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  1. It's time to get excited about the Chiefs D again!

    Chris Jones has been a man among boys on this 10 game sack run. Long may it continue.
  2. The Tottenham Hotspur thread - London's best.

    Incredible result for Spurs to make it through to the last 16. After only 1 point from the first 3 games, we were written off, and rightly so imo. Amazing that we got the result required in the Nou Camp and that Inter failed to win. We can get Dortmund, PSG, Porto, Bayern/Ajax, Real/Roma and likely Juve. All hard glory ties. Thats what you're in the competition for. Im hoping for Bayern, because we are yet to play them in the CL.
  3. The Tottenham Hotspur thread - London's best.

    Son is one of the most exciting players in the league, when on form.
  4. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Morata really is terrible. Watching him play is painful and absolutely hilarious.
  5. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Dont like the move from the Chiefs perspective. Giving away a superstar on a rookie contract is idiotic. Because he lied to them? Would the cut Mahomes in the same situation? You can 100% guarantee they wouldnt. This will come back to haunt us.
  6. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Can we all agree that Morata is utterly trash in the EPL. One of the biggest transfer failings of all time. Lukaku has been almost as awful at United.
  7. The Tottenham Hotspur thread - London's best.

    Great win, by far our best performance of the season. Chelsea got beasted off the park. 6-2 would have probably been a reflective scoreline. I hope this gives us the momentum to keep playing at that level.
  8. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Lebron has started imposing himself and taking over games. Thats the change from the first 5-10 games of the season.
  9. Week 11 GDT: Chiefs @ Rams

    Amazing game to watch. Shame we lost. Have to put that loss on Mahomes shoulders, imo. 5 TOs is unacceptable. Rams had 21 points off the TOs, including the 2 defensive TDs. I also blame Reid for abandoning the run in the second half. He put too much into Mahomes hands. The pass D was also pathetic, with the constant first half penalties putting us into the hole. Amazing game. Once again, take lessons from it and finish the season strong. Have to say, if its in Arrowhead, I think the Chiefs win. The crowd were insane. Who knows, there may be a rematch on a neautral field.
  10. Week 10 GDT: AZ @ KC

    Worst offensive performance of the season, by a long way. Defense played well getting constant pressure. Win is a win. Move on to next week.
  11. The Tottenham Hotspur thread - London's best.

    I think there will be darker days at WHL to come, if it ever opens that is. Its pretty unbelievable that we sit in 5th given how awful we have been all season. The team have lost their way, with talisman Kane being a prime example of that. I think Poch gets way too much hype too. Hes been in a very fortunate position at Spurs. Kane, Alli, Eriksen, Vertonghen, Lloris all fell into his lap. Hes just been able to improve some of them. Good coach, but terrible in game manager and is almost always out thought by other elite managers. Its a situation thats worked for both parties, but hes not irreplaceable, imo.
  12. The Tottenham Hotspur thread - London's best.

    For sure. I fully expect someone like Eriksen to be a casualty of this. The fans are incredibly restless, though. The owners need to be very careful that they dont create a poisonous atmosphere at the club, which we are currently on the brink of, imo.
  13. Real Madrid C.F. Thread - LUCKY NUMBER 13

    Lopetegui fired. Looking simple at results, it had to happen. I wonder who will replace him? Conte seems to be the favourite atm.
  14. The Tottenham Hotspur thread - London's best.

    Another disappointing loss against one of the other big 6 sides. At this point, I would neither be surprised or particularly care if Poch leaves. We have regressed a disgusting amount in the last year.
  15. Week 7 GDT: Chiefs vs Broncos part deux

    Our run D is also criminally bad.