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  1. Alshon

    I think Calvin Ridley is good but not top 10 draft pick good. Like where you’re at though.
  2. Thoughts and Observations: Ravens

    Howard may be a better pure runner but he is also a liability in the passing game from a receiver standpoint. The other two were not just better in that capacity, but were light years better. All of this is of course irrelevant. Howard is a stud and we are lucky to have him.
  3. John Fox: Swan Song

    Harbaugh doesn’t necessarily mean Pace is gone but it would mean a role change for sure. That’s a call that would have to come from McCaskey though because Pace is not going to effectively fire himself. I haven’t seen anything from anyone suggesting that McCaskey is ready to push Pace out the door. They know what a mess this was when he got here. I can’t imagine a situation where Pace isn’t given some time to see if his chosen franchise QB is actually a franchise QB outside of some sort of unforeseen disaster in the next 12 weeks.
  4. John Fox: Swan Song

    Just give me someone respected by the team that do a competent game plan, makes good in-game decisions and can assemble a good staff. The name is really unimportant, just so long as it isn’t John Fox.
  5. John Fox: Swan Song

    He would definitely be behind both of those guys for me as well. I just don’t think we can rule any legitimate option out, and I think Reich is just that. Does anyone know Harbaugh‘s out language with Michigan? I can’t see ownership paying some huge sum just for the right to pay him $10 million year to coach. Both he and McD probably have enough clout to command some personnel control as well which may take them off the table for Pace. I have a feeling our next head coach is either going to be Sean Payton or Pete Carmichael, and neither of those are even remotely enticing to me.
  6. John Fox: Swan Song

    What about Frank Reich as our next head coach? Philadelphia’s offense has been awesome this year and Carson Wentz’s development since last year has been huge. He interviewed for Buffalo’s head coach opening after Rex Ryan was fired though it’s hard to know whether he was a serious candidate for just a courtesy to a former player there.
  7. Bears release WR Deonte Thompson

    I hope they added Gentry to actually put him on the field more than that. Otherwise what’s the point? Wheaton has not done anything to justify being on the field at all. It doesn’t mean he won’t be because John Fox, but he shouldn’t be out there at this point. As for the subtraction of Thompson, I don’t really see any downside. He’s a pretty average returner in spite of having really good speed, we have other guys who can do a comparable job there, and as a receiver he didn’t add any more than McBride, but had less upside. Really it’s a move that should’ve been made a few weeks ago.
  8. Thoughts and Observations: Week 5 [Vikings]

    I had a big problem with the play calling last night. Far too predictable. Some of that comes from personnel problems but the bulk is just outsmarting ourselves. First quarter they set Mitch up for success. After that they really didn’t.
  9. Pace and Wasted Free Agency Dollars

    Without any research I’d say he’s probably hitting as much as most GMs in FA. Problem is with a roster with as little depth and top end talent (especially home grown top end talent) as ours those misses are far more glaring. If NE misses with Aaron Dobson or Dominique Easley or PIT misses with Sammie Coates they have the talent elsewhere to lessen the blow. We don’t - at least not yet. Also, Pace is still working against Chicago being a less desirable location to FA than other places because we are still working our way out of the cellar. Trubisky, if he proves legit, can change all of that all at once. All of a sudden we become a team with an ascending defense and with our QB of the next decade in house in a world class city that offers marquee players a vast array of other opportunities outside of football.
  10. Pace and Wasted Free Agency Dollars

    All in all IMO Pace’s batting average has been pretty good. He has the two glaring misses (Glennon and White), and only Glennon amongst those two was a flat out airball (White has been a total disappointment and was never my guy heading into that draft but with better health fortune may not have been). Pace has also been initiating and running a rebuild since he got here. Look at almost any full tear down rebuild and you’ll see that they all eventually spend on top talent in FA but only when they are ready to compete for something of consequence. We haven’t been there yet at any juncture in the Pace era. If we were a Stephon Gilmore away from being a legit playoff and maybe title contender Pace may wel have sweetened the pot further. We weren’t, so we can’t know yet, but up until now everything has been geared toward taking a disaster of a team, gutting it, and building it up from the ground floor while also fielding a passable product. That’s a tough balance but he’s done a pretty respectable job with it IMO. Now that he has the QB in place though, THIS is the offseason I really expect to see him make moves.
  11. Offensive Players to Evaluate with MT10

    Shaheen is in a tough spot - with our lack of WR depth right now we really need Miller in there almost every snap, and Sims is the best blocker on a team that needs to be able to focus on the run. Assuming Trubisky doesn’t go bananas and lead us to 8-9 wins in the last 12 games I’d expect he starts to see more reps once we are effectively eliminated. With that said, he definitely has better chemistry with Mitch having worked with him since May than he ever did with Glennon, so his looks may uptick with the QB change right away. He’s the future of the position in the Miller role. I’m totally cool with Wright being our long term slot. He’s a steady vet who can get open pretty regularly. Every team needs a guy like that, especially with a young QB. Wheaton to me is basically Thompson with a worse health history. Both should be a #4 WR. I want to see both get a lot of run with Mitch though, especially over Bellamy, to see if either can show to be more than that.
  12. Quarter Season Mock Offseason

    I don’t think it’s that Pace isn’t willing to spend huge FA money on top guys. He tried to give Stephon Gilmore $14M a year. The problem has been that players have chosen to take equal or a bit less to go to a non-cellar dweller. Hopefully Trubisky helps change that mentality. I like Richardson quite a bit and probably too much, but think his skill set and that of Kirk are pretty similar, and also similar to that of Wright. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but outside of Meredith or significant development into a reliable contributor by Gentry leaves us with a serious lack of size on the perimeter.
  13. Allbright: Trubisky To Be Named Starter

    I agree with everything you said except about the players stopping caring.
  14. Allbright: Trubisky To Be Named Starter

  15. Allbright: Trubisky To Be Named Starter

    Here's the theory I've been working under with the Glennon signing: I think the thought with Glennon was that he wasn't worse than Hoyer, we had a crap ton of cap space we were probably not going to be able to spend, and if Glennon turned out to be better than Hoyer then he would have had more trade value than if Hoyer had exceeded expectations this year. Essentially, Pace spent $10M in what would have been unused cap space on a roll of the dice at an extra high draft pick in 2018. It didn't work out, but I'm fine with that logic. It's not like spending that cap space on Glennon is what kept us from signing Bouye or Gilmore in FA. Those guys used our bottom feeding asses to leverage better deals where they really wanted to be.