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  1. It will be telling if Greg Roman is let go. In my opinion hes tied to jacksons success for better or worse. If they do let him go, then they feel jackson can develop as a passer (again im skeptical as its going on year 4) If they keep him, then it shows they are committed to this type of offense and never really intend on developing jackson as a passer
  2. No one is allowed to bad mouth jackson, he is the almighty jesus christ himself
  3. im just not as active on this site anymore, as there are plenty other ravens forums where people can talk without the fear of bans. But sure I will go for good on this forum, its dying a slow death anyways...
  4. just because I dont view jackson as the almighty savior like other do, does not mean im not a ravens fan. Its frustrating having zero confidence in a team in the playoffs. Its not the ravens way
  5. Jackson going in to year 4 and we still dont know if he can become a consistent thrower of the football
  6. next year will be jacksons 4th year in the league. are we gonna pretend that he will all the sudden decide to stay in the pocket and pass the ball consistently?
  7. Not deployed, im not military. #nostolenvalorhere
  8. When you rattle jacksons cage, he has a hard time responding. How many times have you seen him today pounding the turf, and yelling at teammates..
  9. Week 1 starters: New York Jets - Joe Flacco (Zach Wilson sits until mid season) Detroit Lions - Justin Fields Denver Broncos - Drew Lock San Francisco 49ers - Jimmy G New England Patriots - Jared Stidham New York Giants - Daniel Jones Chicago Bears - Sam Darnold Washington Snyders - Alex Smith Pittsburgh Steelers - Ben Roethlisberger New Orleans Saints - Taysom Hill
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