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  1. The 2020 Draft Thread

    OG Ben Bredeson and OT/OG Jon Runyan Jr. both make sense in the 4-6 range IMO given the Juan Castillo ties to 2019 Michigan football. Castillo was also the OL Coach for the Eagles all 9 seasons Jon Runyan Sr. was there.
  2. Here’s what I got: TRADES: DRAFT: Way I see this, the top 2 play a lot for sure, Lemieux battles Ifedi to start at RG and has a great chance to win that battle IMO, Moss is our primary Y TE sooner than later, and the rest are depth/push guys for the incumbents. I think Turk would have a great chance to push O’Donnell off the roster too (only $100k dead money if O’Donnell were to be cut).
  3. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    There is still quite a bit of capable safety depth out there. Reshad Jones (32) Tony Jefferson (28) Eric Reid (28) Johnathan Cyprien (30) I think any of those 4 would come in as our starting SS and perform capably or better.
  4. Current Cap Situation

    I think going back to Mack at this point should be a last resort - any more and we’re gonna be looking at $30M cap hits for the duration of his contract. Doing something with Robinson, Hicks and Patterson first all make more sense to me.
  5. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    I mean, I guess it makes sense for the Bears to bring in guys like that on minimal deals (even though both guys basically didn’t play at all in 2019 and may not be any good anymore), but does it make sense for Veldheer or Osemele? Both guys have made more than $40M in the NFL - is it worth it to them to go through another season for something pretty close to or at the league minimum in what is at least reasonably likely to be a reserve role (especially for Veldheer)? IMO, we have enough year-to-year guys on the roster already. We need guys to push going forward but as longer term options.
  6. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    Veteran? Maybe. Veteran of consequence? I doubt it. I’m guessing all additions not coming from the draft at this point are going to be camp bodies UNLESS we are wrong about the Ifedi add and he’s our swing/push OT.
  7. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    Once Ifedi is added they’ll show 10 OL on the roster on the team website. Assume 2 draft picks on the OL somewhere and now you’re at 12. At least 7 of those (Leno, Daniels, Whitehair, Ifedi, Massie and the 2 draft picks) are virtually assured roster spots plus Coward having a great shot (dirt cheap with multi position experience including some starting experience). We can only roster 9 or 10 guys come September - how many more bodies can you realistically expect?
  8. RUMOR: Bears sign Kelechi Osemeli

    I’m preparing myself as though they think they have a preliminary starting 5 now with Ifedi in the fold as the presumed starting RG heading toward camp, and will be drafting the guys to legitimately compete with them. I’ll be surprised if that’s not where the next OL adds are coming. Any FA we add now is just competition anyway and not a clear cut upgrade. It makes the most sense for anyone beating out an incumbent to be a potential long term guy and not someone who’s just a placeholder.
  9. Random Thoughts - Quarantine Edition

    If he weren’t under contract he’d be signed somewhere IMO. Nobody needs a starter now though who isn’t drafting one except for NE (maybe) and as such nobody is going to part with assets to get a guy they can sign for free on a more favorable contract a month from now.
  10. The 2020 Draft Thread

    For sure. For me for example at safety I see Duggar and Chinn both very similarly and also like Brandon Jones as a good fit who can probably be had in round 3 or maybe 4. I’d be fine with Terrell Burgess there too. TBH I’m not convinced any safeties are off the board by 43, as those I generally assume are gone by 43 (McKinney and Delpit) both have some significant questions too.
  11. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I don’t disagree but my list of guys I’ve targeted in that 45-70 range thus year is reasonably large and includes several safeties, several OL across all positions, a few CBs and a handful of WR. I’m pretty confident with small trade downs like these I’m still getting those guys, and from there it’s about volume with the flyer/traits guys.
  12. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I’m not opposed to it at all - this was just one example. With that, I think the ceiling on some of the OG candidates further down the draft is just as high as some of the guys in round 2-3. I think Toliver is JAG, which in and of itself is fine but I think Arnette has a HUGE ceiling both outside and at NB (where Skrine can be gone after 2020 for nothing). Getting a premium player at CB on a rookie deal for multiple years is a coup, especially given what we are paying Fuller and Jackson. Getting 2 solid starters in the secondary (which I think both Arnette and Chinn would be quickly) on 4 years of rookie deals during all of the expensive parts of Fuller and Jackson opens the budget up elsewhere significantly.
  13. The 2020 Draft Thread

    @WindyCity @beardown3231 I took the approach of targeting starters in the example draft. Namely, we probably have them already at WR, OL and EDGE. I also have us taking 2 guys who I think could start for us in 2021 or maybe even sooner on the OL in rounds 4 and 5 here so I wouldn’t say I ignored it. I personally think Runyan would push Ifedi quickly at RG. Our WR need us one for speed, and in my example draft (which was just a 2-minute thrown together example) the speed WR in the round 2 window were already gone by then. Put together what you’d like as far as a mock goes - the point I was making was that 2 small trade downs in round 2 would open up a world of possibilities for our draft without sacrificing a lot of anything in terms of quality at the top.
  14. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Bumping back up here. Can anyone realistically see a situation where we don’t trade back at least once in round 2? No matter how I look at this thing I just can’t see it, and frankly, I’m inclined to trade back twice. Trade downs from each of 43 and 50 a half dozen or so slots probably lands us a pair of 4th rounders we desperately need, with us hypothetically going from 43-50-163 to something like 49-60-129-135-163 at the top of our draft. I think the level of player we get at 49 and 60 is essentially the same as what we’d get at 43 and 50. Here’s what I got from that using the PFN mock draft simulator: 49 CB Damon Arnette Ohio St 60 S Jeremy Chinn SIU 129 WR John Hightower Boise St 135 OT Hakeem Adeniji Kansas 163 LB Cameron Brown PSU 196 OG Jon Runyan Michigan 200 EDGE James Smith-Williams NC St 226 EDGE Tipa Galea’i UT St 233 RB Darius Anderson TCU
  15. Bears sign OL Germain Ifedi

    If the Bears like Ifedi as a viable starter at RG I’d be fine going a little lower than round 3. I’m a pretty big fan of Jon Runyan as a RG. He was really good there at the Senior Bowl from everything I’ve seen after being a tackle in college, and we could likely get him around round 5-6.