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  1. That is criminally overpaying.
  2. kempus


    Dirty Dan to finish it.
  3. kempus


    Our O line looks so much better
  4. kempus


    Butker is living on the edge atm. Cant keep missing those XPs
  5. Ward really sucks. He looks like we cant even play him at the moment. Just awful.
  6. Mahomes has no time at all. The O line is folding to a 4 man rush, time and time again.
  7. True, one of those games. Raiders have outplayed us.
  8. Scrappy win, but pretty comfortable in the end. First team in league history to start 4-0 in 4 consecutive seasons. Tough start to our schedule too!
  9. How do you miss that tackle on Hoyer? Absolutely awful.
  10. This is very ugly. Sloppy all over the field.
  11. Having the read the article, I understand that the market value is a crowd estimation? As in, internet users can say how much they think a player is worth? With zero statistical analysis or requirement to have ever watched the players? That's where my issue lies. Have you ever watched Nouri play? The "value" is a fabricated number, as I said at the start. You can not rate transfers based on the suggested value. Do some research on the player, watch them play and form your own opinion. On Mendy, thats how transfer negotiations happen. Start low and meet at a price both teams are happy with. How do you know what role they intended for Mendy? Kepa is awful, so they went to get a replacement. They're stuck with him, but NFL analogies do not apply to Football. I doubt you or I could name 50 better keepers, you can try though, if you wish.
  12. What metrics do they use to rank these players? Mendy is certainly in the top 50 keepers in the world, hence why he now plays at one of the top 20 clubs.
  13. I've never see a legitimate source quote or reference that market value number. You simply can't break down football transfers like that. Please don't try to compare the NFL cap locked league to the football transfer market, there is no cross over at all. Teams will pay what they and others deem a player to be worth. Of course age, potential, nationality, production etc make up what the player is worth. To suggest that Chelsea payed 3x Mendy's value is wrong, his monetary value is what they were willing to pay for him. His value on the pitch is impossible to measure at the moment. I'm not disagreeing that Everton have had a good window. However, I contest that that market value isn't a good way for you to make that argument. The real world isn't like FIFA's player values.
  14. Another big game. Its good that we will have played all 3 of the AFC division winners and a tough divisional rival in our first 4 games.
  15. The point is, its not relevant to the actual transfer market. You should not quote that number as an argument as to whether a transfer is good or not. Its relative.
  16. Nice group for Spurs. Happy to be in Europe after having to play the 3 qualifying rounds.
  17. The market value is what a team is willing to pay for them. Any other number is just a fabrication. Everton have had a very good window though.
  18. Butker is an animal. Incredible that we won that one.
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