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  1. That’s a lot of cheese to give to a RB who you can’t really use at the goal line or in short yardage situations and who will never be more than a rotational or role player. With that said, the salary cap is a complete myth so I don’t see this being crippling in any way on the budget. He’s a nice but not great player who’s more versatile than just a RB and who’s now being paid like a veteran gadget player instead of a rookie one. Now that the undercard signing is out of the way though... 🙏
  2. Liked this guy a lot during the draft process. Not off to a great start...
  3. To be fair being named a team captain isn’t about being the best player but rather being a leader amongst your peers. Often times those two things coincide, but it’s not a prerequisite. Kane has long been the most talented player on the Hawks but only became an alternate captain in year 13, and even then only after Seabrook got hurt. Dirk Graham as captain over Roenick, Chelios and Larmer, etc.
  4. Setting aside the differences in QBs - they have SO. MUCH. SPEED. Watson is their 3rd fastest WR after Hill and Hardman and he’s a 4.4 guy. Kelce is a 4.6 TE.
  5. FWIW, another nothing burger from Watson in a big game tonight before garbage time. HUGE fan of his, but these are too common.
  6. Was a huge fan of Edwards as a prospect. Always thought his floor would be as a versatile depth piece. That’s his presumed role here.
  7. Toliver was indeed waived. Says a lot about what they think of Vildor IMO, and certainly Johnson. Gotta think PS for Toliver though if he’s not claimed elsewhere.
  8. Rosen was a pretty mediocre college QB both on the eye test and statistically. I’ve never been a fan and nothing that’s transpired in the NFL for him to date, fair or not, has changed my mind at all. With that, the teams he’s been on have quickly moved on from him because he’s not any good IMO. The Tua pick isn’t an indictment on him as much as his inability to unseat Fitzpatrick (a rich man’s Foles) in a tank season last year for Miami. He wouldn’t get ANY reps here in 2020 anyway and even if he did the likelihood he’s not in the same situation getting shipped off elsewhere next year while we bring in our next top prospect to be the long term solution is pretty low.
  9. Guessing it rhymes with hatch. Or batch.
  10. I think it’s at least possible the injury last year was far more limiting on him last year than anyone let on too. If that’s the case then he probably shouldn’t have been out there. We’re finally at the point where what we see on the field will answer some of these questions for us though.
  11. To me he seems to have been brought in as a worst case scenario and a raising of the floor in the QB room from Daniel, who was realistically an option to supplant Mitch for injury but not ineffectiveness. Foles can be both. If he’s the guy at some point this year other than injury to Mitch then we’re drafting, signing or trading for the next guy we expect to be the guy in 2021. Foles’ contract is effectively nothing more than Chase Daniel’s contract adjusted slightly for inflation.
  12. For me it’s more about the message it would send to the roster. If you’re replacing Mitch with Foles before week 1 after Foles didn’t do anything to show better in camp you’re (Nagy) telling the team you’ve decided Mitch isn’t good enough to win with at all. If/when Foles plays like Foles does most of the time and he needs to go back to the bench in favor of Mitch you’re replacing him with a guy you’ve already told the team you don’t think you can win with. Flipped around, Foles already has the credibility that coming off the bench he can be successful. No assurance, but some history. I hate to equate it to normal work because it’s different, but if your boss gets demoted for performance and then 2 months later is put back in place as your boss, are you going to have any faith in his ability to do the job?
  13. It’s the right move IMO. Can go from Mitch to Foles if Mitch is bad pretty easily, but much harder to go from Foles back to Mitch if Foles is bad. Also, Mitch should have to lose his job to the guy brought in to compete with him, and by the account of most Foles wasn’t notably better than Mitch in camp, if at all. That aside, this was the best outcome for the competition from Pace’s standpoint too. If this was a sham show competition in favor of Foles as some suspected then going for Foles over obviously more talented players makes less sense. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that best case for all involved (except Foles) moving forward is that Mitch takes the job and shows himself worthy of keeping it long term. From Nagy’s position, if he wanted to move on from Mitch now he had EVERY excuse to do so now even if he wasn’t convinced Foles is any good (which, to stay consistent on the record, I don’t think he is). Everyone on his staff except Ragone has more ties and investment in Foles at this point than Mitch. Presumably they vouched for Foles before he was acquired at least at some level. Moving forward the organization has significantly more financially invested in Foles (3 years and $21M guaranteed) than in Mitch (this year at whatever his 2020 cap hit is).
  14. My point was that in the eyes of most fans him simply being good wouldn’t be enough anyway. To many (and maybe most), if he’s not great he’s not good enough.
  15. He has no chance if people expect perfection. And they do, no matter how irrational or unrealistic it is.
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