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  1. Cordy Glenn to Seattle Trade Rumor

    Apparently Seattle has approached us for Cordy Glenn. Reports are saying we already declined, which I am not sure I believe (or at least I don't want to lol). http://billswire.usatoday.com/2017/10/16/seahawks-bills-nfl-trade-cordy-glenn/ My opinion... Please take him. I know he's a great player but he's hardly ever on the field. Couple that with his huge cap hit for the next 3 years, I think it'd be wise to move on. I have also liked the steady improvement out of Dion Dawkins, granted, I think he'll be far better fit at RT thinking long-term. With the amount of picks we having going into the draft, we can easily take a tackle as well. Question is, with that contract in mind, what could we get? I'd hope for a playmaker of some sort plus a draft pick. They seem to have a plethora of RBs (Rawls, Lacy, Procise, McKissic), and behind Shady, I don't like our options. So maybe pair one with a pick and get it done? Curious what you all think.
  2. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Sorry if this has been addressed already, but when would be an ideal time to look into Andrew Luck? He was just dropped in my league and he looks to be a week or so away from finally hitting the field. QBs are worth a tad more in my league as we have 6 pt passing TDs. I have Cousins (starter) who just had his bye week and Philip Rivers who has been hot/cold as usual. Was thinking of dropping Rivers for Luck soon. Other than his upcoming matchup with NE, Rivers' schedule going forward is pretty tough (bye week thrown in there as well). Thoughts? Might be a good general fantasy topic.
  3. Charles Clay Knee Injury

    Let's all weep together as we watch this pathetic team attempt to throw passes to Mike Tolbert and pretend we're a professional football team. Charles Clay is our passing game. This is going to suck, at least Matthews coming back at some point provides a little hope.
  4. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    I did it with the championship on the line, ended up picking up Chad Ochocinco (who was retired at that point) and started him over AJ Green to guarantee the win and several hundred bucks. Never done it during the regular season myself, but I would do it if you have the roster spot available. Although, I would feel pretty good about Murray getting you positive points. If you have big money involved, I'd try to avoid starting Murray and get the definite win. Don't know if I made your decision any easier, but good luck!
  5. 2017 FF soccer draft voting- Group A

    Exactly my intention @drd23 and @texans_uk I agree 100%. His time in England harmed his rep.
  6. 2017 FF soccer draft voting- Group A

    N'Zonzi isn't get much love I see. He was really strong this season, one of the better DM's. Not on a monster team like most that get drafted in these and might be negatively affecting him. Ah well.
  7. GDT Week 5: Bills (3-1) @ Bengals (1-3)

    These are the teams/games we should win and in typical Bills fashion, usually end up losing, bringing us back to reality. That said, I had us winning back when my projected record for the Bills was 4-12, and I don't see my prediction of a win changing. Let's get to 4-1 before the bye!
  8. 2017 FF Soccer Draft: Discussion

    This was really fun. Looks like I won't be making it out of the Ronaldo & Messi group alive lol. Love reading all the write-ups from you guys, knowledgable group for sure.
  9. 2017 FF soccer draft voting- Group A

    These are fun to read. Thanks for the breakdowns. Wish I knew as much as you guys so I could do nice write-ups.
  10. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Thanks for the response. Yea, the waiver wire is really rough. Couple decent options this week due to injuries in Atlanta and other places. I think I'm going to stay put. The jump from Cousins to Brady doesn't seem worth giving up Hopkins for.
  11. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    Was just offered.. Tom Brady (coming to my team) for DeAndre Hopkins and Philip Rivers (going to him) Things to note... - I have AB and Kelvin Benjamin for my WRs. - Passing TDs are 6 pts. - Kirk Cousins has been starting at QB for me. Going from Kirk to Brady is a boost, but my WR2 will go from Hopkins to Kelvin Benjamin who has been shaky and injury prone on a poor offense. Behind KB I have Kenny Golladay (oooof) and that's it. I'm stacked at RB so I could swing another trade after the fact – but my league has few trade happy partners. I'm leaning towards passing because I'm about to be 4-0. Team is killing it, don't think it's worth screwing with it. Anyone want to sway me the other way?
  12. College QB Watchlist

    I was hesitant to get into a discussion on Rosen's character before but I think it's worth having. I think that while he's a talented QB no doubt, he's a personality that requires the right team and staff around him and needs to be weighted heavily in Buffalo. Unfortunately, I don't see us as a fit at all – and now more than ever with McBean's requirements to be on this TEAM (which I love - not a negative). When you come to this city, and, if you know/live here you'll understand completely – you're apart of the fabric of this community. You're a bigger piece of the Buffalo area than if you were say, drafted to San Francisco. Based on what I've seen from him off the field, he doesn't seem like that kind of guy that will willingly accept and grow with this community, especially long-term. Buffalo is blue-collar, hard-working, the city of good neighbors... and Rosen, coming from wealth, also, a California kid... falls into the exact opposite of Buffalo. I worry he would bolt the first chance he gets. He strikes me as a guy more interested in himself and his brand. I'm making several judgments here on a guy I never met, so I'm not going to take him off my board right now, but like I said, it's worth discussing his potential fit here in my opinion. I personally don't think he's going to be the right choice for us. I'm not saying don't draft him, but, I think this staff will heavily factor in his off-field concerns, especially if we have to give up a lot of draft capital to get him.
  13. Week 4 GDT - Bills @ Falcons

    What a complete different team this is compared to our expectations. This is a fun team to watch, especially on defense. And to think we have 6 picks to spend on solid players next draft! Wow! We could end up being a dangerous team here sooner than later. Feels nice to think positive for once in awhile.
  14. College QB Watchlist

    Yea Rosen is definitely at the top right now. Doesn't seem like getting him is realistic considering how the rest of the QB crop has been playing lately. Rosen is truly the only one playing like an early 1st rounder, which might actually be a good thing with how we are playing. I think they (Rudolph, Jackson, Allen, Darnold, etc.) will likely get overdrafted anyways though, IF they even declare now... but the chances of one slipping to us in the middle/late 1st are improving.
  15. 2017 FF Soccer Draft Picks

    Kamil Glik, CB