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  1. Lets go Chiefs! This likely comes down to if Mahomes can play or not. I think we match up pretty well if he can go.
  2. Trash tackle attempt from Dirty Dan. Offense on fire though.
  3. Dirty Dan to finish it.
  4. Our O line looks so much better
  5. Butker is living on the edge atm. Cant keep missing those XPs
  6. Ward really sucks. He looks like we cant even play him at the moment. Just awful.
  7. Mahomes has no time at all. The O line is folding to a 4 man rush, time and time again.
  8. True, one of those games. Raiders have outplayed us.
  9. Scrappy win, but pretty comfortable in the end. First team in league history to start 4-0 in 4 consecutive seasons. Tough start to our schedule too!
  10. How do you miss that tackle on Hoyer? Absolutely awful.
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