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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Looks like Jacobs hasn't made his decision yet.
  2. TCMD - Forum Wide GM Mock Draft Discussion

    I'm not an expert with sheets/workbooks but I can give it a shot depending what you need.
  3. Early Mock... cause why not

    FYI - Thanks to your feedback in my mock earlier this week, I feel like all my o-line research prepping for my next version has prepared me for this conversation haha. Signing a few linemen is very realistic, you just picked the best 3 or 4 available (1 - Paradis, 2 - Donovan Smith, 3 - Rodger Saffold). That's the very unrealistic/dream part in my opinion. Like I said, their current teams will likely make offers to keep them, as well as a handful of the 31 other teams that need offensive line given how poor the top level talent is in the draft. Just because some teams don't have cap space now doesn't mean they won't make the necessary room too. The options you suggested as alternatives seem solid though, especially Daryl Williams. Carolina connection makes sense of course. Could also see Ju'Wuan James as a target too depending on medical/price. I would guess we sign two top tier FAs at most. As far as Metcalf goes – I'm curious as to what site you're using for rankings, because he's the top guy or top 3 on most reputable sites/rankings. Point was that you wanted to cover that position so A-OK there. I just think it'll be someone like Harmon, Butler or Sills.
  4. Goldfish's 2 Rounder

    Love Metcalf given the scenario. Until we see how we handle free agency, we desperately need to address offensive line in the first two rounds, so I'd give us the best available iOL or OT in the second round.
  5. Early Mock... cause why not

    You're dreaming if you think we're landing the top 3 offensive line free agents. A lot of teams will be making big time offers to those guys. I would be surprised if Donovan Smith hits the market too based on what I've heard from Buccs fans. Then you added in Lawrence too? ... c'mon man haha, I know you said it's a stretch but it's definitely a stretch when you factor in everyone else you signed. You're just trying to have some fun with it, I get it. As far as the draft. I'm cool with Greedy given how FA went. Metcalf won't last until the second round. Should be the first or second WR off the board. The rest is solid, I personally wouldn't move up. A lot of depth at WR, can still grab a solid player at our pick. All in all you should probably rename this 'Dream Offseason Plan'
  6. A Very Early Look at the 2019 Offseason

    If you caught last nights CFC game, there's 2 guys right there who can be our #1 in 2020. Exciting to think about having a chance at Jerry Jeudy or Higgins. There's also true freshmen Justyn Ross, who could being the best of that trio, unfortunately he's a 1st round lock for 2021. We can't wait until then to address the position though. Fix the o-line this year. Plug in some upgraded weapons this year via FA and later in the draft, and then go all out weapons in 2020. We'll likely need a RB next year as well, and the class is loaded there thankfully.
  7. Nick's Early Mock Offseason - v1

    This thread has opened my eyes to just how badly we do need OL. Working on a v2 fix to this tonight!
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Here's a big one. Officially confirmed at least.
  9. Nick's Early Mock Offseason - v1

    I don't want us to go after Bell. It has nothing to do with his actions with the Steelers though, strictly financial on our part. I'd rather not break the bank for a RB unless he's already on your team and your extending him, like Gurley or Zeke soon. Worth mentioning that next years class is loaded with RB talent too. Could end up finding a quality starter in the 2nd or 3rd round after we worry about fixing our o-line this year.
  10. Nick's Mock Draft - 2 Rounds w/ Write-ups

    I think i'm going to take a swing and do trades in my next draft. Trading up to 3 makes sense to force the Giants/Dolphins/Broncos to pay kings ransom (like the Jets did to multiple teams last year) if they want Haskins. Trading with Tampa seems obvious too, especially if Jonah is indeed off the board.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Tyree Jackson should have definitely played another year as a grad transfer.
  12. Nick's Early Mock Offseason - v1

    Thanks for the feedback. I primarily focused on the draft and through together a free agency and depth chart last minute. Need to definitely look at the available free agents more in depth. I have my personal wish list but it's hard to imagine us signing guys I want despite having the money for them (Bradley Roby at corner for example).
  13. Nick's Mock Draft - 2 Rounds w/ Write-ups

    Good catch. Intention was to highlight the outside edge/pressure need but was worded incorrectly. Glad you like the pick!
  14. Nick's Mock Draft - 2 Rounds w/ Write-ups

    I believe he's returning. https://tdalabamamag.com/2018/12/04/alabama-lb-mack-wilson-to-return-for-senior-season-wants-butkus-award/
  15. Nick's Early Mock Offseason - v1

    Noteworthy Resignings: Lorenzo Alexander - 1 year deal Jordan Phillips - 2 year deal Logan Thomas - 1 year deal *worth noting, we keep Lesean McCoy Cuts: Charles Clay Vlad Ducasse Noteworthy Free Agent Signings: Matt Paradis, C (DEN) - 5 year deal, 50 mil total (our big signing) John Brown, WR (BAL) - 2 year deal, 16 mil total w/performance bonus incentives. Tyler Kroft, TE (CIN) - 3 year deal, 12 mil total The NFL Draft 9 - Buffalo Bills - Ed Oliver, DL - Houston We are left with a number of needs on offense but I elected to fill the 3T spot on the defensive line going with a favorite defensive prospect of mine, Ed Oliver. With the retirement of Kyle Williams the Bills highly ranked defense from 2018 is left with a hole on the line next to Star Lotulelei. Sure they have guys like Jordan Phillips and Harrison Phillips for depth, but neither provides what Oliver can in my opinion. Oliver provides Buffalo with a pass-rushing presence in the middle a la Aaron Donald. With the emergence of Levi Wallace towards the end of the year I think the Bills will look to address the second corner spot in free agency or later on in the draft. Wide receiver is another option here, but unless D.K. Metcalf’s medical is better than I expect, I think the Bills elect to pass on WR as that position is one you can get good value on in the next round. 40 - Buffalo Bills - Kelvin Harmon, WR - N.C. State 75 - Buffalo Bills - Bobby Evans, OT - Oklahoma 106 - Buffalo Bills - Benny Snell, RB - Kentucky 127 - Buffalo Bills (via KC) - Darryl Williams, OG - Miss. State 137 - Buffalo Bills - Cameron Smith, LB - U.S.C. 148 - Buffalo Bills (via PIT) - Caleb Wilson, TE - UCLA 168 - Buffalo Bills - Rock Ya-Sin, CB - Temple 203 - Buffalo Bills - Terry McLaurin, WR - Ohio State 206 - Buffalo Bills (via CAR) - Jack Bailey, P - Stanford Depth Chart (roughly mocked up): QB: Allen, Barkley, Anderson RB: McCoy, Snell, Ivory, Murphy, Ford FB: DiMarco TE: Croom, Kroft, Thomas, Wilson WR: Brown, Harmon, Jones, Foster, McKenzie, McLaurin LT: Dawkins LG: Teller, Williams C: Paradis, Bodine RG: Groy RT: Evans, McDermott DE: Hughes, Yarbrough 3T: Oliver, J. Phillips 1T: Lotulelei, H. Phillips DE: Lawson, Murphy WLB: Milano, C. Smith, Thompson MLB: Edmunds, Stanford SLB: Alexander, C. Smith, Lacey CB: White, Johnson, Wallace, Ya-Sin, UDFA FS: Poyer SS: Hyde, Bush, Neal K: Hauschka P: Bailey LS: Reid