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  1. 8th pick in the draft

    I think Long is a roster lock for next year even coming off the injuries. Per Spotrac Sitton’s 2018 contract is an option year that must be exercised between 5 days after the SB and 5 days before the beginning of the league year. If we don’t pick up the option and don’t obviously replace him in FA then the Nelson speculation will become incredulous.
  2. Coordinator News and Rumors

    Biggs reported that Todd Downing is a candidate to be our QB Coach. He was highly regarded in that role before his failure at OC last year in Oakland. I’m game.
  3. 8th pick in the draft

    He’s been my guy all offseason. I think his upside is so high and with he and Floyd I think our defense could be ELITE, and for a while too with both on rookie deals for the next 3 years.
  4. Pre-Senior Bowl Mock

    Why do you say Fleming is another Massie? He grades out better and comes from an offense where his responsibilities are far more similar to Nagy’s offense than that of Loggains. If you’re right then he’s a 1-year placeholder for the mid round OT anyway. Regarding Cockerel you already know what my opinion is of Prince. I contemplated giving us Vontae Davis there instead on a Joe Haden deal (we have the $ for it here) but opted with the younger player instead. I’d be a big fan of us adding Davis tbh on a short term deal but I think he’s going to look to sign with a contender.
  5. Pre-Senior Bowl Mock

    Re: Cobb like I said in the OP I think his statistical decline has more to do with Adams’ emergence than a skills decline. Re: Davenport I was working off of existing big boards that may be older. I’m not sure any of the guys after round 2 are there where I’ve projected. It’s a crap shoot but a lot of that is where we are in the process still prior to the Senior Bowl.
  6. Pre-Senior Bowl Mock

