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  1. In the Rookie Kickers Elsewhere Bowl, Seibert hit a 54 yarder that was half way up the net 👀 and Gay hit the upright from 37. 🤦‍♂️
  2. Extensions Coming.

    Been a few days since the Leno restructure - kinda surprised we haven’t heard anything yet. I’m using all my patience up watching our starters not play in the PS games too... 😒
  3. GDT: Preseason Week 3: Bears at Colts

    For 2019 you’re right - EP is obviously the most important observation. I can’t watch these preseason games without applying a beyond 2019 lens to them though.
  4. GDT: Preseason Week 3: Bears at Colts

    I mean, that’s really not the case. We need to see what he does for sure, and in a controlled environment indoors he should fare well, but a lot of our important depth guys are also battling for spots. I’m looking to see improved play from the ST early in the game when our regular coverage team guys are actually out there. I’m hoping to see something from our backup OTs that resembles someone who could play capably if called upon. It would be nice to see our TE get some targets this week to see if anyone there can do anything against what will also be Indy’s backups. I also think it’s a big week for our depth ILBs. I’m still not convinced if Iggy shows anything at all that Kwiatkowski doesn’t potentially become a release or trade candidate. Iggy, P-L and Woods can all play ST and fit the desired athletic profile for the position better so if they can also show capable reserve ILB ability then Kwiatkowski becomes largely expendable. Beyond that - just don’t get hurt.
  5. What Matt Nagy Sees In Mitch Many Others Don't

    Last year Goff was 4th in pass yards, 6th in TDs, 8th in QB Rating and was 13-3. My standards for success statistically not quite that high. Statistically for me for Mitch numbers to more closely reflect 2018 Tom Brady’s are more my expectations (65.8% comp., 4355 yds 29 TD 11 INT, 97.7 QB Rating). I am NOT saying I expect him to be Tom Brady with that. I'm saying I expect stats closely resembling those in that they all fall into about that 8th to 12th range among league leaders. Statistically that would constitute success to me. Beyond stats I expect there to be at least a few games where he is the reason we win, whether that’s a great overall performance, 4th quarter GW drives, etc. Some of those you know them when you see them moments. I’m expecting some of those this year.
  6. NFCN Rivals - Vikings thread

    I would contend that very few outside of Wisconsin, Wisconsin transplants or Cris Collinsworth likes the Packers.
  7. What Matt Nagy Sees In Mitch Many Others Don't

    I agree, and then the question becomes, what constitutes success for him? Short of an MVP award in a season in which he wins the Super Bowl in a game where he’s also MVP there will always be some who would say he has not succeeded. If he’s an all pro but underwhelms in a playoff game, is that success? If he’s about the same as last year overall, but balls out for a playoff run, is that success?
  8. 2019 Darling of Camp

    The darling of camp has to be Montgomery, right? The fan base is largely predicting huge things from him. As far as guys a little further down the depth chart Wims is probably the guy to whom I’d point.
  9. Bears 2019 UDFAs

    Raymond got significant praise from Kreutz for his blocking on Twitter this week. That’s been a problem area for Bunting thus far. The role they see for that roster spot (backup for Burton or Shaheen) could be a factor should they choose to keep either on the 53. There were zero TE targets in the passing game last week. IMO at this stage if Bunting isn’t giving you anything in the passing game he isn’t giving you anything. That said, he’s been playing before Raymond, so who knows. I still personally think both end up on the PS and that we have no trouble getting each of them there.
  10. Extensions Coming.

    Yeah, addressing this in the draft has been an obvious casualty of the draft day trades. That said, they were moved that could reasonably be made when they were because we were solid with Leno and Massie already in place and had more pressing needs elsewhere. Now that those other needs have been filled I expect OT will again move far closer to the top of the list. It’s one that really needs to be a draft and development fill though - there aren’t 64 good starting OTs in the league so to expect to find a good one on the cheap in FA is a pipe dream.
  11. What Matt Nagy Sees In Mitch Many Others Don't

