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  1. I get angry and depressed thinking and hearing about this team lately. Been off WGR all week. They have to win tomorrow.
  2. First time I turned a game off in a few years. What a horrendous display all-around. You guys covered it all, bad coaching decisions, horrid run defense, Josh trying to do it all. What has happened to this team? What a joke. Last thing–can this stupid coaching staff open their damn eyes and realize Breida should be on the field more? Like the proof is literally in front of you. Singletary and Moss aren't doing much of anything and haven't all year, meanwhile Breida comes in we start moving the ball.
  3. Trade deadline day. Hoping but not expecting a move, particularly hoping for OL upgrade(s). Guard play has been awful.
  4. Expect us to be heavy favorites against all those teams. I agree, we should come out hungry and ready to run the table. Only team we should have trouble with will be Tampa Bay if we manage to stay healthy.
  5. With @Trentwannabe gone for a bit, figured I'll start this one up. Bills (4-2) host the struggling Dolphins (1-6) Hopefully we come out strong after the bye and fulfill expectations of dominating the next few weeks. Previous Meeting: Week 2: Bills 35 @ Dolphins 0 Quick Thoughts: Bills are home favorites -13.5 against a struggling Dolphins team. I see us covering that. I think the Bills get back on track defensively and limit the Dolphins to one score and a few field goals. Last time out the Dolphins were smothered early, resulting in Tua being replaced
  6. Week 8 Pick: Cincinnati Bengals
  7. I like how Harris has played so far as a rook, pretty nice player... he's also a threat catching the ball. Behind a line equal or worse than ours. Again guys, I'm not replacing Greg. Nor do I think not having a dynamic RB is a key reason we lost. I definitely feel the O-Line was to blame last night primarily, followed by the defense. My point on RB was separate in that we could really benefit from a dynamic back. I was speaking hypothetically what our offense would look like with a back like Najee Harris. A lot of us were hoping for an upgrade there and myself and many others had H
  8. Daryl played RG last night and I didn't think he was the issue. Feliciano and Brown looked to be liabilities. Feliciano in particular got mauled on the final play too. Really disappointed in how the line looked overall. Way-too-early offseason plan should be improving our line. We need better guard play. Wonder who we could target in the trade market that might be an improvement, someone from a rebuilding team... we need to consider a move there. Josh has been bailing them out a lot this year as it is. ALSO – it would be great if we had a playmaker at RB. We have just 'guys' the
  9. Feels like everyone I know is in Nashville attending. Expecting a massive Bills turnout. Let's hope we make them all proud with a big win.
  10. This. I'm glad he deactivated his account. The boiling point for me was when he generalized all of our fans in a bad light in his latest rant. Some were yelling Beaseeeee (I have friends who were doing exactly this at that game), some were booing I'm sure. Thing is–don't group everyone into the negative group because it fits your narrative. He's been a distraction for a team that is a championship contender. Attacking the fanbase is the last straw for many like myself who didn't care for his comments prior, but just wanted to move on and focus on football, which for a lot of u
  11. Week 6 Pick: Indianapolis Colts
  12. Found the clip I referred to for Greg's great play. Oddly enough, it was used to point out White's aggression early on. LOVE IT. Tossed Kelce like a doll haha. Second play of the game.
  13. Just picking one, it has to be Josh. As I mentioned in the GDT I think Rousseau deserves some recognition for his stellar performance. Thrilled with the impact he's made so far as a perceived 'raw' prospect.
  14. Well I disagree that he didn't significantly impact the game. Sacks are overrated, I look at consistent pressures, especially against a guy like Mahomes who evades and maneuvers the pocket well. Greg in particular had a bunch of great plays against the run as well (I'd have to go back and watch but I distinctly remember a great run stop where he used his length to his advantage), was getting pressure, and the most important play being that INT that happened deep in the red zone. Any hope of KC regaining momentum was lost. Cover1 seems to agree: https://www.cover1.net/4-biggest-takeaways-f
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