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  1. Robbie Gould requests trade

    That’s just it - Lynch has ZEEEEEEEERO reason to let him go, and even if he does he’s not trading him away for a dump job. He’s a highly reliable veteran kicker who should have at least a few top years left in him. Those guys are few and far between, and because of that I’d be surprised if he gave him up for anything less than a mid round pick.
  2. Reassessing the RB Draft at the 11th Hour

    I don’t see a guy like Oliver competing with Shaheen. Oliver isn’t playing Y in 2019 - everything I read about him suggests that he’s a well below adequate blocker for any inline duties at this point, so I see him for 2019 as passing game role player competing more with Wims and Patterson for reps. Agree a RB has a decent chance to get a regular role but that’s going to almost certainly lay he #3 at least for 2019 behind Davis and Cohen, who unless Nagy converts to more of a receiver is still going to get about 1/3 of the backfield RB snaps. I figure Davis for about 50% of the RB snaps at least this year and if that holds up you’re talking about a guy looking at about 10 snaps a game in 2019 outside of injury or maybe less. We are going to run some empty sets too without question. Also re: RB: Something to keep in mind this weekend.
  3. Robbie Gould requests trade

    I don’t think the 2019 money matters. The use of the cap at all suggests as much, but also the 49ers are 8-figures under the cap even with Gould at the tag number. I don’t think Lynch is looking to commit to significant guarantees to Gould beyond 2019 at this point. Gould is 37 years old, and while kickers have kicked well into their 40s well many also fall off right where Gould is at, and if Lynch is willing to pay a premium this and maybe even next year to insulate himself against a Parkey dead money type situation while keeping what is now a top 5 kicker then good for him. I suspect that’s the biggest hang up in negotiation. Also, while we got nothing when Alshon left the similarities between their situations end with the involvement of the tag. Alshon was a mid-20s WR in his early part of his athletic prime. Gould is an aging kicker.
  4. Robbie Gould requests trade

    Gould can ask for this all he wants but unless he’s going to be okay passing up $250k a week near the tail end of his career come September (highly unlikely) this is all just talk. SF holds all the other cards here, and realistically adding a top UDFA kicker reasonably insulates them against Gould sitting anyway, especially if that player shows well in TC and the preseason.
  5. What I think Happens Mock

    I’d be fine with this. Not thrilled, but fine. I like Ballentine quite a bit and while I wouldn’t draft a kicker with 3 already rostered if we did it would be Gay and where you’re taking him here so I’m good with that. I like the developmental lineman late too. Not a fan of Armstead mostly because I think there are serious questions about his receiving ability, and if he can’t catch then he only adds back the predictability that seemingly left with Howard last month. As a runner I’m good with him - I just question his role over other RBs likely available around that selection. I don’t have a problem drafting a TE and I like Oliver. The problem I have taking a TE at 87 is that if Shaheen plays like he looked all of camp and in the one game before he suffered a severe ankle injury then we’re using our 3rd round pick on a guy only likely to see significant reps in 2019 if injury arises. Especially given our goals THIS year I think that’d be a mistake. I also think with the addition of a more established and versatile WR4 in Patterson, Wims on year 2, year 2 of the offense for everyone plus the addition of a primary RB (and maybe another this weekend) who is an actual asset in the passing game that we are FAR better equipped to handle an absence by Burton (or any other receiver really) than we were in the WC game last year.
  6. Reassessing the RB Draft at the 11th Hour

