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  1. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Nobody will debate that White has a lot to prove on the field - that’s a given - but upon what, specifically, are you basing the statement that “he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer”? I ask because never at any point in the last 3 years since the Bears drafted him have I once heard anyone in position to know any better question his intelligence.
  2. NFC North 2018 Thread

    9 TD and 12 INT in basically 10 games is about what I’d expect from a backup level QB. To me all Hundley showed was that he’s not a starter. He wasn’t AWFUL. That really emphasizes my point though. Without Rodgers the squad wasn’t able to carry a backup QB. They were... us.
  3. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    White has been an NFL player for over 3 years now. The idea that he doesn’t know the route tree at this point just because we haven’t seen him on the field much is a gigantic assumption, and probably an invalid one. He’s participated fully in each of the past 3 offseason programs (including this one) which is when the most learning happens, and even this past season during the year his injury was not one that prevented him working on running routes even when he was on the shelf. He may never be a great route runner, but the idea that there has been essentially zero progress in that regard since draft day 2014 is a bit absurd IMO.
  4. Watson and Kamara

    Fox didn’t use him in the hurry up offense while giving reps to Cunningham at RB and Bellamy at WR. Words to describe the egregiousness of this quite simply do not exist.
  5. NFC North 2018 Thread

    It certainly is (seeing as it was my opinion). It was also supported by the results last year after Rodgers went down. In the name of objectivity though the same thing would happen to most teams losing their top line QB. None of that really matters though because he’s healthy now, and as long as he’s healthy there isn’t a team in the league they can’t beat on any given Sunday.
  6. NFC North 2018 Thread

    That’s why I’m so excited about this team right now. We have a chance to put a top 10 defense next to a top 10 offense on an annual basis for the next several years.
  7. NFC North 2018 Thread

    Minnesota has Hunter, Barr and Diggs all in contract years. Makes sense that they went to full blown win now mode with Cousins. This is gonna be their best shot to win a title before they have some tough decisions next offseason.
  8. Day 3 Draft Picks

    I disagree about it being our biggest problem. The bigger problem to me by far has been the lack of impact players (high end starters, not just starters) from the guys at the top of the draft where you’re counting on that from them. It’s expected that Roquan becomes a 10-year stud. It’d be nice if Iggy did. Guys taken on day 3 becoming core players outside of ST on every roster is reasonably uncommon. For every 5th round pick that becomes Jordan Howard you’re generally going to get twice as many that become Airese Currie or Josh Moore. We’ve had depth guys from the day 3 guys we’ve had. The problem to me has been that since we missed in the early rounds those depth level guys have far too often been asked to play roles beyond their abilities.
  9. Prop bets: What do you think?

    I was most curious why he thought Howard would be < 1000 yards. Is this an expectation he will be getting hurt? Expecting big reps on running downs for Cohen or Cunningham? Kareem Hunt had 272 of KC’s carries last year and the next highest RB had just 18. At his career ypc 272 carries would put Howard over 1250 yards on the ground. Even if Nagy views him as a complete non-asset in the passing game we have a ton of other good receiving options when Howard is on the field, and he is head and shoulders our best runner in an offense that looks to create mismatches. Make no mistake about it - Howard running against 6 or 7 man fronts is a mismatch heavily in our favor.
  10. Prop bets: What do you think?

    Howard over under 1100 yards rushing? Over. This is simple math for me. Howard has averaged 4.61 ypc against mostly 8-man fronts in a predictably bland offense his first two years. At 4.61 ypc he’d need 239 carries to get to 1100. That’s just less than 15 per game. With good health I think 1100 is a layup personally. Over under 7.5 wins? Over. I’m expecting 8-10 wins this year. An average offense with last year’s defense gives us a realistic shot to win every week. I think our offense may be better than average, and our defense may be better than last year. Allen over under 875 yards receiving? Over. In his career Robinson has averaged 7.41 yards per target. At that rate he’ll need about 120 targets to get 875, or about 8 per game. His last two healthy seasons he had 151 targets each. More INTs MT or Bears D? Bears D. Last year’s 2.1% INT rate and expecting 32 passes per game (512 over 16) puts Mitch at 10.7 projected INT. I expect our D to have somewhere between 12-15 INT with the increase stemming from my expectation we will be playing with the lead far more often this year. Who will be 2nd leading receiver? Miller on yardage but Cohen on receptions. Floyd over under 8 sacks? Over. With Roquan able to do the things in coverage regularly asked of Floyd the past two years and my expectation for us playing more with the lead later in games I’m expecting Floyd to have a significant uptick in pass rush opportunities. More opportunities = more sacks.
  11. Day 3 Draft Picks

    Kevin Toliver was a 5-Star recruit to LSU who has all the measurables and tools but didn’t quite put it together there. He’s the most intriguing to me. With that, it’s nice after a long while looking at our roster and not thinking we NEED to hit on a UDFA or two. I’d say, prior to any TC or PS injuries of course, that it’s less likely than not that a 2018 UDFA is on our week 1 roster. Been a while since the last time I felt comfortable saying that.
  12. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Yes, roster spots are finite. But, whether your ST ONLY guy is a CB or WR makes no difference whatsoever. 5 WR and 6 CB, or 6 WR and 5 CB. Both add to 11. It’s all about game day depth. If the Bears are going to have 4 TE active, and both Sims and Daniel Brown play ST then having a 5th or 6th active WR who can play ST but also WR only in a pinch is less important, and even more so with Cohen’s versatility to line up as a WR. There should be plenty of depth without needing Bellamy around as an emergency only WR on Sunday. I’m that case just put the best ST player out there. Frankly if teams were able to have all 53 active then I suspect very few WR would play on coverage teams.
  13. Bears Decline Kevin White's Option

    Every regime runs the bottom of the roster differently. Nagy & Pace could just as easily elect to keep an extra DB to fill that ST only role (Toliver?) in lieu of using his WR5 in that role. Or possibly a LB. Or a TE. Plenty of options.
  14. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I just see GB at the tail end of that Rodgers title contender window. Doesn’t mean it’s closed - at 34 he’s still got at least a few Rodgers-ish seasons in him and maybe more. I just don’t think you can say the same about the rest of the squad. We talked a lot about Cobb’s trend pre-FA in here. Adams is good but I’m not sure he’s a 1. Graham is on the back 9. Matthews is on the back 9. Nick Perry is good not great. Their DBs are all kids or a well past prime Tramon Williams. Their RBs are replacement level. Their OL has health concerns every year. There’s a lot more working against Rodgers now than there ever has been, which doesn’t even go to mention his own now twice broken clavicle.
  15. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I don’t know that Graham brings more than Nelson does. He’s just different. He doesn’t really stretch the field any more. He’s big in the red zone but so was Jordy, who had 6 TD last year in the first 5 weeks before AR got hurt. Instead of a 6’3” guy in a 6’0” DB you get a 6’6” TE on a 6’2” LB or S. Concept is the same. To me it’s a TE upgrade but a WR downgrade, at least for 2018. That’s a relative push.