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  1. UPDATE: Lol nevermind, Harbaugh staying

    man if Im Steve B waking up monday morning, there is no way I am not firing someone. Between that embarrassment of a game Sunday and then the reports that the chargers knew exactly what play was going to be ran.... Remember he has been on the record saying he waits to cool off first before firing/not firing, so this could still be in the cards. MM at a minimum needs to go
  2. QB are we good?

    this has been happening all season.. Id have to think they wouldnt use slippery balls...
  3. what about Lafumble Jackson... Actually I might take that one
  4. QB are we good?

    will be interesting to see if RG3 goes to a spot to compete for a starting job
  5. QB are we good?

    Do we need to consider drafting a QB early this year as a competent backup, sort of like how the redskins did with Rg3 and Cousins?
  6. sooooo our new franchise "qb" has a fumbling issue, and still needs to work on his throwing... gonna be a long season next year I think
  7. was too little too late, he lost us the game, get over it
  8. playcalling is restricted due to jacksons ability.. its been widely reported...
  9. was 100 percent on jackson.. with that defense we had, and serviceable qb would have won
  10. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    yup jackson sucks
  11. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    jackson sucks
  12. lord have mercy on our souls if jackson is indeed our future
  13. im sorry, but the nfl is not the place to learn to throw