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  1. Me too, which is why if I had to put money on it right now I’d guess he gets “promoted” to a role where he isn’t involved with team DTD activities but he’s the go between for the family and the next GM instead of Phillips. It’s not what I want, but it’s what I’m expecting.
  2. I saw that. If that was official before my post at 2am then I hadn’t seen it yet. Bowles/BOB lives!!
  3. This was exactly what made the combo appeal to me. BOB keeps getting linked to Virginia Tech right now though.
  4. Guys, not to rain on anyone’s parade here, but there are reasons to want or not want every single coaching candidate. There’s a counterpoint to almost every point. Ryan Day would bring explosive offensive schemes and familiarity with Fields… but will have questions about his ability to lead men vs. teenagers. McDaniels (and maybe Harbaugh depending on your perspective) failed as a NFL HC previously… but so did Belichick and Carroll their first go arounds. Roman runs a college-ish scheme with LJax… but it shows his willingness and ability to get the most out of the unique talent he has to
  5. This isn't really true though. McDaniels was 33 when he got the Denver job. He’s 45 now. That’s an eternity. I’m almost 40 and I can assure you that my demeanor and the way I interact with people now is far different than it was in my late 20s, as is that with pretty much everyone I interact with regularly. I’ll grant you the Indy stuff a few years ago, but people change, especially when they’re humbled in the way McDaniels was as a HC in Denver. I don’t believe we ever got the full story on why McD backed out on Indy, but you could look at him doing so before he was stuck somewhere he re
  6. If ARob leaves I’d love to see us target Michael Gallup. He’s uber talented and has both size and speed, will be just 26, and he’s 3rd fiddle WR in Dallas behind Cooper and Lamb. I can’t see how they can justify paying him. L Related - it totally blows that it’s just now Thanksgiving and I’ve already been looking at FA targets for us for over a week. 😒
  7. If not for the McDaniels stuff from Denver in 2010 he’d be one of the hottest candidates available, and I get that the Denver stuff raises some concerns, but that was 11 years ago now. You’d like to think that he’s matured since then. I’m open to him getting another shot if he wants it here. Regardless of who our top target(s) are, I worry that we are gonna get used as leverage for some of the more desirable guys to get new deals where they already are. With Mel Tucker’s absurd deal I think there’s a great chance Ryan Day gets a 9-figure contract from OSU, and maybe Harbaugh too if he’s
  8. I expect it’ll evolve into Fire Pace and/or Sell The Team sooner than later too, even if they do fire Nagy. Wouldn’t shock me if Fire Nagy broke out at Ford Field tomorrow given the volume of Chicago fans that find their way up there every year (especially when the Lions are winless). At some point even dumb people recognize when they’ve got egg on their face.
  9. They’re not dumb. They just don’t know how to run a football team. But I fully expect them to bungle this for several more weeks. I’ll be at the game next Sunday and I am fully expecting to experience the Fire Nagy chants and a plethora of boos first hand. I’m just hoping I don’t have to watch Syndrome at QB…
  10. Harbaugh makes a lot of sense to me. NFL success and credibility. Runs an NFL offense. Success with a comparable skill set with Kaepernick. Will command locker room respect right away from vets. Has a Bears history (an unnecessary desire from the front office in the past). He’ll cost top dollar and probably want to pick his own GM which would give us the chance to get Pace out of the equation even if the team wants to “promote” him instead of fire him. There’s risk with any hire but unlike other retread options Harbaugh has already shown the ability to multitask the QB development stuff
  11. I’m with you. But the lede is being buried here to me IMO: This season is all about developing Fields, right? How bad does it burn any credibility Nagy has with Fields that it's not only known to Fields himself but public knowledge to everyone that he's only starting because Nagy's boss' boss told him it had to be that way? Gotta assume that was news to Fields today. How in the actual F is Nagy supposed to be able to add even a modicum of value to Fields’ development from here through week 18 when Fields knows he didn’t even want him out there? And what’s to keep Fields from just tuning
  12. I think he’s just saying is that different doesn’t always mean better. He’s not wrong - the next guy could turn out to be the next Ozzie Newsome, the next Phil Emery or even the next Ryan Pace. The change should still be made. Pace has been given ample time given his level of success.
  13. For context. SF hasn’t won under Lynch/Shanahan, but many believe they have one of the more talented rosters in the league. Again, I am NOT pushing to keep Pace, but his record isn’t as atypical as you might think. Even at that though, you can only let someone swing and miss so many times. Having Pace as your GM is like having Jason Hayward as your RF. Some stuff he does REALLY well (for Pace that’s evaluating DL and RB), but there are enough deficiencies in key areas that keep coming up that while you can live with him you are always left wanting more.
  14. This is all I’ve been trying to say. I think the case for cutting ties with Nagy is a far simpler one than that with Pace despite his obvious shortcomings. He missed on Mitch… but might have hit HUGE on Fields. Pace botched the Robinson contract situation… but he also landed him as a FA. The Mack trade, while it was costly and didn’t put us over the top largely because of Mitch’s shortcomings, was a bold move that added a transcendent edge rusher in his prime. He drafted Roquan. He signed Akiem Hicks as a FA then extended him. Those three have been the primary stalwarts in a defense Pace built
  15. Having warm weather on game days (which I consider a dome stadium to be since it’s 72 degrees inside) isn’t just about the potential impact of the weather on the game. There are definitely guys who just don’t want to play in cold weather any more than they have to that will move Chicago well down their list in terms of signing here as a FA or re-signing here if drafted to Chicago. If we had a stadium with a roof then depending on which divisions we play that year and when we play in GB we might not have any games below freezing. If that helps us to add or retain even one more talented player w
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