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  1. DJ Moore - Possible 1st round target?

    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000922149/article/fiveround-mock-draft-buffalo-bills-trade-up-for-baker-mayfield chad reuter has DJ Moore going to the skins at 13 and is the first WR taken... Highest ive seen him mocked so far
  2. The Offseason target

    Just like the O's and starting pitching...
  3. The Offseason target

    nah, theres not enough space on the field for a crabtree and a dez bryant to coexist, that ship has sailed IMO
  4. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    Its better to figure out how many guys you have in the group, the figure out 10 crabs per person. Theres roughly 75 crabs in a bushel, so if you have 7 guys its worth it to get a bushel.
  5. The Offseason target

    Do your thing Ozzie
  6. Allen Lazard, WR, Iowa St

    he reminds me of waller
  7. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    Yea Crabs aren't quite in season yet, they will be in april, and youl be able to get them still in October (Local crabs that is, not those Louisiana mud crabs they sell in the winter) Just research crab houses, theres plenty around.
  8. This Ain't Ravens Talk

    if your under 28 go to fed hill. Over 28 go to Fells Point. Both have fun bars. If bar hopping is what you want then I def recommend Fells Point. Max's Tap House, the horse you came in on, Cats Eye Pub, all good places
  9. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    @drd23should this be a pinned thread? So it stays on top and people see it?
  10. Where are they now?

    Been busy shacking up with his state farm agent
  11. 2018 draft talk

    Draft Dilemma/Contingency plan Say there is a crazy run on wr's similar to last year, and Ridley/Sutton/Kirk are all gone by our pick at 16. Do we..... A) Select DJ Moore since the chance he lasts till 52 are slim to non or B) Draft the BPA. With the run on wrs and at last 4 QBS doing before us, some defensive talent like James or Roquan smith are bound to fall to us. Its a tough question, before picking up crabtree id say 100 percent get Moore, but now im not so sure. Id be tough to pass up the talent that could be available at 16, but theres something telling me DJ Moore will be a star in this league... ID hate to miss him when so many of us are so high on him
  12. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree to 3 year deal

    ehh i knew someone would bring that up! lol
  13. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree to 3 year deal

    In terms of pure talent I feel Crabtree is up there, he was drafted top 10 for a reason. Mason was sure handed and ran super crisp routes, making him always open. Obviously Boldin/Mason/SSS had better careers, but they outwilled their opponents and got open. Crabtree has the talent and is able to make amazing catches, something weve never seen here in Baltimore
  14. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree to 3 year deal

    If the ravens draft a decent wr in the first 2 rounds, then no flacco will have no excuses for this year
  15. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree

    dang 3 years huh. Ok Ozzie now get DJ moore in the draft and were good