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  1. Lamar Jackson QB1

    Idk if Jackson has what it takes to win it all.... maybe we should trade him for a bunch of picks and completely retool the team
  2. 12/29 - The Backup Bowl GDT: Steelers @ Ravens

    "If we get a chance to hit him, we want to hit him," Ravens strong safety Bernard Pollard said. "In Baltimore, we don't roll that way. We're going to hit you. He's basically a running back who can throw the ball very well. You look at Robert Griffin III, you look at Kaepernick, and they're very special talents. I miss that team...
  3. 12/29 - The Backup Bowl GDT: Steelers @ Ravens

    did bob griffin shack up with TJ watts old lady or what? jeez
  4. 12/29 - The Backup Bowl GDT: Steelers @ Ravens

    depends on how he does in the playoffs, Gotta see that first playoff win
  5. 12/29 - The Backup Bowl GDT: Steelers @ Ravens

    was in internet jail, just got out
  6. 12/29 - The Backup Bowl GDT: Steelers @ Ravens

    will be interesting to see ol bob griffin play today
  7. just dont let him cover AJ Green
  8. Who will have the #1 pick?

  9. Be a man, make a homer prediction.

    lamar jackson will run for 1000 yards and 8 rushing tds
  10. What's your "I was at that game!" game(s)?

    Not an eagles fan, but work gifted me 2 opening season tickets to the eagles back in 2016. Saw Wentzs first career game and become an instant fan of his
  11. whatever they do, they better drop the price down... $300 -$400 (depending on package) for the service is ridiculous.. MLB.TV is $119 for way more games....
  12. McSorley putting Jackson on notice
  13. hes definitely a different type of receiver than what the ravens have drafted in the past. Lets hope he breaks the curse!
  14. has more to do with whos delivering the football