    Expecting even a TE or RB at 87 to be higher than RB3 or TE3 in 2019 at least early on (not saying they can’t be, but expecting it) is a stretch IMO given where we are picking. If we get two 2019 even semi-regular contributors out of the 5 picks we have at non-kicker positions then that’s a pretty good draft IMO. You’ve already made up your mind about Shaheen though and we disagree on that. It was interesting to hear Pace name drop Ryan Nall today at his presser. I don’t really see a role for him outside of maybe as a short yardage back and I suspect that the name drop had intentions that have nothing to do with Nall’s abilities, but interesting nonetheless.
  7. With this draft season having been incredibly unique with us knowing we won’t have a pick until 87 barring a trade up, probably the most frustrating part to me has been that with basically every draft simulation I run whether it’s on TDN or Fanspeak with basically any big board option they have, all of them seem to think way more RBs will be available at 87 than most of us do. Jacobs is always gone, but half the time Sanders is there, same with Henderson, and almost always Montgomery and Harris are there. On one hand that just doesn’t feel realistic, but on the other hand I can make a legitimate case for why the teams that don’t take early RBs in those sims went with other guys too. So is it that we are overvaluing these guys because it’s where a great deal of our focus has been the past 4 months (or more)? Are we too willing to look past Sanders’ fumbling issues in 2017 and Montgomery’s lack of top speed or Harris’ lack of any one elite trait or Henderson’s level of competition because of the perceived need? Are analysts undervaluing them because of the positional devaluation or because most analysts are seemingly giving top 64 grades to like 115 guys? Or is need trumping talent elsewhere? I have been legitimately perplexed and maybe even annoyed by this for weeks so I went searching for answers. Looking over the league rosters only TB and OAK are teams have situations where I’d say they NEED an immediate RB upgrade. That’s it. That next tier of RB needy teams are situations with adequate starters in place but that those starters are not clearly long term guys at the position or guys are there who could be but that’s TBD. To me that’s us, PHI, BUF, HOU, and KC. Everyone else is either set with a stud RB already as RB1 or has already acquired that next guy. BUF has McCoy, Gore and now Yeldon so at least in terms of 2019 they’re totally fine. PHI has Howard, Adams, Clement and Smallwood plus maybe Sproles so they have bigger needs too. HOU is set at starter with Miller for 2019 and really should focus on keeping Watson from getting killed early in the draft. KC just gave Damian Williams starter money and they need to replace both Houston and Ford. I thought about putting GB here too but then saw that Aaron Jones averaged 5.5 ypc over 133 carries last year after averaging 5.5 ypc over 81 carries in 2017 and figure RB is probably down the list for them as well. Teams will always say they don’t draft for need, but really they usually draft for need within common grades. In that regard, perhaps it IS entirely reasonable that those top RBs in this class will fall. Hard to tell if that’s a happy accident or if Pace planned it this way last year, but it stands to reason that we may very well get GREAT value on a plug and play starter type at RB at 87.
  8. If we’re after mid-round burners who have that Antonio Brown/Tyreek Hill body type the guy I’m after if he makes it to 87 is Mecole Hardman.
  9. Prospects at Positions of Need

    I see Montgomery as having all of the skills Howard has, plus actual agility and contact balance and legitimate ability as a receiver. The only thing he doesn’t have IMO is top end speed, but he’s fast enough. The way I took Nagy’s comment about wanting different flavors were him wanting guys with different skill sets from Cohen (the only RB he had in 2018 that he wanted to keep). If they went the other way and added Player A who is good at this and Player B who is good at that then he’d have the same predictability problems he had with Howard. I think he wants Cohen, the versatility of Patterson from a formation standpoint, and then guys like Davis (or Montgomery) who can do everything at at least a threshold level. And credit where due - @Madmike90 was on Davis a few days before FA. I hadn’t looked much at him prior to FA being more focused on Ingram and especially Coleman but the more I’ve looked at him the more I’ve liked.
  10. Prospects at Positions of Need

    Literally everyone’s comp for him is Kareem Hunt. Watch even just the first 1:30 of this video and tell me how many times you saw quickness and cuts like that out of Jordan Howard. Also, 71 catches in 3 years at ISU and every scouting report about him says he’s a good receiver too.
  11. See to me this is why we did so much work on the RBs - it keeps our options far more open by knowing ALL the RB prospects well in what I think is a more likely than not scenario where we take a non-RB at 87. For me I wouldn’t take any RB at 87 except Jacobs, Sanders, Montgomery, Harris or Henderson. I think they’re all gone by then, and I have pretty similar grades on the next several guys.
  12. I for one would be 100% on board with taking a WR higher in this draft. Gabriel has just $2M in guarantees in the last 2 years of his deal after 2019 and ideally will be our #3 WR this year with Miller ascending. I don’t see Gabriel as a core player, and if/when we are looking to free up some $ as needed to keep as much of our core roster together as we can he could well be a name who is let go. Also, I’m not nearly as high on Wims as some of you guys. I like him as a potential #4 but I don’t know that I ever see more than that for him, and with my choice I’d rather see a burner in that role. Isabella fits in that regard, but I also think he’s overrated in round 3.
  13. Thank God it’s finally draft week. This question is SO ready to be answered... 🤦‍♂️
  14. Prospects at Positions of Need

    Of the guys already here I have the most comfort with Fry out of the gate just because he’s kicked post-collegiately in games against NFL practice squad level competition and was flawless. That’s real pressure. Granted it was in ideal conditions, but it has value to me. He was also more accurate than either Blewitt or Jones in college. Gay was 86.2% in college though (Fry 75%) in at least sometimes non-ideal conditions. Were we to add him I’d stack he and Fry as the two I’d expect to get to camp.
  15. Prospects at Positions of Need

    Based on what? Gay is also likely a UDFA kicker.