    I used sort of a conglomeration of player rankings I found on various sites to put this together and tried to avoid any pipe dream kinds of signings or picks, so if you’re expecting Trumaine Johnson or Allen Robinson this isn’t the mock for you. I also matched the signings with actual contracts signed last year for context (2 years for O’Donnell). Cap Space $40,031,517 (As of 1/15/18) RELEASE Glennon +11.5 Wheaton +5 Sims +5.6 Freeman +3.5 McPhee +7 Cooper +4.5 Massie +5.6 New Cap Space: $82.7M RESIGN Fuller 5/52.5, $20M guaranteed (2017 Dre Kirkpatrick contract with bigger guarantees) - Big step this year and while I think he’s a bit overvalued given the lack of takeaways the market will bear this and he’s a good, solid corner who’s excellent against the run as well, is still just 25 and should be a building block for the future of this defense. QB Sanchez 1/2 - Vet backup and obvious mentor for Mitch. Hell, they’re handing out this offseason outside of football. Obvious rapport there. If forced to play would be a competent but highly unspectacular backup, and if Mitch misses significant time our season is sunk no matter who our backup is. CB McManis 1/1.5 - Excellent ST has clear value even if he should never play a snap on defense again. ILB Jones 2/4- Solid #3 ILB and good ST contributor. Underwhelmed me as a starter but wasn’t a disaster either. OLB Acho 1/1 - Consummate pro as a depth player and 4-phase ST player RB B Cunningham 1/1 - Depth RB is an adequate runner and an asset in the passing game. Versatility fits Nagy backup RB role well. Can return KO. OT B Sowell 1/1 - Depth OL who can play 4 positions. He’s not great but as depth he’s adequate. In this scenario ideally he’s #4 OT and a weekly inactive rostered for extenuating circumstances only. LS DePaolo 2/2 - Didn’t hear anything about him last year. As a LS that’s a great thing. Keeper. P O’Donnell 4/10, $3.4M guaranteed (2016 Jon Ryan Contract) - Has improved every year and is now a solid, reliable punter who can also kick off. TE Brown 1/1 - Young depth TE who is a passing game asset. He’s capable if called upon but with limited upside. CB Callahan 1/1 - Depth CB with experience outside and inside. Staying healthy an issue but he’s a capable player on limited reps here. AS Houston-Carson 1/1 - Core ST contributor really showed his value when McManis was hurt in 2017. Good role player. RFA WR Meredith 2.7M (2nd round tender) - Ascending WR when tore up his knee last August. Should he set by TC and expected to fill a top 3 WR role. Extension candidate but here we are letting him play out the year on his RFA deal to force him to show recovery from the ACL, continued development and a fit with the Nagy offense. EXTEND Goldman 3/27, $14.5M guaranteed (2017 Jonathan Hankins contract) *tacks on at the end of his rookie deal; 2018 cap hit remains 1.8M* - Young defensive core player is a 2-down run stuffer and a good one. Here we get maybe a bit of a discount for extending before UFA status, but ultimately reward home grown talent. This deal gives Goldman upper echelon money now with good guarantees but also the opportunity to hit FA again at 28 for a second big contract. Good compromise deal for both sides. FA WR Randall Cobb (projected release by GB after the Adams extension) 4/32, $19.95M guaranteed (2017 Kenny Stills contract) - Skill set as a quick receiver with big RAC ability who can play both outside or in the slot is a really strong fit for what Nagy does. Numbers going down the last few years speaks to the emergence of Davante Adams more than any decline IMO. A long term asset and security blanket for our young QB. WR John Brown 2/11, $5.5M guaranteed (2017 Markus Wheaton contract) - Established NFL deep threat with big potential in this scheme. Brown showed huge potential and RAC ability in AZ before poor QB play largely undermined his role in the passing game. This is a bet on a better situation getting him back to 2014-15 levels, with a 1-year out of it’s a miss. CB Ross Cockrell 3/16, $8M guaranteed (2017 Marcus Cooper contract) - Cockrell is a solid cover corner with good size, with a bit more upside than Prince in terms of the ability to take the ball away. He projects here as the starter on the boundary opposite Fuller. What we were hoping for when we signed Cooper last March. RT Cameron Fleming 2/10.25, $3.5M guaranteed (2017 Ben Ijalana contract) - Split reps with Waddle in NE at RT after Marcus Cannon’s season ending injury. NE doesn’t protect their tackles in pass pro any more than KC does and Fleming more than held his own. Here Fleming gets an audition for a long term gig at solid short term money, and we get a potential upgrade to Massie at about the same money with a 1-year commitment. K Cairo Santos 2/4 (2017 Robbie Gould contract) - Santos wasn’t the wrong guy for us long term IMO when we signed him midseason - it was just the wrong time with him rushing back from injury. He’s healed now. He’s a reliable, consistent kicker who’s still very young, and one with whom Nagy is familiar and likely comfortable. TE Ed Dickson 2/4, $1.2M guaranteed (2017 Lance Kendricks contract) - with the Sims release here we need to fill the secondary TE role behind Shaheen. Dickson has shown to be able to do fill this role, and has ties to Mark Helfrich. DE Tank Carradine 2/2.7, $300k guaranteed (2017 Evander Hood contract) - Depth 5T drafted in SF under their Fangio era. Signing him here to be essentially a younger Unrein. Solid rotation player. WR Tavon Austin (projected release by LAR) 1/2, $1M guaranteed (2017 Kendall Wright contract) - a good fit skill set wise for the Nagy scheme. Here he’s cast in the appropriate role as a sub package WR. ILB Korey Toomer 2/3 - Depth ILB against whom Nagy coached last year in the AFC West. An upgrade over Timu. DRAFT 1 EDGE Harold Landry, BC - Our defense is an elite pass rush away IMO from jumping from good to great. Landry is arguably the top pass rush prospect behind Chubb. The pick cards as a reach here in early January however Landry should crush the combine and if that follows a solid showing at the Senior Bowl he’s going to move up. His 16 sacks in 2016 speaks to the upside. 2 OG Will Hernandez, UTEP - We need to get younger at guard and after Nelson Hernandez is right there with Braden Smith to be that next guy. We also get a long term answer here at a 2nd round salary which allows us to spend more at premium positions. 4 EDGE Marcus Davenport, UTSA - Athletic freak at 6’7” 255 from a smaller school is getting a lot of buzz for his potential. The more young edge rushers the better. I want waves of pressure coming off the edge. 4 WR Steve Ishmael, Syracuse - Good size and crazy productive in college, Ishmael brings a contrasting skill set to the smaller speed players. Here’s where the Nagy and Helfrich spread concepts ideally speed the transition from college to the NFL. Here we’ve set Ishmael up so that he’s not going to be forced into a big role though until he earns one. 5 OT Brandon Parker, NC A&T - Developmental tackle prospect ideally our swing or pushing for RT by 2019. Hopefully he shows enough right away to keep Sowell inactive. 6 CB Justin Thomas, Oklahoma - Boundary corner size played 42 games for the Sooners with 8 INT. Depth for now. Bigger role for later. 7 RB Justin Jackson, Northwestern - RB depth is more of a need than I think most people realize. Jackson produced big numbers in both the running game (5440 yards and 41 TD) and passing game (122 receptions). His versatility will make Cunningham expendable sooner than later. DEPTH QB Trubisky, Sanchez RB Howard, Cohen, Cunningham, Jackson, Burton (FB) WR Cobb, Brown, Meredith, Ishmael, Austin, White TE Shaheen, Brown, Dickson OT Leno, Fleming, Parker, Sowell OG Long, Hernandez, Kush, Morgan C Whitehair (Kush backup C) DL Hicks, Goldman, Bullard, RRH, Carradine OLB Floyd, Landry, Davenport, Young, Acho, Irving ILB Trevathan, Kwiatkowski, Toomer, Jones CB Fuller, Cockrell, Thomas, LeBlanc, Callahan, McManis S Jackson, Amos, Demps, DHC K Santos P O’Donnell LS DePaolo (KR/PR Cohen, Austin)
  7. 8th pick in the draft

