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  1. Chomp_Chomp BAC NFL Draft

    Joel Bitonio, OG
  2. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    Make sure to check the OP, you're behind a couple picks.
  3. Anquan Boldin Retires

    Honestly this could be an option. I know he's fast - but that's about it. Is he a good fit for what we need? We have a bunch of slot/possession WRs and fringe guys. Despite how I dislike the idea of it... Reggie Ragland is on the outside looking in. Both could use a change.
  4. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    Times posted again for today. We're very close (within the next couple days) to doing 2 players per selection. I'll make it very clear once that happens! Kickass job so far guys. Teams are looking scary too. Don't forget to post your roster and update it every once in awhile. If it's not posted you're not going to be considered in the judging phase.
  5. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! (2017) - Draft Thread

    Larry Warford, OG
  6. Anquan Boldin Retires

    Lol. This team just continues to humor us.
  7. Chomp_Chomp BAC NFL Draft

    Taylor Decker, OT
  8. FF Dynasty League

    Keeper number is currently set at 14... is that good/bad? Open to suggestions.
  9. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    Great job keeping up guys! OP is updated.. times up for today. Delayed them to give BDP some time.
  10. Chomp_Chomp BAC NFL Draft

    Jason Verrett, CB
  11. Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Mock Draft! - (2017) - Discussion

    Will update tomorrow AM. SOrry guys, late night out.
  12. Chomp_Chomp BAC NFL Draft

    Rodney Hudson, C