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  1. Cody Parky

    The sky camera footage of our kicker practicing is an absolute joke. The kid has enough pressure on him. Leave him the f*** alone already.
  2. Checking in with Trubisky

    Mitch has a chance over the next 4 games to effectively end this narrative completely.
  3. Checking in with Trubisky

    Stats aren’t everything, but they’re at least a relative apples to apples barometer of Mitch’s play versus his contemporaries and predecessors. Over 7 games Mitch is: 155-240 (64.6%), 1814 yards (7.6 ypa), 15 TD, 6 INT and QB Rating of 97.8. Over 16 games that extrapolates to: 354-549, 4146 yards, 34 TD and 14 INT. Oh, and he’s on pace for over 600 yards and 4 TD rushing too. Yardage and TDs would blow existing team records out of the water, and the QB Rating I believe would be behind only McCown’s 5-game season in 2013. All likely without a 1000 yard rusher or receiver. Team is averaging 27.7 ppg. At what point are people going to stop comparing him against everyone else and pointing flaws and just enjoy what they’re seeing here? Because we’ve never seen it in a Bears uniform. Has he not shown enough to earn at least a little bit of leeway? If someone would have told you Trubisky’s projected stat line was what he’d do this year in August people would have **** themselves all the way up their backs and thrown old ladies from trains if need be to get there for it. I mean, how high is his ceiling with even slight improvement on deep passes and nowhere else (which isn’t even unrealistic)? He’s producing like we haven’t ever seen a Bears QB do and still has obvious room for additional growth with stuff most QBs improve on over time like footwork and reading defenses. What’s it going to take for some people to just enjoy the ride here? I’m fully aware that Mahomes is having a once in a generation kind of season. That doesn’t change the fact that Mitch is doing a ton of great things about which we should be really excited. The grass on the other side of the fence may be green, but it’s pretty damn green here too.
  4. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Gostkowski had the same issues going that direction today and nobody ever questions his leg strength.
  5. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Agree with you on this. Most of us (including me) had this as a loss even with Gronk out. In prior years we lose that game 48-10. We’ve missed some opportunities over the past few weeks for sure but most of us he is at 3-3 at this point and that’s where we are. Good chance the next few weeks to stack some wins. Liked how the offense kept fighting too down 14 with 6 minutes left. Haven’t had that in the past. Also, I’m still trying to figure out why Belichick didn’t kick the 50 yard FG there. Was a yard away from being a potentially crushing decision.
  6. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    But let’s keep throwing Bellamy out there. ????????????
  7. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    https://www.footballdb.com/stats/stats.html?mode=O&sort=konum Before today Parkey had 30 kickoffs. 26 of them went for touchbacks. Both kickers have had a tough time on kick depth in that direction today.
  8. Patriots @ Bears GDT

  9. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    Take that. Now go score.
  10. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    It hit him in the stomach. Period. Plenty to be down on Mitch for today, but if you have a problem with your QB hitting his WR in the ******* stomach with the ball then we have far different barometers for what his job as a passer is.
  11. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    He really had seemed to make big strides in that area too before then. Last 2 weeks though...
  12. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    So let me get this straight - a pass that literally hits the receiver in the stomach and on which the receiver gets both of his hands before getting outhustled and outmuscled for the ball by the DB is the QB’s fault? Ok. Got it. ? Mitch has been erratic all day. But not on that throw.
  13. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    That said, he’s been inaccurate much of the day.
  14. Patriots @ Bears GDT

    The tv guys are killing Mitch for that pick but not only did Bellamy loaf the comeback the ball still hit him in the GD belly. Make the damn play. Throw was where it should have been and it should have resulted in a first down.
  15. The Next Few Weeks in the NFC North

    I don’t know that I’ll go so far as to say I think we beat the Pats but rewatching last year’s week 1 KC-NE game you know Nagy knows how to attack that defense.