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  1. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    Whole offensive side of the ball was a mess. Out of sync the whole first half. Subpar pass blocking. Bad penalties. DOG penalties. Just meh. Nagy is gonna get a pretty big pass from the national media because Mitch was not good but, man, our last 35 or so called plays were all passes. In a 1 score game. That just can’t happen. ESPECIALLY when your QB is struggling to settle in - take the pressure off of him a little. Maybe a screen pass or two? It was such a big deal to add RBs who are useful in the passing game. So use them! Mix in a draw? Maybe at some point stretch the field too. GB was sitting on everything at 15 yards. Stretch it out maybe? None of it. Performance across the board on offense was suspect at best outside of Robinson, but man did I dislike the way Nagy called the game just as much.
  2. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

  3. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

  4. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

  5. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    ...after OL got dominated on 3rd and 1
  6. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    Great punt
  7. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    FWIW the Hall of Famer on the other side looked lousy in the first quarter too.
  8. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

  9. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    BEARS BY 60. 😤😤😤
  10. GDT Week 1, Packers @ Bears

    My theory on depth elsewhere as compensation for a Burton absence is indeed getting tested week 1. 🤞🤞🤞
  11. Ryan Pace optimistic about Bears' salary cap space

    My post wasn’t about whether Mitch has or has not justified getting paid at that level. My post was that if we DO pay him at that level we can compromise future years financially to try to win now to keep pretty much all of our top players if we want. Beyond that it comes to the front office’s and ownership’s willingness to do so. I didn’t say it was necessarily the best long term approach but if it were me I’d do whatever I could to maximize the Super Bowl window.
  12. Notable Cuts 2019

    With Nagy’s mandate of we over me I think there is next to zero chance we’d ever bring AB in.
  13. Ryan Pace optimistic about Bears' salary cap space

    My point is that even as a team with huge money already on the books at several positions they’ve been able to kick some potential financial problems down the road to a time that will fall beyond their championship window. We are incredibly well set up to do the same even if Mitch gets Wentz money. THIS is the window, with a young team across the board mostly in or entering their prime. Who cares if the Bears have to MAYBE (depending on the next CBA) take a year in 2025 or so where they pay the piper financially for going for it from 2019-2023 in their prime championship window? There’s probably a sub- .500 season at the end of the rainbow with this defense even if Mitch becomes elite. If eating bad cap for a year in a year when we won’t contend a half dozen or so years from now is the price to pay for our best shot at winning the Super Bowl for the next several seasons then by God do that. Depending on the next CBA that financial catch up season may never even be a thing. Look at what the Rams and Dallas are doing financially - they clearly are taking this approach. The Saints have been kicking huge Brees money down the road for years.
  14. Brad Biggs Looks At The Bears Defense

    As much as HHCD’s abilities have been discussed the one thing that really hasn’t been touched on much is that his skill set in pass defense is a better fit than Amos’ given Pagano’s proclivity to blitz and put his DBs under more pressure to defend in space. In those situations we aren’t going to be looking for our SS to lay the wood so much as putting him in a position to either cover or, when the pressure gets home, make plays on the ball. Amos is a really good run defender but against the pass he’s just a guy.
  15. Ryan Pace optimistic about Bears' salary cap space

    Look at this 4 year Tyler Higbee contract extension that says the Rams can afford to pay top 10 TE money to a guy with 24 and 25 career catches the last 2 years on the same team that’s paying Jared Goff and Aaron Donald like we pay Mack and probably will pay Mitch and and tell me how the salary cap is ever going to be a legitimate concern. It’s a complete myth. And while we’re at it, I don’t think we should hear that Trey Burton is overpaid anymore either.