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  1. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    I do, but 2018 flacco would win more games then rookie flacco. That's my point.. And at this time flacco still gives us the best chance to win if healthy then Jackson does.
  2. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    to say a late first round project qb is going to save our season by winning his first few games in the nfl is laughable to me. Not saying Jacksons not going to succeed eventually, but if flacco is in fact to injured to play, the season is over. Im just being a realist, thats all
  3. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    hes not, its all speculation at this point, from what it sounds like, if flacco can practice wednesday he will play.
  4. Joe Flacco Hip Injury

    welp seasons over, at least we can hope for a top 10 pick now
  5. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    id shy away from grabbing a college hc. They seem to be far more failures then successes coming into the league
  6. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    John Defilippo gets my vote. He and Frank Reich had a lot more to do with the eagles offense/developing wentz then most people think.
  7. jackson sucks, he obviously isnt good enough day to day in practice to be trusted to throw the ball or else he would more. i doubt he is the solution to the ravens issues
  8. ****ty *** team, the whole team sucks, they need to rebuild completely and unfortunate jackson is not the qb of he future
  9. whens the last time this terrible defense registered a sack? let alone an int?
  10. LOL this defense is soft, gave up a 20 yard pass to dobbs
  11. they suck, the defense has been overrated since 2011