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  1. Mitchell Countdown

    The ability to protect him has been brought up a bunch of times. Last year's squad allowed just 28 sacks in 16 games. Only 6 teams allowed less, and that was with a group of QBs (outside of Cutler) with far lesser mobility than Trubisky, a rookie center and our pro bowl guard missing half the season. Outside of unforeseen attrition issues our ability to protect the QB should be just fine. Ultimately, Fox is on the line this year. He's entering a potential lame duck season next year, so he absolutely needs to win. Maybe not playoffs level of winning, but actual progress. He's going to go with whichever QB gives him the best chance to do that. Trubisky's long term development, in spite of whatever he says, is going to be secondary to that. Even if we become a perennial playoff contender beginning this year and Trubisky has Russell Wilson level success right out of the gate the likelihood Fox is around for more than maybe the duration of Trubisky's rookie deal is pretty low.
  2. Bears claim K Aguayo from Bucs

    Realistically they could keep two kickers rostered if they want. Neither he or Barth make any significant money. I agree with it being a no risk look see. He walked into Tampa with expectations of greatness. Here he has no pressure other than any he puts on himself.
  3. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    There's no magic way to do it. Bortles got rushed and he's bad. Carr got rushed and he's good. It's all case by case. We didn't rush Grossman and he still wasn't good. This is why I've been saying all along that this should always have been an open competition, with the best guy being the guy that plays. What about this kid's makeup have we seen that says if he's on the field all of 2017 and it's a struggle that he's not capable of handling that? I want to see the kid succeed as much as anyone but I don't think we do him any favors keeping him bubble wrapped waiting for a perfect situation. I'm of the belief that he falls more in the Carr category than the Bortles one. Also, IT IS OKAY IF HE PLAYS AND IS NOT IMMEDIATELY GREAT. If he plays and struggles and he's not mentally tough enough to handle it then he's probably never going to be successful anyway. He plays the most scrutinized position in sports - dealing with adversity and often unwarranted external pressure is a huge part of the gig. What can be said, and what was known before anything that happened last year is that Glennon doesn't do ANYTHING at a special level. Never has. Almost certainly never will. He's always been a $16M insurance policy. Also, under his first real pressure situation as the guy, he came up small. Big time small. This is probably the biggest week of his career this week. If he pisses down his leg again and MT plays well then he may be far closer to the pine than John Fox will want to admit, and once he's there he's staying there barring injury. They can set MT up to be successful while he continues to learn, and it's not as though Glennon wouldn't also going to be working with a limited playbook too given his own limitations. We cant overlook the locker room factor here either. That's probably the most important thing for both Fox and Pace. If MT is clearly the guy who gives the team the best chance to win, and he isn't playing, then they're going to lose the locker room quickly. That isn't just limited to Fox IMO. Players want to win. Period.
  4. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    It's one preseason game. But, Glennon looked like a deer in headlights and Trubisky... doesn't. Mirage of a top prospect against bums or not, it's a lot of fun to see. Tangible excitement.
  5. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    Love all the hub bub about Trubisky struggling under center. Half our snaps have been in shotgun.
  6. Bears vs Broncos GDT

    We gotta watch Sanchez first...
  7. What do Bears fans think of Mitchell?

    One thing I'm set on, whether 8 or 10 is starting, is that Sanchez should get like 1 series a week in the preseason, tops.
  8. TABT

    I'm more intrigued by how the national narrative seems to have shifted on him now that he's not here in Chicago. The whole bad teammate thing was a 10 year old lazy narrative going back to when he was a 22 year old rookie. Be nice to see that BS fall to the way side and let him be evaluated for what he is as a player first, and not what people perceive him to be as a person.
  9. OL Erik Kush out for year

    I'd be surprised if we didn't look to bring in a veteran there, especially with Long still seemingly a question mark for week 1.
  10. Bold Predictions Thread

    Bears D top 3 in the NFC in takeaways. Bears have two OLB with 10+ sacks: Floyd and Houston Bears have a Pro Bowler at every level of the defense: Hicks, Floyd and Eddie Jackson. Mitch Trubisky starts more regular season games than Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers finish 5-11.
  11. Predict the Bears season

    I picked 9-12. Total pipe dream pick and I own that. If our secondary is decent (and early returns are at least reason for optimism) I think our D could be really good though, and the Ravens have been winning 9-12 games a year with an average offense and good defense for a decade. A guy can dream...
  12. Potential Hicks Extension

    I don't disagree, but he's not $5M per year better than Hicks was last year.
  13. Potential Hicks Extension

    Jurrell Casey just got 4 years $60M. I'm sure Rosenhaus noticed...
  14. Let's Talk Wide Receivers...

    I think Pace expects Cam and White to play top 3 roles, and one Cruz/Wheaton/Wright to be the other. White may never live up to his draft billing but I think with health (the biggest obstacle) he can be a starting level WR. I also think Pace has (and should have) big expectations out of the TE group.
  15. What do Bears fans think of Mitchell?

    To me he doesn't have to be "by far the most ready QB" - if he and Glennon are equal parts prepared then he should be in there over Glennon. He's the future. Once he's not a step down then it should be his show. I don't want to force him in, but what Sup said was right on - we shouldn't arbitrarily hold him back because of a promise to an unproven guy highly unlikely to be on the roster beyond this year anyway. As to how he'd fare reading NFL defenses I think it's also important to note that UNC was asking him to completely run the whole show and be the reason they have a chance to win every week. It's highly unlikely if he's under center this year that he'd have that level of responsibility. If he's in there unless he goes bananas I'd expect he gets the Roethlisberger-esque 25-30 throws/game, rely on the D and a strong running game approach.