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  1. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Yeah, the season wont resume for some time, thats certain. I just cant see them writing it off completely.
  2. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    As much as I would laugh and celebrate this, I just cant see it happening.
  3. FA KC

    All of the top guys and probably mid tier too are gone. If you're happy to scrape the barrel for starters at CB, ILB and OG then cool. We could have already secured starters at CB and ILB if we had already got rid of Watkins. We are already over the cap, we literally have to move something before the draft. We could have cut Watkins and not kicked another $5mill of Clarks contract down the road. Exaggerating what exactly? That we currently have no cap? Zero flexibility without making a move we could and maybe should have already executed? Have not improved whilst others around us have? Listen, we are SB champs, so I trust the FO, but that doesnt mean I understand what they are doing.
  4. FA KC

    I think you're confusing what Im saying. Nowhere did I suggest we should have gone huge on FAs, however, the approach we have followed has taken us out of the market for literally every FA. Sitting on guys who may get no return (specifically Watkins), has removed all potential flexibility. We are in a bad situation with Jones, imo. I highly doubt we resign him. I dont think the market is there for him and I dont think he plays on the tag. Impossible to speculate if there has been interest in him or not, but I wouldnt be shocked if there hasnt been a huge amount. Teams know we are in a tough position.
  5. FA KC

    Whilst theres obvious value in continuity, especially in an offseason like this one, if you arent improving, you're being left behind. Whilst thats a bit dramatic, we have not improved and other teams definitely have. I agree, we shouldnt be spending big on anyone, but thats why I dont understand hanging onto Watkins. Even if we renegotiate his contract, is it going to be less than $14 mill per? Its an unnecessary investment imo. I am also against the idea of resigning Jones, even if its highly unlikely anyway. Having two $20 mill Dlinemen is not the way to build a sustainably good team, imo. We are damaging our ability to improve the team this season, where our SB window should still be fully wide open.
  6. FA KC

    The problem with this is that almost all impact FAs are gone. If we are content with what we have then fair enough. I dont see any market for Watkins or LDT, plus Jones doesnt seem to have much market atm. It may be better to just cut Watkins to be honest. Give us some flexibility to sign the likes of Breeland back.
  7. FA KC

    Probably true. I dont see the market being there for the picks we would want and the contract he wants. May have to wait until the draft.
  8. FA KC

    Yeah, I dont think its much of a loss. Im still confused as to what our actual offseason strategy is though. Just hoping for someone to cough up compensation for Jones, Watkins and LDT? Our cap situation is unnecessarily horrific.
  9. FA KC

    Haha I meant you are expecting way, way too much. The Redskins 1st round pick, number 2 overall? If we offered Jones and our 1st, I highly doubt they take that for number 2. Even if you add our 2nd, I think its still 50/50, at best. You need to lower your expectations for Jones, man.
  10. FA KC

    Surely this isn't a serious expectation?
  11. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Their running of United has been so poor, on so many levels. Their futility in the transfer market and ability to put a competitive product on the pitch, since SAF retired, is awful. For one of the top 3 largest clubs in the world, its been extremely poor. But, I digress, dont want to derail this thread with other football talk.
  12. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    In fairness, they have also done an absoultely criminal job of running Man United.
  13. Chris Jones - Free Agent

    I dont think Jones will play on the tag. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt he agrees to play on it. I think you're right about Miami and Tampa. Miami have spent a hell of a lot on FAs though. Tampa, I could see. They are likely going all in these next 2 seasons.
  14. Chris Jones - Free Agent

    Hopkins is better than Diggs. It doesnt work to compare deals like that. I dont think anyone is arguing that Jones is better, doesnt mean we will get more of a return though. Its far more complex than that.
  15. Chris Jones - Free Agent

    Unfortunatley, thats not exactly how it works. The Colts overpaying doesnt mean other teams will overpay for Jones. There are few suitors left with the cap and assets. Teams also know we have no leverage with Jones. Highly doubtful he would play on the tag and we cant in any way afford a Buckner sized contract. Hence why I feel like that trade hurt us a lot more than it helped. Realistically, what teams have cap left who could be interested?