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  1. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Assuming the holdup is about offset language or bonus payout structure (since those are really the only things it could be) then it’s moderately annoying it’s even at issue. If you picked the right guy then none of those things will matter anyway.
  2. TABT

    Roommate of my best friend in college had CNYNERO as his license plate as a nod to the Canyonero.
  3. Roquan Smith - ILB #8 overall

    Roquan drew the highest initial defensive rookie overall rating (81) in the new Madden. 89 speed. 88 tackle. 80 zone coverage.
  4. Potential Pleasant Surprises

    If we can play with the lead more, and I think we will, then Goldman should get less reps due to more passing situations for our opponents. That should only allow him to make him more of an impact on run downs. It’s hard for me to really project any of our returning players on the pass rush because they so seldom got to play in obvious pass rush situations. That changing this year with our offense primed to be far more effective than in 2017 plus the addition of an ILB in Smith who can cover should set guys up who are supposed to be pass rush specialists (thinking Floyd and Bullard most specifically) to do just that more often at which point we should get a much better idea of what we have there. If our offense can be in that 23-24 ppg range (just above league average) then my expectation is that Floyd, Lynch and Fitts combine for about 22-25 sacks (thinking Floyd 9-12, Lynch 5-8 and Fitts 4-7). Adding that to what we get from the DL (15.5 total last year) and whatever we get from blitzing DBs or ILBs and we could really have the potential makings of something big. We had 42 sacks last year, good for 7th in the league. With decent health and good offense on the other side I can see that number going up.
  5. TABT

    Feeling like I was actually inside the power armor would be sick too.
  6. TABT

    I wanna play Fallout 4 in VR but tbh I have legit concerns about how my subconscious would react to thinking a Deathclaw is actually in front of me.
  7. What would you have done different?

    I’d like to see what he can be with them letting him be a pure pass rusher at least on obvious passing downs. Hopefully Roquan’s presence allows that to be the case.
  8. NFC North 2018 Thread

    You can look at a lot of that stuff both ways though. I agree getting rid of Dez has pros as well as cons but they didn’t IMO adequately replace him on the field. Witten wasn’t scary to anyone anymore but he was tried and true and as known a commodity as you could have, especially for a young QB. Those position groups are seemingly worse off than last year. Their OL is gonna be great again, but without a legit receiving threat Elliott is gonna see a ton of 8 man fronts too which negates at least some of that. Dak is going to have games where the D forces him to have to win the game with his underwhelming receivers and that’s a question mark IMO. Their D is far better when Lee is healthy. Completely agree. But he’s played 16 games in a season exactly zero times in 8 seasons and is now entering his age 32 season. Smith is probably always going to have some physical limitations, and Vander Esch has a notable injury history coming out of college. They lost Hitchens too. To me I see 9 wins being the best case if most of the above goes favorably for them, but I also think they’re an early season serious injury to Elliott away from being really, really bad. That division has the reigning SB champ, a solid Washington team and a Giants team that was a playoff team 2 years ago before they lost their entire offense to injury last year. I’m having a hard time seeing Dallas finishing better than 3rd in that division even if most things go favorably for them.
  9. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I don’t disagree at all but you could probably say that about any fan base if we are all being honest with ourselves. It’s hard to hear and accept the criticism of your team sometimes even when it’s totally legit.
  10. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I’ve been wondering about this with the Cowboys. Dak looked really solid as a rookie (not GREAT, and overhyped because it’s Dallas, but solid) when he had Dez and Witten and Elliott and the best OL in the league but he underwhelmed last year without Elliott and now he doesn’t have Dez or Witten at all and his top WR are Allen Hurns and a rookie in Michael Gallup. I don’t see any way he’s terrible by any means, but we should find out this year if he’s truly any better than average. If he’s not then I see a 5-win team in Dallas.
  11. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I mean it’s two in 21 years. They beat NE with Favre in the SB following the 96 season. I don’t think embarrassing is the right word, but if you were to tell me that the Bears were going to have HOF QBs running the team for the next 21 years I’d think 2 SB wins would be a bit of a disappointment. Not a failure by any stretch, but I’d still wonder if it should have been more. Especially if you were to tell me that there were no other consistently dominant NFC power during that time. The Packers are the consistently dominant team in the NFC over the past two decades, and only have 2 SB to show for it.
  12. The New Scheme RPOs

    This is where speed kills them though - if/when they guess wrong on this is when Cohen or Turbo beat them down the seam for 60 yards.
  13. NFC North 2018 Thread

    We are like 3 years from half the NFL being Oregon, ASU or Maryland as far as uniforms go. Different combo every week.
  14. What would you have done different?

    Not having access to the medical of course, I think Landry’s fall has more to do with teams seeing him as a pass rush specialist rather than a 3-down player. Projected situational pass rushers rarely if ever go in round 1. I think he can be more than that, but that’s from my seat on the couch. Still being a top 50 pick suggests to me that teams think that in a pass rush specialist role he can be an impact player, but probably only in that role.
  15. What would you have done different?

    I would have taken Kalen Ballage over Iggy in the 4th. Them NOT taking a RB tells me they’re confident that Howard will be a good fit, but Ballage’s skill set is made for this offense and I have significant concerns about the ability of Cohen and Cunningham to carry the weight of Howard were to miss significant time.