    2nd and 8-10 is also predominantly a passing down. 2nd and 4-5 opens up the playbook a whole lot more and creates a greater level of predictability. From a general sense, we should be a more difficult team to defend against in 2019 than in 2018. That should be to the benefit of everyone, and I think the point guard analogy for what Mitch (or any QB in this system) will be asked to do is a good one. More so than having additional viable check down options to me (which are huge IMO) should be the ability to have an actual screen game. It was basically non-existent last year with Howard but has always been a staple of Reid and now Nagy offense. The 23-yard screen play from week 1 with Montgomery is a great example. That play just frankly was a far less appealing option for Nagy and Mitch last year (both because Howard doesn’t catch well and because he has zero shiftiness to his game) unless Cohen was on the field, and then it was more expected. That play with Howard goes for 4 yards or less, not a chunk gain. Not only is a viable screen game going to present another element for our opponents to have to account for but it will also give Mitch another tool with which to counter the blitz and elite pass rushers. You’d be crazy IMO to think in week 2 against Miller and Chubb that the RB screen game with Montgomery and/or Davis won’t play a significant role in the game plan. We couldn’t do that last year. People tend to spin our personnel moves on offense to being about the development of Mitch, and while that’s certainly true it’s also been about getting better personnel in general. Better receivers makes the running game better, and vise versa. Diverse skill sets create greater play call flexibility which makes the defense have to think more, react slower and become more susceptible to being beat. The NFL has been going this way for 25 years - we are just finally catching up with the times.
  12. Honestly the biggest perk of this whole kicking thing is that it has probably to at least some extent lessened the constant pressure articles put out on Mitch by the media. It’s still definitely there and still significant, but without the kicking sideshow everything about them would be a Mitch pressure article which, like those about the kickers, would make a difficult job even more difficult unnecessarily.
  13. What Matt Nagy Sees In Mitch Many Others Don't

    I don’t disagree with any of that. Young players tend to make more of those kinds of mistakes and he needs to make less and less of them going forward without question. I just didn’t see the obvious relevance of his throws in the Pro Bowl compared to those in real games.
  14. Agree about the whiners. The whole point was that it was supposed to be trying. It was supposed to be stressful. It was supposed to have unusual pressures to overcome. Kicking in the NFL is about performing under significant pressure time and time again. You can’t replicate game pressure in May, so you do what you can. I for one appreciate the outside the box nature of it all, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that’s how it played out. That’s Nagy. He’s unconventional. I won’t go as far as to say the process wasn’t obsessive and unorthodox, but that is his and Pace’s job - do whatever you can and have to do to find the best candidate. I will go so far as to say that the media pointing fingers and crying obsession has a lot of projection to it. IT IS ALL THEY WRITE ABOUT. We are getting charted conversion ratios from practices from bloggers and every beat reporter, and rookie kickers are being asked for weekly press conferences in the frickin’ preseason for God’s sake. Nagy isn’t doing any of that. THEY are. Even after the kicking competition has been over for almost a week now there’s a different article every GD day about how it’s not really over. Nagy sure made it seem like it is to me yesterday. He sounded to me like Pineiro is his guy until he shows he shouldn’t be. He isn’t the one driving the “kickers can’t miss” bus. MEDIA are and fans are. Media and fans are the ones pushing that he preferred Vedvik to Fry or Pineiro too. Reality is that the only thing we know for sure is that he and Pace wanted a better look at Vedvik. That we offered only a conditional pick for him suggests that they were only trading anything for him if he came in and then won the job. I think that the fact that we were not willing to trade a guaranteed pick for Vedvik is a statement of some confidence in Pineiro to be honest. If it were already decided he was insufficient they would have gone full measure after someone else. They didn’t and haven’t, and now Nagy is having to remind the media that kickers aren’t perfect and that he won’t hold them to that impossible standard. But narratives about obsessiveness and page clicks and what not. Look in the mirror already. At this point it seems to me Nagy is the one with the logical outlook on this.
  15. Extensions Coming.

    That sounds like an incredibly team friendly deal to me. For as much hype as Nichols has gotten this offseason (and deservingly so) he and RRH had very similar statistical outputs in 2018 with similar snap counts. Projecting his 2018 output over Hicks’ snap count would show a comparable output. We certainly don’t know that the rate of production would remain constant with 120% more snaps, but someone Is likely to pay him far more than 2/10 to find out if he’s patient enough to wait for UFA. He can probably already expect a 2nd round RFA tender next year which will net him over $3M.