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  1. The 2019 Buffalo Defense

    Not too optimistic about him but don't forget about Shaq Lawson. He has a lot to prove and I think he knows that. I thought he showed some promise last year but obviously has a ways to go.
  2. CW21's 2018 NFL Draft Review (Buccaneers/Patriots Up)

    @BillsGuy82 summed it up very nicely. A lot of us Bills fans preferred Rosen to Allen, but we're trusting our staffs judgement on Allen here. I hope they get it right, they've gotten a lot right since taking over. I was a huge Rosen supporter and had him as my #1 QB. I share all of your concerns on Allen. I'm looking forward to (hopefully) being wrong on my initial assessment though. I will say this, Allen as a person fits everything Buffalo is about. Rosen is pretty much the exact opposite. I think that was a key factor in the decision. As far as your argument with taking iOL over the LB option.. I would argue LB was our easily our second biggest need after QB. We lost Preston Brown, our signal caller, and after bringing in a handful of free agents at that position (and not signing any of them btw), it was clear they had a priority set on filling the position in the draft. We have John Miller, a former 3rd round selection, who has been up and down for us. He didn't seem to fit the system we ran last year but with our new OC and a fresh start, I think our staff believes he can compete for a starting role again. Ryan Groy slots in at either guard or center and should be more than serviceable at either. Russell Bodine was brought in... don't have a lot of hope for him. So we did make an effort to fill some of those voids whether you or I think they're quality starters or not. I think Wyatt Teller has a decent shot at cracking the starting lineup. I personally thought he was a steal in the 5th round. Had him graded as more of a late 3rd-4th round guy. At LBer we have Milano at WLB, nobody of note at MLB, and an aging Lorenzo Alexander at SLB. Behind those guys there isn't much. Edmonds has versatility to play anywhere, so his value to us is extremely high. Add in the fact that he is a monster of a prospect... we had to grab him. Can't believe he fell to the spot he did and don't fault our staff at all for going after him at 16. He's almost a guarantee to start day 1 as our MLB, and at 20 years old (as of today), he has a bright, long future there. Of all the picks, this one was my favorite. Harrison Phillips was a straight up steal at 96. Had him as a 2nd round pick. He'll fit in well here and on our DL rotation. The late round guys I agree with you on. All meh selections for the most part. If we hit on one or two of them as quality depth guys I'll be happy. Siran Neal stands out to me. We needed to address WR earlier as you eluded to. Very disappointed about that. Beane said they weren't high on this class of WRs so I'll 'trust the process' lol. Appreciate the feedback for our team. It will all depend on how Allen pans out. Hope for Buffalo's sake he can prove the immense amount of doubters wrong.
  3. Russ Brandon Resigns

    Thank goodness.
  4. The 2018-2019 Buffalo Sabres Thread

    We are definitely a destination now. Dahlin is insanely talented and puts this team in playoff talks next year if we can add a few more pieces. I hope we make a splash in FA to fill another top-4 D spot and a couple depth forwards. FINALLY we win a damn lottery.
  5. Official 2017-2018 NHL Thread

    Finally won a lottery. Dahlin + Eichel is going to be incredible.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Taron Johnson seems like a reach.
  7. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Wow Harrison Phillips is a fantastic value selection. Almost a Kyle Williams clone. Does a little bit of everything, high effort, good person. Love love love this pick!!!
  8. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Unfortunately I hope we find a way to land a good WR, I'd be cool with moving one of our 5th to get Anthony Miller. Have a feeling he goes early today.
  9. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    I hope so too. We all should want him to be successful, disappointed or not. Tell you what though, I was hoping to buy our QB's jersey right away, but I'm going to hold off and get Edmunds. Never thought I'd have a chance to do that haha.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Everyone writing him off? Nah man, there's a handful of supporters here. This forum is not in chaos either. I'm not sure who you're referring to as the "majority of online feedback", but a lot of the educated Bills fanbase I follow on twitter is rightfully concerned, media as well. Josh Allen has legit concerns (ones that can be difficult to correct) and we have a right to express those as much as you do with Rosen's concerns. I preferred Rosen. I love the Bills enough to give Allen a fair chance and I hope he succeeds. I think at the end of the day, that's where all of us will be with him. He's a like-able kid with a ton of potential. He's ours now and I'll be rooting for him. But I can still say I preferred Rosen like many here did. I will be more than happy to be wrong when Allen ends up better than Rosen.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    Yes, I wanted Rosen. He's the best pure passer in the draft. Have your opinion on his injuries and they're bearing on his future if you want, but I don't want that to scare me from getting the next potential Aaron Rodgers. That's my opinion.
  12. 2018 NFL Draft thread - A New (false) Hope

    True fans will rally around Josh Allen. What makes this pick sting most is the fact that Rosen was still there, had he not been, I think our reaction wouldn't be so negative. I don't think we needed to move up so much for him. Rate it a C- all things considered. Tremaine Edmunds though... damn... I never thought he'd make it as far as he did. He is an absolute beast. He's a perfect fit for our defense. Can't wait to see what he does. A+ pick here, not at all an exaggeration.
  13. NFL Draft Thread

    Pulled Buffalo chicken sandwiches, pizza and lots of drinks. Has become a 5+ year tradition with my and my buddies. Can't want to see what happens. Hope Beane and Co. don't take Josh Allen. Don't want anything in my house broken lol.
  14. Unpopular Draft Want

    Unfortunately for me (and many others), I've put my mind in a position where if we don't take Josh Rosen, I'll be very very disappointed. Mayfield will make me happy but I will lose my mind in excitement, similarly to ending the drought if we do in fact select Rosen. Rosen Mayfield Literally everyone else (assuming Darnold goes 1).
  15. TCMD Discussion!!

    Happy to hear your okay @BringinDaPain. We were all worried. I have a PS4, I'll add you next time i'm on.