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  1. Free Agent Rumors

    Re: Bush I think he’d hold his own next to Jackson. He didn’t stand out as being subpar filling in for Jackson next to Amos last year, and I think that the Amos role is the one he’s more suited for anyway. He may not be a difference maker but neither is Amos (the biggest reason I’m not anxious to pay him at FA rates) and I think Bush would be at least average in a situation that really sets up for him to succeed given the high level talent around him. Re: Callahan/McManis I think McManis did play well when given the opportunity last year. I also think questioning his ability to do it over 16 games is a bit one-sided in the comparison of the two players considering Callahan has never done so either. Every DB blows a coverage or gets beat at some point.
  2. Cody Parkey gets the boot

    Announce that he’s being released. I didn’t see that tabbed with the source being the team, and because of that I took it that the team told Parkey and his reps, and that they leaked it to the media.
  3. Cody Parkey gets the boot

    Spoken like a true former O-Lineman. 😂
  4. Cody Parkey gets the boot

    Did the team announce this? If so I hadn’t seen that, and was assuming his agent put it out there. Rapoport seemed to think he’d catch on elsewhere quickly, but I certainly have my doubts.
  5. Cody Parkey gets the boot

    Made my night that the Cody Parkey Cut thread so quickly found the path of fat girl HJ action. Thanks Tyty. ✊
  6. Cody Parkey gets the boot

    Not every contract has offset language. I tweeted at Rap asking about it though. Surprised it hasn’t come up previously tbh. If his deal does then even a league minimum deal elsewhere combined with his post-release cap savings (post June 1) should pay for a good portion of not the entirety of his replacement.
  7. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Fair enough, but you say that as though kicking a woman instead of beating the **** out of one makes it somehow more acceptable. It doesn’t. At all.
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    Pre-Amos didn’t have Eddie Jackson next to him nor did it have a good DC. The 2019 SS will have both.
  9. Free Agent Rumors

    With you on Amos. If we go FA there the guy I want is Deone Bucannon. Always been a fan. I think you get the same production or better from what you got with Amos at a fraction of the cost.
  10. Free Agent Rumors

    Just bring in all the kickers and punters you can find and have a legitimate competition for the jobs. O’Donnell was only $1.5M last year which is about middle of the road salary-wise and very befitting his average performance. I’m not opposed to bringing him back at that number with no guarantee but even then I want to see him have to beat out a legit competitor for the spot.
  11. 2019 Draft: Targets

    Hitting a woman is hitting a woman. She was WAY in the wrong but that doesn’t make his actions in any way acceptable.
  12. What Would Robbie Gould Cost Us?

    I see it as I re-read it. My bad. 🤦‍♂️
  13. Free Agent Rumors

    ...and if the market for Amos starts at the Eric Reid deal (3/22) then I’d rather we roll with McManus and Bush, draft their competition, use that $ to extend Whitehair and collect our round 3/4 comp pick(s) next year. Right now we are in the group of teams that can get good players on a deep discount looking to contend for a title in July because of our core roster, and because of that we are much better prepared to not overpay to keep guys who are good-not-great on top value contracts. Amos falls in that category for me.
  14. Free Agent Rumors

    Probably not. Apologies.
  15. 2019 Draft: Targets

    I don’t disagree with that at all. I just find hitting a woman to be more egregious than anything Crowell has done. I was willing to give Hunt a shot too. Also, outside of the Instagram thing (way over the line even in reaction to the Castille death but nowhere near to the level of beating a woman IMO) he hasn’t been in any trouble in the NFL in 5 years. No suspensions. Minimal fines for on-field conduct. I think he got penalized for his celebration pretending to wipe his *** with the ball which is dumb but hardly a character concern. Crowell’s “problem years” were in college. He’s going on year 6 in the league now. Hunt’s transgressions are much more recent. To me Hunt is the bigger character liability between the two, and it’s not close. I can’t justify using character to exclude Crowell as a potential add if I wasn’t also willing to do so with Hunt.