll get some night.
  13. Dude that would be heartbreaking... all the work you put in! Hope it was a dream lol
  14. I'll resigned both my guys, Scherff and Henry. @EaglesPeteC
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