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  1. An early prediction of how the AFCN will pan out this season, Steelers 10-6 Ravens 9-7 (WC) Browns 7-9 Bengals 6-10 Whatcha guys got?
  2. When Does Lamar Jackson Start His First Game?

    2019 maybe, if ravens are out of contention, but it will most likely be week 1 2020
  3. Flacco's fault?

    you mean the top defense that couldnt make a crucial 4th down stop for the years in a row? They let Andy freaking Dalton go down and score the game winning TD on a 4th and long play. To me, it was more the defense that let the team down since the last SB win. This in mostly due to the fact that so much was invested in the defense, and when push came to shove, they still couldnt get the stops. Dont forget in 2014, flacco twice had a 14 pt lead over the eventual superbowl champs NE. Again the defense blew that game....
  4. yes, with same post season success
  5. if what your saying is true, then yes that is exactly what im saying
  6. Newton, Wilson, Ryan would be the min threshold for me
  7. TBH, im not a stat guy, If he plays big in big games and goes for 11 tds and no ints in a playoff run to the super bowl then I will like him. If he puts up big numbers in the regular season and chokes in the playoffs, I will not be happy. Obviously if he does both then its great.
  8. Hurst will need to immediately be the go to tight end for me to consider him a him. Something like and aversge of 700 yards and 8 tds a year in his first 3 years and I'm happy. As for Jackson if he can eventually turn into a serviceable qb then I suppose I'll be happy. I'm just more of a pure pocket passer type of guy then a mobile run option guy. But if he can show that he can stay in the pocket and not scramble at the first sign of pressure, then il be good
  9. I agree with your assessment of Jackson, I feel he would have been there at pick 52 and the ravens didnt need to reach for him at 32. Best Value though IMO will end up being Orlando Brown Jr in the 3rd round. My biggest gripe was the ravens twice passing on the top 2 wrs, before trading back a 3rd time and ultimately getting Hurst. I feel 22 would have been a great spot for DJ Moore
  10. I don't know how informed she is, but she claims Lamar Jackson in fact has not reached out to flacco. So if that's true, did he make all of that up? Wouldn't be good if he did
  11. id be surprised if hes even activated for the first few games
  12. agreed, ravens are in a good spot where they can let flacco play for another year or 2 if his play warrants it. Its not like Jackson was taking #1 overall. IMO the longer Jackson sits and learns the better long term
  13. Your First Round Disappointments (Potentially)

    ya, im not to happy with how the draft went, but I've also been wrong more times then right, so lets hope thats the case. I was ok with Brown in the 3rd though..
  14. When Does Lamar Jackson Start His First Game?

    RGIII will be teaching him throughout the season in practice, while Joe plays
  15. When Does Lamar Jackson Start His First Game?

    hes essentially a second round pick when you look at what was given up to trade up