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  1. Dismissive and condescending? You must be fun at parties. Take care, bud.
  2. @JAF-N72EXSo the scenarios that go further than those you considered are insane, and thinking a team might consider accepting such a potential offer is confirmation bias? That’s pretty dismissive, no?
  3. With all due respect that’s a whole lot of math that doesn’t consider at all that the Bears could include their #1 pick 2 years from now in the hypothetical deal (3 #1 picks total). Hell if they really wanted to they could add a 2 in 2023 as well. LA offered nothing in year 3. Also, some of the difference in pick value on whichever chart you’re using (I usually use the Jimmy Johnson one which has totally different values than those you listed) is also reduced by the fact that TEN sent back picks in round 4 and 6 of year 1, meaning they actually got less in net return than the 2 picks in each o
  4. If it’s Fitz I still think QB is in play at 20. If it’s Minshew we’re giving up draft capital to get him so I think maybe we wouldn’t draft one. Adding Minshew to me would feel like trading for Kyle Orton. I liked Orton and he was kind of a goofball and was a decent enough placeholder QB, but he was nothing more than that. Minshew is a guy I don’t think gets us any further than Mitch did last year. He’s a lateral move. He’d basically be coming in with the upshot of being just good enough to keep us from being in a position to draft a top QB prospect again next year. I’m not real intereste
  5. The 2016 Rams went from 15 all the way to 1. Rams traded 2016 1, two 2016 2s and a 2016 3, plus a 1 and 3 in 2017 to TEN for #1 overall plus TEN’s 2016 4 and 6. If they can get from 15 to 1 without even needing to go 2 years forward in picks then we could get from 20 to 2 or 3 if we really wanted to if those picks were put on the block (I doubt they will be).
  6. Soooooo Tarik Cohen - not a member of Team Mitch or Team BDN. 🤷‍♂️
  7. If you’re Pace don’t you have to at least ask what it’d take to trade for Dak Prescott? Would 20 and our 2022 #1 suffice? We could structure his contract however it best fits for us meaning we could make his 2021 salary cap hit relatively palatable, and Jerry could take his new QB at 10 or 20, or package the two together to move up. I threw this together as a rough idea of how a Dak contract could potentially look. It’s pricey for sure (though not so much in 2021 cap-wise), but also takes most of the variable of a trade up to draft a QB out of the equation in that you’re getting a known
  8. I’m not super high on Hurts but I like him enough to give him a shot. He’s not a “big swing” though like Pace might be looking for though, and that too falls into the line where we might not be able to wait that long to address the position. Presumably any trade for Hurts is a draft day deal, and I just can’t see Pace heading to draft day at 20 with nothing but Foles at the position. He’s always been meticulous in hiding his draft day intentions. Going that route would be setting off sirens, fireworks and alarm bells all at the same time.
  9. Exactly. Without a big move of some kind we will just continue to linger in mediocrity.
  10. ATL is keeping Matt Ryan at least for this year and possibly next year too. They could possibly take 2 #1 and 2 #2 to move to 20. Getting to 4 IMO still probably gets you Fields or Wilson. But again, we can’t count on that. If our plan is to get one or the other at 4 and someone jumps up to 3 we are screwwwwwwwwwed.
  11. Agreed on that. And frankly I think Miami has less incentive to move down. That #3 pick is found money to them. They are going to basically fall into an elite prospect to add to a 10-6 team that probably already has its QB of the future. That’s an ideal situation. I can’t see them giving that up. Maybe move from 3 to 6 (where they almost certainly still add Chase or Smith), but not all the way down to 20.
  12. Pace and Nagy are looking to extend their jobs beyond 2021. The best way for them to do that is with a BIG move in the draft for Fields/Wilson. If we jump up to 2 or 3 and have 6-7 wins next year again there’s at least a shot for them to keep their jobs because they’ll have the “year 2 top prospect QB jump coming with cap space to bolster the roster” card to play. Even a QB at 20 and 6-7 wins probably doesn’t give them that.
  13. IMO a trade to 3 only works if you make it on draft day after we are sure the guy we desire isn’t gone to the Jets at 2. For a deal that big and complex I don’t think you can get it together in a 10-minute time window. If we’re going up for Fields or Wilson I think it has to be all the way to 2. Trading what it’ll cost to get there has to be such that the only way our guy is gone is if he goes 1st which would leave us with Lawrence.
  14. Agreed but once Nagy and Pace were retained without some kind of 2-3 year extension (which I am NOT advocating for here) this option went off the board. They aren’t facilitating a tank job only to be fired for it.
  15. JAX isn’t trading 1, but the rough framework for a deal from 20 to 2 can be found in the 2016 Rams trade from 15 to 1 for Goff: Rams traded 2016 1, two 2016 2s and a 2016 3, plus a 1 and 3 in 2017 to TEN for #1 overall plus TEN’s 2016 4 and 6. For us to trade to 2 to guarantee we get whichever we prefer between Fields and Wilson, that would mean something like: We send: 2021: 1 (20), 2 (52), 3 (83) 2022: 1st, 2nd 2023: 2nd We get: 2021: 1 (2), 5 (147) I’d do it. Fortune favors the bold. 🤷‍♂️ But, if we’re doing this we gotta make the move
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