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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    Im not gonna lie, Id hate to have Zuttah back. Rather roll the dice with what we have and hope it works out. We already know what Zuttah can do, and it aint good
  2. Predict the Week 1 Roster

    QB: Flacco, Mallett (2) RB: West, Allen, Woodhead (3) WR: Wallace, Maclin, Perriman, Moore, Adeboyjo, Keenan Reynolds (6) TE: Boyle, Williams, Watson,, Donnell (4) OL: Stanley, Hurst, Jensen, Yanda, Howard, Skura, Nembot, Eluemenor (8) Total Offense - 23 DL: Williams, Pierce, Urban, Davis, Kaufusi, Wormley, Henry, Patrick Ricard (8) OLB: Suggs, Judon, Bowser, Z. Smith, , Williams (5) ILB: Mosely, Correa, Onwuasor, McClellan (4) CB: Smith, Carr, Hill, Humphrey, Canady(5) DB: Webb, Levine (2) S: Weddle, Jefferson, Clark (3) Total Defense - 27 K: Tucker (1) P: Koch (1) LS: Cox (1) Total Special Teams - 3
  3. The way I see it, is the defense will be key to the offenses success. Last year was so brutal to watch because the secondary was terrible. Flacco knew this and was forced to throw the ball 5 million times. If the defense can be top 5 I can see our offense being middle of the pack, with flacco not having to force things. We upgraded wr, and running backs are the same as last year. Only I issue I have is oline. So If somehow this line can play well, then I think the offense will surprise people
  4. Alex Lewis to have season ending shoulder surgery

    Well it's eluemenour's (spelling??) Time to shine now. Next man up
  5. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    Well that will help add an O linemen. Is a trade coming our way?? I thought I saw ravens had 5 mil in cap space prior this move, so I assume this guves them close to 10 now?
  6. Well perriman is sitting out of practice already, so there is really no rush in bringing him back. So we got that going for us
  7. the ravens have nothing to gain by hiding flaccos injury and waiting to sign someone. If he was going to miss anytime this season, they would have already signed someone to get valuable practice/reps. The fact that they are in a holding pattern, signals to me, that its a nagging injury that like all accounts say just needs rest. No need to rush him back to just throw passes in preseason. Its not like hes a rookie and needs offseason practice reps.
  8. Random Training Camp News 2017

    "WR: Wallace, Maclin Perriman,, Moore Whalen, Adeboyejo (6) " That was from the old forums "predict the week 1 roster". I had Adeboyejo as my dark horse to make the roster and he is making his case. I like the kid
  9. No, but from what I hear they just don't want to rush him back for no reason. I suspect next week flacco Will be out throwing passes
  10. Baltimore Ravens 2017-18 Roster Tracker

    I like it, solid signing since he can play guard and tackle.
  11. Nico Siragusa out for year

    Whoops just realized I quoted the wrong tweet, thanks @coordinator0 for posting the right one
  12. This is getting ridiculous.. the only positive is that with the exception of Dixon and young no player was weve lost so far was slated to be a starter
  13. Random Training Camp News 2017

    agreed, i feel he would be a great returner. Im not sure how his hands are though
  14. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    About You Username: paraven Age: 30 Where's home: MD/PA Occupation/Area of Study: Marine Transportation Your Ravens fandom history When did you start following the Ravens: 96' when I went to my first game What made you become a fan: Supporting the local team Favorite current Raven: Joe Flacco All-time favorite Raven: Ed Reed Favorite moment in team history: AFC Divisional game vs Denver. My expectations of them having no shot at winning made it 100x better to watch Your interests Other favorite teams: O's Hobbies outside of football: Fishing, hunting, boating Favorite movie: Not a movie guy Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones Favorite band/musical artist: I like a lot of different music, but Bob Marley will always be #1.
  15. Random Training Camp News 2017

    The normal undrafted gem at DL