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  1. Week 12: Bye - Snoozing is Not Losing

    I think we will tag and trade him tbh. For as good as he can be as a pass rusher, he's not the complete package. The money he will command is going to be massive too. Can't really afford it after we handed Clarke his contract. Jets did us a solid. Lets finish the division race off this weekend.
  2. Patrick Mahomes exits game with knee injury

    Lets hope there is no real structural damage and that he's only out a couple of weeks. That will allow his ankle to heal a bit too. Either way, it goes without saying that we should be very careful with him. Absolutely no need to rush him back, we can survive a few games with Moore, especially with the state that the division currently sits in.
  3. Frank Clark to Chiefs

    Delighted that Clark and the entire D showed up. Lets hope that this is a clearer reflection of what we can be going forwards.
  4. Time To Trade Watkins?

    If we could get something for him then absolutely, yes. I find it very doubtful though, as others have said.
  5. Frank Clark to Chiefs

    https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/kansas-city-chiefs/frank-clark-16787/# From Spotrac, it would be stupidly expensive. $37.8 million in dead cap. He will be on the team next season. The year after is quite a bit cheaper at $15.6 million though. If he's still this bad, I guess we cut him there.
  6. Frank Clark to Chiefs

    Sadly, I see no way we can get rid of him. That contract is an albatross. His cap hit jumps to $22.7 million next season. There's no realistic out until 2022. What an awful, awful deal this is turning out to be. Unless he takes an astronomical jump, this is looking like an all time bad move. I still have my fingers crossed he will turn it around, but each passing week makes it look less likely.
  7. Frank Clark to Chiefs

    Which was also terrible. Another very poor game from Clark. It's astonishing that we can go from creating so much pressure with Ford, Houston and Jones, last season, to what we have now. Basically, the QB has a clean pocket and as much time as he wants on every play.
  8. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    I'm not even sure if there are 4 moves that would fix it. It's that bad.
  9. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    I said it last week, and it was doubted, but the format to beat us is so simple. Run the ball 45 times, control the clock and you will win. The D can't do anything to get off the field and the O line are awful. Honestly, this team has regressed in every single department from last year. Run game, O line, QB play (still very good), run D (worst I have ever witnessed), pass rush (quite literally non existent), kicking, special teams. It's bad. This is not a superbowl team as currently constructed.
  10. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Why did I wake up at 1am to watch this crap?
  11. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Lee should be cut immediately after the game. His tacking is so bad.
  12. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Seriously, it should be an option. The D has got worse this year. Zero pass rush and the run D is the worst I have ever seen.
  13. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    Yep, game over. This team aren't good.
  14. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    The tackling is abominable. Run the ball 45 times and you will beat the Chiefs, its that easy.
  15. Week 6: Texans at Arrowhead GDT

    What the hell is with these flags? Terrible.