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  1. Nice work... how the hell did Patterson go as undrafted? Good for us.
  2. Nice job with this... would be pretty happy if this was our class!
  3. I'm with you on Horn, but unfortunately corners are going to fly off the board starting at 10 I think with Surtain. A lot of teams need them in the 10-25 range. Our best options at CB unless we trade up (which I think most of us are against) are likely what's left of Eric Stokes, Tyson Campbell, or Asante Samuel. Samuel's small stature scares me a little bit. Stokes would be my preferred option. I see Surtain, Horn, Farley and Newsome as gone before our pick, in that order.
  4. JOK and Etienne gone. Leaves one rather obvious guy that gets mentioned, may need to brainstorm some other options. I'm actually in this position in my mock, the top guys that often get slotted to us don't fall. Do we look at Zaven Collins? Tyson Campbell? Eric Stokes? Rashod Bateman? Christian Barmore? Kadarius Toney? There's probably a darkhorse in there that Beane loves... might have to take a look at who we've visited with so far in the AM.
  5. Replied but my mind will most definitely change by the time we're OTC like it always does during these things lol
  6. Forever The Ralph. (depending on the era you were born into of course)
  7. He's a clown. My goodness. Draft going fairly predictable aside from the Chiefs being the team to take him. Side note on that, I hate when something so unrealistic potentially derails a mock too. The collateral damage... frustrating for other teams hoping to see how things play out around them in this exercise. Whatever, it's still a fun process and it doesn't really mess up our pick.
  8. And now the wait to pick 30 continues.... the Dolphins passed on Sewell for Kyle Pitts. (supremely annoyed at the thought of playing him twice a year)
  9. This is worrisome. I really like Williams, except he doesn't really provide us with the missing ingredient we need in our backfield... speed. Considering what it'll cost to take him, I don't see him on our board.
  10. I'm fine with that for sure. Usually the end of the first gets a lot of trade up offers, we could cash in if our guys are gone.
  11. 1. Jags - Lawrence 2. Jets - Wilson 3. 49ers - Fields 4. WFT - Lance 5. Bengals - Chase 6. (OTC) Dolphins - Penei Sewell 7. Lions - Slater / Waddle / Parsons / D. Smith 8. Panthers - Not a QB... maybe Pitts goes here? 9. Chiefs - LT... Probably Slater 10. Cowboys - Pitts for sure (imo) The way I see it, our best chance to lock in on Pitts would be to contact Carolina. They're in a rebuild so I would think @BringinDaPain would entertain offers. Have you explored a move with them yet @Trentwannabe?
  12. Damn expensive, can't say for sure if I would've pulled the trigger on that deal, although it is the realistic cost. My mind may have changed when that pick was actually OTC and Pitts was still there.
  13. This is how I feel as well. There's not much at 30 to be excited for. Horn, Farley and Surtain are all studs in my eyes and would be fantastic to have... if it means moving a 2022 pick (likely our second) or our 3rd to secure them I'd be all for it.
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