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  1. He’ll seemingly be filling the Demetrius Harris role but can actually catch and block.
  2. Few things are as frustrating to me as unrealized potential. Miller is a prime example of that. He has a TON of talent but it just hasn’t happened for him. I’m glad we got something for him - the writing has been on the wall all offseason that he wasn’t going to be here. That HOU 5 is likely going to be an early 5 since they’re expected to be one of the worst teams in the league. Going from a mid 7 to an earlyish 5 would end up being a move up of about 80-90 picks. That’s not insignificant IMO.
  3. “Lack of pizzazz” and a 20:17 TD:INT ratio are not the same thing IMO, but dismissing my differing opinion on Love as being that of a detractor without giving me anything to go on to suggest that my opinion that he’s a toolsy project (with big upside but also a low floor) might be wrong is basically saying because you think I am. I’m not closed minded to differing perspectives - I just haven’t seen anything that says there’s an NFL starter in there without a lot of growth. I’ve yet to see anything from him to suggest he’s significantly better as a prospect than Jacob Eason (who I also didn’t l
  4. Love was really underwhelming in his final college season against weak competition before being overdrafted (IMO), and then he couldn’t even get to #2 on their depth chart as a rookie ahead of Tim Boyle, an undrafted nobody with 4 career passes. So there’s that. Also, home team reporters saying good things about their own players in non-padded practices on air should be taken with a huuuuuuuuuge grain of salt for any team, including ours, but don’t forget that the GB front office us in full blown damage control mode right now too. They’re in the middle of alienating the best QB in the hi
  5. His sophomore year he put up good stats but as a junior he had 20 TDs and 17 INT against Mountain West competition. He was always a toolsy projection IMO which is what made him make sense for a 2-3 year apprenticeship behind Rodgers. After just one year of “learning” behind Rodgers he’s apparently still really unready for primetime.
  6. Roquan is currently set with cap numbers of $6M this year and $9.7M in 2022 before he’s set for UFA. We could realistically do a comparable extension for him now that doesn’t impact our cap negatively at all (and maybe lowers his numbers) until 2023 when the Hicks, Quinn, Trevathan and (sadly, probably) ARob money is mostly if not entirely off the books. If he’s the guy the team sees as the core leader of our defense for the next 5 years then it only makes sense to do so.
  7. I think the point is more that the offense when tailored to Mitch’s strengths was more effective than it was forcing Mitch to run the offense Nagy wanted Mitch to be able to run but couldn’t. The failures of the offense in the GB and NO games at the end of the year weren’t just on the QB either. You could look at how those two games played out and pretty easily conclude that the failure in the Mitch-tailored offense after flourishing for a month came when the speed element was lost. The offensive failures against GB were primarily in the 4th quarter. Through 3 quarters we had 16 points (a
  8. To be clear, I’m not saying the TD doesn’t get factored in. Of course it does. I’m saying it was basically the only big play he provided all season. The problem for me was the lack of voluminous above average returns. One big play isn’t enough to justify the cost to keep him in the role for me. On 36 returns pretty much any KR is going to give you one really good outcome. Patterson wasn’t bad as our KR. He just wasn’t good IMO. Also, I appreciate that we can see the same thing differently without it becoming hostile or snipey. 🍻
  9. Him taking a knee instead would give up the shot at better field position, but we also weren’t getting the better field position from him. I don’t disagree that his track record suggests he should have gotten those opportunities. I was fine with him getting those opportunities and would have given them to him as well if I were Tabor. That’s why we signed him 2 years ago in the first place. I’m saying that when he got those opportunities he wasn’t rewarding us with a positive result over the given that would have come with him just taking a knee instead. Take away the single TD event (sta
  10. Our starting QB having a $4.289M cap hit next year will offset a big part of Mack’s big 2022 number.
  11. I didn’t get much out of Patterson as a gadget player personally. His use on offense always felt forced to me and often times was a tell to what we were doing. His exclusion from the offense is a net gain to me because it should mean more Montgomery and/or Williams. I don’t know that Herbert will necessarily have to take the Patterson roles on coverage teams. We have a plethora of reserve DBs who might also take on those roles.
  12. I mentioned in my post that my breakdown didn't consider blocking factors and that I don’t know to what extent Patterson’s success or failures were the result of good or bad blocking. Whether the numbers support my opinion or not though is a matter of your perception of risk-reward. A 29.8 yard average doesn’t mean anything without context, because a 30-yard return from 7 yards deep is a net loss on the play. Only 8 of Patterson’s 14 returns of 30+ yards last year (57.1%) resulted with a starting field position beyond the 30 yard line. It’s the result of the play that matters, not Patters
  13. Crazy how building an offense around what the talent does well rather than forcing it to do what it doesn’t do well produces better results. Imagine taking someone who is bad with tools and hiring them for finish carpentry, or taking someone who’s a poor public speaker and employing them as a museum curator. Nobody would ever reasonably expect those things to go well.
  14. If the Bears really never moved off of $16M then they don’t deserve Robinson. Golladay got $18M in THIS market and Robinson is a more accomplished player of the same age who’s also coming off a healthy season where Golladay is not. That said, everyone seems to assume that a 2nd tag next year for Robinson would be preclusive for the Bears, and I don’t think it is. With a $17,880,000 salary for 2021 Robinson can be tagged again next year for 120% of that, or $21,456,000. That’s a ton, but it’s doable if that’s the route they go while trying to see if they have another #1 in waiting over the
  15. And I get that thought process, to an extent anyway. The results don’t show any gained value though. I’m bored and out of town so I went through last year’s game logs to look way too far into this. Here are the results of Patterson’s KRs last year (incl. postseason): *None of the results listed here apply any penalty yardage Return from -6 to 23 Return from -8 to 28 Return from -4 to 41 Return from -5 to 18 Return from -1 to 29 Return from -6 to 24 Return from -1 to 25 Return from 0 to 25 Return from -2 to 38 Return from -8 to 18 Re
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