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  1. Absolutely massive game. Let's finish off the AFC and go back to our 3rd Super Bowl in a row.
  2. That is the single most insane game I have ever witnessed. Unbelievable on so many levels. Moving on to the AFC Championship, once again.
  3. That is unquestionably one of the greatest games I have ever witnessed. Unreal. The AFC is so stacked with QBs.
  4. We sleep walked through that one. Never the less, a win to round out the regular season. Let’s go Texans!
  5. That was an incredible win. Kelce went beast mode to win that game. Thats the division more or less sewn up. Now lets get that 1 seed.
  6. Well, that was delightful. Beat down from the first snap. The starters got almost the entire 4th quarter off too. BIG game on Thursday.
  7. That was a serious struggle against a very good team. Given how awful the D was for 3 quarters, thats an impressive win.
  8. I agree, would have have won the SB without him? He hasn't been worth the contract, but I dont think you can say it was an awful trade.
  9. You're right on the pick, unless we trade down. Yeah, certainly speculation there, but that line would be atrocious.
  10. True, and having an elite LT should be at the absolute top of the list. The Chiefs just gave themselve a chance of having that.
  11. Now thats one hole instead of two though. With those 2 seconds, we still have flexibility to move up if there is an edge we love. If not, sit and see whats available. I feel much better about starting Brown at LT than a round 2 guy.
  12. This trade also gives us a lot of flexibility in the draft. We dont have to draft a specific position now. Two seconds is a great asset too.
  13. If we win a Superbowl, would it be? Brown is likely to be much better than any rookie starting at LT this season.
  14. I think we still target O line, either in the 2nd or 3rd.
  15. Potentially, but I see more chance that we extend him after the season. At worst, tag him for a season. We are clearly committed to protecting Pat at all costs, as we should be. Our O line is now a strength.
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