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  1. Chubb nelson barkley or trade down. not sure price but I'd moveto 2 to grab barkley. great on and off field
  2. Cj anderson is being released

    love cj but it's time to move on. save 4.5 mill also. draft rb to go with Booker.
  3. Chubb barkley or nelson at 5.
  4. Broncos rumors

    von goes nowhere
  5. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    I know we need RT. not sure where or who
  6. 2018 Free Agency Discussion Thread

    any thoughts on honey badger or suh?
  7. I don't want a qb at 5. bpa imo. depends on how elway feels about lynch. lynch hadn't had a big opportunity. could still be good. would love minkah or trade down. we have plenty of picks
  8. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    watching that top 10 he,looked really good. always keeps his eyes downfield. I feel good about the signing and his confidence level has gotta be up there. we don't spend all our money on cousins and can fix other pieces and plenty of draft picks.
  9. Broncos Sign QB Case Keenum

    agree with you. and I think will be good with musgrave
  10. Mock v1A - The Kirk Cousins variable

    not last year. his total stats in last 5 years was top 3 I'll see if I can find it.
  11. Broncos QB Discussion Thread

    I agree he should stay. but if he did dt and Sanders would be smiling
  12. Broncos QB Discussion Thread

    thoughts on making push for drew brees if available. Maybe 2 year deal??
  13. I agree i don't like that contract. but after cousins it's a guessing game with keenum mccaron and rookie qbs. but if we can get cousins the 5th pick very intriguing. nelson or Minkah etc
  14. Mock v1A - The Kirk Cousins variable

    cousins was top 3 last 5 years with rodgers Brady. hes,defenitly not average. stat wise that is. he gets us to playoffs right away with our defense too. just my opinion. I'm all in on cousins.
  15. Broncos QB Discussion Thread

    i would be good with keenum for that price and go bpa at 5. Chubb. Minkah nelson.