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  1. i decided to give it a whirl, iv never been a huge subscription guy but I like jeff and said wth, its only 40 bucks!
  2. Most overrated player on your team?

    ? I was referring to all the hype of Boller throwing 80 yards on his knees? Dont know how thats an explicit?
  3. Packages for Lamar Jackson in 2018

    theres no way he will be the full time starter this year so I say sit him. Nothing good will come out of lining him up as anything but a QB
  4. Most overrated player on your team?

    lamar jackson for sure. Havent seen this much pre season hype for a player since Kyle Boller was on his knees.....
  5. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    yea its safe to say Mccoy isnt playing this season.
  6. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    i dont care what the other mods say about you, your a smart man
  7. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    Q was good, but he was never a #1 in the league. like I said with better weapons, hes leaps and bounds better then names such as Mariota, WInston, Dalton, etc
  8. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    oh trust me, I've seen Flacco with "good" WR's. You know what happens? Nothing. His stats don't improve that much, he still plays average-at-best, and all the fans go "HE NEEDS A TOP 5 WR! WE HAVE NOTHING!". They did it when Mason was here. They did it when Q was here. They did it when SSSR was here. They did it when Wallace was the #1, and there's literally no indication of that stopping now that Crabtree is here. Except Mason and SSS were all past their prime. Hes never had that go to guy, like Dalton does in Aj Green. Heck look at Matt Ryan, hes had roddy white, then went right to Julio Jones. Im not saying having those guys would elevate Flacco to the HOF, but they certainly would elevate his stats to top 15, if he had 2 guys like that to throw to throughout his career.
  9. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    I usually agree with you, but last years receiving corp was as bad as it gets. Look how well Flacco plays when you get him a decent wr who can play. IE Boldin, Mason, SSS, etc. Non of those guys were "superstars" at the time they were with the ravens. SSS was way over the hill but still put up numbers because he was still a decent player. Fast fwd to last year where Maclin couldnt catch a cold (nor stay on the field) was supposed to be our top wr. There was just no hope for that offense. Im excited to see how Flacco will play this season. I totally expect the 2014 version to show up and to make a deep playoff run, holding off the jackson era until at least 2020
  10. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    to be fair, i dont think a lot of qbs could bring this team to the playoffs with lack of offensive talent it has had in 2016 and 17. I beleive the ravens would have made the playoffs in 15 as well before they got hit by injuries.
  11. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    well there lies the difference. I think most of us who were fans during that period know how truely bad it is to not have a franchise QB. When flacco came along he finally changed that and will always be that special guy just simply because he broke that carousel. Mediocre or not ,hes proven he can lead the team to the promised land which is all we ask.
  12. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    do you not remember the hype the ravens organization gave boller… Seems awfully similar to what they are doing with Jackson
  13. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    because we know it can be a lot worse... see the 2000-2007 qb carousel
  14. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    this is my main issue with all the hype. He literally could be a the next Mike Vick or the next Jamarcus Russel. No one really knows. Till he proves otherwise, im all onboard with our superbowl mvp qb