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  1. It’s okay. I think we needed more bats in the system. Marlins Twitter is going off saying we’re the best which is annoying.
  2. Florida -7 as of now vs Tennessee. Anyone else think that’s easy?
  3. Any smart money to be placed on any of these fights? Any parlays?
  4. When will all of our transfers be eligible to play?
  5. My buddy is freaking out because he says DePo wanted Trubisky instead of Garrett and that alone should disqualify him from picking a head coach. I don’t remember that at all. Anyone else?
  6. I’ve looked back a couple pages and haven’t seen any but any comps to throw around? Just for fun. Trying to put together my fantasy football board in my Dynasty League.
  7. Can confirm. Their beer selection is solid too.
  8. Haha House and I both live in Erie (I’m in Edinboro) so we know. I like to think they are starting to turn the page though.
  9. I’ve heard nothing good about Erie. Must be a dump. The schedule looks a lot better. I know anything can change but without making any changes are self and having a decent head coach - I’m thinking 9 wins should be attainable.
  10. I lived in Buffalo for years, their fans are some of the worst. I get you’re 4-1 but you’re barely winning games and your first 3 games were against High school teams.
  11. I hope he’s okay. But I felt a lot more confident with our offense moving when Trask came in.
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