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  1. Jerry Rosburg Retiring

    damn its almost like rats abandoning a sinking ship!
  2. Lamars Speed

    im pretty sure it was an instagram story, so he was holding phone with left hand, driving with right.. thats what makes it so crazy, you have how many kids following you on instagram seeing that...
  3. Lamars Speed

    nah mcfifey was being facetious , thats a benz, so if it were truly in km/h, that would mean the speedo only goes to 160 km/h which is only 100 mph... SO unless hes driving a 1999 ford ranger, its doubtful its km/h
  4. im not crying, your crying
  5. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    i dont think its the player, its the style of offense that is scaring wrs away. Ravens will need a much more balanced attack this year in order to get away from this "run first team" stigma
  6. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    agreed, im bummed we have no 2nd round pick, hopefully decosta can figure something out and trade up for one. Id prefer not to trade down. Has never really worked out for ravens in the past
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Offseason Tracker

    https://1057thefan.radio.com/blogs/vinny-haynie/derrick-mason-i-dont-think-many-receivers-are-going-want-come-baltimore il leave this here
  8. Lamars Speed

    the speed isnt the issue. Its the recording it and posting it on an instragram thats the issue.. Just a stupid unnecessary decision
  9. Lamars Speed

    Not a good look for the young franchise leader
  10. All AFCN teams have something to prove and the Ravens have just many question marks as the browns do. Is our offense sustainable? Will they be more balanced? Will Jackson improve his accuracy?.. Whos going to catch passes? All yet to be seen...
  11. for sure, but one can say the same for the ravens. New OC, who doesnt have the greatest NFL resume, and a defense who just lost all of their "player leaders" . Im just saying it would be unwise to write the browns off, simply because "they are still the browns"
  12. IDK as it stands now, browns have better QB, RBs, WRs, O Line, D Line. Id say the ravens secondary is slightly better, but not by much.... Im not sure any draft picks this year or FA picksup will close those gaps..
  13. i found this bit interesting