    Assuming we keep Fuller in some capacity I’d like to have someone in house already who can be at least a capable starter, even if it’s just as a 1-year placeholder for Ward/Jackson.
  8. 8th pick in the draft

    It’s super hard to evaluate Ridley based on their crap passing game (how can they not recruit guys who can pass?). With that said, this is who he was arriving at Bama: He hasn’t done anything to dispel that he’s that elite level prospect now as he continues on. Alll of that said, I’m not taking him 8th. If we trade back into the teens then I’m totally cool with it, but honestly I expect us to add 2 WR in FA and with Meredith also coming back WR won’t be a 1st round need by then anyway.
  9. 2017-18 Playoffs

    To be fair we picked in the top 3 just last year. To compare our roster to those of two 13-win teams that’s what you should expect to see.
  10. 2018 Free Agency targets

    Oh yeah - I was thinking on a 1-year flyer to be in the mix to be a #4/5, specifically for the occasional splash play from a guy toward the bottom of the roster. I don’t envision him getting a regular role anywhere.
  11. 2018 Free Agency targets

    From a skill set standpoint, a good fit in this offense would be Tavon Austin. He’s definitely a candidate to be released by the Rams, who owe him $8M next year and barely used him this year, and I’m reasonably sure he could be had on a very reasonable deal financially. I expect Pace will have some Kendall Wright type signings this year and Austin would make sense IMO. He was much maligned here as not likely to live up to his absurd draft status or extension (and didn’t), but in the right role as a 3/4 I’ve always thought he had value. We can probably offer him the right kind of role in Nagy’s offense. YAC ability and speed are his two biggest assets. I think he probably can give you what Taylor Gabriel does at a far lesser price in a Nagy offense.
  12. 2017-18 Playoffs

    Compared to the top teams sure, but the gap between ours and those in the bottom half of the playoff team spectrum is minimal, especially on defense, and having a non-Tecmo Bowl offensive play calling card will make up for some of that difference as well. We need offensive skill position players on the perimeter no doubt.
  13. 8th pick in the draft

    After all our cuts we are gonna have about $80M in cap room. No reason we can’t do all of those things to at least some extent.
  14. 2017-18 Playoffs

    Had we been waiting on a second interview with Shurmur I’d be PISSED
  15. 2017-18 Playoffs

    Feel terrible for Marcus Williams. He’s been really good all year too. Got to watch that with my sons waiting for to go food at Chili’s. Spent the whole ride home trying to explain to them the magnitude of that sports moment and how they’ll see it over and over again for the rest of their lives. Incredible, incredible finish to that game.