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  1. First-pick.com draft

    I agree. High ceiling on Mayfield but bust potential. As far as Price i think he's perfect fit for us. Hes a beast and can play G or C
  2. First-pick.com draft

    I might go Nelson the G from ND
  3. First-pick.com draft

    I think he'll be there but hard to say. Seen many "experts" put a 2nd rd grade on him. That doesn't mean someone won't take a chance on him. He also seems to wanna play for miami.
  4. First-pick.com draft

    https://first-pick.com/NFL/DraftGame.aspx My Dolphins draft Trade Mia: rd1 pick 11 to Wsh for rd1 pick 13, rd2 pick 12 Picks Rd1 pick13 - Baker Mayfield QB (OKLA) R2 pick10- Tremaine Edmunds OLB (VT) R2 pick12(from WSH)-Billy Price OG/C (OSU) R3 pick 9-Justin Reid FS (Stanford) R4 pick 11- Greg Gaines DT (Washinton) R4 pick 32- Royce Freeman RB (Oregon) *note Bo Scarborough also available here* R6 pick 9- Chris Herndon TE (UM) R7 pick 5- Isaiah Prince OT (OSU) R7 pick 11- JoJo wicker DE (ASU) A few of these picks(Price,Herndon in particularly) i don't think will be there but i liked the way if fell for me. What do you guys think?
  5. Team Needs?

    Point taken. Technically it was the the same injury that cost him this season and the end of last season.
  6. Team Needs?

    Mine would be 1. Oline- G in particular. Oline was terrible all year. i see us needing 2 both guard positions(possibly a guy who is versatile enough to play both guard and center) Price from OSU(can play bot c/g) or Nelson from ND in the first or Clapp(c/g) or Malone(both from LSU) in rd 2-4. i wouldnt be surprised to see 2 G/Cs and a T(late unless a top 5 guy slips to 11) 2. LB-mainly ILB(even with McMillian returning) but a stud OLB would be hard to pass up). Smith from Georgia would be my choice 1st rd but Cam Smith fron USC in the or 3rd is an option or Kiser from Virginia later rd4-6. ILB may be our 2nd biggest need behind guard. 3. TE-0 production out of this position this year). Some very good options here in rds 2-5. Andrews from OK, Gesicki from ND, Herndon from Mia( whom i like a lot), Fumagalli from Wis(also a big fan of his). fumagalli could be the most solid overall, good blocker, makes catches in traffic, great hands(amazing considering he has 9 fingers), could be a steal in later rounds 4-6 4. QB-personally i like Tanny and think he'll have a strong year but he's a 30yo QB coming off a major knee injury, and a history of injuries. A good young guy behind him is a big need. Moore and Fales i don't see returning next year. Mayfield, Falk or Benkert possibly in the second(no Lamar Jackson, i see him being a bust or a position change guy) 5. FS a lot of people may not agree here as we have to good safeties. However, neither of our guys is a FS and cant run with the likes of Gronk and Kelsie in pass coverage. need a guy who can play that true FS role as well as CB(like Fitzpatrick from Alabama or Blanding from Virginia) ****RB is another position. id like to see a complementary guy behind drake(a thumper like Scarbrough from Bama) ***DE/DT need to get some dept and youth. young pass rushers are always in demand **K resign Parkey. He was probably our most consistent offense this season